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5 Benefits of Technical Support Outsourcing


When businesses have limited resources, are growing too swiftly, or don’t have access to the right skills and experience, technical support can quickly become a major issue. This is why businesses that struggle with offering good technical support should look into outsourcing.

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Community Forums for Technical Support: Best Effort vs. Best-in-Class

Vendor community forums lag further behind with significantly lower activity levels leading to costly support cases with average time to resolve of 14 days. The post Community Forums for Technical Support: Best Effort vs. Best-in-Class appeared first on As the pace and […].


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“Zen” and “Fresh” Way for Technical Support


My previous blog post highlighted the role of technical support in software development. This blog post is to compare two CRM tools that will help you in achieving your goal of providing great technical support experience. A good CRM tool is necessary today for providing efficient technical support.

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Open Source Communities Need More Than Funding From Big Tech

In recent years, major players like Microsoft, Amazon and Google have increased their involvement in open source projects, providing both financial and technical support. More consistent contributions from big tech—whether in the form of people or resources—is exactly what the open source community needs.

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Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud versus NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack): Which one is right for your organization?


NPSP may therefore require a bit more technical expertise. Support Nonprofit Cloud provides dedicated support for nonprofits, including access to a dedicated account executive and technical support. Managed packages, such as NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack), aren’t directly supported by Salesforce.

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Why Kintana Isn’t a Long-Term Viability for Enterprises


It also suffers from limited technical support. Photographer: Alexander Supertramp | Source: Shutterstock Limited Technical Support and Community The quality and quantity of technical support have a strong effect on how useful a piece of software is.

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Reason #5 to Migrate to MongoDB Atlas: Technical Support


When your DBAs have to think about support and maintenance obligations on top of that workload, they can end up on the road to burnout and disengagement. MongoDB Atlas offers your IT team an alternative to doing the technical support all on their own. Support from MongoDB Engineers. No More Vendor Wait Times.