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Mavenoid, which automates technical support and onboarding for hardware companies, raises $30M


Founded out of Stockholm in 2017, Mavenoid works with hardware and consumer electronics companies including HP, Husqvarna, and Jabra, serving to automate technical support and onboarding for customers spanning everything from printers and ovens, to electric scooters and industrial equipment. ” Technical support.

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5 Benefits of Technical Support Outsourcing


When businesses have limited resources, are growing too swiftly, or don’t have access to the right skills and experience, technical support can quickly become a major issue. This is why businesses that struggle with offering good technical support should look into outsourcing.


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Community Forums for Technical Support: Best Effort vs. Best-in-Class

Vendor community forums lag further behind with significantly lower activity levels leading to costly support cases with average time to resolve of 14 days. The post Community Forums for Technical Support: Best Effort vs. Best-in-Class appeared first on As the pace and […].

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“Zen” and “Fresh” Way for Technical Support


My previous blog post highlighted the role of technical support in software development. This blog post is to compare two CRM tools that will help you in achieving your goal of providing great technical support experience. A good CRM tool is necessary today for providing efficient technical support.

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6 key considerations for selecting an AI systems vendor


Check into reliability and support Assess the vendor’s track record for reliability, quality, and customer support. Look for vendors with a reputation for delivering robust, enterprise-grade server solutions and responsive technical support services. The company has 2,000 support centers in 200 countries.

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Microsoft.NET 7 support ends in May


NET 7 , a version Microsoft’s open-source, cross-platform application framework that was released in November 2022, will reach its end of support on May 14, 2024, Microsoft said on March 27. After May 14, Microsoft will no longer provide servicing updates including technical support or security fixes.

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Top 8 IT certifications in demand today


CompTIA A+ CompTIA offers a variety of certifications for IT pros at every stage of their IT careers, and the CompTIA A+ certification is its entry-level IT certification covering the foundations of hardware, technical support, and troubleshooting.