Managing Your Client Knowledge Base: Why it is Important


One excellent solution to reduce hours logged on client IT assistance is to keep a compendium of client knowledge and manage that knowledge base appropriately. Knowledge Base As. Read more » The post Managing Your Client Knowledge Base: Why it is Important appeared first on StorageCraft Technology Corporation. Uncategorized clients data management IT kbase knowledge base MSP technicians tickets

Knowledge Bases

The Programmer's Paradox

Usable, organized data is what I take to be ‘knowledge’. each of which is mostly an independent ‘base’ of knowledge about the field. What’s really interesting about most knowledge bases is that they are easy to over-simplify and also frequently counter-intuitive in their depths. Without enough underlying knowledge, intelligence is just hand waving. To me ‘intelligence’ is basically raw human thinking power. It’s our ability to work through problems.

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Finally Joining the *Expensive* Mac Side!

elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog

[e2.0] Enterprise Live Debate: Andrew McAfee and Tom Davenport at Enterprise 2.0 - Surviving the Knowledge Economy - Part III

elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog Fueling Machine Intelligence


It is then transformed and enriched by NLP technology and parsed into a knowledge base before being syndicated into structured and machine-readable data feeds. Forge provides a platform of technology that performs real-time monitoring of global information. For a video overview of their approach see: From their website: Our technology is designed to process […]. Artificial Intelligence Companies

A Guide to npm: The Node.js Package Manager


In this article, Toptal Software Engineer Martin Gouws explains advanced features of the Node Package Manager that should be in every JavaScript developer’s knowledge base

Dell EMC Storage Top Trending Support Solutions

Dell EMC

Every month, we publish top support topics in the Knowledge Base and provide helpful content on the Dell Community to enable you to get proactive about troubleshooting common technical challenges. We strive to provide our global customers and partners with easy access to valuable, timely, proactive support content.

Research Automation with ATT&CK & Python


MITRE did the community a huge favor with the development of ATT&CK – an open source knowledge base for attack techniques. Threat intelligence can often be a nebulous undertaking but thanks to ATT&CK, the lives of analysts have been made a little bit easier. This blog describes how to quickly research threats using Python and [.]. Read More. The post Research Automation with ATT&CK & Python appeared first on Lacework. Blog labs

2020 Data Protection Support Newsletter Series

Dell EMC

These valuable resources provide key support updates and release details, the latest in service and support offerings, Technical Advisories, and Knowledge Base references. Dell EMC offers a monthly series of Data Protection Support Newsletters for IDPA, PowerProtect DD (Data Domain), NetWorker and Avamar. Each issue features trending Top Service Topics, including target codes, troubleshooting advice and solutions for common technical challenges.

2019 Data Protection Support Newsletter Series

Dell EMC

These valuable resources provide key support updates and release details, the latest in service and support offerings for these products, as well as Knowledge Base references. Every month, Dell EMC offers a monthly series of Data Protection Support Newsletters for Data Domain, NetWorker and Avamar. Each issue features helpful technical support advice, including target codes, troubleshooting advice and how to’s for common technical challenges, and top-trending support solutions.

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O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Summarizing Text, Knowledge Database, AI Park, and Approximate Regexes. KBPedia -- a comprehensive knowledge structure for promoting data interoperability and knowledge-based artificial intelligence, [which] combines seven "core" public knowledge bases—Wikipedia, Wikidata,, DBpedia, GeoNames, OpenCyc, and UMBEL—into an integrated whole.

Why IT and HR are the Perfect Employee Experience Match


Whether that be accessing a service catalog for various requests, or searching a knowledge base of self-service solutions, the service portal serves as a one-stop shop for all the resources employees may need. Encourage Self-Service by Implementing a Knowledge Base. According to a recent survey* of IT professionals, 79% indicated knowledge sharing as the most critical feature for employee experience in the coming year.

Top-Rated Support Solutions for Your Dell EMC Storage Products

Dell EMC

These Top Services Topics include content harvested from popular Knowledge Base articles, DECN. We strive to provide our customers with easy access to valuable, proactive support content. In an effort to enable you with relevant support resources with greater speed and efficiency, our Customer Support team has gathered top-rated product support recommendations for some of Dell EMC’s most widely-used storage products.

CVE-2020-12271: Zero-Day SQL Injection Vulnerability in Sophos XG Firewall Exploited in the Wild


On April 22, Sophos published a knowledge base entry on the Sophos Community regarding the discovery of a zero-day vulnerability in the Sophos XG Firewall that was exploited in the wild. Source : Sophos Knowledge Base Entry on the Sophos Community. Sophos pushes a hotfix to address a SQL injection vulnerability in Sophos XG Firewall that was exploited in the wild. Background.

Our Favorite Service Desk Resolutions for 2019


Keep that knowledge base up to date as well, as your service desk can now learn from the most helpful solutions articles to actually suggest them to users, creating a robust self-service engine as your first line of defense. Most importantly, our #SamanageNYE sweepstakes winner has two major priorities heading into this year: @Samanage Increase our knowledge base and better information dissemination regarding potential security problems.

Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The Crazy Programmer

Based on the capabilities of performance AI can be classified mainly into 3 types: . Based on the functionalities AI can be classified into 4 main types: . Machine learning algorithms generally uses previous data and try to generate knowledge based on that data. Machine Learning is concerned with extracting knowledge from the data previously available. In this article we are going to see the difference between two important terms in emerging computer science.

Clinical Decision Support Systems: How They Improve Care and Cut Costs


They can be either standalone tools or integrated parts of a larger infrastructures — such as Electronic Health Record (EHR) or a Computer Provider Order Entry (CPOE) systems, designed to replace a paper-based ordering process. Knowledge-based CDSS. Nonknowledge-based CDSS.

Cloud Conformity?—?New Rules: March, 2019

Cloud Conformity

New Rules: March, 2019 [NEW: AWS Eligible Services by Compliance Standard, S3, MSK, FSx, and more…] During March we added 41 new rules to our Knowledge Base. The five Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework are each deeply acknowledged in our Knowledge Base of nearly 500 rules. Cloud Conformity?—?New These new best practices add content for services we previously did not have any coverage for, such as MSK, FSx, StorageGateway.

Modus Becomes Atlassian Gold Solution Partner

Modus Create

Those additional accreditations and certifications mean that we have expanded our already significant global knowledge base around the best collaboration tools in the market. We’re excited to announce that Modus Create has been named an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner! After gaining a Silver level badge just 9 months ago, our team’s many additional certifications and proven client success stories have propelled us to the next level of partnership.

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Hyperion Financial Reporting 11.2.x LCM Troubleshooting


The dbName and DbURL properties are read-only, despite the very old Oracle Knowledge Base articles concerning the FRConfig tool. A workaround is available to run it on other machines, and Oracle has a Knowledge Base article about this.

Cloud Conformity?—?Rules Deployment: February 7, 2019

Cloud Conformity

The five Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework are each deeply acknowledged in our Knowledge Base of nearly 500 rules. Cloud Conformity?—?Rules Rules Deployment: February 25, 2019 [NEW: AWS API Gateway, CloudFront, DMS, Athena, DocumentDB] We closed out February by introducing 16 new rules to our library. This deployment significantly increases our coverage, or introduces support for, for AWS Glue, Database Migration Service (DMS), Athena, and DocumentDB.

Connecting IT Podcast – The MSP Landscape as Told Through Data, with Jay McBain of Forrester


Not only does McBain bring his knowledge based on many years in the field, but he also comes to the table with a VAST array of numbers that help bring the MSP industry out of the abstract and into a measurable, scientific, view. In this edition of the Connecting IT Podcast , Jim Lippie Kaseya’s GM and SVP of Partner Development, talks with Jay McBain, principal analyst, Forrester.

Communities of Practice Tools that Your Team Will Love


It is difficult to keep track of each process plus the knowledge transfers between members. Thankfully, there are various tools that leaders and members can use for communication, collaboration, knowledge repository and distribution, and task management to help monitor the progress of the community in attaining the goals and maintaining momentum. Project Management Tools for Organising Knowledge Resource and Community Tasks. Communities of Practice Tools.

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10 IT Service Desk Tasks You Shouldn’t Have to Handle Manually


The approval process can be routed to the appropriate manager, with each step in the ordering and approval process automated based on the type of hardware device being requested. What if, instead, you could automatically generate a wide variety of customizable reports based on the information most important to your organization? AI-powered smart suggestions leverages your knowledge base behind the scenes to recommend articles likely to answer a FAQ.

Planning RMI 11.2: “Could not find the service start class” SOLUTION


Oh boy, this is going to be a long day… Quick Tip: Search engines and the Oracle Knowledge Base don’t have current information on this “ could not find the service start class ” error yet, at least not where Oracle EPM 11.2 I spent more time troubleshooting this than I care to admit. Rather than walking you through the things I tried, let’s cut to the chase!

Complex Refinement with User Story Canvas

Conversation : Developers, exploring the card, communicate with the Product Owner, in order to gain knowledge about the business domain and to be able to offer valuable ideas for implementation. Usually conversation between developers and Product Owner goes around acceptance criteria just to negotiate scope of requirements for one user story, but knowledge and context are not conveyed in the same structured way, so here we rely on a chance that somehow developers will get it right.


Feedback based continuous learning in Conversational AI


Continuous learning is built on an idea of learning continuously and adaptively from the environment, retaining knowledge, skills and using these for more complex and different tasks. Similarly, for machines, one of the methods to continuously learn is self-supervised learning where unknown data is predicted based on initial data and a subset of information. They did not use explicit knowledge bases (KBs) which often resulted in dull responses.

ADV200004: Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Advisory to Address Flaws in Autodesk Filmbox (FBX) Library


Knowledge Base Article. Microsoft responds to a recent security advisory from Autodesk by publishing an out-of-band advisory for Office products integrating the Autodesk library. Background. On April 15, Autodesk released a security advisory, ADSK-SA-2020-0002 , to address six vulnerabilities in the Autodesk Filmbox (FBX) Software Development Kit, which “allows application and content vendors to transfer existing content into the FBX format with minimal effort.”.

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What Makes a Smart Service Desk?


Smart ITSM, delivered by a smart service desk, will utilize automation and self-guided processes to drive employee satisfaction, knowledge management efforts, and change management, as well as incident and problem management. Smart ITSM From a Smart Service Desk. ITSM is not static. In fact, the ITSM industry is in a near-constant state of growth and flux.

The importance of software documentation tools


With software documentation tools, you have all the information you need to do the development and maintenance in the right way and you can do the knowledge transfer to other developers easier and faster. Atlassian’s Confluence is a document management system that facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing across a variety of departments and functions. The templates are fully customizable and will help your team set up the knowledge base quickly.

Defining Employee Engagement: The ITSM Way


A knowledge base complete with helpful articles on anything from benefits enrollment to setting up hardware for the first time is another important step to helping employees find what they’re looking for. As it turns out, most IT professionals also understand how important knowledge management will be in the future. When surveyed* 79% of IT pros list knowledge sharing as most critical factor to enhancing the employee experience in the coming year.

Advantage of Using CRM Software

OTS Solutions

Many CRM software solutions provide customer portals that allow users to open service tickets, search knowledge bases, and download files. As a result of that knowledge, CRM software solutions come equipped with tools for measuring metrics that reflect the performance of your customers and team members. There are Some Advantage of Using CRM Software.

Paper (Size), Please

The Daily WTF

The vendor of BLA, also based in Norway, couldn't duplicate the issue, either. He got to work assembling a knowledge base document and compiling the evidence needed to file a change request with BLA's vendor.

Connecting to an Actian X (Ingres) Database from PHP via JDBC


We have documented the best way to connect from PHP to an Ingres database via ODBC in an Actian Knowledge Base article called Ingres ODBC with PHP and in a previous post, Connecting to Actian X (Ingres) with PHP and NGINX. Sometimes, however, due to limitations, users may need to use JDBC instead of ODBC to connect. This post shows how this can be done, although no native support exists to connect through JDBC using PHP. In this situation a PHP-JDBC bridge is necessary.

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10 Things Your AIOps RFP Should Include

Loom Systems

Is there a known error/knowledge base? Creating an RFP in an area that is new and innovative can be challenging. Whether you’re just looking into AIOps or actively considering to implement, you're probably going to need to write a Request for Proposal, or RFP. We know that there are a lot of products out there in the market, and each one has a slightly different approach (though marketing makes them sound similar). So how do you know what to ask if you've never done this before?