One Year of Load Balancing


From the beginning at Algolia, we decided not to place any load balancing infrastructure between our users and our search API servers. This leads to a server load that matches the round-robin DNS resolution. DNS-based load balancing limitations.

How to Load Balance Traffic Across Multiple VXCs


Load balancing traffic across your network connections allows you to maximise the use of multiple network paths when routing to the same destination networks. We’ll talk you through the process of setting up load balancing using a Megaport-connected network architecture.

Case Study: Pokémon GO on Google Cloud Load Balancing

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If you haven't put it on your reading list, here's a tantalizing excerpt from CHAPTER 11 Managing Load by Cooper Bethea, Gráinne Sheerin, Jennifer Mace, and Ruth King with Gary Luo and Gary O’Connor. Load Balancing google

Securing a Web Application with AWS Application Load Balancer


If you’re still using an Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Virtual Machine, enjoy this very useful tutorial on load balancing. That’s what I’m using AWS Application Load Balancer (“ALB”) for, even though I have only a single instance at the moment so there’s no actual load balancing going on.

How a China-Based Bare Metal Service Provider Tackled Kubernetes Load Balancing

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Specific to bare metal, for example, Kubernetes platforms lack viable load balancing capabilities. The main issue, he said, with open source load balancing on bare metal is how backend workloads are typically exposed using the load balancer in a Kubernetes cluster.

Advanced Load Balancing and Sticky Sessions with Ambassador, Envoy and Kubernetes

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release notes , we have recently added early access support for advanced ingress load balancing and session affinity in the Ambassador API gateway, which is based on the underlying production-hardened implementations within the Envoy Proxy. It’s been my experience that how load balancing is implemented within Kubernetes Services is not always intuitive. Endpoint Routing and Load Balancing In Ambassador 0.52, we introduced a new set of controls for load balancing.

Google Traffic Director and the L7 Internal Load Balancer Intermingles Cloud Native and Legacy Workloads

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L7 ILB makes it simple for enterprises to deploy modern load balancing,” said Matt Klein , creator of Envoy Proxy , in a company statement. The post Google Traffic Director and the L7 Internal Load Balancer Intermingles Cloud Native and Legacy Workloads appeared first on The New Stack.

Simplified NGINX Load Balancing with Loadcat


NGINX, a sophisticated web server, offers high performance load balancing features, among many other capabilities. However, there is something interesting about tools that configure other tools, and it may be even easier to configure an NGINX load balancer if there was a tool for it. In this article, Toptal engineer Mahmud Ridwan demonstrates how easy it is to build a simple tool with a web-based GUI capable of configuring NGINX as a load balancer

How to Load Balance Traffic Across Multiple VXCs


Load balancing traffic across your network connections allows you to maximise the use of multiple network paths when routing to the same destination networks. We’ll talk you through the process of setting up load balancing using a Megaport-connected network architecture.

Kemp Adds Predictive Analytics to ADC to Advance DevOps

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New in Cloudera Enterprise 5.12: Hue 4 Interface and Query Assistant

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CDH Cloudera Manager Cloudera Navigator Hadoop Hue Amazon AWS Amazon S3 Amazon Web Services aws CM editor Improvements LDAP Load Balancer Navigator Optimizer Oozie sql

Deploy Cloudera EDH Clusters Like a Boss Revamped – Part 1

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CDH Hadoop HDFS apache hadoop Big Data cloud cloud storage high availability infrastructure Load Balancing Network Performance networking Node Classification on-premisesWe at Cloudera believe that all companies should have the power to leverage data for financial gain, to lower operational costs, and to avoid risk.

CIOs Need To Realize That Virtualization Isn't All That It's Cracked Up To Be (a chief information officer needs an IT strategy to create IT alignment)

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VMware to Acquire Avi Networks for NetOps Capability

Once this deal closes, sometime between now and August, VMware plans to add a software-based load balancer, along with a web application firewall (WAF) and a service […].

Optimizing transportation runs and customer experience


For example, optimize load balances to get passengers and cargo to their destination using less fuel and in the fastest time possible. For many companies in the travel, transportation and hospitality industry, success is all about achieving the optimal result.

Pivotal Software Previews Automation Framework

In addition, Pivotal revealed it will be adding support for open source technologies including Envoy load balancing and Istio service mesh software developed […].

F5 Networks Acquires NGINX to Meld NetOps with DevOps

As part of an effort to better align DevOps and network operations (NetOps), F5 Networks plans to acquire NGINX, a provider of widely employed open source loading balancing software.

Cloud-Native vs Traditional Application Development


Both traditional and cloud native applications make use of load balancers, but they differ significantly when and where they come in to play. Users hit a balancer as they arrive and are redirected to the server. Their load balancers don’t need to be as sophisticated.

A Journey Into SRE


2 – Load Balancer knowledge sharing. The next two weeks I continued to work with Paul on getting more insights on the new Load Balancer. If you have not read his blog post on one year of load balancing , I suggest you do it. The main problem we found was that during operations or on call, any request regarding the load balancer had to be forward to Paul.

Deploy a Clojure web application to AWS using Terraform


When the web application starts in its ECS task container, it will have to connect to the database task container via a load balancer. load_balancer {. Outputs: app-alb-load-balancer-dns-name =

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HAProxy 2.0 Adds Kubernetes, Pushes ‘Polyglot Extensibility’

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“We’ve seen this shift in the market over time from hardware-based load bouncers to companies and users exploring software-based load balancers.

F5 to Buy NGINX to Enhance Cloud Native and Multicloud Capabilities

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which manages the popular open source web server/load balancer and reverse proxy of the same name. Application controller delivery software provider F5 is planning to acquire NGINX Inc. For the acquisition, F5 will purchase all privately held NGINX shares for $670 million.

HA Prometheus – The Thanos Evolution


Data Inconsistency : Just putting a load balancer in front of multiple Prometheus assumes that all of them were up and able to scrape the same metrics – a new instance starting up will have no historical data. Introduction.

Take DigitalOcean Kubernetes for a Cruise

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To access the web app, we will expose it through an external load balancer. The external IP corresponds to a DigitalOcean Load Balancer created dynamically by Kubernetes. You can verify this by accessing the load balancers under the Network section of the control panel.

Security monitoring for managed cloud Kubernetes


Google Cloud Platform, for example, offers advanced cluster management features such as automatic upgrades, load balancing, and Stackdriver logging. Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It has recently seen rapid adoption across enterprise environments.

Amazon EKS Overview: AWS’s Managed Kubernetes Service


One consideration when considering EKS vs. ECS is networking and load balancing. Similarly, for load balancing, ECS can utilize Application Load Balancers to send traffic to a task, while EKS must use an Elastic Load Balancer to send traffic to an EC2 host (which can have a proxy via Kubernetes).

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Pulumi Crosswalk Aims to Simplify Deploying to AWS

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The crosswalk includes: Container services: Provisioning Elastic Container Service (ECS) managed clusters, including Fargate, Kubernetes (EKS) and built-in best practices for identity and access management (IAM), Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and CloudWatch configuration and integration.

Build, test, and deploy a Go application to AWS ECS


Create and configure an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) and target group that will associate with our cluster’s ECS service. We are creating an ELB because we eventually want to load balance requests across multiple containers and we also want to expose our Go application to the internet for testing. Go to EC2 Console > Load Balancing > Load Balancers and click Create Load Balancer and select Application Load Balancer.

Netflix OSS and Spring Boot?—?Coming Full Circle

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Ribbon for load balancing, Eureka for service discovery, and Hystrix for fault tolerance. such as the upcoming Spring Cloud Load Balancer?—?we Netflix OSS and Spring Boot?—?Coming

Guide to Configuring Apache Impala (incubating) for HA with F5 BIG-IP

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For production deployments of Apache Impala (incubating), using a load-balancing proxy server has several advantages: Applications connect to a single well-known host and port, rather than keeping track of the hosts where the impalad daemon is running. This new guide steps you through the process of configuring that platform to manage client connections to Impala for HA in business-critical BI applications.

7 Requirements for Optimized Traffic Flow and Security in Kubernetes

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Keeping the load balancer (LB) configuration in sync with the infrastructure. This will allow administrators to do more advanced load balancing than what’s available with Kubernetes by default. Many people will place an ADC or load balancer above their cloud.

AWS – The Silver Lining of the Cloud


It provides tools such as Auto Scaling, AWS Tools and Elastic Load Balancing to reduce the time spent on a task. In case of an unforeseen increase or decrease in demand, auto-scaling and elastic load balancing can scale the Amazon cloud-based services accordingly.

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How Aviatrix’s intelligent orchestration and control eliminates unwanted tradeoffs encountered when deploying Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Firewalls with AWS Transit Gateway


The Aviatrix intelligent controller handles orchestration and dynamic updates for all routing elements within the AWS TGW environment, and the gateway service offers dynamic load balancing across multiple firewalls across high-performance links.

Netflix at AWS re:Invent 2018

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Elastic Load Balancing: Deep Dive and Best Practices Will Rose, Senior Security Engineer and Pratibha Suryadevara of AWS Abstract: Elastic Load Balancing (ALB & NLB) automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances for fault tolerance and load distribution. Migrating elastic load balancers at Netflix came with some big challenges and several lessons learned.

Matt Klein on the Success of Envoy and the Future of the Service Mesh

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He talked about how Lyft moved its monolithic stack to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and he wrote Envoy to as a fast sidecar ‘communication bus’ handling things like rate limiting, load balancing, circuit breaking, service discovery, and active/passive health checking, etc.

The Four Horsemen of DevOps


From there, the load balancer sees this publication and automatically adds it to the load-balanced web pool. First Published: March 6, 2015, By Corey Quinn?—?Senior Senior Technical Consultant This past week, I had the honor of being invited to speak at SaltConf 2015.

Kubernetes Warms Up to IPv6

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If I have an application and I expose it to the external world through a load balancer, I have an IP externally and if my Kubernetes cluster is IPv4 or IPv6, that address will be IPv4 or IPv6 only.

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10 top AWS resources on O’Reilly’s online learning platform

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AWS System Administration — Federico Lucifredi and Mike Ryan show developers and system administrators how to configure and manage AWS services, including EC2, CloudFormation, Elastic Load Balancing, S3, and Route 53.

The Challenging Migration from Heroku to Google Kubernetes Engine


One of our customers wanted us to crawl from a fixed IP address so that they could whitelist that IP for high-rate crawling without being throttled by their load balancer.

Testing in Production: Canary Releasing with Kubernetes

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Assuming that a round robin load balancing algorithm is being used within the Service, the percentage of traffic directed to the canary can be selected by altering the ratio of “stable” to “canary” Deployments. No code is ever truly proven or tested until it’s running in production.