Why MSPs Should Test Their Backup Solutions


Read more » The post Why MSPs Should Test Their Backup Solutions appeared first on StorageCraft Technology Corporation. Uncategorized backup testing MSPsImagine finding out the hard way that your home alarm system wasn’t working.

Office365 Backup with Veeam Backup for Office365


Does anyone know if there are any costs from the Office365 side for a nightly download of data that using Veeam Backup for Office365 will create? I am looking at purchasing and implementing this solution for Office365 Backups. online backup backupThanks.

World Backup Day: The Evolution of Backups and Why We Need Them


In celebration of the upcoming World Backup Day (March 31st), this post is dedicating to remembering the importance of backups and looking at how far we’ve come in the data storage industry. Uncategorized backup cloud data management flash drives hard drives memory.

Office 365 Backup Solution?


We currently do not have a 3rd party backup service in place for our Office 365 emails. online backup backupHi Spiceheads, Our company is using Office 365 for our email exchange servers. I wanted some input on the current setup we have and if anyone can see any potential issues? We are a SMB with about 70 mailboxes. Currently we have Office 365 Business + Exchange Online Archiving for Exchange Online.

6 Tips to Make Your Business Data Backups Secure

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That’s why data backups are so essential. But not just any backup will do. Data backups must be properly secured if they are to live up to their purpose. The following are some of the ways you can protect your data backups. Store Backups Offsite. Test Your Backups.

Backup 141

Restoring Your Data: Backups vs. Disaster Recovery


Read more » The post Restoring Your Data: Backups vs. Disaster Recovery appeared first on StorageCraft Technology Corporation. Uncategorized backups data data backup data recovery data management disaster recovery DR protectionBig Data has changed the workplace in many ways.

Backups | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

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How many of you have ever needed to recover something from backups? Then, imagine if the backups of that application had been failing for months. The importance of local and cloud backups. Backups have come a long way since many of us started in the industry.

Re-Examine Your Backup Strategy This World Backup Day


World Backup Day was originally called World Backup Month. Later, Youngstown State University student Ismail Jadun created the World Backup Day which is observed on March 31st every year. World Backup Day is a day to remind users of the increasing importance of data and regular backups. But does that mean you have to backup only on this day? Technically, every day should be considered Backup Day. 1.Determine Your Backup Frequency.

A Cher-Based Lament for World Backup Day


Around World Backup Day, you may read many pieces advocating the wisdom of securely backing up your data. I’d like to take a slightly different approach by encouraging us all to contemplate a world in which no viable backups exist. This, then, is the reality of a world without backups.

Oracle RMAN Backup and Recovery with Restore Points


The post Oracle RMAN Backup and Recovery with Restore Points appeared first on Datavail. Blog backup and recovery Oracle database restore points RMANOracle restore points let you “rewind” an Oracle database to a given point in the past.

Backup vs. Replication – What’s the Difference?


It’s common in the tech world to hear people use the terms backup and replication interchangeably. To backup a file, folder, application, etc., Read more » The post Backup vs. Replication – What’s the Difference?

Leveraging Veeam Cloud Tier Storage for Backup and Replication


How Veeam and Megaport services enable smart network architectures for backup and replication. These additions centered around the Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5 The post Leveraging Veeam Cloud Tier Storage for Backup and Replication appeared first on Megaport.

Do you backup Office 365 Exchange?


We currently backup our Exchange database but I've never had to use it in over 6 years. Do any of you guys backup Office 365 Exchange? I am currently looking at moving our Exchange Server 2010 to Office 365 Exchange. I've heard that you don't really need to back up Office 365 Exchange, as you can get deleted items back up to 40 days after it's been deleted. office 365

The Ancient Practice of Tape Backups — Still Relevant?


Back in the day, around 15+ years ago, a method of disaster recovery called tape backup was used to protect the average SMB’s data. Read more » The post The Ancient Practice of Tape Backups — Still Relevant?

Error Sharepoint O365 Backup with Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365


hi, please anyone can help me please about the error backuping my Sharepoint Site O365 with Veeam For o365, the error Warning block the process backup job, and the error say " The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error."

Burn the backups if you need that extra kick

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The post Burn the backups if you need that extra kick appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Database Backup Production Database SQL Database

A Backup Pipeline

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You can restore from the last backup you took,” Pat said. While all the Windows boxes were running an automated backup tool, installed automatically, none of the Linux boxes were so configured. The support team took the stance that if you were technical enough to be running Linux and writing shell scripts, you were technical enough to set up your own backup solution. Oh, I… never set up a backup,” Milton whispered. “Um… can you come take a look at something for me?”.

Backup and Disaster Recovery for Cloudera Search

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That is why we designed multiple options of backup and disaster recovery for your data served via Cloudera Search , Read more. The post Backup and Disaster Recovery for Cloudera Search appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog. CDH Search backup bdr Disaster Recovery HBase solr

We are Backblaze, a cloud backup and storage company with 750+ pb of data.


In honor of World Backup Day, we are opening our doors and we are now live on Reddit to answer any questions that you have. online backup backupQuestions about hard drives? ? Questions about the designs of our storage pods? ? Questions about our erasure coding? ? Questions about our office dogs? ? Join us at our IAmA on Reddit and ask us anything!

Treat Every Day Like it’s Backup Day


Every March 31 st , companies and individuals around the world are encouraged to ensure the safety of their precious data on World Backup Day. The “holiday” brings attention to just how important backups can be and gives folks an annual reminder to secure their information in case disaster strikes. Looking back on Backup Day, are you meeting – and exceeding – their expectations? The post Treat Every Day Like it’s Backup Day appeared first on Kaseya.

How to protect backups from ransomware


Read Maria Korolov’s article about how you can protect your backups from ransomware on CSO Online : Despite a recent decline in attacks, ransomware still poses significant threats to enterprises, as the attacks against several major newspapers demonstrated this month. In particular, ransomware writers are aware that backups are […].

Disaster Recovery and Backup in Today’s Multicloud World

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A key concern for DevOps, among others, is creating best practices and processes for backups and disaster recovery (DR) in this context. So, right there, if your backup strategy is to back up one machine then that goes out the window. Portworx sponsored this post.

Creating a High-Performance Backup Architecture with Azure Site Recovery


Backup and Availability. Business Continuity. Disaster Recovery. Do these phrases keep you awake at night? Many enterprise businesses face various challenges when thinking about implementing these strategies. Some think they’re only for organisations with huge IT budgets available. Others have failing or out-of-maintenance on-premises infrastructure and need a quick solution for migrating to the. Source.

Using Continuous Backup to Keep Pace in an Increasingly DevOps World


How continuous backup can help DevOps teams keep working with the right data The world of software engineering has changed; in fact it’s constantly changing. The post Using Continuous Backup to Keep Pace in an Increasingly DevOps World appeared first on DevOps.com.

Backup Appliance vs. Windows Backup: What is Best for Your Business?

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A large part of your digital disaster plan should involve your digital backup. Should you invest in a backup appliance or software solution? Windows Backup is a component of your operating system that helps to backup and restore your system and data.

Bacula Announces Fully Integrated Backup and Recovery for Docker


Delivers world’s first fully automated backup and recovery solution for containers April 9, 2019, Wilmington, DE – Increasing its leadership in high performance backup and recovery for enterprises and managed services providers, Bacula Systems today announced its Docker Container module, making it the first backup and recovery software vendor to offer fully automated, integrated and […].

Can Azure snapshots be regarded as backup?


I know I am going to get my ears bashed but can snapshots be used as a backup substitute? An `expert` said if we went to the cloud we would not need back up as we have snapshots for the last 30 days. I know this is wrong but I dont have the argument as to why it is wrong. Can you guys help me put the record straight. Thanks.

Built-in backup to Azure from On-Premise Server?


Hello, is there any way to backup a physical server to Azure cloud using a built-in solution? I'm searching a way to backup a server and its data on Azure with a built-in solution and the possibility to restore the server on Azure for disaster recovery (and to recover single files too). Any suggestion on how to do configure such a backup?

Scheduling Amazon DynamoDB Backups with Lambda, Python, and Boto3

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Let’s assume you want to take a backup of one of your DynamoDB tables each day. We also want to retain backups for a specified period of time. Second, we grant permission for the Lambda function to Create, List, and Delete DynamoDB backups on all tables. This will perform backups of the DynamoDB table, and remove stale backups. Wait for the CloudWatch rule to trigger the next backup job that you have scheduled.

SCDPM 2019 backup to Azure Site Recovery storage extremely slow.


I'm having a problem using my System Center Data Protection Manager server to run backups to azure site recovery vaults. If I manually run a backup to azure for a single database, it runs just fine. Some backups of a gigabyte or less run for hours. Currently I have SCDPM 2019 installed, but it was the same with 2016. Here's the scenario. I have a bunch of SQL databases that need to get backed up to Azure every night. I setup a protection group to do just that.

"Backup" of Linux (Sophos XG Firewall) IaaS machine


They don`t support normal Azure backup of the VM either. Hi Guys, I have a client running an Sophos XG firewall in Azure, one OS disk and one data disk. I now need to set up ASR for this network, but ASR is not supported by Sophos. The VM is using unmanaged disks. Any thoughts on how to get a copy of the firewall in the ASR destination resource group? Thanks

The Things you Need to Know Before writing a Data Backup Policy


Conducting regular data backup of critical data is not only essential but also vital for the existence of the business. Business can adopt simple backup solutions or settle for more sophisticated but consistent options. What is data backup policy? It may set out to run data backup once in a while. For example, some companies will automate data backup every day at a particular time. Data backup should be done in two phases. What to backup.

Extremely frustrated SA trying to get a simple backup plan to work on AWS


New to AWS world and trying to get AWS Backup to "BACKUP" three EBS attached to EC2s . I'm not sure what I'm missing but the backup never seems to run and I have no indicators to tell me where to look. I thought maybe I needed to add a IAM policy to the Vault, but that didn't do the trick either. This should be so simple yet I'm failing miserably!!!! ARGGHH! What am I missing!?!?!? amazon web services aws

Dell EMC Cloud Snapshot Manager – Seamless Data Protection Across Multiple Clouds for Backup and Disaster Recovery

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The explosive growth of data and public cloud computing is changing the way enterprises look at their backup strategy and policies. With more and more enterprises adopting a multi-cloud strategy, it is important that you have a solution that can protect data across multiple clouds.

Women are Less Likely to Backup Files Than Men [Infographic]

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adults feel that their data is valuable, 25% of them never backup that data. The study also found that women are less likely to backup their data than men. 30% of women do not backup their data versus 19% for men. Are you protecting the files on your computer?