System Orchestration

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Testing Event-Driven Systems


So you’ve convinced your friends and stakeholders about the benefits of event-driven systems. The Test Machine is the library that allows us to test that all these systems work together. All data required to set up the system for a test should be included in the test itself.

Thrashing in Operating System (OS)

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When a program need space larger than RAM or it need space when RAM is full, Operating System will try to allocate space from secondary memory and behaves like it has that much amount of memory by serving to that program. Operating System

Types of Operating System

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An operating system is the basic mechanism behind the working of the computer systems and mobile devices and so, understanding the operating system becomes very important from a user’s perspective. The various types of Operating systems are as follows: Types of Operating System.

How Product Managers Can Learn to Love Reporting

Speaker: Eric Feinstein, Professional Services Manager, Looker

He will use the example of a product manager of a learning management software system and how she would go through the process of defining reporting for users of the product. For a long time, Product Managers have found it challenging to design interfaces inside their products that users could use for reporting. It seems like PMs and engineers have grown to hate embedded reporting.

Production Recommendation Systems with Cloudera

Cloudera Engineering

Machine learning for recommendations is a challenging endeavor in its own right, but it is just one part of the recommendation system, which must move, store, process, and update data, in production, across several different components.

How Well Does Your System Flow?

When working with a flow-based Kanban system there are a few statements that I would suggest most teams should bear in mind. We know that complex systems have limited capacity to turn all the demand they receive into valuable working products.

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AI and systems at RISELab

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Ion Stoica outlines a few projects at the intersection of AI and systems that UC Berkeley's RISELab is developing. Continue reading AI and systems at RISELab

All Systems Go! Becoming a “Systems-Smart” Generation

Linda Booth Sweeney

As adults, it is easy to miss this simple truth: a cow is a complex, living system, in the same way that the human body, a family, a classroom, a community, an organization, or an ocean is. Living systems, unlike a collection or “heap of stuff ,” share similar characteristics.

File system task tests


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Schema Evolution Patterns

Speaker: Alex Rasmussen, CEO, Bits on Disk

Systems Thinking- From Local Optimization to Global Optimization

Next, the “Systemic Structures” level looks at the structures that might be producing the observed pattern of behavior. Analyzing a problem or situation from a systemic level (Multiple levels) can be useful in several ways. Tools for Systems Thinking

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The System Of OKR At Google


John Doerr, one of the company’s investors, introduced the system as a method of setting goals and achieving them. The system originated from Intel. The system can also be applied to your personal life.

System 130

The Challenge of Scaling Metrics in Distributed Systems

Whether migrating from a monolithic architecture or building a distributed system from ground zero, there are many benefits to leverage from a microservices architecture–faster software deployment cycles, enhanced scalability, improved isolation of risk.

The Implications of Systems Thinking and Complex Systems

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It’s called “Systems Thinking and Complex Systems.” I keep hearing that because we are working on complex … Continue reading "The Implications of Systems Thinking and Complex Systems". Complexity Systems ThinkingThis was originally written 2013-12-30 22:56 by Al Shalloway I have just started writing a new book and there is a section in the introduction that I thought would be interesting to people. Here is an early version.

How to Apply Best Practices from Site Reliability Engineering in Your Organization

Speaker: Liz Fong-Jones, Principal Developer Advocate,

Legacy Systems Prove to be Digital Transformation Headwind

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Deploying A New Surveillance System?

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

Deploying a new surveillance system? Test for the “what-ifs” of system-wide integration. Accelerate time to deployment, minimize risks, and overcome complexities of surveillance system integration with the most comprehensive lab validation services in the industry.

For critical systems, “just patch it” is a paradox

The Parallax

Patching for computer-driven critical-infrastructure systems, from hospitals to local 911 dispatchers to nuclear power plants and water treatment facilities, is more complex, largely because many of their systems can’t easily be updated, nor can they suffer downtime.

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How social science research can inform the design of AI systems

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The O’Reilly Data Show Podcast: Jacob Ward on the interplay between psychology, decision-making, and AI systems. Most recently, he’s become interested in the interplay between research in psychology, decision-making, and AI systems.

How Product Managers Can Learn to Love Reporting

Speaker: Eric Feinstein, Professional Services Manager, Looker

He will use the example of a product manager of a learning management software system and how she would go through the process of defining reporting for users of the product.

Honeypot Security System Strategy


Sweeten your security strategy with a honeypot security system Implementing honeypots and honeynets as part of your network intrusion prevention/detection process We’ve all heard the old saying that you can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Fun with SQL: Text and system functions

The Citus Data

If you work on a tool that records data about how much data you’ve stored, or even work with the system information about your Postgres database you often deal with this.

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Distributed systems: A quick and simple definition

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Get a basic understanding of distributed systems and then go deeper with recommended resources. These always-on and always-available expectations are handled by distributed systems, which manage the inevitable fluctuations and failures of complex computing behind the scenes.

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Understanding Design Systems and Patterns


Learn about the evolution of design systems and how designers can adopt a holistic approach to systems thinking

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Architect Your Organization for Effectiveness, Productivity, and Joy

Speaker: Ron Lichty, Consultant: Interim VP Engineering, Ron Lichty Consulting, Inc.

Electric Geek Transportation Systems

Coding Horror

I've never thought of myself as a "car person" The last new car I bought (and in fact, now that I think about it, the first new car I ever bought) was the quirky 1998 Ford Contour SVT.

5 Considerations to Get DevOps Right in Telco IT Systems

Implementing DevOps in telco IT systems, such as business support systems/operations support systems (BSS/OSS), is not easy. The post 5 Considerations to Get DevOps Right in Telco IT Systems appeared first on

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Design Systems: Why Use Them, and How They Integrate UI/UX Designers with Devs

Gorilla Logic

Aspects such as multidisciplinary teams (with enormous growth potential), the Agile framework, and high-quality, scalable products, have allowed us, as UI/UX designers, to create a Design System that complements this awesome way of working. What is a Design System, and Why Use One?

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Do you like working on all systems?

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Best Practices for Micro-Services Management, Traceability and Visualization

Speaker: Robert Starmer, Cloud Advisor, Founding Partner at Kumulus Technologies

This session will cover: Service Mesh - managing distributed systems communications for continuous delivery environments.

Lessons learned building natural language processing systems in health care

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NLP systems in health care are hard—they require broad general and medical knowledge, must handle a large variety of inputs, and need to understand context. AI systems passed the medical licensing exams in both China and England —doing better than average doctors.

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Systems thinking and complexity

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One important aspect of systems-thinking is that a system is not its components but is defined by the way these interact in a way that creates the behavior. Unforeseen events & … Continue reading "Systems thinking and complexity An excerpt from the preface of my book. But the nature of these interactions are very complex – meaning that they can’t be predicted.

Innovation with Life-critical Systems


When complex systems are life-critical, it can be extremely difficult to modernize and upgrade them safely. While many engineers will never work on such systems, there is much to be learned from those who do. In this article, Toptal Solutions Architect Dr. Kyle Kotowick explains how to properly maintain and update systems that are too important to fail

What is Multi-Factor Authentication for Systems?


But just as with end user “identities”—typically a combination of username and password—cyber criminals can easily exploit holes in traditional methods of system resource authentication to gain unauthorized access to data stored in system resources.

The Complete Predictive Analytics Lifecycle for Application Teams

Speaker: Sriram Parthasarathy, Senior Director of Predictive Analytics, Logi Analytics

Systems thinking and complexity

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Systems thinking tells us to attend to the relationships between the components of a system more than the components themselves. But this complexity … Continue reading "Systems thinking and complexity". The challenge is as the number of components increase the number of relationships between them increases exponentially. And, when these relationships have to do with human behavior they are only somewhat predictable.

TDD and System Architecture

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In truth, some of these problems actually indicate faults in the system architecture. For example, developers will struggle to write unit tests of behavior that is embedded in a user interface, or in stored procedures … Continue reading "TDD and System Architecture". When first adopting TDD, developers can run into some roadblocks that seem to indicate that TDD is a difficult process.

Unravel: A System Architect’s Guide to Data Operations

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Channel into the universe of eventually perfect distributed systems

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Modern distributed systems are immensely different from distributed systems of just a decade ago. Continue reading Channel into the universe of eventually perfect distributed systems Lena Hall looks at how our approaches and practices progress with time.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

source systems in the same context. MONETIZING ANALYTICS FEATURES: Why Data Visualizations. Will Never Be Enough. Go beyond basic embedded dashboards to diferentiate your. application and maximize the value of embedded analytics.