Backups | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

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How many of you have ever needed to recover something from backups? Then, imagine if the backups of that application had been failing for months. The importance of local and cloud backups. Backups have come a long way since many of us started in the industry.

Restoring Your Data: Backups vs. Disaster Recovery


Read more » The post Restoring Your Data: Backups vs. Disaster Recovery appeared first on StorageCraft Technology Corporation. Uncategorized backups data data backup data recovery data management disaster recovery DR protectionBig Data has changed the workplace in many ways.

6 Tips to Make Your Business Data Backups Secure

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That’s why data backups are so essential. But not just any backup will do. Data backups must be properly secured if they are to live up to their purpose. The following are some of the ways you can protect your data backups. Store Backups Offsite. Test Your Backups.

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Leveraging Veeam Cloud Tier Storage for Backup and Replication


How Veeam and Megaport services enable smart network architectures for backup and replication. These additions centered around the Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5 The post Leveraging Veeam Cloud Tier Storage for Backup and Replication appeared first on Megaport.

Backup vs. Replication – What’s the Difference?


It’s common in the tech world to hear people use the terms backup and replication interchangeably. To backup a file, folder, application, etc., Read more » The post Backup vs. Replication – What’s the Difference?

Using Continuous Backup to Keep Pace in an Increasingly DevOps World

How continuous backup can help DevOps teams keep working with the right data The world of software engineering has changed; in fact it’s constantly changing. The post Using Continuous Backup to Keep Pace in an Increasingly DevOps World appeared first on

A Backup Pipeline

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You can restore from the last backup you took,” Pat said. While all the Windows boxes were running an automated backup tool, installed automatically, none of the Linux boxes were so configured. The support team took the stance that if you were technical enough to be running Linux and writing shell scripts, you were technical enough to set up your own backup solution. Oh, I… never set up a backup,” Milton whispered. “Um… can you come take a look at something for me?”.

Backup and Disaster Recovery for Cloudera Search

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That is why we designed multiple options of backup and disaster recovery for your data served via Cloudera Search , Read more. The post Backup and Disaster Recovery for Cloudera Search appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog. CDH Search backup bdr Disaster Recovery HBase solr

Burn the backups if you need that extra kick

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The post Burn the backups if you need that extra kick appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Database Backup Production Database SQL Database

How to protect backups from ransomware


Read Maria Korolov’s article about how you can protect your backups from ransomware on CSO Online : Despite a recent decline in attacks, ransomware still poses significant threats to enterprises, as the attacks against several major newspapers demonstrated this month. In particular, ransomware writers are aware that backups are […].

Backup Appliance vs. Windows Backup: What is Best for Your Business?

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A large part of your digital disaster plan should involve your digital backup. Should you invest in a backup appliance or software solution? Windows Backup is a component of your operating system that helps to backup and restore your system and data.

Disaster Recovery and Backup in Today’s Multicloud World

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A key concern for DevOps, among others, is creating best practices and processes for backups and disaster recovery (DR) in this context. So, right there, if your backup strategy is to back up one machine then that goes out the window. Portworx sponsored this post.

Veeam Cloud Tier Storage for Backup and Replication


These additions centered around the Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5 The VeeamON 2018 conference in Chicago brought with it the announcement of a range of new features from Veeam, one of the world’s leading data management providers. Update 4 which now has general availability as of 22 January 2019. A major feature that many organisations have been anticipating is Veeam Cloud Tier – a long-term. Source.

The Things you Need to Know Before writing a Data Backup Policy


Conducting regular data backup of critical data is not only essential but also vital for the existence of the business. Business can adopt simple backup solutions or settle for more sophisticated but consistent options. What is data backup policy? It may set out to run data backup once in a while. For example, some companies will automate data backup every day at a particular time. Data backup should be done in two phases. What to backup.

Three Strategies to Synchronize, Backup and Protect Your Business Data

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Broadly speaking, there are three different categories of data solutions to choose from; here’s a brief overview of each: Enterprise workstation solution: With an enterprise workstation solution, your IT team can easily backup and sync files from workstations to a destination of your choice.

Considerations for Production Environments Running Cloudera Backup and Disaster Recovery for Apache Hive and HDFS

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A robust backup solution that is both correct and efficient is necessary for all production data management systems. Cloudera Enterprise BDR can be used for creating efficient incremental backups of HDFS and Hive data from multiple clusters, Read more.

Women are Less Likely to Backup Files Than Men [Infographic]

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adults feel that their data is valuable, 25% of them never backup that data. The study also found that women are less likely to backup their data than men. 30% of women do not backup their data versus 19% for men. Are you protecting the files on your computer?

CIOs Start To Deal With The Problem Of Big Data Backup

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Back in the old days, when the size of the data that your CIO job required you to manage was still something that could be dealt with, whenever the IT department received new data it just got added to your existing backup plan. Solutions To Your Big Data Backup Problem.

How-to: Backup and disaster recovery for Apache Solr (part I)

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Cloudera Search (that is Apache Solr integrated with the Apache Hadoop eco-system) now supports (as of C5.9 ) a backup and disaster recovery capability for Solr collections. In this post we will cover the basics of the backup and disaster recovery capability in Solr and hence in Cloudera Search. The post How-to: Backup and disaster recovery for Apache Solr (part I) appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

March Intro | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

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This month, we’ll be covering the following topics: Backups. Importance of data backups. Believe it or not, backups are one of the most important pieces of security. You may not think backups and security are related, but they most definitely are.

CIOs Want To Know: Is Tape Making A Comeback?

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This is why using magnetic tape as an offline backup system is starting to make so much sense to firms. More and more magnetic tape is starting to become part of a firm’s best-practice backup strategy. Is it time for magnetic tape to come back as a storage option?

CDP vs. Snapshots: Which Provides Better Data Protection?


Uncategorized backups CDP continuous data protection data management snapshotNeed a kick in the butt to bolt down your data protection strategy? Look no further than the tumultuous world of cybersecurity.

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MSPs: 5 Ways to Prioritize Client Data Security


Uncategorized backup and recovery client data clients data management phishing prioritize solutions web patchingIt’s unlikely that anyone with an email address hasn’t received a phishing email at least once in their online life.

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Please make sure you have offline backups


This ransomware has hit not only personal computers, but also organizations, including a town in New Hampshire. This particular attack was carried out when an employee opened a seemingly legitimate email attachment, once again reminding us of the ever-present danger of social engineering

Backing Up Your Cloud Data: Why it is Crucial


Uncategorized backup cloud services data management data recovery phishing ransomwareWhether it’s been internally developed or sourced from elsewhere, a lot of businesses are storing their data on the cloud.

Consent is not enough (part 2): GDPR recordkeeping, reporting and notification requirements


Security Security 101 backup GDPR patch management privacy regulationsLast month, in my article titled Think you’re GDPR compliant?

Cigars, Schnapps, and ShadowXafe


Uncategorized backup disaster recovery MSPs ShadowXafe VirtualBoot VMSo, the family deserted me this evening, and I found myself sitting here enjoying some Enzian with a Partagás cigar. Yes, Dad’s night out at home. Gotta make it worthwhile, right?

DistCp Performance Improvements in Apache Hadoop

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Recent improvements to Apache Hadoop’s native backup utility, which are now shipping in CDH, make that process much faster. Each run of DistCp in the backup process is referred to as a backup cycle.) CDH Hadoop HDFS Performance Tools backup distcp

Consent is not enough (part 1): GDPR data security requirements


Security Security 101 backup patch management privacy regulations

How to Keep Your Mobile Device Secure


Uncategorized backup and recovery cybersecurity data management data security mobile devices remote secure connections wifiSmartphones and other connected devices have become the ultimate work accessories.

Using Amazon S3 with Cloudera BDR

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More of you are moving to public cloud services for backup and disaster recovery purposes, and Cloudera has been enhancing the capabilities of Cloudera Manager and CDH to help you do that.

How-to: Automate Replications with Cloudera Manager API

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Cloudera Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) enables you to replicate data across data centers for disaster recovery scenarios. CDH Cloud Cloudera Manager ADLS Amazon AWS Amazon S3 API azure backup bdr cloud Disaster Recovery Microsoft ADLS Microsoft Azure Replication

The Toll of Ransomware is Growing


The best way to protect against ransomware is to have a strong series of backup solutions. It is almost impossible for ransomware to get into backup systems; if a file containing ransomware malware is including in a backup, the file is encrypted and can’t spread the disease during storage in the cloud. A number of companies offer round-the-cloud backup support and can instantly spring into action in case ransomware is detected. Rick Delgado.

Adding Application Impersonation Role is a Security Concern?


I'm trying out a couple Online Backups services and found one service needs "Application Impersonation Role" to be added in Exchange Admin Center >> Discovery Management AND Organization Management. My concern is what IF the Online Backup service get hacked and can potentially wipe out all the mailboxes in the office 365 tenant.

Cloudera Enterprise 5.12 is Now Available

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Altus CDH Cloud Cloudera Manager Cloudera Navigator Data Science Hue Impala Kafka Kudu Amazon Web Services Analytic DB Apache Kudu aws backup CDH 5.12 Cloudera is pleased to announce that Cloudera Enterprise 5.12 is now generally available (GA).

Difference Between MySQL and ORACLE

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Mysqlhotcopy and mysqldump are backup utilities for MySQL. Oracle has different type of backups like cloud backup, hot backup, export, import data dump. It offers most popular backup utility called Recovery Manager (RMAN). Here you will get to know about difference between mysql and oracle database. Both MySQL and Oracle are popular relational database management software developed by Oracle Corporation.

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Cabot adds another Technology Center

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The new office space covers an area of 5100 sq ft and is the ideal location to grow our team to 70 engineers in the next year It has 24 hour redundant power backup and dedicated data communication lines

Cybersecurity On Call: Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018! Top Five Tips from 2017


Security, Risk, and Compliance Account take overs Advanced persistent threats backup CISO Cyber attacks cyber security cybersecurity Cybersecurity analytics Data breach Data privacy encryption Endpoint threat detection EU Incident responder Information Security Infosec Insider threat Network traffic analytics Next-gen SIEM Rogue users Security information event management Security operations center SIEM triage User behavior analytics User entity behavioral analytics

What Role Does A CIO Play When Companies Merge?

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One immediate change that will need to be implemented will be to create backup features for United’s enterprise systems. Business backup features computer glitch Continental ground merger outage single point of failure United United Continental

Disaster Recovery as a Service offre un altro modo per semplificare l’IT


Sai che devi prepararti all’inevitabile, ma richiede disciplina per mantenere i backup. Il ripristino di emergenza può essere una strategia di semplificazione IT. Veramente? Puoi scommetterlo. Il ripristino di emergenza richiede un grado di impegno difficile da sostenere. È necessario anche un budget per mantenere un insieme di “dark hardware” pronto, per ogni evenienza. E, […]. Uncategorized ripristino di emergenza