Load-Balancing Minecraft Servers with Kong Gateway

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One server won't be enough, so you'll run two servers simultaneously, expecting your load balancer to handle sending students to Server A or Server B, depending on the load. devops architechture load balancing minecraft kong gateway kong api

How to Create a Kubernetes Cluster and Load Balancer for Local Development

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This guide will show you one of many ways that you can set up and tear down a local Kubernetes cluster with a load balancer for use as a local development environment. Overview.


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Cloud Load Balancing- Facilitating Performance & Efficiency of Cloud Resources


Cloud load balancing is the process of distributing workloads and computing resources within a cloud environment. Cloud load balancing also involves hosting the distribution of workload traffic within the internet. Its advantages over conventional load balancing of on?premises

One Year of Load Balancing


From the beginning at Algolia, we decided not to place any load balancing infrastructure between our users and our search API servers. Instead of putting hardware or software between our search servers and our users, we chose to rely on the round-robin feature of DNS to spread the load across the servers. This is the best situation to rely on round-robin DNS for load balancing: a large number of users request the DNS to access Algolia servers, and they perform a few searches.

Load Balancer Service Degradation, March 25, 2021


On March 25, 2021, between 14:39 UTC and 18:46 UTC we had a significant outage that caused around 5% of our global traffic to stop being served from one of several load balancers and disrupted service for a portion of our customers.

Load Balancing: Round Robin May Not Be the Right Choice


Based on our experience, we believe Round Robin may not be an effective load balancing algorithm, because it doesn’t equally distribute traffic among all nodes. The post Load Balancing: Round Robin May Not Be the Right Choice appeared first on DevOps.com. Blogs DevOps Practice Doin' DevOps Least Connections algorithm Load balancing Round Robin

Autoscaling Groups With Terraform on AWS Part 3: Elastic Load Balancer and Health Check

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The next step is to add a Load Balancer in front of the autoscaling group. tutorial devops aws terraform elastic load balancerCheck out Part 1 and Part 2. Previously , we set up some Apache Ignite servers in an autoscaling group.

Case Study: Pokémon GO on Google Cloud Load Balancing

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If you haven't put it on your reading list, here's a tantalizing excerpt from CHAPTER 11 Managing Load by Cooper Bethea, Gráinne Sheerin, Jennifer Mace, and Ruth King with Gary Luo and Gary O’Connor. Prior to launch, they load-tested their software stack to process up to 5x their most optimistic traffic estimates. Load Balancing googleThere are a lot of cool nuggets in Google's New Book: The Site Reliability Workbook.

Advanced Load Balancing and Sticky Sessions with Ambassador, Envoy and Kubernetes

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release notes , we have recently added early access support for advanced ingress load balancing and session affinity in the Ambassador API gateway, which is based on the underlying production-hardened implementations within the Envoy Proxy. It’s been my experience that how load balancing is implemented within Kubernetes Services is not always intuitive. Endpoint Routing and Load Balancing In Ambassador 0.52, we introduced a new set of controls for load balancing.

How to Load Balance Traffic Across Multiple VXCs


Load balancing traffic across your network connections allows you to maximise the use of multiple network paths when routing to the same destination networks. We’ll talk you through the process of setting up load balancing using a Megaport-connected network architecture. This strategy allows for increased throughput and redundancy. When there are multiple paths available to reach the same network. Source.

Securing a Web Application with AWS Application Load Balancer


If you’re still using an Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Virtual Machine, enjoy this very useful tutorial on load balancing. That’s what I’m using AWS Application Load Balancer (“ALB”) for, even though I have only a single instance at the moment so there’s no actual load balancing going on. This is done in the EC2 console, there’s a section in the left-hand column for Load Balancers, selecting that lets you create a new one.

Simplified NGINX Load Balancing with Loadcat


NGINX, a sophisticated web server, offers high performance load balancing features, among many other capabilities. However, there is something interesting about tools that configure other tools, and it may be even easier to configure an NGINX load balancer if there was a tool for it. In this article, Toptal engineer Mahmud Ridwan demonstrates how easy it is to build a simple tool with a web-based GUI capable of configuring NGINX as a load balancer

Modern Web Security Meets Modern Load Balancing with NGINX

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These key drivers have also exposed the shortcomings of appliance (physical or virtual) based technologies including web application firewalls (WAFs) and load balancers. NGINX Certifies Signal Sciences Dynamic Module. DevOps, microservices, hybrid and multi-cloud are fueling growth for companies taking a modern approach to deploying applications.

Blue-Green Deployment, Zero Downtime Updates, and Failover Protection With Traffic Distribution Add-On

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In this situation you can face the problem of proper traffic distribution between such project copies, including aspects like a method for requests routing, servers loading rates, etc.

Edgenexus Provides Easy-To-Use Load Balancing for Nutanix


Load balancers and Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) have always been dogged by unnecessary complexity. This hidden barrier typically means only a fraction of possible features make it into an organization’s production environment

Building a Kubernetes CI/CD Pipeline With GitLab and Helm

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devops kubernetes ci/cd gitlab helm amazon eks amazon load balancingIntroduction. Everyone loves GitLab CI and Kubernetes. GitLab CI (Continuous Integration) is a popular tool for building and testing software developers write for applications.

How to Load Balance Traffic Across Multiple VXCs


Load balancing traffic across your network connections allows you to maximise the use of multiple network paths when routing to the same destination networks. We’ll talk you through the process of setting up load balancing using a Megaport-connected network architecture. This strategy allows for increased throughput and redundancy. When there are multiple paths available to reach the same network. Source.

Kemp Adds Predictive Analytics to ADC to Advance DevOps


Blogs DevOps Toolbox News ADC application development controller cloud services load balancer ProvisioningKemp this week enhanced the automation and predictive analytics capabilities it makes available within its application developer controller (ADC) as part of an effort to ease deployment of applications across multi-cloud computing environments. Company CEO Ray Downes said the goal is to make it easier for DevOps teams to avoid overprovisioning IT infrastructure, at a […].

PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 2 – PgBouncer

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When it comes to connection pooling in the PostgreSQL world, PgBouncer is probably the most popular option. It’s a very simple utility that does exactly one thing – it sits between the database and the clients and speaks the PostgreSQL protocol, emulating a PostgreSQL server.

Why Service Meshes Are Security Tools


That’s because service meshes have a wide variety of functionality, from load balancing to securing traffic. Are service meshes overhyped, or do they solve a real puzzle for enterprise IT systems?

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Understanding the Future of the Data Center Edge

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With the adoption of Kubernetes and microservices, the edge has evolved from simple hardware load balancers to a full stack of hardware and software proxies that comprise API Gateways, content delivery networks, and load balancers. The Early Internet and Load Balancers.

CIOs Need To Realize That Virtualization Isn't All That It's Cracked Up To Be (a chief information officer needs an IT strategy to create IT alignment)

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Post tags: data-center optimization , dynamic load-balancing , high availability , IaaS , panacea , reduce time to market , reducing costs , scalability , server virtualization , virtual machines , virtual servers , Virtualization , VMs , VMware , workloads. Sure Virtualization Seems Neat In The Beginning, But….

IaC and Kubernetes: A Natural Pairing


It offers repeatability, transparency and the application of modern software development practices to the management of infrastructure including networks, load balancers, virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters and monitoring. […].

DevOps Best Practices

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The Operations team works on deployment, load balancing, and release management to make SaaS live. Traditional IT had two separate teams in any organization – the development team and the operations team.

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Microservices on AWS [Video]

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I will be creating a Spring Boot microservice and deploy it to AWS EC2 instances running behind an application load balancer in an automated way using the AWS Code Pipeline. Introduction.

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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For June 25th, 2021

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Today in things that nobody stopped me from doing: The AWS Elastic Load Balancer Yodel Rag. Hey, it's HighScalability time! Only listen if you want a quantum earworm for the rest of the day. Not your style? This is completely different. No, it’s even more different than that.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For December 19th, 2020

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Here's a load-balanced and fault-tolerant review: Number Stuff: Don't miss all that the Internet has to say on Scalability, click below and become eventually. Hey, it's HighScalability time once again! Do you like this sort of Stuff?

Optimizing transportation runs and customer experience


For example, optimize load balances to get passengers and cargo to their destination using less fuel and in the fastest time possible. For many companies in the travel, transportation and hospitality industry, success is all about achieving the optimal result. Whether in the air or on the ground, it’s all about minimizing the cost while […].

Seeing 5XXs When Configuring a Kubernetes API Gateway for the First Time?

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Getting K8s Ingress up and running for the first time can be challenging due to the various cloud vendor load balancer implementations. Kubernetes is a fantastic foundation for an application platform, but it is just that: a foundational component.

Four short links: 7 Aug 2020

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Surprising Economics of Load-Balanced Systems — I have a system with c servers, each of which can only handle a single concurrent request, and has no internal queuing. The servers sit behind a load balancer, which contains an infinite queue.

Edgenexus Partners With Nutanix


We are delighted to announce our partnership with Nutanix and the certification of our Edgenexus Load balancer/ADC on the Nutanix AHV platform

F5 Networks Acquires NGINX to Meld NetOps with DevOps


As part of an effort to better align DevOps and network operations (NetOps), F5 Networks plans to acquire NGINX, a provider of widely employed open source loading balancing software. The two companies revealed in a call with financial analysts that the primary goal of the $760 million deal is to meld the two companies’ combined expertise […]. The post F5 Networks Acquires NGINX to Meld NetOps with DevOps appeared first on DevOps.com.

Pivotal Software Previews Automation Framework


In addition, Pivotal revealed it will be adding support for open source technologies including Envoy load balancing and Istio service mesh software developed […]. At the North America Cloud Foundry Summit 2019 conference, Pivotal Software announced it is beta testing an automation framework that promises to keep its distribution of the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment continuously updated.

Migrating Apache NiFi Flows from HDF to CFM with Zero Downtime


a load balancer is always set up in front of NiFi. The load balancer is initially configured for the HDF nodes to ingest data. No data will be ingested by the CFM nodes unknown to the load balancer.

VMware to Acquire Avi Networks for NetOps Capability


Once this deal closes, sometime between now and August, VMware plans to add a software-based load balancer, along with a web application firewall (WAF) and a service […]. VMware announced it intends to acquire Avi Networks for an undisclosed price as part of an ongoing effort to close the gap between network operations (NetOps) and DevOps.

Canary vs blue-green deployment to reduce enterprise downtime


Multiple application nodes or containers distributed behind a load balancer. This enables you to serve the current application on one half of your environment (the blue environment) using your load balancer to direct traffic.

4 Types of Idle Cloud Resources That Are Wasting Your Money


Load Balancers – AWS Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) cannot be stopped (or parked), so to avoid getting billed for the time you need to remove it. The same can be said for Azure Load Balancer and GCP Load Balancers.

Overcome Challenges of Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes With Spinnaker

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Load balancing. Kubernetes is the leading container orchestration system, and it has a vast ecosystem of open-source and commercial components built around it.

Cloud-Native vs Traditional Application Development


Both traditional and cloud native applications make use of load balancers, but they differ significantly when and where they come in to play. Users hit a balancer as they arrive and are redirected to the server. Each server has its own individual state with the user so we have to keep sending them to that server, but if it dies the load balancer will direct traffic to a surviving server but the cart will be empty.

A Journey Into SRE


2 – Load Balancer knowledge sharing. The next two weeks I continued to work with Paul on getting more insights on the new Load Balancer. If you have not read his blog post on one year of load balancing , I suggest you do it. The main problem we found was that during operations or on call, any request regarding the load balancer had to be forward to Paul.