History of Quality Assurance


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Containerization: Better Quality Assurance Through Automation


Quality assurance” (QA) refers to the procedures for verifying that a software application meets the defined standards, auditing, and evaluation of a product at each stage of development—from requirements gathering all the way through testing and maintenance.


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What is Quality Assurance(QA)? Process, Issues, Guide


So, the secret here is Quality Affirmation. What Is Quality Assurance? Quality affirmation is an approach to maintain a strategic distance from botches in the task’s item or administration, and consequently forestall issues for your partners.

The Role of Quality Assurance in DevOps

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To ensure quality throughout the delivery cycle, both teams (QA and development) share the responsibility. Therefore, everyone involved in DevOps is responsible for the quality of the product and its timely delivery. DevOps Quality Assurance Devops QA

How Can We Stop Under Utilizing a Key User Experience Champion?

Speaker: Miles Robinson, Agile and Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker

As the CTO, it is your job to determine how to implement these important features. Join Miles Robinson, Agile and Management Consultant as he discusses how to pivot to a customer-first culture through planning and execution.

The Real Value of the Quality Assurance Team


Reading Time: 3 minutes In a software development project, different teams contribute to creating a digital product; one of those is Quality Assurance. The QA Team adds significant value to the project, resulting in a stable product with the highest quality.

Quality Assurance (QA) In The Context of AI


Quality Assurance (QA) is such a core part of any technology or business delivery that […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data and Analytics News ai algorithm algorithms artificial intelligence Cognilytica data machine learning ML QA Quality Assurance testing training

Here’s All You Need To Know About Quality Assurance Certifications


The quality management systems of app development companies monitor and analyze their performance. Various quality assurance certification can ensure the work quality of any firm. What is Quality Assurance? What is the Purpose of Quality Assurance?

Member of the Band – Manuel Rodriguez, Senior Software Quality Assurance Consultant

Gorilla Logic

Manuel Rodriguez — Senior Software Quality Assurance Consultant. Manuel is a Senior Software Quality Assurance Consultant here at Gorilla Logic. He has been working in Development and Quality Assurance for over 10 years.

When Quality Assurance for Custom Applications Saves Lives


Quality assurance (QA) is never more important than when lives are on the line. This meant that any enhancement or changes to the technology needed to be supported by detailed quality assurance practices of their applications. We use a well-defined and proven software development quality assurance and testing process that includes a large number of critical tests to ensure that applications are functioning smoothly and ready for prime time, every time.

What Is a Quality Assurance Plan and How Does It Help Make the Best Apps?

Invid Group

What Is a Quality Assurance Plan and How Does It Help Make the Best Apps? That plan is called a quality assurance plan, and with it, companies of all sizes can ensure their apps are of the highest quality. What Is a Quality Assurance Plan?

Quality Assurance outsourcing in the World of DevOps-Best Practices for Dispersed (Distributed) Quality Assurance Team


Why Quality Assurance (QA) outsourcing is good for business. Equally important is the need to manage risk early with ongoing impact analysis, code quality reviews, risk-based testing, and real-time risk assessments.

Five Metrics to Track the Performance of Your Quality Assurance Teams and the efficiency of your Quality Assurance strategy


Why Quality Assurance and Engineering? Organizations often seek to hasten their long release cycle while maintaining product quality. This is where Quality Engineering comes in. Developing a sound Quality Assurance (QA) strategy.

Emerging Software Testing and Quality Assurance Trends to Consider in 2021


For most businesses, the pandemic has brought in a moment to rethink the existing strategies for quality assurance and software testing for the year 2021.

Understanding the Quality Assurance and Testing Process

Dzone - DevOps

devops testing automated testing devops and agile continuous learning quality testing web technologyChoosing the right software testing partner is a vital step aimed at lessening your software release cycle and stopping defects before they're reported by your customers.

How to Take Your Quality Assurance From Good to Great

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Here's what your quality assurance could look like in a few easy steps. The very simple yet significant answer is: quality. devops app development quality assurance qa and testingAfter spending a lot of time, effort, and dedication in brainstorming and meticulous work, your app is ready for release. Your dedication and hard works prove that your app is one of a kind, with none to rival it. But the reality is something else; you know that very well.

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing & the Business Impacts of Software Quality

Gorilla Logic

Quality Assurance (QA) testing, as a function of a cross-functional Agile development team, can help strike that balance. An organization’s ability to ensure quality has a significant business impact. Cultivate a culture of quality, top-down and bottom-up.

Quality Assurance Testing Perfected – A User Flow Tutorial


As products and services deploy faster and faster, quality assurance (QA) has to adapt and deliver more coverage in less time while maintaining high quality.

Appen Delivers High-Quality Training Data and Quality Assurance Services for Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturers


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DevOps Model: The Role of Quality Assurance Redefined

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devops qa quality assurance devops and qa qa consultant qa role reinventing devopsDevOps and QA go together like.well, you and your favorite furry friend. You might have come across DevOps so often that it may seem to penetrate each and every organization slightly related to IT. But the reality is different, as always.

Top 14 Quality Assurance (QA) Testing Types for Smooth Application Performance


Quality assurance (QA) is an essential part of the application and software development process. Our quality assurance and testing team at Datavail helps companies of all sizes and in all industries complete this process for their organization. This gives you an early indication of quality and reduces the cycle time if it is found that the build is not testable. Blog Q&A QA and software testing QA testing types QAaaS quality assurance software testing

Improving Quality Assurance During The Software Development Process

Strategy Driven

Quality assurance (QA) is a crucial part of the software development process. Here’s how you can improve quality assurance in the software development process. The more you test, the easier it is to fix issues when they arise and improve production quality.

Mercer and Exadel Collaborate on Best-in-Class Quality Assurance Automation Framework Solution


Exadel has announced its collaboration with Mercer and the creation of the Quality Assurance Automation Framework (QAAF) that automatically tests the entire development process for Mercer digital solutions.

Mercer and Exadel Collaborate on Best-in-Class Quality Assurance Automation Framework Solution


Exadel has announced its collaboration with Mercer and the creation of the Quality Assurance Automation Framework (QAAF) that automatically tests the entire development process for Mercer digital solutions.

AuditQA — A QA Audit and Consulting Service Package for Discovering Gaps in Your Quality Assurance Process


To build a smooth software development process, businesses must create a robust testing environment that ensures high-quality production. Explore the full-spectrum of Quality Assurance and testing services we provide. How Can You Benefit from Our Software Quality Assurance Audit?

Cyara Partners with Twilio to Accelerate Contact Center Cloud Migrations with Automated Quality Assurance for Twilio Flex


New integration enables Cyara to test Twilio Flex agent routing and data passing functionality – reducing project timelines and risk while improving CX quality.

Trust and Authority


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Why IT Should Focus on Quality Over Velocity


Quality assurance (QA) isn’t a new phrase for developers. Most know it as a staple part of the software process that is crucial for producing quality code. The post Why IT Should Focus on Quality Over Velocity appeared first on DevOps.com.

In the Age of Agile/DevOps Reviving Software Product Quality Assurance

Kovair - DevOps

Software product ‘Quality Assurance’ or ‘Testing’, as the popular terminology goes, traditionally is one of the most unappreciated jobs. The post In the Age of Agile/DevOps Reviving Software Product Quality Assurance appeared first on Kovair Blog. It takes place at the conclusion. DevOps DevOps Consultants DevOps Implementation Why DevOps gained popularity

Data Quality Assurance – Backbone of a thriving enterprise


Second, how can a business ensure that its data is of the highest quality? However, attaining high quality data is an ambitious task. It is here that Data Quality Assurance (Data QA), which performs these very behind-the-scene validations, comes to our rescue. As with any software development, quality assurance testers act as the driving force to ensure that when the product reaches the customer, it is fit for their immediate consumption.

DevOps demands quality engineering. Is your team ready?

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For DevOps teams, quality assurance isn’t enough: You need to up your game to quality engineering if you expect to increase velocity and improve quality through continuous integration. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Quality Assurance (QA), Careers, Application Testing

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How to Conduct User Acceptance Testing: Process Stages, Deliverables, and End-User Testing Place in Quality Assurance


When conducting various quality assurance activities , development teams are able to look at the product from the user’s standpoint. What is user acceptance testing and how is it different from quality assurance? In quality assurance, such activities are also called validation , which is a different process in contrast to verification. Traditionally, quality assurance engineers will be responsible for end-user feedback processing.

Solving the Top 10 Test Automation Challenges

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test automation quality assurance test automation tools test automation framework software quality assurance agile testing. Web Applications’ dynamic, rapidly-changing, and business-critical nature pushes the limits of traditional test automation tools and open source frameworks. Changes to your application require changes to your tests. Not just for the new features but also for your regression tests.

Swinging the Pendulum of IT Back to QA


I was reading Nuria Manuel’s excellent article about quality assurance (QA), and it got me thinking about the wide variety of ‘pendulums’ that impact IT. Blogs Enterprise DevOps Features agile continuous testing Pendulum QA QA policy Quality Assurance

So Many Options, So Little Time


Blogs DevOps Practice Enterprise DevOps Features development languages frameworks game development Quality Assurance securitySo many language/framework options, so little testing time, that is.

Continuous Testing Practices (Part 1)


In my prior blog, Continuous Testing – The Quest for Quality at Speed, I described five tenets and some of the practices for continuous testing (CT) to help those understand what continuous testing is.

QA & Documentation: Writing a Legacy


Beginners Level Best Practices QA Quality Assurance Tips documentation qa quality assuranceReading Time: 4 minutes. Do you constantly postpone the Documentation on your projects? Well, maybe you have to read this blog post!

Quality Sense Podcast — Eric Proegler

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In this episode of Quality Sense, Federico Toledo invites Eric Proegler for a fun conversation on some of the bigger questions in software testing. performance software quality mission-critical software quality assurance audit software quality assurance experts

API Testing Chapter l: Introduction


That will allow us to actually cover bigger scenarios that would allow us to assure the expected quality very easily. API Testing Quality Assurance api api dev api testin API testing qa tester quality assurance quality assurance tester quality tester tester testers testing

How Do Bugs Come Into Our Ways?


Whether we are developers, QA’s, designers, PMs or technical leaders our main aim is to provide quality in what we’re building and strive for bug-free products. Human resources rotation has a big impact on the quality of any kind of project.