Robots Running Hotels


The first hotel to be completely run by robots opened Friday, July 17th in Japan. The Weird Hotel in Japan where the front desk is staffed by ROBOTS opens ( Japanese equips hotel with dinobots to greet foreigners (

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How to create a Hotel Booking Website and an App


You’ve got an idea of creating a hotel booking website, now what? In this article we consider the market, how do hotel booking websites work, business models, trends, software functionalit?. Comment on ways of creating a hotel booking website, mobile app and how much does it cost. The market observation Due to – two-time […]. Posts

Hotel Revenue Management: Solutions, Best Practices, Revenue Manager’s Role


A hotel jam-packed with people isn’t always a profitable hotel. Hotels employ various revenue management techniques and strategies aimed at increasing the bottom line. Compared to airlines, revenue management in hotels evolves slowly. What is hotel revenue management?

Price Forecasting: Applying Machine Learning Approaches to Electricity, Flights, Hotels, Real Estate, and Stock Pricing


Travel and hospitality: flight and hotel price predictions for end customers. Challenges of flight and hotel price forecasting: undisclosed approaches to revenue management and pricing strategies, no up-to-date information about inventory.

AirBnB Acquires Last-Minute Hotel Booking App HotelTonight: A Look Back at HotelTonight’s Early Days

Battery Ventures

On March 7, 2019, Airbnb announced its agreement to acquire HotelTonight*, a hotel-booking service focused on making last-minute trips easy and fun by offering guests seamless, on-demand booking for boutique and independent hotels.

Hotel Channel Managers: Key Providers and How to Choose a Channel Manager


In one Hotel Hell episode, lodge guests had to search for a front desk employee by themselves. What is a hotel channel manager? If you’re new to the hotel distribution, we have a video explainer to provide you with a broad picture.

Hacker Simple Nomad’s personal opsec tips (Q&A)

The Parallax

“ I had an incident occur in my hotel room at Black Hat. One rough analogy to that is hotel room privacy when traveling. I had an incident occur in my hotel room at Black Hat. I had a run-in with the hotel security there. Do you trust the safes in the hotel room?

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Symantec Government Symposium 11 March 2014 at the Renaissance Hotel Washington DC


By Bob Gourley DC seems to have a cyber security related event every week. No kidding. You have to pick and chose and only go to the best or you will never get any work done. How do you pick the right events?

7 Tips for Getting the Most out of EDGE 2019


Not to brag, but our two host hotels are amazing! Empowered Teachers School Operations Student Growth Conference Tips EDGE keynote EDGE Orlando EDGE panel EDGE sessions EdTech Conference PowerSchool EDGE PowerSchool EDGE app PowerSchool EDGE dates PowerSchool EDGE FAQ PowerSchool EDGE hotel PowerSchool EDGE sessions PowerSchool EDGE speakers PowerSchool EDGE sponsors PowerSchool University OrlandoIt’s almost time to head to Florida for PowerSchool EDGE, Feb.

Hot Desking, Dedicated Desks And Coworking Spaces – What You Need To Know

Strategy Driven

Entrepreneurship Managing Your Business Managing Your People coworking space dedicated desk Hot Desking hotelling managing your business strategydriven

In post-massacre Vegas, security policies clash with privacy values

The Parallax

LAS VEGAS—Hackers gathered here for the annual Black Hat and DefCon conferences, among others, are sounding privacy alarms as hotel security personnel along the Las Vegas Strip demand access to their rooms. Of those hotels, only a representative from Caesars returned a request for comment.

The top cyber stories of December 2018


The top cyber stories of December 2018 Marriott data breach The Marriott hotel group revealed that the systems of its “Starwood” division had been compromised and could have leaked detailed data on as many as half a billion customers.

How Omni-Channel Apps help Hospitality Provide a Superior Customer Experience


General Blogs marketing automation in hotels marketing automation in hospitality mobile apps in hospitalityDigitization has arrived in every business vertical and it is here to stay. It is up to us to either leverage it to get a competitive advantage or just be left behind.

Marriott data breach exposed 5 million unencrypted passport numbers


More than 5 million unencrypted passport numbers were stolen as part of the Marriott data breach last year, according to an update from the hotel giant. based hotel chain revealed in an online […]. The information accessed in the breach, which was first disclosed on Nov. 30th, also includes approximately 20.3 million encrypted passport numbers, the Bethesda, Md.-based Cyber Security News

What you need to know about the Marriott breach

The Parallax

The year was 2014, and from then until November 2018, hackers have been stealing data from computers controlled by Starwood Hotels and Resorts ( now owned by Marriott Hotels). Regis, Le Méridien, Aloft, Element, Tribute Portfolio, and Design Hotels.

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Primer: The next act for security theater

The Parallax

He said he would have informed attendees that hotel security personnel planned to regularly inspect their rooms, had he known. The details of the hotel policies, which Caesars and MGM Resorts International formed in response to the deadliest mass shooting in U.S.

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These Were the Worst Data Breaches and Vulnerabilities of 2018


From the Marriott International hotel breach, which impacted half a billion customers, to the highly-profile scandal in which a political consulting gained access to Facebook users’ information, major corporations are increasingly victims of large hacks or bungling the data they store. More than a billion of people were affected by corporate data breaches in 2018.

Evento Blog 2008 - Highlights (Cough, Cough)

elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog

As I have mentioned in yesterday's blog post , I was planning to put together a number of different entries with the highlights from the superb EventoBlog 2008 that I attended in Seville, over the weekend, to then let you folks know some more of what the experience was like, my impressions, what I learned, some of the folks I have met, the ou

Four short links: 15 March 2019

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Facebook is unlikely to ever own a media production company, just as Airbnb and Uber will not soon own a hotel or a physical taxi company. Monopsony, Debugging Neural Nets, Future of Wearables, and Event Audio. Facebook is Not a Monopoly, But Should Be Broken Up (Wired) -- Demand monopsonists integrate horizontally, acquiring or copying user demand adjacent to their existing demand and gaining leverage over their suppliers (and advertisers, if that’s the model).

Deep automation in machine learning

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Consider a hotel business such as Marriott: more than 6,000 hotels, and more than $20 billion in gross revenue. Any hotel would like to predict occupancy, income, and the services they need to provide.

Flight Information and Booking APIs


Channel management in hotels APIs APIs in the travel tech industry is the key enabler of connectivity. Using various APIs, providers can source data and support service booking for all travel stages, from flights to tours and attractions.

Error'd: Cash vs File Cache

The Daily WTF

"This was the ATM in the lobby of a certain hotel in Vienna," wrote Buddy , "The nice lady working at the reception desk said that 'it's been doing that, but it usually works.'"

CableLabs Europe Conference 2019: Together We are Ready for Anything


Hotel: St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel. As we enter a new era of innovation, our networks must continue to stay ahead of both competition and customer demand. On 3-4 April 2019, join us for CableLabs Europe Conference 2019 as we explore challenges and opportunities for converging today’s technologies – and those that are “next” – into our fixed and wireless networks. Why Attend.

Error'd: A Right to Remain Ever Conscious Blooms

The Daily WTF

"I guess I can't fault the hotel for trying to make some of its money back by including ads in their 'goodbye' note," wrote Andreas R. . Eion R wrote, "Sure Google Voce, that is exactly what I was looking for." " . "One

Error'd: A Sour Currency Mix

The Daily WTF

"I tried to log in to a certain hotel chain's website and noticed this," wrote Gordon S. , "I keep clicking the link and it keeps asking if I'm "Lime bikes are finally in my city! Let's pay for it.So

Download a YouTube Channel’s Videos

David Walsh

I watch a lot of YouTube in hotels and on flights when I don’t have internet access, so I use youtube-dl to download YouTube videos ; it’s quick, easy, and makes online content available offline.

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Why and How I Became an Agile Coach

The training took place at a hotel located in a suburb outside of Milwaukee that offered a continental breakfast spread before the start of class. I remember also appreciating how we could place our sandwich orders for lunch in the dark wood modernly renovated hotel.

The Grand Solution for Hospitality Staffing

Agile Engine

If you’ve never seen The Grand Budapest Hotel , you’re missing out on a true masterpiece. Directed by Wes Anderson, the movie revolves around the adventures of a hotel concierge in a weirdly beautiful setting of the 1930’s Central Europe.

Containers: The Basics

Linux Academy

Containers are a bit more like the family checking in to a hotel room. These are all built into the hotel building and shared among all of the rooms. The process of moving into a hotel room takes a very short time compared to the process of moving into a house. Containers technology is a lot more like a hotel than a house. Different pieces of software can be moved in and out of the hotel quickly and efficiently. The Container Revolution.

How to Turn Traveling the World into a Career

Strategy Driven

Before spending a lot of money on tickets and hotels, check with yourself that you won’t regret it once you’re halfway across the world. Hotels also require a vast range of staff.

Leadership Development That Makes a Difference

Strategy Driven

He is currently vice president, franchisee onboarding and learning at Choice Hotels International, where he oversees the hotel opening processes and learning strategy and programs for all franchisees. As a leader, there are multiple competing demands on your time.

Travel Agency Software: Choosing Tools for Booking, Accounting, Marketing, and Tour Building


To see where exactly a travel agency is positioned in the travel distribution flow, check out two handy infographics we created for airline management and hotel distribution. This includes hotel and flight bookings, transfers, activities, excursions, etc.

Mindful Mondays: Pay Attention or You Might Miss It

Next Level Blog

Fortunately, I was paying attention last week and got to take this picture of a couple of segments of the Berlin Wall that are on display at a hotel in Dallas. While grabbing a quick dinner at the hotel bar on Monday night, I started chatting with the bartender.

Ergonomics for Digital Nomads: Working on the Road Without Killing Yourself


We live in a time where technology has made it possible to work from anywhere, and many people have eschewed the traditional office for the chaotic din of a cafe in Bangkok or a hotel in Prague. Yet, while this trend has opened up unprecedented opportunities, it also brings with it a number of challenges, perhaps the most insidious of which is a lack of ergonomically healthy options in non-traditional workspaces

Travel Technology Providers Landscape


Currently, the material contains ten traveltech product categories, including hotel management and room reservation systems, airline reservation and management systems, global distribution systems, and products for business travel and expense management.

6 Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Travel Business


One needs to look out for best offers in the town, be it for hotels or travel for that matter. The 5-star hotels will attract 28% as GST and for AC restaurants the rate is 18%. For hotels with tariff above Rs.

The Professional Product Owner and the Three Vs

It took well over a year of many late nights in hotel rooms and early mornings on weekends, but we got it done. So Ralph Jocham and I wrote a book called The Professional Product Owner: Leveraging Scrum as a Competitive Advantage.

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The 4 October Synergy Forum: Fantastic speakers, even more fantastic attendees


We really look forward to meeting with CTOvision readers at the Second Annual Synergy Forum which will be held 4 October 2016 at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel. Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel. Bob Gourley.

Win a Celebrity Experience Trip to New York

Steve Farber

For starters, how about two first class plane tickets, luxury hotel, a Broadway show, helicopter, and limo? Jeffery Hayzlett is a great guy with a personality and mindset to match the title of his new book, Think Big Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless.

The 10th Cyber & Information Security Research (CISR) Conference at Oak Ridge Tn, 7-9 April 2015


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Conference Reception, DoubleTree Hotel. 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM Banquet, DoubleTree Hotel. By Charles Hall. We noticed an event readers in the great state of Tennessee may take an interest in. The 10th Cyber & Information Security Research (CISR) Conference, 7-9 April 2015, will be held at the Conference Center, 2nd Floor, Building 5200, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.