Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Goes Mainstream

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

Customers need to accelerate the pace of digital business activity, but how can they drive changes in data center infrastructure while also improving IT’s ability to meet business needs? Hyper Converged Infrastructure Opinions Partners

How Blockchain Technology Can Improve America’s Infrastructure


Read Adam Millsap explain how blockchain technology can help improve USA’s crumbling public infrastructure on Forbes : America’s infrastructure is often described as crumbling, broken-down, and out-of-date by politicians from both sides. While the reality isn’t so dire, there are obvious infrastructure issues throughout the country, such as New York’s subway, D.C.’s

Self-testing infrastructure-as-code


As traditional operations has embraced the concept of code, it has benefited from ideas already prevalent in developer circles such as testing your programmable infrastructure. Continue reading Self-testing infrastructure-as-code on opencredo.com. Uncategorized DevOps infrastructure as a code test automation testing vault

Self-testing infrastructure-as-code


Version control brings the benefit that not only can you see what the infrastructure was, but you can also get reviews of changes by your peers before the change is made live; known to most developers as Pull Request (PR) reviews.

Why “Build or Buy?” Is the Wrong Question for Analytics

infrastructure isn’t set up to scale with increased. WHY “BUILD OR BUY?” IS THE WRONG QUESTION FOR ANALYTICS Introduction.1 When to Build Your Own Analytics. 2 When to Buy a Bolt-On Solution. 6 When to Take a Combined Approach. 9 About Logi Analytics.

Quali: From Infrastructure-as-Code to Environments-as-a-Service

The New Stack

The idea of “infrastructure-as-code” came about as a way to help automate the process of managing and provisioning servers, and that it did. In other words, Quali wants to provide the benefits of infrastructure as code without the prerequisite expertise.

How Firecracker Is Going to Set Modern Infrastructure on Fire

The New Stack

As someone with a keen interest in the evolution of modern infrastructure, I am intrigued by Firecracker. On the other side, there are multiple serverless projects such as Apache OpenWhisk, Kubeless, Project Fn, Fission that are built on container infrastructure.

Continuous Delusion at the Infrastructure Layer


It has largely ignored the infrastructure layer. Infrastructure is more sensitive to a catastrophic change because if the infrastructure fails, everything fails. In effect, the “blast radius” of infrastructure failures is significantly larger than that of application failures.

An Interview with Greg DeArment, Head of Infrastructure at Palantir


This post captures the results of an interview with Greg DeArment, Head of Infrastructure at Palantir. Topics we covered included how Palantir manages the production environment for their modern data platform Foundry, with a special focus on Kubernetes. Gourley: Greg before we get started can you tell me a bit about yourself? DeArment: I joined […].

The Case for Minimalist Infrastructure

Stacks on Stacks

At Stackery , we believe in helping people create the most minimal application infrastructure possible. In addition, we had staging and dev environments with similar quantities of infrastructure.

Living With Technical Debt: Balancing Quality and Perfection

Speaker: Cliff Gilley, The Clever PM

Unexpected details pop up, as small as UX that needs clean-up, and as big as a previously unforeseen flaw in the infrastructure of a project. As a Product Manager, you probably have to deal with technical debt. Regularly. Whether you like it or not - because it can’t be avoided.

Digital Transformation Requires an Agile Storage Infrastructure

Hu's Place - HitachiVantara

With the explosion of data and the increasing demands on that data, data centers must focus more on the data and the information that can be derived from it than the storage infrastructure that supports it. However, the storage infrastructure, is still very important.

Terraform AWS Cloud - Sane Infrastructure Management


Deployment and infrastructure management isn’t a simple process. However, it does make your infrastructure declarative and reproducible, like your code. Writing an application is only part of the story. In order for it to be of value, it needs deploying somewhere it can scale; it has to run with high availability, have backups, and so on. And Terraform does nothing to hide the complexity. In this article, Toptal Freelance DevOps Engineer Rados?aw

Discover All the Benefits of a Dynamic IT Infrastructure

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

Introduce customers to new PowerEdge MX with kinetic infrastructure that will adapt and grow with their business Infrastructure architecture is increasingly important in today’s digital economy.

C³ Webinar: Awareness Briefings on Russian Activity Against Critical Infrastructure


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Stakeholder Engagement and Cyber Infrastructure Resilience (SECIR) division and the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) are joining forces to conduct a series of unclassified, virtual awareness briefings on Russian government cyber activity against critical infrastructure.

Snowball EC2 + vSphere: 2nd Generation Hybrid Infrastructure


When combined with a SDP-based Zero Trust Network, enterprises now have an infrastructure solution that offers a better cost structure, agility and security than any other design. The recent announcement by AWS of a physical Snowball EC2 compute platform represents a significant step forward in hybrid cloud/data center computing.

Customers Need a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure For a Resilient, Adaptive Cybersecurity Strategy – Partners Can Help

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

Unfortunately, outdated legacy infrastructure can make it difficult to defend against risks and vulnerabilities. Organizations need modern infrastructure that is built, deployed and supported to handle even the most-demanding workloads.

Simplified Converged Infrastructure Operations: 10 Things to Know About VxBlock Central

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

The demand for increased automation and clouds where converged infrastructure (CI) plays a vital role create an opportunity for partners. Hyper Converged Infrastructure News Converged/Hyper-converged Infrastructure VMware

Modern Server Infrastructure can make a Massive Difference for Customers

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

A modern IT infrastructure is critical for customers who want to stay ahead of the game, because it comes with higher levels of process automation—which, in turn, drives increased speed, agility, scalability, reliability and.

Meet PowerEdge MX, the First Platform Designed with Kinetic Infrastructure

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

Because transformational workloads have different hardware requirements, they need a modernized, dynamic infrastructure to be successful.

AWS Snowball Edge And Hyper Converged Infrastructure Will Revolutionize Global Enterprises


When combined with a Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) super computer and Zero Trust Network, enterprises across a broad range of vertical markets can transform their operational model. Big Data and Analytics Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security News Amazon AWS hyper converged infrastructure vmwareThe recent announcement by Amazon AWS of a portable Snowball EC2 compute platform represents a significant advance in hybrid cloud/data center computing.

AWS 52

Nlyte: For Data Center Infrastructure Management


For an overview of Nlyte see the video of the video at this link and embedded below: Nlyte provides Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Data Center Service Management Solutions (DCSM). Company Infrastructure Companies Security Companies Data center NlyteResearch Team.

How Businesses Can Get The Most From Artificial Intelligence With Purpose-Built “AI Infrastructure”


Artificial intelligence initiatives have become priorities for businesses, and most of the standard infrastructure being used in the datacenter is not suitable for the data-intensive nature of AI workloads. In a new report, IDC states that the days of a single architecture dominating all compute in the datacenter are over.

The Bill Codifying The New Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Is Short and Sweet


The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) was created out of several existing organizations within the DHS. The nation has a new federal agency. The CISA was codified by a law signed by the President on 16 November 2018. I read what DHS said about CISA (see more here). Then thought I should spend a […]. CTO Cyber Security News

Infrastructure-as-Code Is The New Assembly Language For The Cloud

Stacks on Stacks

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) fulfills the same foundational mechanism for cloud computing. The whole process leaves you back at square one for some of your most complicated infrastructure like VPCs and databases. IaC is the only sane way to provision cloud infrastructure.

Oracle Corporation: Addressing enterprise IT infrastructure


Here is how they describe themselves: Oracle Corporation (Oracle) provides products and services that address all aspects of corporate information technology (IT) environments, including application, platform and infrastructure. Big Data Companies Infrastructure Companies Tech Titans Cloud Computing Platform as a service Software as a serviceBob Gourley.

The Greatest Danger to Our Infrastructure Might Be Physical


In addition to intentional damage, infrastructure is vulnerable to accidents, as well as natural wear and tear. The importance of our infrastructure can't be underestimated, and a death caused by an accident or vandalism is beyond any dollar figure.

The Security – Automation Tango: Simple Approaches to a Robust IT Infrastructure Security

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

Apparently, so does a secure IT infrastructure. A key pre-requisite for a modern datacenter is a robust infrastructure security. The infrastructure security dilemma At its core, every enterprise is a data business. You need two to Tango.

Discovering and proactively blocking malicious infrastructure


RiskIQ's PassiveTotal leverages the power of a well engineered sensor network and high power/high performance computing, and highly experienced analysts to help enterprise executives proactively block or otherwise disrupt malicious infrastructure. Bob Gourley.

Russian State-Sponsored Cyber Actors Targeting Network Infrastructure Devices


It can be really hard for the government to share information with citizens and businesses, for many reasons. We all wish it was easier, but the fact is that complex rules and regulations and the need to operate with some degree of certainty combines with the need to protect sources and methods. Everyone in the […]. CTO Cyber War News

Are You An Application Or An Infrastructure CIO?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Does a CIO have to choose between applications and infrastructure? Which do you favor more – applications or infrastructure ? How The Infrastructure Team Sees The World. Who would want to work on the infrastructure team?

Snakes in the Satellites: PassiveTotal provides an update on a massive adversary infrastructure


PassiveTotal is a clear master of this approach to "Infrastructure Chaining" for analysis. PassiveTotal could watch as an entirely new infrastructure was brought online. For more see: Snakes in the Satellites: On-going Turla Infrastructure. Bob Gourley.

Server Infrastructure Security: Just How Valuable is It?

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

As an IT leader, you understand the critical role that server infrastructure security plays in a company’s IT transformation. Server security. It’s kind of a big deal. But we don’t have to tell you that. It’s a top priority that runs across all IT initiatives. Today’s IT departments juggle multiple things at once, often struggling to keep up with changing security demands. They must ensure that their systems are up-to-date and able to perform in this ever-evolving environment.

Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2018: Dell EMC Storage Perspectives

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

For us, this was Gartner’s IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies show in Vegas. As we wrap up the year of 2018, it’s always nice to squeeze in one more conference to talk about Dell EMC storage products.

Data Center Modernization - Transforming Data Center Focus from Infrastructure to Information

Hu's Place - HitachiVantara

While the acronym IT stands for Information Technology and is synonymous with the data center, in reality the focus of IT has often been more on infrastructure since infrastructure represented the bulk of a data center’s capital and operational costs.

DriveScale Introduction – Smarter Data Center Infrastructure for Scale-Out


Michael Johnson. The video below provides context on DriveScale. DriveScale provides the only scale-out solution that enables administrators to bring the full benefit of their scale-out investment to their organizations.

“Engineering Manager — Infrastructure” in Medium Engineering

Dan Pupius

Until recently, most engineers have been deployed to product initiatives, with DevOps and Data Platform being the only permanently staffed…. Continue reading on Medium Engineering ». Article IFTTT Medium

VMware: A Tech Titan And Leader In Cloud Infrastructure and Digital Transformation


Everyone has heard of VMware. But the firm has become so very capable it is easy to misunderstand the firm. Their roots are in virtualizing operating systems on servers. But through innovation and acquisition and a focused strategic of improvement they have gone far beyond that. VMware provides enterprises with a way to better manage [.]. Cloud Computing Companies Tech Titans vmware

Hortonworks: Using Machine and Sensor Data to Proactively Maintain Public Infrastructure


Marty Meehan. Metro Transit of St. Louis (MTL) operates the public transportation system for the St. Louis metropolitan region.

Infrastructure vs. Application Security Spending

Jeremiah Grossman

A recent study published by 7Safe, UK Security Breach Investigations Report , analyzed 62 cybercrime breach investigation and states that in “86% of all attacks, a weakness in a web interface was exploited ” (vs 14% infrastructure) and the attackers were predominately external (80%).