Healthcare Analytics from the Pros


Medicine is always evolving, but healthcare as an industry struggles to incorporate data analytics into their workflows. healthcare Data analysis data governance

Digital healthcare: Improving outcomes through cloud-based insight


by Mutaz Shegewi Digital transformation in healthcare can no longer be ignored when seeking to improve outcomes. Healthcare healthcare healthcare cloud idc

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Connected healthcare: Why mobility matters to the clinician


by Dr. Shainal Nathoo Technology experts will often talk about the benefits of mobility in healthcare, but to understand why mobility matters and how it might improve both workflow and clinical benefits for patients, it’s vital to get a user’s perspective.

Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs a Proper Disaster Recovery Plan


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4 Ways the Healthcare Sector Can Lock Down Data


There are two main reasons healthcare providers are currently placing more emphasis on IT and data security: big data and ransomware attacks. Where healthcare differs is in the number of crucial discoveries that could come from.

Why price transparency in healthcare is complex and contentious


by Paul Thompson Transparency in healthcare is a hot and complex topic. Increasing efforts to create a more open healthcare system and gain meaningful cost transparency have been attracting attention from the president and the U.S. On November 15, 2019, President Trump signed an executive order on price transparency in healthcare, with the objective […]. Healthcare Public Sector

Revolutionizing Modern Healthcare with Internet of Things

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Healthcare IoT is evolving each day the technology has the potential to transform patient experience and reduced healthcare costs This articles will provide an insight into the revolution happening in the field of Healthcare with IoT

A brief glimpse into the future: 2020 healthcare trends


Before I delve into what this means from a healthcare perspective, first let’s consider the broader trends that DXC Technology […]. Healthcareby Michael Dahlweid, M.D., In an industry that’s above all about improving health and well-being, the future of how we innovate, work and implement breakthrough technologies inevitably starts and finishes with a human-centric approach.

Importance of Advanced Analytics in Healthcare

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There are huge volumes of data traversing through healthcare systems worldwide In this article we examine the importance of advanced analytics in healthcare

Why is robotic process automation disappointing healthcare organizations?


by Michael Brouthers All healthcare organizations — on both the provider and payer side — struggle with three operational imperatives: maximizing revenues and operating margins, improving clinical outcomes, and optimizing administrative efficiency.

The Modern Healthcare Enterprise


Until now the intersection of human healthcare and networking machines was somewhat loosely coupled. Healthcare has been historically stymied by regulations and compliance issues making the adoption of modern IT challenging.

Why digital players are forcing change in the healthcare industry


According to Kaufman Hall’s 2019 State of Consumerism in Healthcare report, hospital and health system executives feel their industry is being threatened by new entrants that are offering consumer-friendly health services. Healthcare IoT healthcare patient-driven careBy Rikin Patel Digital players are shaking up the care management sector, leaving traditional players struggling to compete at least on some levels.

In healthcare, tech solutions follow their own rules


Healthcare tech solutions often don’t need to reach the most users to make a meaningful impact. Smaller audiences don’t necessarily mean smaller profits for those that invest in healthcare technology — it just means the rules for navigating it can be different than the usual startup playbook.

How MSPs Can Capitalize on the Modernization of Healthcare IT


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Does mobility stack up? Weighing ROI against overall healthcare outcomes


Healthcare Mobility Workplaceby Dr. Shainal Nathoo and Marcus Cowley There is growing evidence that mobility brings significant benefits to clinicians. However, some of the common sticking points with any new technology are cost and choosing the right solution for the organization.

How Blockchain is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

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Though it is a fairly new technology Blockchain has rapidly gained worldwide popularity across numerous domains In this article we discuss how Blockchain is transforming the healthcare industry

5G Impact on Healthcare

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When you visit the doctor for your yearly check-up, would you rather: Sit in a waiting room reading outdated magazines while strangers cough around you? Virtually connect on your tablet and review your vital trends from a fitness tracking device? If you chose A, you’re part of a shrinking minority.

Importance of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

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The milestones achieved by technology in healthcare have been remarkable In this article we expound on the importance of digital transformation in healthcare

Tackling mobility’s integration and risk management challenges in healthcare


Healthcare Mobility Workplaceby Dr. Shainal Nathoo Providing mobility to busy clinicians is increasingly recognized as an essential part of delivering care to patients. There are, however, issues regarding development, integration and security that need to be overcome.

Understanding Healthcare’s New Industry Imperative: Data Chain of Custody

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The data and analytics streamed and analyzed from new connected devices are transforming healthcare as we know it. The past three years alone have seen an almost 900% increase in the data healthcare companies manage at their disposal for profit, or peril. From patient healthcare management to product innovation, Big Data equals big opportunities. The mistakes of mismanaged data are also on the rise: Embarrassing data breaches cost healthcare a staggering $4B in 2019.

The Bumpy Rise of the Tech-Savvy CFO in Healthcare Organizations

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Tenable Helps Sentara Healthcare with Vulnerability Prioritization


and, both with Predictive Prioritization, are Sentara Healthcare’s choices for vulnerability management. . And the environment is changing rapidly, as healthcare organizations like Sentara realize the value of digital transformation. . Learn why

Real-world evidence and its role in healthcare and life sciences


Healthcare Life Sciences healthcare real-world data real-world evidenceby Dr. Richard Swafford, Senior Principal Industry Strategist Data is integral to what the life sciences industry does.

Chatbots in Healthcare: Disrupting the Care Delivery System

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Healthcare Artificial IntelligenceChatbots have been the most followed trend. These mini software programs that mimic human conversation are appreciated for sorting a number of tasks for businesses and as well as their customers.

How AI and Blockchain Impact Big Data Analytics in the Healthcare Industry

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A technological revolution is on in healthcare This article outlines how AI and Blockchain technology impact big data analytics in the healthcare industry

Reimagining patient centricity and healthcare practitioner engagement for 2020


by Satish Pandelenghat and Manjunath Shanabag The relationship between the life sciences industry and healthcare practitioners has changed dramatically in recent years. Life Sciences analytics healthcare pharmaceutical

HIMSS 2019 showcased the transformation of healthcare and the rise of the technology giants


Healthcare analytics healthcare patient centricityby Damon Auer The jury is in. Artificial intelligence and the consumerization of care are here to stay. In the week before the 2019 HIMSS meeting, I wrote a blog predicting what trends and technologies we could expect to see at the big show. The conference itself didn’t disappoint and just about everything I predicted […].

Healthcare Leaders Wonder: Build vs Buy Software?


Businesses building out digital capabilities in healthcare will never have it easy. So, the question leaders in healthcare should be asking isn’t, “Do we need a mobile app?” Healthcare Leaders Wonder: Build vs Buy Software? How Everyone Benefits When Healthcare Goes Mobile.

What is quantum computing and what could it mean for the healthcare industry?


Healthcare quantum computingOne of the longest hype curves in technology history — without products even being deployed — is that of quantum computing. After decades of research, many feel that viable and reliable quantum products may not be to market for another ten years. For those who have heard the term but are sketchy on what quantum […].

Why Fee for Service in Healthcare is Dead

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The healthcare industry is changing and changing fast. Healthcare costs have skyrocketed over the last several years. One of those shifts will be in fee for service healthcare. Let’s start by defining what fee for service healthcare is. The Healthcare Industry is Changing.

7 Interesting Use Cases of Voice Assistants in Healthcare

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Healthcare AlexaThe smart speaker market continues to grow, with global shipments tripling from 3.9 million units.

Modern Medicine: New Ways To Tackle Old Problems in Healthcare


It commercialized the platform and gave healthcare professionals the ability to remotely access and monitor users’ glucose levels, limiting the need for patients to visit brick-and-mortar offices. IoT Healthcare Strategy

The intersection evidence, eminence and eloquence based healthcare leadership


Healthcare Leadership and Success UncategorizedI’m a complete sucker for a great sales pitch. Part of that is because I spent most of my life pitching. Another part is that I spend dozens of hours a month speaking in front of groups of skeptical business leaders and graduate students. I know how a strong presentation style can occasionally overcome less […].

Designing Mission Critical Digital Experiences in Healthcare

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A Healthcare Product Development Guide When we started designing and developing a new digital experience for Accurate Neuromonitoring , we knew we had a lot of challenges in front of us. There are four core differentiators when building digital experiences for healthcare: 1.

Healthcare, Privacy & Cloud Security Risks


The threats to healthcare organizations are unique in that the value of what they’re trying to protect is significantly higher than other industries. From a purely monetary perspective, medical records, … Continue reading "Healthcare, Privacy & Cloud Security Risks". The post Healthcare, Privacy & Cloud Security Risks appeared first on RedLock.

8 Step Guide to Creating a Robust Healthcare App

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Apps in the healthcare industry are quickly becoming quite popular In this article you will find a simple 8 step guide to creating a robust healthcare app

6 Applications of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

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This article outlines 6 applications of IoT in the healthcare industry and explores how it will improve the lives of millions of people worldwide

3 Ways Dedicated Connectivity is Transforming Healthcare


Healthcare is a field built on innovation. From the discovery of new cures and the development of medicines to revolutionary new processes that transform how patient care is delivered, it’s an area in which meaningful steps forward translate into happier, healthier lives for people.

3 Ways Dedicated Connectivity is Transforming Healthcare


Healthcare is a field built on innovation. From the discovery of new cures and the development of medicines to revolutionary new processes that transform how patient care is delivered, it’s an area in which meaningful steps forward translate into happier, healthier lives for people.

The Influence of Start-ups on Healthcare

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Healthcare is no exception. In recent years, the number of startups in the healthcare industry has skyrocketed, and their innovations have potentially changed the future of healthcare. Here are some of the many ways startups have influenced the healthcare industry.