Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs a Proper Disaster Recovery Plan


From eCommerce to education, a disaster recovery plan is essential to the survival of any business that stores any amount of data. Read more » The post Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs a Proper Disaster Recovery Plan appeared first on StorageCraft Technology Corporation.

Restoring Your Data: Backups vs. Disaster Recovery


Read more » The post Restoring Your Data: Backups vs. Disaster Recovery appeared first on StorageCraft Technology Corporation. Uncategorized backups data data backup data recovery data management disaster recovery DR protection

How Disaster Recovery Can Benefit Your Business

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If you are a business, having a good disaster recovery solution in place is absolutely vital, especially given the technological world that we now live in and the advancements that have been made in the past decade. What Is Disaster Recovery?

Backup and Disaster Recovery for Cloudera Search

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That is why we designed multiple options of backup and disaster recovery for your data served via Cloudera Search , Read more. The post Backup and Disaster Recovery for Cloudera Search appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

Disaster Recovery to VMware Cloud™ on AWS using Cloud DR

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Disaster recovery is one of the most important aspects an organization needs to handle, not only for business continuity, but also for regulatory reasons. Not every business can or wants to handle the additional cost of a physical site for disaster recovery.

4 Benefits of Using the Cloud for Disaster Recovery


From data storage to remote workspaces and big data analysis, the cloud can benefit a company in a myriad of ways — one being data backup and recovery. Read more » The post 4 Benefits of Using the Cloud for Disaster Recovery appeared first on StorageCraft Technology Corporation.

Disaster recovery of On-Premise servers to Azure


Now my question is about disaster recovery: In the event of a disaster what is the cheapest and quickest way of getting back online with all these servers up and running? Hi guys, We have this datacenter with multiple VMs configured in VSphere 6.5 and couple of other physical servers. We have daily backups configured using Veeam for all these servers and VMs. Also, replication of VMs happening to a failover server which is also in the comms room.

Why Disaster Recovery Strategies Are Still Crucial for Businesses – Even in the Cloud Age

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A natural disaster was something that this 3,000-year-old civilization just wasn’t equipped to handle. Well, just like the Mayans, you may well be very vulnerable to the destructive effects of a disaster.

Why Schools Should Consider Cloud Recovery


When it comes to school data, the consequences of deletion by a disaster. Read more » The post Why Schools Should Consider Cloud Recovery appeared first on StorageCraft Technology Corporation. Every business needs a data security strategy.

Azure AD Connect Disaster Recovery Scenario - Please assist


Over the weekend we had the VM that hosts our AAD Connect server fail. It is a very simple configuration where 40 users and a few distribution groups are synchronized with Azure AD / Office 365. I have a backup of the server from about a year ago and our configuration hasn't changed since then, but I wonder if it is better to restore the existing backup or perform a new install of AAD Connect on a new server.

Dell EMC Cloud Snapshot Manager – Seamless Data Protection Across Multiple Clouds for Backup and Disaster Recovery

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With more and more enterprises adopting a multi-cloud strategy, it is important that you have a solution that can protect data across multiple clouds. The explosive growth of data and public cloud computing is changing the way enterprises look at their backup strategy and policies.

Disaster Recovery as a Service offre un altro modo per semplificare l’IT


Il ripristino di emergenza può essere una strategia di semplificazione IT. Veramente? Puoi scommetterlo. Il ripristino di emergenza richiede un grado di impegno difficile da sostenere. Sai che devi prepararti all’inevitabile, ma richiede disciplina per mantenere i backup. È necessario anche un budget per mantenere un insieme di “dark hardware” pronto, per ogni evenienza. E, […]. Uncategorized ripristino di emergenza

The Big Picture of Business – Wisdom From the Disasters, Recovery Through Compassion and Resilience

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The month of September saw natural disasters. Forces of nature: from disasters came citizens with noble hearts and a willingness to serve others. Wisdom from hurricanes and natural disasters: Bring your hearts and your hands.

Considerations for Production Environments Running Cloudera Backup and Disaster Recovery for Apache Hive and HDFS

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Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) is a Cloudera Manager feature in Cloudera Enterprise that allows for consistent, efficient replication and version management of data in CDH clusters.

How-to: Backup and disaster recovery for Apache Solr (part I)

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Cloudera Search (that is Apache Solr integrated with the Apache Hadoop eco-system) now supports (as of C5.9 ) a backup and disaster recovery capability for Solr collections. In this post we will cover the basics of the backup and disaster recovery capability in Solr and hence in Cloudera Search. The post How-to: Backup and disaster recovery for Apache Solr (part I) appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

Business Continuity in the Azure Cloud: Understanding the Options


There are numerous ways to assure business continuity for applications running within the Azure cloud via various high availability and disaster recovery provisions. Blogs DevOps in the Cloud business continunity cloud services disaster recovery High availability Microsoft Azure cloud

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Agility Recovery To Enhance Disaster Recovery Program With Globally Recognized Certification Standard From the MSPAlliance


By Bob Gourley Unified Certification Standard for Cloud & Managed Service Providers Will Serve as Framework for Agility Recovery Partners and Clients. The International Association of Cloud and Managed Service Providers (MSPAlliance), today announced that Agility Recovery would leverage the Unified Certification Standard audit (UCS) for Cloud and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for its disaster recovery program. ABOUT AGILITY RECOVERY.

Making Memories with DR


Uncategorized cloud services disaster recovery DR DR test employee post memoriesOver the years in IT, we’ve all had tasks become more efficient due to the improvements and evolution in technology.

The Ancient Practice of Tape Backups — Still Relevant?


Back in the day, around 15+ years ago, a method of disaster recovery called tape backup was used to protect the average SMB’s data. Uncategorized backups cloud storage data security disaster recovery physical data tape backup

What Would a Data Breach Really Cost Your Clients? Here’s How to Show Them


Uncategorized business management Communication Data Breach date leak disaster recoveryYou’ve probably heard the stats on data breach. Ponemon reports that a data breach costs on average $3.86 million, and even a single lost record can cost $148!

What is Zero Trust Cybersecurity?


Uncategorized crybersecurity cyber criminals disaster recovery cloud zero trustIt’s a common belief that most cybersecurity breaches are limited to external threats. However, a large percentage of security issues arise internally, too.

Cigars, Schnapps, and ShadowXafe


Uncategorized backup disaster recovery MSPs ShadowXafe VirtualBoot VMSo, the family deserted me this evening, and I found myself sitting here enjoying some Enzian with a Partagás cigar. Yes, Dad’s night out at home. Gotta make it worthwhile, right?

How Hyperconverged Technologies Simplify the Management of your Infrastructure Stack


Take the following leading hybrid cloud use cases: capacity bursting, test/development, data analytics, and business continuity/disaster recovery. Automated Disaster Recovery. We all thought Disaster Recovery (DR) was easy to set up and manage.

Carbonite Closes Acquisition of Webroot


Transaction combines data backup and recovery technology with cybersecurity platform to deliver complete data protection for customers and their endpoints March 26, 2019 04:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time BOSTON & BROOMFIELD, Colo.–(BUSINESS Press Releases Carbonite disaster recovery Webroot

Backup vs. Replication – What’s the Difference?


But, there are distinct differences between the two in their general definitions and how you can integrate them into your disaster. Uncategorized backup Big Data data management data replication disaster recovery

How-to: Automate Replications with Cloudera Manager API

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Cloudera Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) enables you to replicate data across data centers for disaster recovery scenarios. Many customers may require an automated solution for creating, running, and managing replication schedules in order to minimize Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) for late arriving data or to automate recovery after disaster recovery.

Using Amazon S3 with Cloudera BDR

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More of you are moving to public cloud services for backup and disaster recovery purposes, and Cloudera has been enhancing the capabilities of Cloudera Manager and CDH to help you do that.

Cloudera Enterprise 5.12 is Now Available

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CDSW Cloudera Altus Cloudera Data Science Workbench Cloudera Director cloudera enterprise Cloudera Navigator Optimizer Disaster Recovery GPU Support HBase Job Scheduling OpenStack Web UICloudera is pleased to announce that Cloudera Enterprise 5.12 is now generally available (GA).

Bring Cold Object Storage to Your Private Cloud


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Can Your Business Survive a Natural Disaster? – Infographic

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6 Tips For Picking The Right Cloud Provider To Partner With

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You should insist on seeing their disaster recovery plan. Finally, planning for the worst is a necessity so make sure that there is a disaster recovery plan in place. If only picking the right cloud vendor was this easy… Image Credit.

1 in 4 Women Business Owners Are Not Fully Protected Against Cyber Risks

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Data from the survey was collected at the National Association of Women Business Owners’ (NAWBO) conference in Louisville earlier this month where it was also found that 50% of women entrepreneurs don’t have or don’t know if they have a written business continuity plan or disaster recovery plan. Do you have plans in place to respond to disasters if they occur?

Creating a High-Performance Backup Architecture with Azure Site Recovery


Disaster Recovery. Business Continuity. Backup and Availability. Do these phrases keep you awake at night? Many enterprise businesses face various challenges when thinking about implementing these strategies. Some think they’re only for organisations with huge IT budgets available. Others have failing or out-of-maintenance on-premises infrastructure and need a quick solution for migrating to the. Source.

Built-in backup to Azure from On-Premise Server?


I'm searching a way to backup a server and its data on Azure with a built-in solution and the possibility to restore the server on Azure for disaster recovery (and to recover single files too). Hello, is there any way to backup a physical server to Azure cloud using a built-in solution? Any suggestion on how to do configure such a backup? Thank you

Radical Recovery Tools

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Evaluation & Control Program continuity plan disaster recovery Jonathan Hornby recovery tools sas institute sascom strategydrivenHow to survive and thrive in a down economy. You can’t turn on a television, open a paper or read a news feed today without hearing more depressing news about the economy. The crisis that started in the housing markets has unearthed a series of cascading consequences that few companies were prepared to handle.

Tools 43