Maintain Slim PHP MVC Frameworks with a Layered Structure


Fat controllers and models: an inevitable problem for most large-scale projects based on MVC frameworks such as Yii and Laravel. Fortunately, there's a cure, and it's in architecting a layered structure

MVC 64

Unity with MVC: How to Level Up Your Game Development


In this article I’ll relate my experience with the popular Unity game development platform and the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern for game development. In my seven years of development, having wrestled with my fair share of game dev spaghetti, I’ve been achieving great code structure and development speed using this design pattern

MVC 82

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A Step by Step Guide to Build an App using MVC 6 and Angular 2 with NET Core

Cabot Solutions

NET Core is an open source cross platform framework of NET platform This article details building an app using MVC 6 and AngularJS 2 with NET Core

MVC 41

Building an MVC Application with Spring Framework: A Beginner's Tutorial


In this article, Toptal engineer Stefan Varga challenges the popular notion of Java as a complicated platform for simple needs, and walks us through a step by step tutorial to building a simple MVC application with the Spring Framework and JPA The Spring Framework is a powerful, feature-rich, and well-designed framework for the Java platform.

MVC 43

What to do when your AngularJS application goes end of life


AngularJS is a javascript based open source framework that gained popularity because of its simplicity and MVC architecture. As is the case with all technology eventually, AngularJS has now become legacy

MVC 52

Design Pattern


MVC 52

Laravel 8 Layouts And Views Using AdminLTE3

Php,Mysql,Jquery Tutorial And Interview Question

The Laravel is a powerful and MVC pattern based framework. […]. We will create laravel 8 layout and views Using AdminLTE3 Theme.This tutorial help to convert simple bootstrap HTML theme into laravel 8 layout. The layout means a theming of your laravel application.

PHP 52

Net senior developer job offer in Barcelona


Develop and improve a product platform using C#, ASP.NET MVC / Web API, Xamarin and MS Azure as part of a highly motivated team. At least 3 years professional experience in.NET, ASP.NET MVC / Web API, MS SQL Server or other database. You have a good understanding of the MVC, web development concepts. ASP.NET MVC 5, ASP.NET Web API 2, Azure SQL Database, Entity Framework 6, Azure Services, HTML5, Bootstrap 3, CSS3, jQuery.

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GitLab Extends Scope, Reach of CI/CD Platform

Brendan O’Leary, senior developer evangelist for GitLab, said a Minimal Viable Change (MVC) capability […].

MVC 85

Hitchhiker's Guide to Sitecore Architecture in 2022

Thinking It Through with Liz Spranzani

This could be compared to the mid-2000s when Classic ASP gave way to.NET and 2010s when MVC took over from Web Forms. A turning tide is ushering in major changes in the digital and Sitecore space.

MVC 56

Working With Static Patterns: A Swift MVVM Tutorial


In this article, Toptal Freelance iOS Developer Lucas van Dongen implements an iOS chat app, comparing the classic MVC approach with a static immutable MVVM pattern Real-time data-driven apps create new challenges in the way we structure our programs, especially on mobile.

MVC 81

A Practical Roadmap for Existing Sitecore Customers to Move To XM Cloud

Perficient Digital Transformation

But if you have significant investment in XP, MVC and ASP.Net, you may not have the appetite or budget to rebuild everything from scratch, at least all at once. Collect performance metrics of the MVC version of the feature and then for the headless version.

MVC 59

Angular 5 and ASP.NET Core


Microsoft and Google have worked together since Angular 2, rendering ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC Razor obsolete. Nevertheless, while ASP.NET’s front-end tools may be lacking, it is still a great back-end framework. In this article, Toptal Freelance Angular Developer Pablo Albella teaches us how to create the best architecture for both these worlds

MVC 76

PhalconPHP: A Solution for High-load RESTful APIs


PhalconPHP will make your high-load application fast and easy, it's one of the fastest MVC frameworks for PHP available. It's written in C and supplied as a compiled PHP extension, so it doesn’t need to be interpreted at every request. Consider PhalconPHP for your next project, you won't regret it

MVC 83

iOS Centralized and Decoupled Networking: AFNetworking Tutorial with a Singleton Class


The Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern is great for the longevity and maintainability of an iOS application’s codebase. In this article, I’ll teach you how to set up a centralized singleton networking object that, decoupled from micro-level MVC components, can be reused throughout your application but you may find yourself adding similar functions to multiple models as your app grows.

MVC 58

Top 5 JavaScript Trends in 2021

The Crazy Programmer

For example, Backbone was created primarily as a solution to end-to-end MVC; AngularJS attempted (and largely succeeded) in solving this problem too but with more ease on developers’ wrists. What are the most vital characteristics that developers seek in a JavaScript framework?

Trends 285

CodeSOD: Undefined Variable

The Daily WTF

Robert H was trawling through the JavaScript front-end for his team's ASP.NET MVC application. The goal was to prepare for a complete rewrite of the front-end, because, well, it had problems and wasn't reliable or maintainable.

MVC 56

Spring vs Spring Boot: Which one should you choose?


Additionally, Spring Boot is built on top of Spring Framework, similar to Spring MVC frameworks web applications. Spring provides MVC (Model-View-Controller) support out of the box with its support for WebFlux and Reactive programming styles. Is Spring MVC and Spring Boot the same?

MVC 52

Express, Koa, Meteor, Sails.js: Four Frameworks Of The Apocalypse


Whether it's the minimalist Express or the full-blown MVC web framework Sails.js, Node.js Some platforms have an overwhelming number of options for web frameworks. Node.js, the event-driven server-side JavaScript environment, is one such platform. seems to have it all. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Chuoxian Yang explores four of the most popular Node.js web frameworks and discusses how each framework stands out from the rest of the crowd in Node.js.

MVC 70

Why Companies Are Turning To Asp.Net For Web Application Development?


There are a lot of open-source technologies like java and PHP and on the contrary, comes closed-source technology like ASP.Net MVC. This comes with myriad benefits far more from ASP.Net MVC for web app development. The MVC Architecture.

MVC 56

Your technology architecture and engineering organization should coevolve as your startup grows

Abhishek Tiwari

1-10 Engineers Focus: Rapid product delivery to find mythical product market fit Architecture: a well designed 12-factor MVC app running securely on Heroku or Google App Engine, or any other PaaS platform. I suggest using a proven MVC framework like Rails, Django, Express, Sails, etc.

MVC 71

Top 3 lessons learned in Backend Architecture. Interview with Cuong Le – backend developer at Apiumhub


We are continuing with our interview series ( previously we had interviewed Diego Ojeda – Android Lead at Apiumhub , Serhii Zabolennyi – QA Automation engineer at Apiumhub , Javier Gomez – backend developer at Apiumhub and today we interview Cuong Le – Backend developer at Apiumhub and talk about key lessons learned in Backend architecture.

MVC 56

Angular vs React – Difference Between Angular and React

The Crazy Programmer

If we compare Angular with React, then we see that Angular is completely a MVC (Model View Controller) framework as it helps in building the structure of application but React is just a JavaScript library – only the view. Complete MVC framework for building web pages and applications. If you are a web developer and stumbling around which platform should you choose for your next project, Angular or React? Then, you are at the correct place.

MVC 124

CodeSOD: An Impossible Problem

The Daily WTF

A mix of using MVC-style patterns with a formatter between the model and the UI would be "right", but might be more setup than the problem truly calls for.

MVC 87

Top 5 Python Frameworks You Must Know in 2022

The Crazy Programmer

In addition, it follows an architecture called MVC-MVT, which has authentication support, URL routing, and other important features. According to the Statista study, Python was the most used programming language in the whole world in 2021.

MVC 144

Why use the NestJS framework?


You can build Rest APIs, MVC applications, GraphQL applications, Web Sockets, or CLIs, and CRON jobs. As a front-end developer, I would like to say that the NestJs framework was the best choice to start touching the backend part of the applications.

Exercises in Programming Style

Henrik Warne

The first is an MVC (Model View Controller) version, although the view simply prints to the console (no GUI). For example: Trinity instead of MVC , Things instead of Objects , Hollywood instead of Callbacks , Bulletin Board instead of Pub/Sub and Kick Forward instead of Continuation-passing. In the book club at work , we recently finished reading Exercises in Programming Style by Cristina Videira Lopes.

Classic WTF: Front-Ahead Design

The Daily WTF

In MVC, there are three different components: the Model (the data), the View (the UI), and the Control (everything else). If you think about it, two of MVC’s components are nothing but dead weight. Summer breaks are a great opportunity to improve yourself.

MVC 83

Hire leading.NET Developer for your Website in 2018


By choosing the best, we mean that the developer you hire should be well-aware of the current trends in MVC ASP.NET programming. It means if you get a website made in MVC ASP.NET, it will be able to reach to that 80% of the smartphone users also. ?Fast Suitable for all kinds of business: MVC based ASP.NET development is also suitable for any type of web or app development.

MVC 43

Top 11 Reasons to Hire AngularJS Developers for Customer-Centric Business


MVC and MVVM Architecture Integration. AngularJS follows MVC (model-view-controller) and MVVM (model-view-view-model) architecture. MVC architecture separates the application into three segments.

MVC 52

CodeSOD: A Linking Approach

The Daily WTF

The current incarnation of the application used the more modern ASP.NET MVC, but you wouldn’t know it to look at most of the code. For example, when they wanted the URL of a screen in the MVC application, they knew that the ActionLink method was how you created links in your view. Web development has gone in a bizarre circle since the early 2000s.

MVC 40

A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Your First AngularJS App


Like most JavaScript MVC frameworks, it lets you work with any server-side technology as long as it can serve your app through a RESTful web API. If you haven’t tried AngularJS yet, you’re missing out. The framework consists of a tightly integrated toolset that will help you build well structured, rich client-side applications in a modular fashion—with less code and more flexibility.

MVC 81

Angular vs React – Detailed comparison for Startups and Entrepreneurs


It requires complex configuration to integrate React in the traditional MVC framework. Users must have in-depth knowledge of the integration of user interface into the MVC framework. It works on MVC.

CodeSOD: Switching to Offshore

The Daily WTF

The page used a client-side MVC framework that also tied into a.NET MVC view, and due to the way the page had been implemented, all the client widgets treated everything as stringly typed (e.g., "true" , not true ), but all the server-side code expected JSON data with real types. A lot of ink has been spilled talking about the perils and pitfalls of offshore development.

MVC 50

CVE-2019-0230: Apache Struts Potential Remote Code Execution Vulnerability


Apache Struts is an open source model-view-controller (MVC) framework used to create Java web applications. Apache published two security bulletins to address a potential remote code execution vulnerability and a denial of service vulnerability. Public proof of concept code is available.

MVC 112

Tandem at 10: What’s Changed In The Coding World Since Tandem’s Founding?


One Thing Hasn’t Changed: A Battle-Tested MVC Framework is as Valuable as Ever. Model-view-controller (MVC) frameworks like Django and Rails were popular in Tandem’s beginning years.

MVC 52

Python Frameworks For Mobile & Web Application Development


Being one of the best Python frameworks , TurboGears is an open-source and data-driven framework built around MVC architecture known for rapid web application development. Features of Web2py: MVC Architecture Ticket Framework Security against injection flaws, cross-site scripting, etc.

Node.js vs. Angular: The best JavaScript Framework 2022


The noteworthy features of Angular that have led to its popularity include MVC architecture, extremely less coding, data model binding, unit testing, virtual scrolling, and more. The architecture that Angular follows is a full-fledged version of the MVC framework.

MVC 52

What, Why, and How to Migrate to.NET Core

Gorilla Logic

NET Core vs.NET Framework.NET Core is an open-source, multi-platform framework, and it currently focuses mainly on Web applications (ASP,NET, MVC, API). Web apps: back-end and front-end apps in ASP.NET MVC. Migration for back-end and front-end applications in ASP.NET MVC is simple, and Microsoft provides a detailed guide. This is more like the MVC way of doing things and can help lower the burden of migration in the future.

MVC 63

Angular Vs. React: Which Is Better In 2022?


The first thing that makes Angular the winner in the “Angular vs. React” competition is MVC. Angular supports the MVC project structure, which stands for “Model-View-Controller.” So, let’s see how the MVC model works. Among its strength, there are: The MVC architecture.

MVC 52