Power Immersive, Engaging, Impactful Learning Experiences with AR/VR


But with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) coming into the picture, things have changed radically for the education sector. We are treading into an era of experiential learning driven by AR/VR. Propelling-immersive-learning-with-AR-VR. Can we make AR/VR mainstream?

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VR Development Guide: Choosing the Right Engine


The post VR Development Guide: Choosing the Right Engine appeared first on DevOps.com. Blogs DevOps Practice virtual reality VR VR apps VR developmentCreating virtual 3D worlds has been a dream of programmers for many decades. Virtual reality, once a faraway fiction, is becoming a reality. Failures such as Nintendo’s infamous Virtual Boy are now a distant memory, and major successes including PSVR and Google Cardboard have become the norm for the emerging technology.

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How to Make a Body or Object in VR (Virtual Reality)?

The Crazy Programmer

If you’ve enjoyed gaming using an Oculus Rift S or Sony PlayStation headset, then you’ve had a hands-on experience of VR. Nowadays, the concept of virtual reality or VR is finding across-the-board applications, including healthcare, defense, aerospace, and many other industries.

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Facebook launches VR remote work app, calling it a step to the ‘metaverse’


Facebook Inc (FB.O) on Thursday launched a test of a new virtual-reality remote work app where users of the company’s Oculus Quest 2 headsets can hold meetings as avatar versions of themselves.

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From Promoting to Creating: How an Advertising Leader Found His Calling in VR Gaming


Why did one designer leave a prominent role in the advertising industry and travel halfway around the world to pursue a UX career in VR gaming

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Virtual Reality App/Game Developer Survey: More Enterprises Embracing VR Training and Sims


IDC's latest virtual reality app/game developer survey shows more enterprises are embracing VR training and sims. Tech Perspectives developers gaming virtual reality VRExplore these results with IDC's Lewis Ward.

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How to use AR and VR in education industry?

OTS Solutions

How to use AR and VR in education industry? Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to disrupt the education system by allowing academic programs to become personalized through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). And, architects and doctors use VR to determine whether or not a design or technique will work in a virtual setting before making applications in real life. VR is yet another way to make learning more fun and engaging.

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Facebook Bets on Virtual Reality: Purchases VR firm Oculus


Tuesday, Facebook announced its plans to acquire Oculus VR for $2 billion. If you haven’t heard of it, Oculus VR is a virtual reality startup out of Irvine, CA. And now, neither is Oculus VR. CTO Gadgets Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Markus Persson Minecraft Oculus VR Reddit Virtual reality WhatsApp By ShannonPerry. Its mission ? – to produce “immersive virtual reality technology that’s wearable and affordable.”

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How COVID-19 Drives Demand for Commercial AR and VR


Learn how enterprise organizations are utilizing augmented reality and virtual reality technologies in response to COVID-19 with IDC's Tom Mainelli. IoT and the Edge augmented reality COVID-19 featured virtual reality

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A Glimpse Into the Future of AR and VR Brand Storytelling

CEO Insider

License and Republishing: The views expressed in this article A Glimpse Into the Future of AR and VR Brand Storytelling are those of the author Jeff Snyder alone and not the CEOWORLD magazine. Augmented and virtual reality are the future of meaningful, immersive customer experiences.

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3 VR Solutions That Will Transform Industry 4.0 Into Smart Factory


VR Industry has opened multiple scopes for App Development Company to develop innovative solutions. Below are the applications of VR in manufacturing: Training: When working environment is transformed into VR world, organizations can provide their employees with real surrounding working via virtual depiction. A training given by VR eliminates distractions like human obstacles, noise & this helps employees to solely focus on their tasks.

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Highlights From the Dataiku Insiders Days. in VR!


As you might have read , we launched the Dataiku Neurons program in October to recognize and reward our most helpful users across the community who consistently share their knowledge to help others advance toward data science democratization. Dataiku Product Scaling AI Featured

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SiliconANGLE reports Spatial VR introduces new auditorium environment and remote work updates


Spatial Systems Inc., a holographic collaboration platform for augmented and virtual reality, today announced the addition of a new auditorium environment and other features and updates. Spatial told SiliconANGLE that […]. News Spatial Spatial Systems Inc

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Facebook poaches Google’s AR/VR engineering lead to take over Portal team


Facebook is bringing on the engineering lead for Google’s entire AR/VR team to tackle Portal hardware. Ryan Cairns comes aboard after 12 years at Google, where he was most recently the engineering lead for a team of more than 500 people tackling AR/VR at the big G, including Daydream, Lens and ARCore, according to his LinkedIn.

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The Battle For Your Head Is Underway: VR from Oculus, Sony, HTC/Valve competing at GDC2016


Note, Samsung's GearVR is powered by Oculus software and will very likely be able to run VR software the CV1 does. The Sony PlayStation VR is a console-based VR headset. So high end gamers will not need to invest in another PC to use the Sony VR. Overall, I believe if you are a home user the Sony VR path may be the best. Artificial Intelligence CTO Internet of Things Mobile News HTC Oculus Rift Oculus VRBob Gourley.

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The Benefits of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) in Museums


Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) is not only for gaming now. What are AR and VR? First of all, let’s define what AR and VR are. It has already found a use in health care, shopping, real estate, education, and is gaining popularity among museums and galleries. AR just adds some digital elements […]. Posts

Create a Virtual Reality(VR) Web application in 5 minutes


The post Create a Virtual Reality(VR) Web application in 5 minutes appeared first on WatchDown.com. Programming create virtual reality applications Virtual reality applications VRWatchDown.com. Before we start learning “How to create a Virtual Reality web application in 5 minutes” we will learn first what is a virtual reality? What is a Virtual Reality?

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VR Project Development – How Project Managers Should Prepare


This article examines the VR technology, market trends, and most popular use cases. Key project roles are described alongside some most important challenges that PMs might face when managing a VR project

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Leap Into VR/AR Design


Leap into VR/AR Virtual reality is no longer in the realm of science fiction. Immersive technology desperately needs skilled designers to jump in, get involved, take risks, and create something new.

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New Realities: VR, AR, MR, and the Future of Design


By leveraging new and emerging technologies like AI, AR, VR, and MR, designers have fresh and exciting opportunities ahead in designing future products

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11 milestones in AR and VR in 2018

Agile Engine

Do you ever feel like the hype is strong for VR and AR? billion revenue in consumer VR by the end of the year. Second, there are just too many forecasts in VR and AR, which makes it hard to separate noise from meaningful information. This post will explore the milestones reached in AR and VR. So if you need an update on the real-life state of the AR and VR market, read on. Gartner has graduated VR from its Hype Cycle. million games for PlayStation VR.

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What can Learning & Development learn from childrens education part 2 #VR #hrblog #edtech #learningtechnologies

Rapid BI

The post What can Learning & Development learn from childrens education part 2 #VR #hrblog #edtech #learningtechnologies appeared first on RapidBI. Human Resources & Talent Learning Management Technology bett e-learning future of work induction robots virtual reality VRSo what can Learning & Development learn from children’s education and the use of virtual reality? Recently I attended one of Europe largest exhibitions for technology in education.

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5G to be an Enabler for New Technologies like VR and AR: Gunter Reiss, A10 Networks


The highly anticipated and talked about 5G service is all set to become a reality in India by 2020. Although the service brings about enormous business opportunities, it doesn’t come along with a few challenges. In an interview with Dataquest, Gunter Reiss, Vice President – Worldwide Marketing, A10 Networks, discusses cyber security and legacy infrastructure […]. CTO News

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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 Plus chip is built for gaming and VR


Qualcomm is shaking up its once-a-year approach to updating its flagship mobile processor, and it could be good news for Android phone fans who crave raw performance. The chip maker has introduced an upgraded Snapdragon 855 Plus that wrings extra performance out of the familiar 855 design. The eight-core Kryo 485 CPU now runs at […].

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Live VR Streaming with React JS, React Native, and Unity

Agile Engine

Our latest client has powered many of the largest and highest-profile live VR streaming productions in history. We will use React JS, React Native, and Unity for building the UI, as well as the VR functionality. The live VR streaming technologies facilitate a region-free presence on any event, increase engagement, and bring revenues. The Champions League Final… The best teams are facing off before the eyes of multimillion audiences.

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VR app development for medical training and education


For hundreds of years, medical students have been dissecting cadavers to learn about the inner workings of the human body. Nowadays, however, virtual reality app development will become the new standard for medical training and education. Millennial students can put on a headset and their teacher can guide them through a lesson on a virtual […]. Posts

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Script & Style Show: Episode 25: AR, VR, and Mozilla Reality with Chris Van Wiemeersch

David Walsh

The post Script & Style Show: Episode 25: AR, VR, and Mozilla Reality with Chris Van Wiemeersch appeared first on David Walsh Blog. On this episode: Todd notices what David’s been watching on YouTube while logged in as the Script & Style user and David has no defense but loads of embarrassment. David hurriedly transitions to welcoming guest Chris Van Wiemeersh from Mozilla’s Reality team.

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Google Cardboard Overview: VR On The Cheap


Google Cardboard was envisioned as the cheapest Virtual Reality (VR) solution on the planet, and at this point, nothing else comes close in terms of pricing. However, the low price did not bring about mass adoption, and Google's Android-based VR platform is nothing more than a tech curiosity at this point.

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Update On The Battle For Your Head: Videos capture nature of next gen consumer VR


This post is a follow on to our report " The Battle For Your Head Is Underway: VR from Oculus, Sony, HTC/Valve competing at GDC2016 ". If you are a home user, hold on a while and get the Sony VR. For a first hand look at what is coming see the video at this link and embedded below: Playstation VR looks great too, but it will not ship till October. Bob Gourley.

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Tech Trends Driving Higher Education in 2021 and Beyond


Immersive, engaging, and impactful learning experiences using AR/VR. In this case, the need for real conversations, universities turned to AR/VR that had already made inroads into the classroom. The campuses that were bustling with life a year ago now have a deserted look.

How universities are using AI to power operational efficiency


Immersive content with AR/VR : Virtual experiential learning has pushed the boundaries of traditional education. Immersive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) provide a digitally constructed environment to enhance the learning experience.

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3 ways to beat the competition and stay ahead in the Media and Entertainment industry


From live to connected TV, desktops to mobile, and new immersive platforms driven by Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) – the transition is for all to see. With continuous advances in AR/VR, both will play an important role in offering rich, deeply engaging, multisensory experience.

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6 Tech Trends that will reshape Media & Entertainment in 2021


Currently, Asia and North America are the largest eSports markets and with greater adoption of AR/VR, this segment too will see fresh developments. Augmented and Virtual Reality or AR/VR are unlocking new technology avenues for the media and entertainment world.

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Solving the “VR Goldilocks Problem” in Security Operations


Security Operations teams face two fundamental challenges when it comes to 'finding bad': visibility and recognition

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Property Management Technology Trends 2021


A more connected, data-driven world with AR, VR, AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data. Even otherwise, virtual viewing of homes closes the gap between owners and tenants as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) facilitate enhanced 3D experiences and a 360-degree view of the property.

How the use of technology in retail stores are helping them withstand competition


Retail AI AR/VR conversational AI immersive experience use of technology in retail storesA look at how the use of technology in retail stores are helping them outplay the e-Commerce giants.

Mobileiron UEM Security for Oculus VR Devices


Mobileiron UEM Security for Oculus VR Devices. With the recent release of Oculus for Business , companies of all sizes will have yet another way to streamline and expand virtual reality (VR) in the workplace. With all of these new VR, AR, and MR technologies flooding the market, it’s clear that they will soon become a staple device for enterprise users everywhere. And we’re ready for the coming VR wave. Wed, 09/25/2019 - 10:10.

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How to Get Started with VR: Intro to Your First Virtual Reality Project


Meditative readings of the Bible are available on Samsung Gear VR today. Just scroll through a VR experience store. You can swim with dolphins, act out your dreams of being a pirate, immerse yourself and your kids in an educational VR about the night sky. And then there are a ton of games: racing, shooting, arcades, exploration, and… oh, is this The Economist VR app ? Let’s start with the most reasonable examples of VR implementation. Solid VR use cases.

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Innovation Journeys: 10G is new. We have been working on it for years.


Rather than just focusing on virtual reality (VR) headsets, we constructed some other ways of consuming the content, such as immersive multi- 4K TV displays, ultra-wide projectors, tablets and regular TVs. We stepped back and tried to work out other mass-market use cases for VR. To prove the point, later in 2015 and into early 2016 we developed eye and mouth tracking capabilities that we added to a wireless VR headset and developed a digital human avatar of one of our staff.

Difference between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

Website Design & Web Development Blog - CodeaWeb

Though the predictions did not turn out to be completely true, by the end of the second decade of the millennia, science has created some… AR-VR