Is the Future of Hotels Contactless?

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We talk to the founder of one of those startups, hotel-software provider Mews*, in this episode of Powered by Battery. At Mews, employees started a program to urge hotel operators to offer low-cost rooms to medical personnel who needed places to stay during the pandemic.

Robots Running Hotels


The first hotel to be completely run by robots opened Friday, July 17th in Japan. The Weird Hotel in Japan where the front desk is staffed by ROBOTS opens ( Japanese equips hotel with dinobots to greet foreigners ( Hotel in Japan Run Almost Entirely By Robots Which Includes a Front Desk Raptor and an Android Bellhop ( Japan's robot hotel is for you (


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How Hotels Can Improve Customer Satisfaction With Text Messaging


Hotel managers and hospitality workers know there’s more to running a successful business than simply providing comfortable beds, flat-screen TVs and hot coffee in the morning. Today’s travelers are savvier than ever, and they know that hotels are competing for their business.

Three Ways Technology will Help Hotels, Restaurants and Travel Adapt


Learn how the future of the Hospitality Industry is evolving with technologies like security, AI process automation and robots with IDC's Dorothy Creamer. Industry AI Automation featured hospitality robots security

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Metasearch in Hospitality: an Overview of Hotel Search Engines

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In April 2020, the hotel occupancy in the US dropped to its lowest level ever — the bewildering 24.5 The annual average was roughly 44 percent, which means that more than half of hotel rooms were empty during the whole year. Google Hotel Ads.

Hotel Concierge Software: Modules and Integrations

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Today, a hotel concierge is the person whose job is to assist the guest with any request or problem — be it arranging a manicure, an urgent dry cleaning, or a pet walk. Key features of hotel concierge software. Key features of hotel concierge software. Hotel PMS overview.

How To Create A Successful App For Hotel Booking and Flight Search In 2020


Here, I am sharing some technology trends for online booking to answer the most frequently asked questions: How sustainability is driving hotel decisions? Thus, the flight booking and hotel stay procedure should be simple.

How to create a Hotel Booking Website and an App


You’ve got an idea of creating a hotel booking website, now what? In this article we consider the market, how do hotel booking websites work, business models, trends, software functionalit?. Comment on ways of creating a hotel booking website, mobile app and how much does it cost. The market observation Due to – two-time […]. Posts

Leaked Details of 142 Million MGM Hotel Guests Found for Sale on Dark Web


Researchers have found 142 million personal details from former guests at the MGM Resorts hotels for sale on the Dark Web, evidence that a data leak from the hotel chain […].

Hotel Booking APIs: Wholesalers, Channel managers, and GDS

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If you want to sell/advertise hotel rooms, you inevitably stumble over these three technical pitfalls: How do you find hotel room APIs and what kind of providers are out there? How do you find hotel content? How do you map hotel room inventory? Bonus) APIs for hotels.

Direct Booking Success: How Hilton, Marriott, La Quinta, and More Hotels Boost Direct Sales

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Hotels have been experiencing a surge of direct bookings during the pandemic. Yes, while the overall number of bookings dropped due to COVID-19, hotels’ websites became the third most popular booking channel , in some cases even surpassing Expedia traffic.

Hotel Booking Engine: How to Boost Direct Bookings

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In 2021, the biggest challenge hotels face is successfully recovering from the COVID-19 impact. Even before the pandemic, when travel was booming, hotels — especially of middle and small sizes — experienced difficulties of another sort. Develop or upgrade your hotel website.

Central Reservation System for Hotels: CRS Functionality and Software Explained

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Today, the share of walk-ins in the hotel industry keeps reducing annually. At the time of global digitalization, 75 percent of all hotel bookings are made online. Everything changes over the years, including hotel booking. So, what is a hotel CRS? Hotel booking process.

Hospitality Connectivity Landscape: Choosing Solutions for Your Hotel


When a hotel business grows, its technical capabilities expand, too. Or you keep your boutique hotel small and cozy, but don’t want to miss a chance and make your guest service better, using technologies. We have already described the basic structure of hotel property management system (PMS) , explaining how hotels can effectively function using software solutions. What is Hotel Property Management System? Structure of a hotel PMS. Hotel RMS.

Guide to Digitizing Hotel Upselling and Cross-Selling: Strategies and Tools

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Upselling and cross-selling provide hotel owners and managers with the ability to drive greater profit from the same guest by timely offering valuable services. What is hotel upselling and cross-selling? Hotel upselling and cross-selling differences.

Hotel POS Systems: Main Types, Features, and Integrations

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Where does hotel revenue come from? In this article, we will talk about how point-of-sale systems help streamline hotel’s operations, what their main types and functionality are, and how they are integrated with other hotel management software. Hotel POS system key features.

Tips on hotel marketing 2019 (including email marketing)

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Promoting your hotel to your target audience, increasing occupancy rates and online bookings, maximising your ROI and engaging with guests can often be an overwhelming task. Smaller hotels however, usually rely on one or two individuals to organise all their hotel’s marketing strategies.

Hotel Online Payments: How and Why to Transform Your Payment Process

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Let’s be honest, for many hotels, payment functionality is not a priority. But if you work in the hospitality business, you must have noticed that the way people book and pay for hotels has changed, especially since the start of the pandemic. Hotel payments challenges.

Benefits of Outsourcing Staff Services and Platforms in the Hotel Industry

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Hotel business owners must find the best candidates for the various roles in a hotel. The trends in the hotel sector are evolving. A hotel strategy should be synced with modern-day needs, ranging from the increase in costs to customer demand and expectations.

Hotel Front Desk Software: Functionality, Benefits, and Implementation Scenarios

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However, there are still hotels that rely on pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets to assign rooms, maintain booking records, register guests, invoice them, and address their complaints. Some hotels go even further and implement self-service check-in and facial recognition features.

RevPAR, Occupancy Rate, ADR, and Other Hotel Metrics: How to Evaluate Your Property’s Performance

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In the hospitality industry, choosing the right metrics and carefully tracking them can help you as the hotelier or hotel manager to understand how your hotel is performing, compare it with your competitors, and possibly find the weak points and opportunities for improvement.

Hotel Revenue Management: Solutions, Best Practices, Revenue Manager’s Role


A hotel jam-packed with people isn’t always a profitable hotel. Hotels employ various revenue management techniques and strategies aimed at increasing the bottom line. Compared to airlines, revenue management in hotels evolves slowly. Seventy-one percent of hotel businesses worldwide are looking for smarter and more efficient ways to do business, according to Global Hotel Business Index 2018. What is hotel revenue management?

Sentiment Analysis in Hotel Reviews: Developing a Decision-Making Assistant for Travelers

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How long does it take an average traveler to pick up a hotel? We stayed at this hotel for five days” is neutral, “I liked staying here” is positive, and. “I I disliked the hotel” is negative. First, you have to gather real reviews left by hotel guests.

[Ebook] Alexa for Hotels: A New Personal Assistant to Wow Your Hotel Guests

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In this digital age, voice assistant technologies are constantly evolving at an exponential rate across the world. According to research by IDC, the worldwide market of voice-enabled devices is expected to grow at a 12% CAGR from 2018-2022. Voice User Interface Alexa hospitality

Hotel Technical Specifications: Distribution, Payment, Smart Device, and Back Office Standards by HTNG and OpenTravel

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While the aviation industry gets to enjoy a better way to deliver prime customer experience, hotels remain a few steps back. For example, the Operational Excellence pillar created tech specifications for how Customer Profiles should look like in a hotel’s Property Management System (PMS).

Two in Three Hotel Websites Leak Guest Booking Details and Allow Access to Personal Data


Hospitality services’ websites may leak your booking details, allowing others to view your personal data or even cancel your reservation

Hotel Channel Managers: Key Providers and How to Choose a Channel Manager


In one Hotel Hell episode, lodge guests had to search for a front desk employee by themselves. What is a hotel channel manager? If you’re new to the hotel distribution, we have a video explainer to provide you with a broad picture. It literally connects the hotel’s PMS to those channels, so property owners can instantly and simultaneously distribute all their rooms on the Internet, and have reservations delivered back to them just as fast.”.

Direct Hotel Booking APIs: How Katanox, Impala, and HyperGuest Reinvent the Industry

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So, hotel selling became a messy business that leaves many of its players unsatisfied. Learn more about the complex politics of hotel-OTA relationships in this video. In recent years, a few startups have sprung up to disrupt hotel distribution. Integration for hotels.

Price Forecasting: Applying Machine Learning Approaches to Electricity, Flights, Hotels, Real Estate, and Stock Pricing


Travel and hospitality: flight and hotel price predictions for end customers. Challenges of flight and hotel price forecasting: undisclosed approaches to revenue management and pricing strategies, no up-to-date information about inventory. Prices for airline tickets or hotel rooms are as unpredictable as British weather: A price for the same room or seat may change several times in 24 hours.

HP Headed to Hotel California?

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HP has made some controversial decisions lately, but is Meg Whitman a great strategic move or the kiss of death for this once great tech company? HP announced Whitman’s appointment on September 22, 2011 but given the public comments, customers seem to think it’s a bad choice. It’s my stance that HP usually leaps before it looks and I am not sure that I am sold on Whitman as the new CEO. So let’s look. at some of their past strategy choices and follow the yellow brick road.

Hacker Simple Nomad’s personal opsec tips (Q&A)

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“ I had an incident occur in my hotel room at Black Hat. One rough analogy to that is hotel room privacy when traveling. I had an incident occur in my hotel room at Black Hat. I had a run-in with the hotel security there. Do you feel that if more hackers at DefCon last summer had adopted your model, there would’ve been fewer problems with hotel security ? Do you trust the safes in the hotel room?

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Hotel Rate Shopping: Using Rate Intelligence for Revenue Management

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But does it mean that hotels must get used to living in the OTAs’ shadow and be content with monstrous fees and rate parity rules? Let’s talk about the many opportunities that rate shopping might bring for a hotel. You can’t run a hotel business today without working with OTAs.

AirBnB Acquires Last-Minute Hotel Booking App HotelTonight: A Look Back at HotelTonight’s Early Days

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On March 7, 2019, Airbnb announced its agreement to acquire HotelTonight*, a hotel-booking service focused on making last-minute trips easy and fun by offering guests seamless, on-demand booking for boutique and independent hotels. The post AirBnB Acquires Last-Minute Hotel Booking App HotelTonight: A Look Back at HotelTonight’s Early Days appeared first on Powered by Battery.

Symantec Government Symposium 11 March 2014 at the Renaissance Hotel Washington DC


By Bob Gourley DC seems to have a cyber security related event every week. No kidding. You have to pick and chose and only go to the best or you will never get any work done. How do you pick the right events? My recommendation is to look for events that have a good mix of thought leaders from a variety of organizations and sectors of the economy, since that is an indicator that there will be a good sharing of lessons learned.

7 Tips for Getting the Most out of EDGE 2019


Not to brag, but our two host hotels are amazing! Empowered Teachers School Operations Student Growth Conference Tips EDGE keynote EDGE Orlando EDGE panel EDGE sessions EdTech Conference PowerSchool EDGE PowerSchool EDGE app PowerSchool EDGE dates PowerSchool EDGE FAQ PowerSchool EDGE hotel PowerSchool EDGE sessions PowerSchool EDGE speakers PowerSchool EDGE sponsors PowerSchool University OrlandoIt’s almost time to head to Florida for PowerSchool EDGE, Feb.

Hotel Mapping Tools: How GIATA, Gimmonix, DataBindR, and Other Solutions Work


When I put in the hotel name in Google map, I see one location. This is not so for every hotel, but I am not sure if some hotels aren’t somehow gaming the system. ”. No, hotels and OTAs are not fooling anybody, at least not on purpose. The technology that helps solve this issue is called hotel, distribution, or content mapping. What is hotel mapping? But, hotel mapping software helps you regain that control and unify the content. Hotel name.

Suspect a hidden camera in your Airbnb or hotel? Here’s how to tell

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The problem of surreptitious guest surveillance isn’t limited to home rental organizations, of course: A hotel chain was caught spying on more than 1,600 guests across 10 South Korean cities in March. In the years since Airbnb and its competitors have launched, there have been dozens of reports of hosts using hidden cameras to spy on their guests.

Hotel Data Management: Solutions and Practices to Turn Information into a Valuable Asset

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Hotel business produces a plethora of data literally every moment. Let’s take a closer look at major data management processes — data collecting, storing, and analyzing — as applied to the hotel domain. Hotel data collection: what and where to look for.

In post-massacre Vegas, security policies clash with privacy values

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LAS VEGAS—Hackers gathered here for the annual Black Hat and DefCon conferences, among others, are sounding privacy alarms as hotel security personnel along the Las Vegas Strip demand access to their rooms. Except for Tuscany, which is independent, all those hotels listed are owned by either Caesars Entertainment or MGM Resorts International. Of those hotels, only a representative from Caesars returned a request for comment. The hotel responded by locking him out of his room.

Starting a Hotel Business: A Guide

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Starting and managing a hotel is a complex task which is not suited to every entrepreneur, but for some, it can be a lucrative and rewarding project with the opportunity for creativity alongside hospitality. A hotel business can be a stand-alone luxury villa, cottage or house, a large building with multiple rooms up to something more like a skyscraper with hundreds if not thousands of rooms. Is the hotel business right for you? How much does it cost to start a hotel business?