Innovation With Software Architectural Excellence

Software architecture plays an irreplaceable role in enabling businesses to deliver value efficiently. The post Innovation With Software Architectural Excellence appeared first on

DevOps Engineer vs Software Engineer

The Crazy Programmer

The maintenance and development of software involve many different areas. It is common for people to confuse these two prominent career options – DevOps Engineer and Software Engineer. Role of Software Engineer. There are many types of software engineers, such as.


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Software infrastructure 2.0: a wishlist

Erik Bernhardsson

Software infrastructure (by which I include everything ending with *aaS, or anything remotely similar to it) is an exciting field, in particular because (despite what the neo-luddites may say) it keeps getting better every year! So why is software still acting as if the cloud doesn't exist?

Software Developer Life Cycle

The post Software Developer Life Cycle appeared first on Blogs ROELBOB humor parody satire software development lifecycle the life of a programmer

9 Developer Enablement Practices to Achieve DevOps at Enterprise Scale

In this eBook, Christian Oestreich, a senior software engineering leader with experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies, shares how a metrics-driven mindset can dramatically improve software quality and enable DevOps at enterprise scale.

5 Ways to Improve Software Quality


Many opinions exist on what software quality exactly is. Clearly defining the quality characteristics of software proves quite difficult. In this blog post, we will sketch the arena and provide five useful tips to define and improve software quality.

Influencing software quality as a Scrum Master


The quality of the software is a responsibility of the entire team. Read the full blog at Influencing software quality as a Scrum Master – Qxperts. The post Influencing software quality as a Scrum Master appeared first on Xebia.


Software Craftsmanship

Agile Alliance

I had the great pleasure to interview Sandro Mancuso, one of the most prominent representatives of the Software Craftsmanship community. Sandro is the author of “The Software Craftsman”, one of the most read books in the field.

Recruiting Software Developers – Coding Tests

Henrik Warne

When I started out as a software developer, nobody did coding tests as far as I know. For the past few months, I have been interviewing with several companies. In all cases, one or more coding tests were included. I have also been on the interviewing side, evaluating a coding test.

Using Open Source to Secure Software Supply Chains

Recently, there’s been a lot of attention paid to software supply chain security. The post Using Open Source to Secure Software Supply Chains appeared first on Blogs Business of DevOps Containers IT Security Cloud Foundry kubernetes open source software supply chain

The Essential Guide to Building Analytic Applications

Embedding dashboards, reports, and analytics in an existing application presents some unique opportunities—and poses unique challenges—to software teams. Download this eBook to hear 16 product experts share insights on business intelligence, UI/UX, security, and everything that goes into building a successful application with analytics at its core.

The road to Software 2.0

O'Reilly Media - Data

Roughly a year ago, we wrote “ What machine learning means for software development.” In that article, we talked about Andrej Karpathy’s concept of Software 2.0. Karpathy argues that we’re at the beginning of a profound change in the way software is developed. And if Software 2.0

Choosing the Right Software Testing Metrics

A software testing metric is a criterion to track the effectiveness of quality assurance efforts. However, many software QA and test experts tend to focus on how the tests will be executed rather […].

How AI Can Improve Software Development

The post How AI Can Improve Software Development appeared first on AI Blogs Continuous Delivery Continuous Testing DevOps Toolbox Enterprise DevOps ai CI/CD CI/CD pipelines DevOps pipeline software developmentChange is constant and inevitable.

Accelerating Software Testing

Yves Junqueira is the CEO of YourBase, a software testing accelerator for large codebases. He talks with Alan Shimel about the company, accelerating software testing and the impact on developer productivity. The post Accelerating Software Testing appeared first on

BI Buyers Guide: Embedding Analytics in Your Software

The business intelligence market has exploded. And as the number of vendors grows, it gets harder to make sense of it all. Learn how to decide what features you need and get an evaluation framework for every technical and non-technical requirement you could imagine.

Can Quality Hurt Software Projects?

Agile Alliance

Carlos is a software crafter with almost two decades of experience in software development and has been involved with the Software Craftsmanship community for more than a decade. Carlos is also a consultant and software mentor and has his own … Continued.

Book Review: A Philosophy of Software Design

Henrik Warne

I really liked A Philosophy of Software Design by John Ousterhout. The author is a professor of Computer Science at Stanford, but he has also spent 14 years developing commercial software. The goal of software design is to reduce the complexity of the system.

5 Ways to Improve Software Quality


Many opinions exist on what software quality exactly is. Clearly defining the quality characteristics of software proves quite difficult. The post 5 Ways to Improve Software Quality appeared first on Xebia Blog. Quality Qxperts qxperts software qualityThis holds from a functional perspective (‘it should just work!’), as well as from a non-functional perspective (‘the solution is slow…’).

4 Best Practices For Software Documentation

The Crazy Programmer

In computer science, software documentation is the procedure of writing, designing, and documenting an application. In software engineering, this refers to the formal specification of a software product or component. Software Documentation 101.

Data-Driven Performance Feedback Helps Teams Improve Customer Outcomes

Speaker: Mickey Mantle, Founder and CEO at Wanderful Interactive Storybooks | Ron Lichty, Consultant: Interim VP Engineering, Author, Ron Lichty Consulting, Inc.

In this webinar Mickey Mantle and Ron Lichty will teach you why its important to have data driven performance reviews, the most effective way to use data in performance reviews, and how this data helps to align your employee proficiency with your company goals.

Effective Product (Software) Teams

Agile Alliance

I had the pleasure to interview Eduardo Ferro from Madrid-Spain Eduardo is a software crafter with more than 20 years of experience helping organizations of different sizes to build good quality software products.

A Blueprint for Securing Software Development

Software development has changed dramatically in recent years, as technologies like DevOps, application containers, and cloud-native transform how software is built and distributed. The post A Blueprint for Securing Software Development appeared first on

Solution vs. Software Architecture

Dzone - DevOps

I have observed that frequently such architecture content does not always distinguish between the solution and software architecture. devops architecture software architecture sdlc enterprise architecture software architecture design solutions architecture uml diagram rendering

The Truth About Software Architecture

Dzone - DevOps

The software architecture system portrays the system's structure and provides a detailed explanation of how it works and behaves. In simple terms, it can be stated that the software architecture offers the basic foundation on which the software can be developed. Introduction.

The Complete R&D Funding Guide: How to Get the Funding You Need!

Speaker: Kevin Goldsmith, Chief Technology Officer at Anaconda | Peyman Pouryekta, CEO and Technology Advisor | Bob Webber, VP Product Flow Optimization, Construx

In this interactive panel discussion, we will address common pitfalls of investments for CTOs and VPs of Engineering and will teach you how to manage your investments with confidence and properly allocate resources across business priorities.

Linux Foundation Makes Available Software Manifest Tool

The Linux Foundation is making available a set of free tools for building software bills of material (SBOMs) based on the software data package exchange (SPDX) file format it curates. The post Linux Foundation Makes Available Software Manifest Tool appeared first on

Linux 93

DevOps Contribution in Using Its Methods for Adoption in Software Development

Dzone - DevOps

It has brought about an improvement in the process of software development. software development software & app software - technology devops adoption software (industry) develop a mobile app develop adoption agency adoption challengesSource.

Securing Your Software Development Pipelines

Earlier this year, it was announced that the attack on IT management software provider SolarWinds had been used to compromise other organizations, including parts of the United States government. The post Securing Your Software Development Pipelines appeared first on

Types of System Software in Computer

The Crazy Programmer

System software is the type of software that handles the computer system and gives an ideal environment for the user to run their applications. System software is an essential part of any computer; thus, today, we will learn some of the main types of the system software in this article.

System 148

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

About Logi Analytics and Software Pricing Partners.25 to Lift Value and Revenue01 Today’s organizations are embedding analytics in commercial software applications at an exponential rate. software vendors and SaaS companies. only see a demo and never actually use your software.

Clutch Recognizes Trigent Software as Top Software Developer in India


At Trigent Software, we have a customer-first approach. We deliver scalable, secure, agile, flexible, high-quality software that our clients require. Our goal lies in delivering next-gen software applications that streamline business processes and promises superior customer experience.

Building an E2E Software Testing Tool in Python

The Crazy Programmer

Software testing suites and end-to-end testing are critical in software building. These tests make sure that your software runs smoothly by finding problems ahead of time. To do this, testing tools mimic the way a potential user will use the software. Software Testing

Software development project Postmortem


If you’ve been a part of any software development project, you know things don’t always go as planned. And in Apiumhub we believe that the best way to work through what happened during an incident and capture any lessons learned is by conducting a software development project postmortem.

Securing the Software Supply Chain with Behavioral Analysis

Lately, software supply chains find themselves in a very interesting and uncomfortable position—the industry spotlight—and not in a good way. The post Securing the Software Supply Chain with Behavioral Analysis appeared first on

Architect Your Organization for Effectiveness, Productivity, and Joy

Speaker: Ron Lichty, Consultant: Interim VP Engineering, Ron Lichty Consulting, Inc.

As a senior software leader, you likely spend more time working on the architecture of your systems than the architecture of your organization. Yet, structuring our teams and organizations is a critical factor for success. In fact, the impact of software architecture parallels the impact of organizational structure. We are excited to welcome Ron Lichty, co-author of a seminal book on managing software teams and a well-known speaker, he’ll speak to organizing for effectiveness, productivity and joy.

How to Optimize Data in Software Development

The post How to Optimize Data in Software Development appeared first on Blogs Business of DevOps DevOps Practice DevOps Toolbox Agile software development big data custom software development data analysis KPIs UX

Most common software used in healthcare industries

Invid Group

Most common software used in healthcare industries BY: NEISHA SANTIAGO Healthcare is an incredibly complex field when it comes to software development. Some organizations use custom software, too, as healthcare often has nuances and rules that only custom applications can fill.

Software Developer vs Software Engineer — Differences: Bogus or Real?

Dzone - DevOps

From the desk of a brilliant weirdo #1: “ The difference between a software developer and a software engineer is the same as the difference between big and large. ”?—?Unknown.

3 Ways to Find the Best Custom Software Solutions in Ohio

Sunflower Lab

3 Ways To Find The Best Custom Software Solutions In Ohio Learn some tips and tricks to find the perfect IT partner in Ohio to suit your unique needs. Custom software solutions in Ohio have been helping businesses small and large achieve success for decades.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

Ubiquitous Five years ago, data visualizations were a powerful way to diferentiate a software. In the competitive software world, customers are always ripe for. MONETIZING ANALYTICS FEATURES: Why Data Visualizations. Will Never Be Enough.