Mon.Oct 02, 2023

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Investigating az-cli performance on the hosted Azure Pipelines and GitHub Runners


I’ve been building a few more workflows and pipelines over the past few days and had been experimenting with the az-cli. And I’ve been running into all kinds of performance issues. Azure CLI is a great nifty tool to chat to Azure as well as Azure DevOps and there’s a AzureCLI@v2 task in Azure DevOps that preconfigures your Azure subscription and all.While testing I got increasingly frustrated by how slow az is on GitHub Actions and Azure Pipelines hosted runners.

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Rising Above: The Call for Senior Leaders to Embrace Strategy Over Tactics

N2Growth Blog

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, leaders frequently face various tactical and operational challenges. When it comes to managing day-to-day operations and responding to unforeseen problems, the frenetic pace of the immediate can become a zone of comfort. A significant number of future leaders have gained professional experience and earned their stripes in these trenches, becoming masters of this tactical art.


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Best Practices for Digital Product Development


Creating a digital product is a complex process that requires careful planning, clear strategies, and many decisions to be made even before starting the initiation. However, by carefully approaching digital product management, it is possible to avoid these complexities. This blog explores the digital product development process and its best practices to help you achieve your goal.

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Opticon 2023: An Intersection of Art and Science


Optimizely’s Opticon 2023 begins next week on Tuesday, October 10 in sunny San Diego. The 3-day conference promises to explore what Optimizely calls “the intersection of art and science.” Attendees will have the opportunity to experience what happens when the two work in tandem to drive better digital experiences while empowering the people, like you, who create them.

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The Best Product Strategy Is a Customer-Facing Portfolio Strategy

Speaker: John Mansour - President, Product Management University

You know that sinking feeling. You’ve come up with a winning product strategy, everyone’s on board and energized, and you’re halfway down the path to execution only to have it submarined by something someone convinced your leadership was more strategic! It’s a scenario that’s all too familiar and it exemplifies one of the biggest struggles with individual product strategies.

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Midjourney V5: The Latest Version of Midjourney


Introduction In the field of artificial intelligence applied to artistic generation, we witnessed a significant milestone with the launch of the latest version of a platform that redefines the boundaries of digital creativity, Midjourney V5. This advanced iteration represents a major leap forward in terms of realism and expressiveness, successfully tackling complex challenges such as the representation of human hands and emotions, as well as incorporating remarkable additional functionalities.