2k vs 4k Comparison

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A blockchain platforms comparison


The buzz around blockchain has already created a global industry that aims to develop and capitalize on the huge potential of this technology. Blockchain started as a public permissionless technology. Since then, other types of blockchains have been created, each for its own specific set of use cases. Public/permissionless blockchains are open, decentralized and slow. […]. Posts

Angular vs React. An In-depth Comparison


Let’s dive into Angular vs React comparison. Choosing a JavaScript framework for your project can be tricky. Before picking any, you need to answer questions: “Is this a valid framework per se?” and “Does it fit well with my project?”

Best Mobile Analytics Tools Comparison


Analytics plays an essential role in marketing activities strategy. With analytics tools, you can measure the number of downloads, the amount of money they brought you, even the most recent opinions on your app.

Performance comparison of video coding standards: an adaptive streaming perspective

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Chef’s Table Factors in codec comparisons Many articles have been published comparing the performance of video codecs. Content For a fair comparison, the testing content should be balanced, covering a variety of distinct types of video (natural vs. animation, slow vs. high motion, etc.)

Level Up With Derived Columns: Basic Comparisons


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A Real-time Document Recognition SDK Comparison


Travel and identity document verification forms an integral part of sensitive processes like enrollment and registration, as well as in situations where certified identity is crucial – such as at border stations or during bank transactions. Reliable verification is vital to combating identity fraud and related criminal activities. Name Features & Benefits Available for Regula […]. Posts

Level Up With Derived Columns: Bucketing Events For Comparison


You get a graph for each value of that property, overlaid for easy comparison. The post Level Up With Derived Columns: Bucketing Events For Comparison appeared first on Honeycomb.

Aurelia vs. Angular 2 — A Code Comparison


This article does side-by-side comparisons of those differences in features and code Angular and Aurelia are fierce competitors developed and released at approximately the same time. They have a similar philosophy, but they differ in a number of key ways.

REST Assured vs. JMeter: A Comparison of REST Test Tools


Apache JMeter and REST Assured are two very popular Java-based tools for automated testing of REST API services. In this article, Toptal Freelance Java Developer Nemanja Veskovic gives us an overview of the pros and cons of both of these tools and shows where they fit best in your existing REST API projects

Website VA Vendor Comparison Chart

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Update: 09.03.2009 : " Production-Safe Website Scanning Questionnaire " posted to add context to the chart and ensuing discussion. Also, new vendors have been added to the sheet. Update 08.24.2009 : Billy Hoffman (HP) and I have been having some email dialog about the production-safe heading.

Where's WhiteHat? Re: Scanner Comparisons

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First off, the website vulnerability management space is in desperate need of side-by-side comparisons as they are very few and far between. One of the main inhibitors is that many of these firms do not have a Web application testbed that would allow for an accurate, fair comparison. Better still, if you know of vulnerabilities in those sites ahead of time, use that information for comparison purposes.

Public Cloud Comparison and Calculator v2


After some time away from the Public Cloud Compute Comparison that I did a couple of months ago (which got X hits), I decided to update it based on feedback and new ideas. What follows is a brief walkthrough with instructions on how to use the Calculator. Before I go any further, a brief disclaimer: […]. as a Services Clouds IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service

Most Popular Node JS Framework 2019

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Blogs best node js framework framework node js node framework node js framework comparison node js framework list node js frameworks node js mvc framework node js test framework node js web framework Node.js Node.js

Why Are There So Many Pythons? A Python Implementation Comparison


Python is amazing. Surprisingly, that's a fairly ambiguous statement. What do I mean by 'Python'? Do I mean Python the abstract interface? Do I mean CPython, the common Python implementation? Or do I mean something else entirely? Maybe I'm obliquely referring to Jython, or IronPython, or PyPy. Or maybe I've really gone off the deep end and I'm talking about RPython or RubyPython (which are very, very different things).

Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks 2018

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Comparison of Most popular JavaScript Frameworks. Choosing a JavaScript Framework Source: webdesigndegreecenter. JavaScript in 2018. We will start with above programming humor. People never thought javascript can be used for everything.

Best NoSQL Databases 2018 – Most Popular among Programmers

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Before starting with most popular NoSQL databases. You must have to know about NoSQL databases. Most of the programmer doesn’t know that it stands for Not only SQL. After getting knowledge of NoSQL, we will jump into Best NoSQL databases for the 2018 year. What is NoSQL Database?

Election hackers are ‘waiting for the bigger prize in 2020’ (Q&A)

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The main styles of risk-limiting audits are called polling and comparison. In a comparison risk-limiting audit, you have to start with a set of ballots, and a set of computer records with what is allegedly on each individual ballot. LEIPZIG, Germany?Just

Angular vs. React: Which Is Better for Web Development?


This article gives an in-depth comparison and analysis of various Angular and React components in light of real-world applications Is Angular vs. React just a matter of personal preference?

Google and Facebook Diversifying Away from Advertising


There’s an interesting comparison to traditional media companies, Disney, Time Warner, and Viacom: Disney made $55 billion in revenue last year. Rick Webb wrote an article last year on how Google and Facebook will eventually suffer from a massive devaluation.

Comparing production-grade NLP libraries: Accuracy, performance, and scalability

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A comparison of the accuracy and performance of Spark-NLP vs. spaCy, and some use case recommendations. Here are the accuracy comparisons from the models training in Part 1 of this blog series : Figure 1. Model accuracy comparison. Tokenization accuracy comparison.

The Economics and Benefits of Artificial Intelligence


Will AI make improve our lives beyond comparison, or will it steal our jobs and destroy humanity? In this article, Dr. Necati Demir, Toptal Freelance AI Expert, discusses not the evil artificial general intelligence of science fiction but the current algorithm-based prediction AI and discusses how the economics of AI work, along with their effects on businesses

Data Visualization in R

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Line charts are created to compare the changes between two organizations or between weather of two places or other comparisons. Bar chart is also created for comparing profits or weather report or other comparisons.

Data 160

Error'd: All Aboard the System Bus

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' comparison is no longer merely academic as this TTC streetcar proudly displays it's nearing 32K RAM," Carlos writes. . "I "The classic ' If transportation had evolved at the same pace as computers. '

Difference between Top-down and Bottom-up Approach in Programming

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We shall start with a brief understanding of the both followed by comparison and conclusion. Here you will learn about difference between top-down and bottom-up approach.

Facebook Lessons Learned: #1 Dont Get Too Excited!

elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog

Despite ruling, pro-privacy biometric laws still face long road to change in U.S.

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After a federal court ruling uncovered earlier this week sent privacy advocates hearts’ soaring, legal experts say nobody should expect U.S. regulations on forced biometric log-ins to change anytime soon. The decision , from Magistrate Judge Kandis Westmore of the U.S.

Sorting Algorithms Visualized

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By number of comparisons. Most Popular Sorting algorithms: Selection Sort – This sorting algorithm is an in-place comparison-based algorithm in which the list is divided into two parts, the sorted part at the left end and the unsorted part at the right end.

My Alpine Desktop – Setting Up a Software Development Environment on Alpine Linux


Originally designed for routers, it is a secure, fast, feather-light Linux: a basic Alpine base image takes as little as 5 MB, orders of magnitude less than other popular Linux distros (Ubuntu is 188 MB, for comparison ).

Linux 236

Four short links: 25 October 2018

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We outline this mismatch with five "traps" that fair-ML work can fall into even as it attempts to be more context-aware in comparison with traditional data science. Winners Take All, Fairness, Simultaneous Translation, Secure GPUs. Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World (YouTube) -- talk at Google (!) by Anand Giridharadas, author of a book of the same name. What a great talk.

Heilmeier’s Catechism


The total payload sizes delivered over a week or a month could be measured, aiming for a decreased payload size total in comparison to the REST API. Heilmeier Catechism.

Is Manual Testing Needed?

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This is why the type mismatch happened in the comparison, leading to the wrong result. For the past few years, I have heard many people advocating using only automatic tests. For example, if all the automatic tests pass, then the code should automatically be deployed to production.

The reason India does not have enough awesome developers

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In service-based companies, coders are only trained to work with existing technologies and manage them in comparison to product-based companies where they are allowed to learn technologies and let their creative juices to take over and develop something new.

Interpreting predictive models with Skater: Unboxing model opacity

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Further evaluation and validation of models could be enabled using algorithms for model comparison for classification and regression using model specific scorers—AUC-ROC ( area under the receiver operating curve ) and MAE ( mean absolute error ). model comparison and performance evaluation.

Blockchain: Distributed Shared Ledger Technology in Banking

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Here is a comparison in the workflow of an interbank cross-border payment system using traditional business process management and blockchain powered BPM.

Janelle Monae, Dirty Computer, Scrum


Maybe an apt comparison would be David Bowie, a genre and gender rethinking of the future. Janelle Monae, Dirty Computer, & Scrum. by JJ Sutherland | May 21, 2018 | Blog. Source: [link]. Janelle Monae is a hard artist to put into a box. Hip Hop? R&B? An Afrofuturist like Sun Ra?


Programming for Grade 8

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This will not raise an error in Python 2, but will cause some comparisons to give the wrong result. For the past two months, I have been helping my son’s grade 8 class to learn to program. All students wrote Python programs and got a feel for what programming is.

Representative Line: Created Equal

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Jacqueline was able to significantly increase throughput by taking the radical action of replacing this with a more straightforward equals comparison. Let's say you have an enum. You have an array of objects , where one of the fields is of that enum type. You want to filter the array of objects where the value of the enum is PAYMENTMETHOD. You also hate equals signs.

How do Nexus and LeSS differ?


Comparison / contrast of Nexus and LeSS: Nexus with Scrum Studio and LeSS have a lot in common. I would like to thank Wojciech Walczak in particular for his idea of using themes for the Venn diagram (initially I just had the full comparison/contrast version). This article discusses the growth of agility for customer-facing products with 3+ teams, probably tens of teams with Nexus and/or LeSS. .


The True Cost of “Search-First” Problem-solving on Your Production Systems


In comparison, the analytics-first problem-solving approach offered by Honeycomb helps you observe and gain a better understanding of production systems behavior.