CodeSOD: Two Comparisons, Hold the Case

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There are a lot of times when we want string comparisons to be case insensitive. Here, we want to have two different code paths if the Name ends in "2" But we don't want one of those sneaky lower-case 2 s to throw things off, so we make this a case insensitive comparison.

Svelte vs. React: The ultimate comparison 2022


The post Svelte vs. React: The ultimate comparison 2022 appeared first on OpenXcell. Technology


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2k vs 4k Comparison

I'm Programmer

The post 2k vs 4k Comparison appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes 2k vs 4k Comparison Best Programming Jokes Screen Resolution ComparisonFun of Programmer. 1 of 5. Comment Your Code Comment Your Code. Is it really BIOS Is it really BIOS. Understanding Code From. Understanding Code From. We're an AI powered company We're an AI powered company. Computer Programming Loops Computer Programming Loops.

Cloud Orchestration Language Roundup: A Comparison

The post Cloud Orchestration Language Roundup: A Comparison appeared first on What cloud providers do you work with? Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? Amazon AWS? Microsoft Azure? Which services? Are you using a managed Kubernetes such as GKE, AKS, Openshift or EKS?

This Buyer’s Guide Will Help you Choose the Best Graph Database

Selecting a graph database is an important decision that can shape the success of your organization. This guide is intended to assist your buying decision with side-by-side comparisons of graph databases from Amazon, DataStax, Neo4j, and TigerGraph.

Scrum Guide 2020 and 2017 Side-by-Side Comparison

To help you see and understand these changes, we created this side-by-side comparison of the Scrum Guide 2020 and the Scrum Guide 2017. Before you dive into a detailed side-by-side comparison, have a look at this summary of what has changed and – equally important – was hasn’t changed. .

A blockchain platforms comparison


The buzz around blockchain has already created a global industry that aims to develop and capitalize on the huge potential of this technology. Blockchain started as a public permissionless technology. Since then, other types of blockchains have been created, each for its own specific set of use cases. Public/permissionless blockchains are open, decentralized and slow. […]. Posts

A Kubernetes Service Mesh Comparison


As microservices architecture continues to evolve, interservice communication has become a significant challenge to manage. Service meshes are becoming the standard solution, but how do popular and up-and-coming service meshes compare

Google Cloud Machine Types Comparison


Every A2 VM has a set amount of A100 GPUs that offer 20x improvements in computing speed in comparison to previous generation NVIDIA V100 GPUs. The post Google Cloud Machine Types Comparison appeared first on ParkMyCloud.

Microsoft Azure VM Types Comparison


The post Microsoft Azure VM Types Comparison appeared first on ParkMyCloud. There are a wide range of Microsoft Azure VM types that are optimized to meet various needs.

Kubernetes Salary Guide: A Detailed Comparison

Dzone - DevOps

As the use of Kubernetes keeps growing in tandem with containers, cloud-native development, alongside other related IT trends, the hiring demand for technology professionals who have the relevant skills to help companies achieve their goals is also growing.

CodeSOD: A Fairly Generic Comparison to Make

The Daily WTF

For example, if you have a custom class, and you need a way to perform comparisons on them, you may choose to implement the Comparator interface. This allows you to add some kind of comparison to an object without actually touching the object's implementation.

Angular vs React – Detailed comparison for Startups and Entrepreneurs


In comparison, React uses the one-way binding. So, who’s more popular in React vs Angular 2020 comparison? Here’s the full comparison for React vs Angular-. AngularJS vs ReactJS comparison.

Observability Vs. Monitoring: The Complete Comparison


The debate between observability and monitoring continues to cause confusion, with many often wondering, “Is there a difference between the two?”. Cloud DevOps

AWS Postgres Pricing Comparison


AWS Postgres Pricing Comparison. The post AWS Postgres Pricing Comparison appeared first on ParkMyCloud. Maybe you’re looking to use PostgreSQL in your AWS environment – if so, you need to make sure to evaluate pricing and compare your options before you decide. A traditional “lift and shift” of your database can cause quite a headache, so your DBA team likely wants to do it right the first time (and who doesn’t?).

Kubernetes Versus Amazon ECS: A Peculiar Comparison

Blue Sentry

The post Kubernetes Versus Amazon ECS: A Peculiar Comparison appeared first on Blue Sentry. Amazon Web Services Cloud Technology Containerization Kubernetes Microservices

NET vs Java — A Detailed Comparison


Java and Microsoft.NET are two popular software development technologies for creating feature-packed web apps.

.Net 69

Comparison Between Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps

Dzone - DevOps

What is Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)? Site Reliability Engineering happens when an organization looks at problems through the lens of a software problem.

AWS Budgets Vs. AWS Cost Explorer: The Ultimate Comparison Guide


AWS currently offers over 200 services. Some of those make up the AWS Cost Management suite. This group comprises AWS Cost and Usage Report (CUR), AWS Budgets, AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Cost Categories, and AWS Cost Anomaly Detection. Cloud AWS

Comparison Guide: Video Conferencing Tools for Your Nonprofit


Many nonprofits have made the switch to remote work in recent months, and the need for a solid video conferencing tool has never been greater. However, different organizations have different needs — from cost-effectiveness to security measures and everything in between.

A Comparison Between Top CMS for Website Development

Cabot Solutions

With a good CMS it is possible to easily create and maintain high-quality websites Here is a comparison between top CMS for website development

A Detailed Comparison: Unit Testing vs. Functional Testing

Dzone - DevOps

The goal of software or application testing is to build a quality product. Software testing types come with excellent software development importance. Functional testing vs unit testing is the foundation of the testing process.

Kubernetes Vs. Docker (Vs. OpenShift): The Ultimate Comparison


Your organization may be among the 68% that is increasing container adoption. Or you might be among the 32% that are yet to decide. Either way, containers are a big deal today.

How To Create A Successful Finance Comparison App Like Yallacompare


Undoubtedly, Yallacompare app is among the leading finance comparison platforms in the Middle East. That’s when Yallacompare opted for the best app development in Dubai for moving to the financial product comparison model and started harnessing revenue.

Jenkins and Spinnaker: An Honest Comparison

Dzone - DevOps

Many organizations are using a combination of Jenkins and a tool like Ansible, Puppet, Chef, or Salt to automate their CI/CD pipelines, but find themselves having to take many steps manually or use a series of scripts that can be hard to maintain. Many organizations manually move software from Development to Staging to Production with time-consuming manual processes. Spinnaker can fully automate these processes.

Comparison Chart: Cloud Storage Solutions for Your Nonprofit


Well before the recent shift to remote work, many nonprofits have benefited from the flexibility, accessibility, and collaborative capability of cloud storage at their organizations. There are a number of great options out there too.

ECS Vs. EC2 Vs. S3 Vs. Lambda: The Ultimate Comparison


There are over 200 fully-featured services within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem. AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Container Service (ECS), Amazon Lambda, and AWS Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) are some of the most critical services you should become familiar with. Cloud AWS

EC2 Instance Types Comparison (and how to remember them)


If you have comparison questions around pricing, run them through the AWS monthly calculator. Microsoft Azure VM Types Comparison. The post EC2 Instance Types Comparison (and how to remember them) appeared first on ParkMyCloud.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Free Tier Comparison


Whether you’re new to public cloud altogether or already use one provider and are interested in trying another, you may be interested in a comparison of the AWS vs Azure vs Google free tier. The post AWS vs Azure vs Google Free Tier Comparison appeared first on ParkMyCloud.

Best Mobile Analytics Tools Comparison


Analytics plays an essential role in marketing activities strategy. With analytics tools, you can measure the number of downloads, the amount of money they brought you, even the most recent opinions on your app. Relevant data will give you thoughts on the most efficient methods to grow and support your application. But what are the […]. Posts

Node js Frameworks Comparison

I'm Programmer

See more: Nodejs Framework The post Node js Frameworks Comparison appeared first on I'm Programmer. Node.js or most frequently know as Node is a JavaScript platform that allows you to build large scale web applications. Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for regularly building fast, scalable network applications.

Managed Kubernetes Pricing Comparison: EKS vs. AKS vs. GKE


Cloud Pricing Comparison Chart. The post Managed Kubernetes Pricing Comparison: EKS vs. AKS vs. GKE appeared first on ParkMyCloud.

Python String Comparison

The Crazy Programmer

We will also see some tricky cases when the python string comparison can fail and golden rules to get string comparison always right. Now getting to string comparison there are two different methods by which we can compare strings as below. Python String Comparison. else : print("String are not equal") The two strings to be compared are written on either side of the is operator and the comparison is made.

Performance comparison of video coding standards: an adaptive streaming perspective

Netflix TechBlog

Chef’s Table Factors in codec comparisons Many articles have been published comparing the performance of video codecs. We discuss below several factors that impact the assessment of video codecs: Encoder implementation Encoder settings Methodology Content Metrics Where applicable, we make the distinction between the traditional comparison approach and our approach for adaptive streaming.

Conversational AI platform overview and comparison: Alan AI vs Azure Speech

Gorilla Logic

A comparison will be made between the two tools by looking at what features are provided, how their processes work, documentation, pricing, and integration to different programming languages or solutions.

Node.js vs. React.js comparison guide – What to pick for your next development project?


comparison guide – What to pick for your next development project? Node.js and React.js are both JavaScript technologies, and they are very distinct. The fundamental dissimilarity between Node.js and React.js is that Node.js is a back-end framework, whereas React.js

Angular vs React. An In-depth Comparison


Let’s dive into Angular vs React comparison. Choosing a JavaScript framework for your project can be tricky. Before picking any, you need to answer questions: “Is this a valid framework per se?” and “Does it fit well with my project?” In this article, we’ll compare Angular and React frameworks in a structured manner. History React […]. Posts

EPP vs EDR vs XDR: Endpoint Security Comparison


This is a guest article by Gilad David Maayan from AgileSEO. Endpoint security is rapidly evolving.

Cloud Storage Cost Comparison: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google


Today, we’ll take a brief look at cloud storage cost comparison from the three major cloud service providers. More detail, beyond just storage, available in our full cloud pricing comparison. Sample Pricing Comparison. The post Cloud Storage Cost Comparison: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google appeared first on ParkMyCloud.

Powershell Comparison Operators: Like vs Match


Powershell's Like and Match operators may seem to have a lot in common but, under the hood, they're quite different. In this post, we pit the two against each other to see which wins for speed and syntax ease