The Scrum Mythbusters Exercise

The Scrum Mythbusters exercise helps you address the common myths and misunderstandings about Scrum and helps teams discover how Scrum is intended as a simple, yet sufficient framework for complex product delivery. . When to use the Scrum Mythbusters exercise?

Exercises in Programming Style

Henrik Warne

In the book club at work , we recently finished reading Exercises in Programming Style by Cristina Videira Lopes. The inspiration is a book from the 1940s by the French writer Raymond Queneau called Exercises in Style. Exercises in Programming Style uses the same concept, but implements a short program in 33 different programming styles. Next there are comments on the use of this style, historical notes, further reading, a glossary and exercises.


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An Exercise Program for the Fat Web

Coding Horror

That's like the most effective exercise program ever! Finally, an exercise program I can believe in When I wrote about App-pocalypse Now in 2014, I implied the future still belonged to the web. And it does. But it's also true that the web has changed a lot in the last 10 years, much less the last 20 or 30. Websites have gotten a lot … fatter. While I think it's irrational to pine for the bad old days of HTML 1.0 websites , there are some legitimate concerns here.

An Exercise in Futility

The post An Exercise in Futility appeared first on ROELBOB

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

This exercise is not a one-shot deal. exercise in imitation. PRICE 22 Pricing for Value This exercise can get you started, but it is best performed along with third-party intelligence gathering. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS.

What Is the Right Exercise Program for You When Traveling?

Strategy Driven

David Geithner knows all about traveling and exercise. Here’s a look at how to choose the right exercise program for you when traveling. The exact type of exercise routine a person will need to follow is based on his or her goals. Cardiovascular exercise.

Why Is It Necessary to Run Cybersecurity Evaluation Exercises?


The rapidly growing volume and sophistication of attacks entail the need for greater preparedness, especially through regular security exercises. Here’s a question related to the field of security: Why do military organizations ceaselessly conduct combat exercises or drills?

Incident Response Exercises Not Taken Seriously by Business Leaders


According to research by Immersive Labs of 402 organizations, nearly 40% are not fully confident in their teams training to handle a data breach if one occurred, and 65% of […].

Running for Better Runtime: Why Regular Exercise is Important for Software Developers

Gorilla Logic

You may have been surprised to see the word “exercise” in the same headline as the words “ software developer.” But exercise is not just about looking better physically. Exercise Improves our memory and thinking skills. Exercise boosts our cognitive functions.

Design Teams are a Design Exercise – Philip Joe

Agile Alliance


Creative thinking exercise 2

Rapid BI

The post Creative thinking exercise 2 appeared first on RapidBI. Management creative Exercises-&-Activities problem solving thinkingSwitching On The Lateral Thinking There are three switches outside a closed room. There are three lamps inside the room. You can flip the switches as much as you want while the door is closed, but then you must enter just once and determine which switch is connected to which lamp. How can you do […].

The importance of exercising courage

Lead on Purpose

I’ve recently had several experiences that required me to get out of my comfort zone. The subject of courage has becoming particularly important and meaningful to me in recent weeks and months. Different situations in my consulting work and with … Continue reading → Team Building clarity confidence courage decisiveness strength teamwork

Agile Chair Exercise- Some Alternate Suggestions

As I mentioned we've been doing a number of small changes to the game, so here's how we play it: Agile Chair Exercise. Start the exercise. If you've been at an Agile conference, been a Scrum Master for quite some time and joined an Agile meetup group (here in The Netherlands there are several), then you probably found that games can be very quick ways to energize any meeting and to drive learning through fun.

Exercising “Right to Erasure” on Oracle Cloud

Apps Associates

With Enterprise Applications in place, considerable data accumulates over a period … Continue reading "Exercising “Right to Erasure” on Oracle Cloud". The post Exercising “Right to Erasure” on Oracle Cloud appeared first on Apps Associates.

An Active Learning Reproduction Exercise: From Overview to Findings


In this article, we try to reproduce the results from the 2019 paper “Diverse Mini-Batch Active Learning” and share our findings. Use Cases & Projects Featured

The Benefits of Creating Space for Play at Work (and 2 Creative Exercises To Get You Started)


At Tandem, we’ve been doing monthly creative exercises to create space for regular playtime with our remote team, and we’d love to share why. I have more energy going back into [my client project] after a creative exercise. 2 Creative Exercises to Get You Started.

Creative thinking exercise

Rapid BI

Management Creativity Exercises-&-Activities out of the box thinkingFRIDGES AND ANIMALS…?!?! Ask the delegates to answer the following questions on paper, reviewing the answers to each question before moving on to ask the next question QUESTION 1: How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator? ANSWER: Open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe, and close the door This question tests whether they [.].

Boost Team Flow with this Adjacent Disciplines Exercise


I offer a playful, low-cost exercise you can use to introduce the topic of practicing adjacent disciplines, ahead of any individual career development conversations. The exercise works well for teams of 5-7 people. Lego Adjacent Disciplines Exercise for 5-7 team members.

Exercise for Systemic and Relational Engagement Utilising The Market of Skills


The following describes a brief exercise that can help facilitate a session to help with this. The main purpose of the exercise, however, is to have good open conversations. Things to look out for Someone who physically separate themselves from the pack when doing the exercise.

Force Field Analysis as a Teambuilding Exercise

Let's Grow Leaders

The post Force Field Analysis as a Teambuilding Exercise appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. When you’re trying to fix a team… there are always factors working for you… and against you. Secret force fields undermine your efforts. Make the hidden forces known. Make the force be with you. Force Field Analysis is a well-tested change management technique developed by Kurt Lewin in the 1950s. It’s brilliant in its [.]

Creativity Exercises to Boost Your Designs


Here are a few exercises that can help get your creative juices flowing, whether you’re trying to get started on a new project or find yourself stuck in a creative rut

Who Do You Trust? An Easy Team Exercise

Let's Grow Leaders

Let’s have some fun with this easy trust building exercise. An Easy Team Trust Exercise. “Do you trust me?” ” What a loaded question. It’s tough, even with people we love. “Sure, I trust you to be faithful, but do I trust you’ll remember to pick up the dry cleaning?” ” Even small actions can build or diminish trust over time. Defining the behaviors that breed trust can go a long way in encouraging more of the good stuff on teams.

Exercise Your Mind and Body to the Top of the Ladder

Women on Business

Being Healthy and Exercise Helps Women Executives. Apparently not only are we fighting for equal pay, recognition and all the other things that come with trying to break through that glass ceiling, but now we also have to find even more time to exercise! If you sit at a desk all day, get an exercise ball. Equality Female Executives Work-Home Life Workplace Issues Exercise glass ceiling health healthy women executives work health

Teachable Tabletop Exercises: My Year as a TSA Officer


Simple and quick tabletop exercise scenarios can reveal actionable opportunities to quickly improve an organization’s security. Category: Risk Management Incident Response and Management Simple and quick tabletop exercise scenarios can reveal actionable opportunities to quickly improve an organization’s security.

Coalfire Participates in Cybersecurity Disaster Exercise at the 2019 HSCC Spring Summit


As a member of HSCC, Coalfire participated in the JCWG meeting with other security leaders from across the healthcare industry and was able to take part in their cybersecurity disaster preparedness exercise. The Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council (HSCC) conducted their biannual Joint Cybersecurity Working Group (JCWG) All-Hands Meeting on April 3-4, 2019.

Build Your Own Competency Model- A Team Exercise

Let's Grow Leaders

Such an exercise gets people really thinking about what it takes to be successful in their role. Of course, the further you take it, the more impactful the exercise becomes. When’s the last time you looked at the competency model for your job or for the members of your team? Do you leave such things to the HR department and get on with your work? Or perhaps you work on your own or in a small company that just doesn’t have time for such formalities?

Finding the Perfect Gifts For Your Team: A Development Exercise

Let's Grow Leaders

Convinced his friends and family can no […] The post Finding the Perfect Gifts For Your Team: A Development Exercise appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. “People with great gifts are easy to find, but symmetrical and balanced ones never.” ” Ralph Waldo Emerson Jack gets very excited this time of year. He stumbles on a perfect gift that he knows EVERYONE on his list must have. It’s clever, and he finds it useful.

Words With Teams: A Simply Insightful Teambuilding Exercise

Let's Grow Leaders

The post Words With Teams: A Simply Insightful Teambuilding Exercise appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Words uncover meaning. Words inform. Words create community. I’m always looking for ways to keep my remote team connected, growing, and thinking. So, I sent a quick email off to my organization: “what’s one word that inspires your leadership?” ” The responses came pouring in… within 24 hours, over 40% of my organization had whittled [.]

Summarizing data over several Google Sheets - an exercise in stats and formulas


In my current job, as Head of Quality and Curriculum at , my thirst for being data-driven is frequently useful. In particular when it comes to test results for the developers in our courses. We test the developers every weekend (for 10/13 weeks) and we have now run 4 courses using the same tests… A gold mine of knowledge if you can mine it.

Exercise your Incident Response Plan


So you’ve finally completed your Incident Response Plan. You’ve named your team, defined roles, documented standard operating procedures, and establishing escalation processes. Heck, you’ve even got training material. So now what

7 Reasons to Be A Little More Grateful At Work (Reflections and an Exercise)

Let's Grow Leaders

With all the stress and pressure, sometimes it feels really hard to cultivate a feeling of gratitude at work. You might feel stuck. Or passed over. Or taken advantage of. Or just wanting someone to say “thank you” for all you’re doing–for goodness sakes. Or (it’s okay, let it out first). Life it tricky. Gratitude is never simple. The situation could always be better. But this week, I encourage you to consider this question.

7 Reasons to Be A Little More Grateful At Work (Reflections and an Exercise)

Let's Grow Leaders

With all the stress and pressure, sometimes it feels really hard to cultivate a feeling of gratitude at work. You might feel stuck. Or passed over. Or taken advantage of. Or just wanting someone to say “thank you” for all you’re doing–for goodness sakes. Or (it’s okay, let it out first). Life it tricky. Gratitude is never simple. The situation could always be better. But this week, I encourage you to consider this question.

The True Meaning Of Body Transformation With Angelo Poli

Steve Farber

Podcast coach-client relationship Company Culture eating habits exercise metabolism weight lossFor most people, body transformation is all about physical attributes, like losing weight and trying a certain diet. But bigger and rewarding changes cannot be attained by these strategies alone.

Hansei and 6 Pitfalls to Avoid in Reflective Exercises


Hansei ( meaning self-reflection) is an important part of Japanese culture – an exercise undertaken to look at past mistakes, outline the lessons and pledge to act on those lessons. Here are some common pitfalls that should be avoided in any form of reflective exercise: No Actions, No Results: In many other methodologies and cultures, Hansei is termed differently, like retrospectives in Scrum and After Action Reviews in American Culture (developed by US Army).

An exercise in Refactoring - Playing around with Monoids and Endomorphisms

Ruminations of a Programmer

In this post I will discuss an exercise in refactoring while trying to raise the level of abstraction of a modeling problem. 2.endo) e run basic } This is an exercise which discusses how to apply transformations on values when you need to model endomorphisms. A language is powerful when it offers sufficient building blocks for library design and adequate syntactic sugar that helps build expressive syntax on top of the lower level APIs that the library publishes.

Exercise Your Power of Choice in Conflict Resolution | Guy Harris.

The Recovering Engineer

After the heat of the moment passes, you can exercise your power of choice to act in better and more constructive ways. Remember to exercise your power of choice in conflict resolution. Learn More… Comments One Response to “Exercise Your Power of Choice in Conflict Resolution&# Trackbacks Check out what others are saying about this post.

eLearning – a tick box exercise that fails at ticking boxes? #HRBlog

Rapid BI

The post eLearning – a tick box exercise that fails at ticking boxes? Increasingly as firms look to “do more with less”. Training such as health & safety and compliance training is delivered using eLearning platforms. In the past much of this training was Click next>>Click next>>Click next>>test. You have passed/failed. But thankfully things have moved on. If only a little at times. There are challenges Whilst we […].

What CIOs Should Do If Nobody Is Listening To Them

The Accidental Successful CIO

Communication active listening skills training CIO job CIO position communication and listening skills training effective listening skills training good listening exercises importance of information technology listening skills how to improve listening skills in communication skills

The Challenge Posed By Your Company’s Employee Health Data

The Accidental Successful CIO

You could give your employees activity trackers and introduce high-tech wellness programs that keep track of employee’s exercise, sleep, and nutrition. Along with health data comes privacy concerns Image Credit: Animated Heaven.

Why You Should Go There

Let's Grow Leaders

I thought of the exercise I’d just read about in Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Field Guide. I’ve got another exercise I’ve been looking to try, but I’ve never done it before and it could be heavier than you’re ready for. ” My explanation was met with eager, unanimous agreement to do the more difficult exercise. Authenticity & Transparency becoming more authentic Lencioni''s 5 dysfunctions of a team team building exercises