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Microservices Explained: Not Your Father’s SOA

Microservices are frequently referred to as a variant or derivative of service-oriented architecture (SOA), if not essentially the same thing. The post Microservices Explained: Not Your Father’s SOA appeared first on Each was created around a different set of principles and intended to address different problems.

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SOA vs microservices: going beyond the monolith


Two of the most popular service-based approaches are service-oriented architecture (SOA) and microservices. Since SOA is an admittedly older style, it may not be appropriate for modern cloud-native applications. Let’s start by getting a feel for what SOA really is. What is service-oriented architecture?

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An Agile Triple Play: Business Process Re-Engineering meets SOA meets Large Scale Agile

Agile Alliance

The report will present the techniques used to help put the Business in the driver’s seat of the program through the development of a backlog using the TOGAF SOA Referential Architecture with Large-Scale Agile to define an series of incremental releases.

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SOA vs. EDA: Is Not Life Simply a Series of Events?


I will attempt to articulate in layman’s terms what an event-driven architecture (EDA) is and contrast it with service-oriented architecture (SOA). Philosophy aside and back to technology, this is ultimately a discussion about SOA vs. EDA, or in other words, API vs. events. Augmenting SOA with EDA can overcome these restrictions.

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FlexDeploy Loves Oracle Fusion Middleware: SOA Setup


I will demonstrate how to build and deploy SOA composites across any number of. The post FlexDeploy Loves Oracle Fusion Middleware: SOA Setup appeared first on Flexagon. In this blog article I will walk through the core components of FlexDeploy, which enable the basics of build and deployment automation.

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Microservices: The Advantages of SOA Without Its Drawbacks

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) was the great hope of organizations decades ago when they sought to advance legacy system integration, reduce and bypass layers, and rapidly access the system of record. The post Microservices: The Advantages of SOA Without Its Drawbacks appeared first on This was replaced by […].

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Microservices Architectures: Microservices vs. SOA

Dzone - DevOps

In this article, we take a look at how microservices architectures are different from Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Microservices architectures are very popular today. Introduction to Cloud and Microservices: Challenges and Advantages This is the last article in a series of five articles on cloud and microservices.