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Cloudflare announces Firewall for AI


Cloudflare has announced the development of Firewall for AI, a protection layer that can be deployed in front of large language models (LLMs) that promises to identify abuses before they reach the models.

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Firewalla launches its Purple gigabit home firewall


Over the course of the last few years, Firewalla ‘s combined firewall and router devices have made a name for themselves as the go-to hardware security tools for many enthusiasts and small businesses. With many homes now having access to gigabit internet connections, though, the Purple slots in nicely in the middle there.

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A Practical History of the Firewall – Part 1: Early Days


Jody Brazil CEO at FireMon This is not a primer on firewalls, nor is it meant to represent a comprehensive picture of the history of the firewall. There are plenty of good resources that outline the history of the firewall, for example Wikipedia: [link]. On this front, stateful inspection won.

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A Practical History of the Firewall – Part 3: Performance Takes Center Stage


As internet speeds increased and firewall adoption inside the enterprise increased, performance drove purchasing decisions. Enter Netscreen, the firewall appliance, and the Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). Netscreenintroduced the purpose-built firewall “appliance.” Cisco was selling the PIX in the 90s.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Firewall in Computer Network

The Crazy Programmer

Nowadays, the firewall is used mainly in organizations and also by individuals. But do you know what type of advantages users get after installing a firewall on their computer? Are there any disadvantages of using a firewall on computer devices? What is Firewall in Computer Network?

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Just Released and Ready for Download — Software Firewalls for Dummies

Palo Alto Networks

If you want to protect applications and workloads throughout today’s complex and interrelated environments, you need software firewalls. You can better understand the extensive need and numerous use cases for virtual firewalls, container firewalls and managed cloud firewalls with our essential guide, “ Software Firewalls for Dummies.”

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OpsMX Adds Deployment Firewall to Ensure Compliance

OpsMx announced it has added a deployment firewall to its Deploy Shield portfolio for securing CI/CD platforms.

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