Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Why Do You Hack?

The New Stack

Working on Heathkit and Erector sets of the late ’60s and early ’70s kept me entertained for hours. Tech was a huge focus back then, usually referred to as the “Space Age.” What we call hacking today pushed my ideas out into the real world.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Exploring JeVois Vision Sensor Algorithms

The New Stack

My latest project, Hedley, the robotic skull, has a JeVois smart machine vision sensor in his right eye socket. He also tracks me using the “salient” algorithm , which is influenced by movement and light sources. We covered the Elegoo robot in a past article.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Microcontroller Wireless Messaging with MQTT

The New Stack

I even ordered a single-channel relay board that mounts the tiny ESP8226 and a USB programmer that could be used for flashing firmware. Alas, I haven’t been able to get the USB programming board to work, so putting firmware on the 01 microcontroller is a pain.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Build a Sensor System to Watch the Backyard

The New Stack

They worked OK, although they were a bit kludgy and I never really was that happy with the results. Time marches on and much has changed in the physical computing world. Today, we’ll take a first look at the prototype for my new and improved PIR yard sensor.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Keep Your Projects Moving

The New Stack

Work, family and social commitments around the busy holiday season make designing, building and writing a monumental challenge. Readers know that there’s considerable behind-the-scenes work fielding just about any type of hardware project. You get the point.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Instantly Upgrade Your Arduino Project Design

The New Stack

My own project, Hedley the Robotic Skull now uses an Arduino Nano clone as a driver board for his jaw servo. I recently replaced the old Arduino NG with the Nano. I was sitting there looking at the skull and it struck me. The two boards are about the same size.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Building Your Own Compact Portable Power Brick

The New Stack

Fortunately, modern off-the-shelf parts are available at reasonable prices, so you can pretty much get whatever you need. The trick is that you have to build it yourself. For example, I needed a portable power supply for Hedley, the robotic skull.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Adding MQTT and Cron to the Lawn Sprinkler Project

The New Stack

The project highlights key design and implementation concepts that off-the-shelf hackers will face in the systems they build. Additionally, network-enabled Arduino clones, such as the NodeMCU boards are nearly as cheap as a plain old non-networked Arduino.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Conversations with Hedley, the Robotic Skull

The New Stack

One of my dreams has always been to carry on a conversation with Hedley , the robotic skull , during shows and small-scale demos. Alexa-styled responses are possible, although it requires a solid connection to the internet. Like others in the talking robot niche , my solution is to “simulate” a conversation using scripted replies from Hedley. He and I become actors who say our lines at the right time. A button push will increment to the next audio file.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Tips for Your Next Tech Conference Proposal

The New Stack

It’s that time of year again, the tech conference proposal season. If you’ve ever wanted to showcase your latest techno-gadget or hacker technique to an eager audience, now is the time to get going. The All Important Submission Deadline. Culture Off-The-Shelf Hacker

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Add Stereo Audio to Your DIY Gadgets

The New Stack

The sound will come from a small speaker in the roof of his mouth, which coupled with synchronized jaw movement will make him speak. I’m currently searching for the perfect speaker to fit into his noggin. Let’s throw something together for the job.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Hedley The Robotic Skull Gets A Partial Maxillectomy

The New Stack

After what feels like forever, my latest project, Hedley the robotic skull , finally has a speaker mounted in the roof of his mouth. A future story will tie the whole flapping-jaw/voice effect together along with the Processing program that does the speech-to-audio analysis.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: From the Space Age to the Age of DIY

The New Stack

There has been scant little coverage of the Apollo 8 space mission that occurred just 50 years ago around this past Christmas season. In a small capsule, three American astronauts successfully circled the moon and made it back to Earth in one piece. The audio board has six terminals.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Making Parts with a Resin 3D Printer

The New Stack

Off-the-shelf physical computing uses microcontrollers, sensors, networks, various tools, Linux and design thinking to build gadgets that do interesting jobs. Off-the-shelf hardware hackers do the same with the physical gizmo.

Off-the-shelf RATs Targeting Pakistan


We’ve identified a number of spear phishing campaigns with Pakistani themed documents, likely targeting the region. These are served from the compromised domains www.serrurier-secours[.]be pk (a part of the Pakistani army). When opened, the document drops several files.

Is the fast food approach to learning and development working? #hrblog #cipdLDShow

Rapid BI

Is the fast food approach to learning and development working? Last week I was at the annual CIPD conference for Learning and Development professionals. Whilst much of the content of the paid for conference sessions was about ensuring training and learning activities were effective, the mood on the exhibition floor was different. Off the shelf […]. The post Is the fast food approach to learning and development working?

How Can CIOs Deal With The Challenge Of Creating Very Large Networks?

The Accidental Successful CIO

As the person with the CIO job, it’s going to be your job to find ways for the company to keep building out its network without going broke. Google has been in the business of creating very large networks for over a decade. Learn what you need to know to do the job.

Free Corporate Training Material – worth the investment?

Rapid BI

Should we pay for ready to use materials or rely on the freely available content? Management downloads free off-the-shelf trainers notes training materials training resourcesDo free training materials downloads really help us or do they actually cost more in terms of testing and adapting?

Launch of ready to use training materials

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Date News 2011 off-the-shelf press release ready made ready to use training materialsProviding staff & employee training - budgets are getting tighter and tighter. Increasingly managers and training departments are having to find creative ways of doing "more for less". Buy our ready to use solutions for you to deliver and lead internally for low cost.

Spaceborne Computer brings supercomputing capabilities to ISS astronauts


HPE’s Spaceborne Computer, the first commercial off-the-shelf computer which was launched into orbit last year and can process teraflops of data in […]. Imagine a super powerful computer processing teraflops of data in zero gravity. What was until now a figment of imagination or perhaps a scene from a sci-fi movie is soon becoming a reality.

Training Materials For Trainers

Rapid BI

Do people need "off the shelf" ready to use training materials

Containers and Software-Defined Servers: A Win-Win


TidalScale has introduced a new concept in the computing fabric: Software-Defined Servers , which allow users to aggregate off -the-shelf commodity servers together in such a way that they form a virtual machine that spans the hardware servers but looks like a single large server to an operating system. Background.

What are The key Factors To Determine Whether To Build Or Buy Custom Software?

Sunflower Lab

But, it depends on various factors which will determine whether to build custom software or buy pre-built software (off-the-shelf software) from the market. Whereas, off-the-shelf software proves costlier at a later stage due to its higher licensing costs.

Open source the secret sauce in secure, affordable voting tech

The Parallax

SAN FRANCISCO—The fastest, most cost-effective way to secure direct-record electronic voting machines in the United States, according to cybersecurity experts, is to stop using them. There’s no individual paper records that the voter is verifying,” Adida said. “So

Headcount goals, feature factories, and when to hire those mythical 10x people

Erik Bernhardsson

Since I started building up a tech team for Better , I made a very conscious decision to pay at the high end to get people. Many fellow CTOs, some went for the other side of the spectrum: bootcamps and campus recruiting are great recruiting grounds for them.

SolarFlare’s Capture SolarSystem


SolarFlare's Capture SolarSystem provides high performance hardware time-stamped Ethernet packet capture, persisted storage, indexed query and network analytics on customer-supplied and specified off-the-shelf server hardware. Furthermore, Capture SolarSystem provides real-time interfaces enabling integration with third party analytics applications, both coexisting with Capture SolarSystem within the server as well as running and being fed remotely. Marty Meehan.

The purpose of tools in mid to large scale transformations

Net Objectives

Any Lean-Agile approach should start with getting an understanding of where the company is. Mapping the value streams of an organization is usually a good start. While it is often tempting to take solutions off the shelf it must be kept in mind that no one-size-fits all. It is at this point, at the beginning of a tailored adoption, that tools can be used to reflect the workflow thought to be the best to be used.

Lessons learned building natural language processing systems in health care

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AI systems passed the medical licensing exams in both China and England —doing better than average doctors. These systems are harder to build than some of the first computer vision deep learning applications (i.e., Meet the language of emergency room triage notes.

System 111

7 web dev trends on our radar

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The Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ saying that “change is the only constant in life” resonates strongly with web developers. GraphQL leaves the nest. Machine learning in the browser. and TensorFlow with Keras are lowering the barrier to building deep learning models.

Securing voting machines means raising funds

The Parallax

The problem is that it involves cooperation in Congress. The most recent federal dollars devoted to improving elections came from the Help Americans Vote Act of 2002, which was itself flawed because its authors failed to predict cybersecurity standards for voting machines.

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Interpreting predictive models with Skater: Unboxing model opacity

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Over the years, machine learning (ML) has come a long way, from its existence as experimental research in a purely academic setting to wide industry adoption as a means for automating solutions to real-world problems. What information can the model provide to avoid prediction errors?

Exceptionally Serial

The Daily WTF

Low-level machine interfaces remain one of the domains where serial protocols rule. Serial communications use simple hardware and have minimal overhead, and something like RS232 has been in real-world use since the 60s. For a bonus, note the PortTimeoutErrorCode entry.

The Neo-Generalist


The books I love the most are not the ones that offer off-the-shelf “solutions” but ones that start a conversation, catalyze thinking, elevate understanding and help in thinking about a topic in novel ways. More on The Neo-Generalist.

3 Reasons You Should Add AIOps to Your Tooling Arsenal


AIOps seems to be all the rage these days, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Read on to get some basic AIOps 101, major value propositions for implementing AIOps solutions plus a deep dive into the data you need to make the magic work (it’s not really magic, but it might as well be).

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Putting @Platfora next to your Hadoop Cluster provides powerful #BigData analytical capability


One of the best ways to know the realm of the possible with immediately available commercial off the shelf technology is to watch a demo. The Platfora Big Dat Analytics 3.0 The webinar will underscore more on: Analytics at big data scale.

Cloud-Side Development For All with Stackery’s Free Tier


I believe cloud-side development is the future and I want everyone to experience it at their own pace. How Software Development in the Cloud Has Changed. The rise of these managed cloud services has fundamentally changed the model for modern application development.

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How Can CIOs Teach Their Employees About Cybersecurity?

The Accidental Successful CIO

CIOs know that training employees is the key to keeping their network secure Image Credit: Merrill College of Journalism Press Releases. We had better come up with a good solution otherwise all of the fancy security tools in the world won’t be keeping the bad guys out.

Not Invented Here


I have seen people rejecting better ideas just because they did not contribute in the ideation. Organizations spending enormous amount of effort in developing internal systems when a majority of what they want is available off-the-shelf. Teams trying to solve technical problems themselves when a solution is available already in other teams sitting under the same roof!

3 Reasons You Should Add AIOps to Your Tooling Arsenal


AIOps seems to be all the rage these days, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Read on to get some basic AIOps 101, major value propositions for implementing AIOps solutions plus a deep dive into the data you need to make the magic work (it’s not really magic, but it might as well be).

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The Next Terrorist Threat

The Cipher Brief

ISIS has claimed responsibility for Sunday’s attack at a cathedral in the Philippines that left at least 21 people dead and scores injured. Al-Shabab, the terrorist group that has claimed allegiance to Al Qaeda, claimed responsibility for a January 15 attack on an upscale hotel complex in Nairobi. More broadly in Africa, the African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT) has reported 614 terrorism-related deaths in the first two weeks of this year alone.