Arrêtez les KPI, passez aux KVM !

Le problème exposé par l’optimisation locale des KPI. L’équipe s’attache alors à « accroitre » ses performances et surtout à afficher des KPI plaisantes afin d’éviter les questions et discussions fâcheuses voire confrontantes. TL-TR.

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5 Ways KPI Analysis Helps DevOps

Key performance indicator, or KPI, […]. The post 5 Ways KPI Analysis Helps DevOps appeared first on Four Vs drive big data solutions: volume, velocity, variety and veracity. Volume and velocity are technical considerations usually receiving a healthy dose of attention among architects and coders. However, variety and veracity often determine success or failure, and they tend to sneak up on teams who haven’t fully considered them.

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Forging Effective KPI’s


Learn how to develop the most effective KPIs to drive behaviors and enhanced business results with IDC. Leadership Strategies digital transformation KPIs leadership strategies

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19 Best CFO Dashboard And KPI Examples For 2022


Your job as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) carries a lot of weight, regardless of the size and industry of your organization. Among other responsibilities, you are directly accountable for ensuring your company's financial health by providing accurate, up-to-date, and actionable insights.

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Why Organizational Innovation Demands Metric and KPI Dashboards


IDC's Joe Pucciarelli breaks down why it's imperative for CIOs and IT execs to deliver an objective and relevant suite of metrics and KPI performance dashboards.

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Key Performance Indicators – Sample KPI’s

Rapid BI

The post Key Performance Indicators – Sample KPI’s appeared first on. Business Created Articles Management example kpi key performance indicators KPI KPIs sample KPI'sKey Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be difficult to understand until you have developed and used a few. This page lists some example KPIs to get you started. Covering Human Resources, Training, Learning and Development, operations, recruitment and many other areas.

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Key Performance Indicators KPI’s

Rapid BI

Key Performance Indicators (KPI''s) are financial and non-financial measurements used to help an organisation define and measure progress towards stated organisational goals. Critical Success Factors can be used as a part of the KPI process. Created Articles key performance indicators KPI

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OKR vs KPI: How Both Help Us Thrive In Challenging Times


In part, it’s because we use goal management frameworks like “Objectives and Key Results” (OKR) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to help manage our business. Let’s take a look at OKR vs KPI. KPI stands for key performance indicator. OKR vs KPI — You Need Both.

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KPI vs OKR: The ultimate guide to explain the biggest differences


In this article we will talk about the major differences between KPI vs OKR, one by one. Key Performance Indicator (KPI). A KPI is a measurable value that indicates how well an organisation is doing in a specific area, from employee performance to process, product, project, and other initiatives. KPI vs OKR – Stakeholders (Who Implement them). KPI – Within an organisation, different sets of KPIs are used by different departments, teams, or business units.

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Rapid Business Intelligence (BI)

Rapid BI

Management BI business analysis Business Intelligence competitor analysis CSF Data management KPI market analysis RapidBusiness Intelligence (BI) ranges from data about an organization's performance, through to customer purchasing habits, industry, market and/or competitor analysis.

DevOps Best Practices: 5 Key Performance Indicators


Deployment Strategies DevOps best practices kpi mttd mttrTracking metrics to measure performance is a fundamental best practice of DevOps. After all, how can you know if DevOps is working, or measure progress toward goals, without benchmarking and tracking metrics?

Balance in the Nine Box Grid for Talent Management

Rapid BI

Management HR KPI line manager nine box grid OD retention succession talent managementTalent is required at all levels. If all a business employed were high fliers then staff turnover would be unsustainable. This innovative nine box grid application.

Why and How to Collect KPIs for Z DevOps

Blogs DevOps at IBM devops ibm KPI MTTD Z DevOpsIt can sometimes feel frustrating to try to figure out how to do DevOps. That’s because DevOps is not about tools—there are lots of different tools that can help you succeed at DevOps. Nor is it about any really specific set of practices; although DevOps prioritizes things like automation and communication, it does not prescribe […]. The post Why and How to Collect KPIs for Z DevOps appeared first on

Focusing on the True DevOps North Star: Continuous Improvement

Blogs DevOps Practice Enterprise DevOps Leadership Suite continuous improvement devops key performance indicators KPI metrics dataWhen we look beyond the fundamentals of tearing down silos and establishing greater collaboration, communication and transparency, DevOps is a label assigned to a framework of best practices and technologies that organizations leverage to deliver systems faster, more efficiently and without sacrificing quality.

Can DevSecOps Prevent a Zombie Apocalypse?

Blogs DevOps in the Cloud DevSecOps cloud-native cloud-native security devsecops KPI network securityMaking consistent progress within any DevSecOps initiative often can be an overwhelming undertaking. Developers tend to outnumber operations dramatically, with little to no security accountability. This leaves DevSecOps doomed to work with the same network security stack that was originally designed decades ago for on-premises environments.

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Incidence Avoidance in Action

Blogs DevOps Practice business process data collection incidence avoidance incident management KPI machine learningToday, CIOs are faced with the challenge of making enterprise technologies perform on par with offerings from consumer-facing technology leaders, such as Facebook or Netflix, meaning technology or services being seamlessly available with no performance lag.

Sample Key Performance Indicators – KPIs

Rapid BI

They are not intended to be used 'as is' as the most effective use of a KPI is when it is aligned to the business strategy and the business plan of the organisation. Management key performance indicators sample KPI StrategyThe example KPIs on this page are provided for educational purposes. The post Sample Key Performance Indicators – KPIs appeared first on RapidBi.

How does Infrastructure Maturity Impact Business KPIs?


infrastructure KPIIT infrastructure, which includes hardware, software and human resources, is defining the present and the future of organizations across all industry segments. Those organizations that have a higher maturity level of infrastructure see marked improvements in KPIs versus those that have a lower maturity level. To fix short time business goals, it is common to look for quick fix solutions such as cloud migration.

Data-driven Software Engineering: How to Avoid Common Problems


This tends to happen only when the human side of engineering is taken into account at the beginning of a KPI or OKR initiative. You can avoid many of these problems by carefully constructing metrics or OKR/KPI systems.

Business Value Realization – BVR

Rapid BI

Business collaboration Management BVR ERP gamification KPI minifig value realizationWhat is business value realization? Several sources define value realization as: “The value extracted from a process or project shown over time” A demand of businesses is the ability for organizations to generate more ‘value add’ from existing products, processes and customers. Different disciplines have in the past used different language to mean value realisation […].

How to make your CFO happy: A 301% ROI

Beyond B2B

And there is one KPI that really stands out when it comes to assessing the value of an invest ment: ROI – return on investment. As a CFO, key performance indicators play a crucial role in my daily job.

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BMC Adds Support for DORA Metrics to Mainframe Tools Portfolio

John McKenny, senior vice president and general manager for intelligent Z optimization and transformation at BMC, said the latest edition of BMC Compuware zAdviser now includes a DORA KPI Dashboard that […].

Implementing an Organizational Performance Measures System

Strategy Driven

Organizational Performance Measures ebook key performance indicators key performance measures KPI portfolio item strategydriven whitepaperDrive Superior Organizational Performance… Learn how to develop and implement a performance measures system that drives superior performance by aligning managerial decisions and employee actions with your corporate strategy. With this FREE ebook, you’ll learn: Fundamentals of structuring an organization-wide performance measures system.

Chase to the bottom – or do you know of a free tool to…? #hrblog

Rapid BI

Human Resources & Talent Management compliance CSF free tools KPI minifig Training valueDo you know of a free too to…? When was the last time you asked the question “Do you know of a free tool …?” ” Was this your first attempt at solving the problem or last resort? Are free tools really free or is the cost hidden? Do we really understand all the costs involved? […]. The post Chase to the bottom – or do you know of a free tool to…?

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Leading and Lagging Indicators

Derek Huether

What is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Metrics Productivity Indicators KPIWhen attempting to attain an objective or key result, people often refer to key performance , leading and lagging indicators. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know the difference and how to use them to their benefit. This post should provide some clarity to the differences. Indicators are statistical values to measure current conditions as well as forecast trends and outcomes.

Knowing your metrics

Derek Huether

Metrics Productivity Indicators KPI VelocityKnow your metrics and the behaviors they drive. Everyone at your company should understand which metrics drive the business, and what behaviors they encourage. That’s what Joe Nigro, CEO of energy company Constellation, said in a 2016 Harvard Business Review article. He went on to say, “Everyone needs to know how each metric fits into the big picture…why and how we’re measuring something, and how it’s relevant to performance.”.

Organizational Performance Measures Best Practice 35 – Style Sheets

Strategy Driven

Organizational Performance Measures Premium key performance indicator key performance measure KPI nathan ives performance indicator performance measure strategydrivenA performance measure’s value evolves from its ability to instigate and/or influence action. To do this, the measure must accurately reflect materially important performance parameters and present that information in a timely, readily understandable manner. Hi there!

Two DevOps Metrics for Agile Teams & their Managers

Storm Consulting

There is value in each of these suggestions of course, and they are driven by a desire to keep the KPI dials moving, which they did for most of the year. Agile DevOps Manager banking devops devops metrics KPI metrics transformationAfter almost two years of frustratingly slow progress, the DevOps transformation leaders at MIB (Massive Investment Bank, whose name is interesting but not important) are re-evaluating their choice of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Organizational Performance Measures Best Practice 36 – Performance Measure Development Sheets

Strategy Driven

Organizational Performance Measures Premium evaluation and control key performance indicator key performance measure KPI nathan ives performance measure development performance measure development sheet performance measurement performance metric strategydrivenEffective performance measurement systems consist of high-quality individual measures associated with a strongly interrelated framework.

CPIs: The Small but Significant Indicators of Business Growth

CEO Insider

As far as metrics are concerned, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are deeply engrained in the management of businesses. From the boardroom to the frontline, leaders and employees at all levels are focused on delivering against an acknowledged set of outcomes or goals.

KPI 63

Mastering Sustainable Startup Growth and Finding Your Relevant KPIs


To unlock growth in a company, you must first find the KPI that is core towards increasing company value. More effective knowledge of growth comes from a deeper understanding of the characteristics of a "perfect client," the trends between user cohorts, and finding the tipping point that solidifies retention and engagement

KPI 58

How to Develop Outcome-Based Engineering KPIs — Allstacks


This is part I of Allstacks’ KPI Best Practices Series aimed at helping engineering measure what matters, stay aligned with business objectives, and continuously improve their engineering operations. When you start tracking this type of target, you’re establishing a new KPI.

KPI 52

How to Develop Performance Measures?

Strategy Driven

Most times, determining how to develop the right Key Performance Measure (KPI) may lead to hassles and failure that might bring unwanted results. 1.Familiarize with the concept of performance measure/What is KPI? Evaluate the KPI’s Criteria.

KPI 37

Organizational Performance Measures – It’s All Integrated

Strategy Driven

Organizational Performance Measures Premium integrated performance measures key performance indicators key performance measures KPI nathan ives performance measurement system strategydriven Data, data everywhere…. Almost everything done in the modern business world involves some sort of data transaction and/or creation. Transactions performed in one computer application often contribute to or initiate the generation of additional data in another system.

Top 20 IT KPIs and Metrics You Must Track Today


A KPI or key performance indicator is a measure of how effectively a particular department in an organization is achieving its key business objectives. With this KPI, you can track and record the number of IT assets in your IT infrastructure.

Organizational Performance Measure Best Practice 21 – Broad Communication

Strategy Driven

Organizational Performance Measures Premium business management key performance indicator key performance measure KPI nathan ives performance measurement system standards and expectations strategydriven A performance metrics system is, in part, a communications mechanism conveying the organization’s performance against stated goals and in doing so reinforces leadership’s commitment to stated behaviors and results.

Organizational Performance Measures Best Practice 22 – Use a Multidiscipline Team to Develop the Performance Measurement System

Strategy Driven

Organizational Performance Measures Premium business management key performance indicator key performance measure KPI metric nathan ives performance measurement system performance measures performance metric strategydriven Organizational performance measurement systems are complex structures cascading vertically from the executive suite to the shop floor and stretching horizontally though many difference functional workgroups.

Optimizing TopK queries in DataFusion


Are you interested in your most popular products, the top contributions to your KPI or answering similar questions about your data? Probably so, as it’s very common to want insights like this in analytics, reports and dashboards.

KPI 130

Coaching: Leadership Skills Can Be Learned


Managers who are often challenged by expectations of meeting and exceeding goals; achieving KPI’s; leading teams and many other aspects of creating and sustaining successful business. Leadership coaching and mentoring can be the difference for managers.

Project Management Best Practice 11 – Project Performance Executive Dashboards

Strategy Driven

Premium Project Management business management executive dashboard Greg Gaskey key performance indicator KPI likert scoring Organizational Performance Measures strategydriven Most managers would acknowledge that the use of efficient metrics is a key component to the successful planning, tracking, and execution of projects.