How to Take Your Quality Assurance From Good to Great

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Here's what your quality assurance could look like in a few easy steps. The very simple yet significant answer is: quality. devops app development quality assurance qa and testing

DevOps Model: The Role of Quality Assurance Redefined

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devops qa quality assurance devops and qa qa consultant qa role reinventing devopsDevOps and QA go together like.well, you and your favorite furry friend. You might have come across DevOps so often that it may seem to penetrate each and every organization slightly related to IT.

Quality Assurance (QA) In The Context of AI


Quality Assurance (QA) is such a core part of any technology or business delivery that […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data and Analytics News ai algorithm algorithms artificial intelligence Cognilytica data machine learning ML QA Quality Assurance testing training

In the Age of Agile/DevOps Reviving Software Product Quality Assurance

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Software product ‘Quality Assurance’ or ‘Testing’, as the popular terminology goes, traditionally is one of the most unappreciated jobs. The post In the Age of Agile/DevOps Reviving Software Product Quality Assurance appeared first on Kovair Blog.

Quality Assurance at Cloudera: Distributed Unit Testing

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The post Quality Assurance at Cloudera: Distributed Unit Testing appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog. Cloudera Engineering has developed (and recently open sourced) a distributed unit testing framework that cuts testing time from multiple hours to just 10 minutes.

Traditional Quality Assurance Is Dead (And Why That’s a Good Thing)

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Traditional testing cannot meet this pace nor the expanded view of quality required.”— “DevOps and Cloud Speed Are Driving the End of QA as We Know It,” Thomas Murphy, Joachim Herschmann, Gartner, 13 August 2018. QA Must Shift from ‘Quality Assurance’ to ‘Quality Assistance’.

Quality Assurance at Cloudera: Highly-Controlled Disk Injection

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Recently installed fault-injection techniques are making quality assurance processes yet more rigorous. The post Quality Assurance at Cloudera: Highly-Controlled Disk Injection appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

Quality Assurance at Cloudera: Fault Injection and Elastic Partitioning

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In this installment of our series about how quality assurance is done at Cloudera, learn about the important role of fault injection in the overall process. The post Quality Assurance at Cloudera: Fault Injection and Elastic Partitioning appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

Quality Assurance at Cloudera: Static Source-Code Analysis

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There are many different ways to examine software for quality and security in software development. The post Quality Assurance at Cloudera: Static Source-Code Analysis appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

Quality Assurance at Cloudera: Running/Upgrading to New Releases on Our Own EDH Cluster

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The post Quality Assurance at Cloudera: Running/Upgrading to New Releases on Our Own EDH Cluster appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog. Learn why running real workloads on Cloudera’s internal EDH cluster is an important step in the overall QA process before releases.

3 ways QA pros can lead quality-driven development in a DevSecOps world


As companies strengthen their DevSecOps practices, there's a pressing need for quality-driven leaders to drive "shift left" testing. DevOps, Secure DevOps, Quality Assurance (QA), IT Leadership, Special Coverage: STARWEST Conference 2019

Data Quality Assurance – Backbone of a thriving enterprise


Second, how can a business ensure that its data is of the highest quality? However, attaining high quality data is an ambitious task. It is here that Data Quality Assurance (Data QA), which performs these very behind-the-scene validations, comes to our rescue. As with any software development, quality assurance testers act as the driving force to ensure that when the product reaches the customer, it is fit for their immediate consumption.

The Bug in Production: What You Don’t Know Can – and Will – Harm You

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How Google and Facebook do code analysis


In contrast to traditional uses of static analysis, they are building code analysis into existing developer feedback mechanisms, such as code review or continuous integration (CI) checks, resulting in a highly effective, yet almost transparent, approach to ensuring code quality.

QA Engineer: Organizing a QA workflow


I·Introduction to Quality Assurance. A nice way to remind your team what does Quality Assurance (QA) mean is to ask them what does it mean to them. He mistook Quality Assurance with Q&A, and he had 5+years experience as a developer.

Why regression testing should be a shared responsibility


App Dev & Testing, Testing, Application Testing, Quality Assurance (QA Regression testing should be shared, either within the delivery team as a whole or between development and QA. But in too many companies, this testing is still seen as primarily QA’s problem.

Quality Assurance for Financial Applications – What You May Be Missing


If it’s in the finance space, you can rest assured that it’s already out in the world—or will be soon. Key quality assurance focus points for financial apps. The answer is deceptively simple: extensive, efficient, and effective quality assurance testing. QA testing must be one of the top priorities for financial application developers in order to assure consumers that their money is safe and secure.

Functional vs. Visual Testing: What's the Difference?

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software testing tools ui testing software testing and quality assurance frontend testing visual testing best practices visual testing processes visual testing toolsDifferences. Simple differences.

Why we need a true measure of application security health


Security, Application Security, Special Coverage: All Day DevOps 2019, DevOps Security, Quality Assurance (QA), Application Security Testing (AST), All Day DevOpsWhen you want to know what the temperature is outside, you have two ways to do it.

10 features every codeless test automation tool should offer


Dear codeless test automation tool vendors: App Dev & Testing, Testing, Test Automation, Application Testing, Quality Assurance (QA

Exceptional QA Engineer Skills: 6 Valuable Traits

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Have you ever considered what it means to be a tester or quality assurance (QA) engineer? It’s a set of qualities that makes us unique and draws a very clear line between high-quality work and simple observation.

How to test encrypted apps the right way


Security, Application Security, Application Security Testing (AST), Application Testing, Quality Assurance (QA), Special Coverage: SecureGuild Security Testing Conference 2019, CTO Series, EncryptionHow do you test hundreds of millions of lines of code or tens of billions of transistors? It’s very hard. But it's even harder when you're implementing cryptography.

Python Automation Testing: innerText vs textContent – All You Need to Know

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This process can be time consuming and stressful, but at the end of the day, if you care about quality, it pays off. I hope I have persuaded you to walk my path and enjoy good quality automation with Python. This is part of the Python Automation Testing blog series.

Python Automation Testing: Pytest-BDD and Python3 – The How To You Need

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Quality Assurance Tools Pytest Pytest-bdd Python QAThis is part of the Python Automation Testing blog series. You can review the code from this article on the Python Automation Git repo. A while back I started working on an Automation Project using Python.

How QA and application security are one in the DevOps age


Every year, Micro Focus surveys hundreds of executives from a variety of industries and dozens of countries to determine the greatest challenges in maintaining software quality for the World Quality Report. Security, Application Security (App Sec), Quality Assurance (QA

Why software development needs to shift up (not left or right)


App Dev & Testing, Testing, Application Testing, Quality Assurance (QA Over the last decade, QA has moved from the periphery to become a priority for every business that produces software and apps. This focus has sparked much debate about whether development and testing should shift left or right. But both of these approaches fail to take into account how a customer uses the product. It's time for a new shift.

3 cornerstones of QA outsourcing


App Dev & Testing, Testing, Outsourcing, Quality Assurance (QA All companies—not just tech firms—have software to test. But many enterprises consider the costs of employing an appropriate in-house QA and testing team to be extravagant.

iPhone (or iPad) Testing - Testing New Builds of Your App


Mobile Quality Assurance & TestingiPhone (or iPad) Testing - Testing New Builds of Your App. This post provides instructions on testing a newer version of your App, by first deleting the older one on your iPhone (or iPad).

Karate Framework: Let’s make API Tests great again


First, let’s compare Karate test with Cucumber and REST-Assured. Karate: Cucumber: + we must implement steps and POJO: Rest-assured: Advantage of Karate: BDD in one place (compared with Cucumber + steps + business logic + POJOs).

Want to improve quality? Give ethical hackers access to your code


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Kanban for Software Testing Teams

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Best of TechBeacon 2018: Quality comes first for app dev and testing


App Dev & Testing, Testing, App Dev, Application Testing, Quality Assurance (QA With more organizations implementing automated testing practices these days, developer and QA focus has shifted from "Do we need test automation?" to "How do with get the most out it?" The use of AI and machine learning in test automaton received a lot of attention this year, as did other core topics such as training testers to become automation engineers and developers to become better testers.

How much is your software support costing you?


App Dev & Testing, Testing, Quality Assurance (QA The full cost of supporting software is often overlooked. It's relatively easy to track the time it takes to fix bugs that crop up, but that isn't the full picture. The problem is that when so much of the support process goes unnoticed, it's difficult to know where you could be saving time.

The Screenplay Test Design Pattern

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Quality Assurance CucumberJS JavaScript Watir WebdriverThe Screenplay Test Design Pattern, also known as the Flow Pattern, has been around since 2007 and is brilliantly described by Antony Marcano, Andy Palmer, Jan Molak and John Ferguson Smart in their article Page Objects Refactored: SOLID Steps to the Screenplay/Journey Pattern. They have an excellent explanation about the concept of this pattern and what common problems it intends to address.

Product Managers: How to Succeed on Every Project

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Product Management Project Management QA Quality Assurance Testing(This article was originally posted on As product managers our job description is pretty simple: to make all of our software development projects succeed. In fact, I would go so far as to say any failures or successes of the team are failures or successes of product management.

Performance redefined: Ideal tool for current performance testing needs


About Zensar Process Technology Game Testing one touch testing outcome based testing performance engineering Performance Testing product testing Quality Assurance rush hour testing Testing

StrategyDriven Enterprises Extends its Advisory Services into the Healthcare Industry, Partners with Artower Advisory Services

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StrategyDriven Enterprises LLC and Artower Advisory Services, LLC partner to provide healthcare industry executives and managers with Affordable Care Act mandated Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) program consulting services. Risk assurance programs.

Delphix: Virtualize applications and databases to save billions of dollars and hundreds of work hours


Company CTO Infrastructure Companies Business Chief Information Officer Data center Database Delphix Quality assurance Software as a service Software testing Applications are core to the enterprise; they drive nearly every aspect of the business. The typical F1000 CIO completed 46 application projects in 2013, and on average, 28 of these 46 projects were over budget and behind schedule. That CIO also spends an average of 40% of her annual budget on applications.

Newman Postman: command line Collection Runner


Software Quality Assurance newman postmanAre you using Postman to run your API tests ? And are you familiar with Postman Collection runner ? Today I’d like to share with you my experience of using Newman , a command line collection runner for Postman. The benefits?

5 Challenges That QA Testing Teams in DevOps Face

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Quality assurance is progressive discipline and it has always been, especially in the area of online software testing, development and testing. With the advancements in. The post 5 Challenges That QA Testing Teams in DevOps Face appeared first on Kovair Blog.