Datameer with Cox Automotive


Cox Automotive is using Datameer to expose their analysts to the vast amounts of data they collect, from shopping behavior to vehicle information. Cox Automotive’s adoption transition was natural with Datameer. Watch Cox Automotive talk about the importance of using Datameer here.

Virtual Reality in the Automotive Industry


From virtual showrooms to elaborate research and testing scenarios, virtual reality is starting to make its mark on the automotive industry. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Daan Terra shares his experiences in the field of automotive simulations, explaining how VR can fundamentally change the way cars are marketed, tested, and developed

The Automotive Cyber Security Summit: October 25-27 Fremont California


The Automotive Cyber Security Summit is for practitioners in the automobile industry who are working to predict and mitigate both current and future risks due to technology. The event brings together experts from across the auto industry, including manufactures, designers and providers of on-demand services and autonomous vehicles. The focus of the conference is system […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Events Mobile News

The Automotive Cyber Security Summit: October 25-27 San Francisco


The Automotive Cyber Security Summit is for practitioners in the automobile industry who are working to predict and mitigate both current and future risks due to technology. The event brings together experts from across the auto industry, including manufactures, designers and providers of on-demand services and autonomous vehicles. The focus of the conference is system […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Events News

Automotive Technology Accelerates Beyond the Curve


For decades, the automotive industry was a technological backwater full of missed opportunities. Jeremy Sutter. Now, automakers worldwide are responding to new challenges with high-tech solutions. Today, the auto sector is seen as the fastest- evolving tech industry of them all. The Old Days. Not more than fifteen years ago, the typical car still relied on technology commonplace in the 1930's.

How to improve software security testing in the auto industry


In the automotive industry, security is safety. This is Part 3 of a three-part interview about automotive industry cyber security practices. Part 1 introduced automotive cyber security challenges. Automotive Security

Why we’re awarding innovation and experimentation


Analytics Applications Asia Australia and New Zealand Automotive Banking & Capital Markets Business Processes Cloud Consulting DevOps Digital Transformation Energy Healthcare Insurance IoT Leadership and Success Manufacturing Mobility Partners Platform Security Travel, Transportation & Hospitality Workplace Awards digital digital transformation recognition transformationBusiness is changing fast.

Study shows security challenges in the auto industry


Automotive cyber security is a high-stakes endeavor, as software vulnerabilities in connected cars can threaten lives. This is Part 1 of a three-part interview about the report Securing the Modern Vehicle: A Study of Automotive Industry Cybersecurity Practices.

Study 52

Connected cars need better connection to cybersecurity


Automotive SecurityEven though auto software security is important to the industry, a new report shows that the lack of resources means connected cars can be dangerously unsafe. The original version of this post was published in Forbes.

Edge Data Centers: Recent European Deployments and Looking Ahead to MWC19

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

We are just a few days away from Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona and the big themes are already taking center stage – 5G, IoT and automotive being a few of them.

High Turnover is Not a Recruitment Problem, So What is It?

Steve Farber

[ I’m happy to share this guest post from my friend and colleague, Michael Kennedy —a veteran of the automotive industry and renowned automotive recruiter. As an automotive recruiter I should be laughing all the way to the bank—but this is no laughing matter.

While AR plays catch-up in other sectors, it’s taking over the enterprise


AR has found popularity in the enterprise with industrial deployments in automotive assembly lines, quality control, training centers, and more. Way back in 2017, it was predicted that AR and VR will drive the future digital business. Now slowly but surely, AR or augmented reality is making its mark in an enterprise. We are only now […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Entertainment News

VR 47

IT Security Horror Story #3: Ghost in the Machine


A supernatural sequence of automotive portals and applications yield a ghostly in-car phenomenon. READ MORE…IF YOU DARE

Connected Vehicles and Cybersecurity: An SAE produced webinar


If you build things that carry people please join us at this 17 Nov 2017 webinar on Connected Vehicles and Cybersecurity From the invite: Join SAE International and our panel of esteemed industry leaders representing wireless technology, government, law, and automotive cybersecurity for an informative discussion on the events and technologies that have brought the […].

How Autonomous Vehicles Fit into our AI-Enabled Future


Automotive manufacturers and transportation technology vendors are rapidly progressing us to that goal. [.]. Have you ever dreamed of the day where your car could drive for itself freeing you to do other things, such as reading, catching up on emails, watching a movie, or sleeping rather than focus on the road while in the car? Artificial Intelligence CTO News Robots autonomous vehicles Google self-driving tesla uber

Transforming IT Performance into Formula One Success

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

What makes us unique today is our diversification into three different businesses including a global, high-performance sports car business, McLaren Automotive, and a game-changing technology and innovation business, McLaren Applied Technologies as well as McLaren Formula One team.

Innovation: Lip Service Is Not Enough

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

We certainly are research champions in many areas, beginning with the automotive industry and the entire high-tech industry, and including some seemingly inconspicuous sectors such as sensor technology.

Applications and innovations in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Automotive telematics involves tracking driver behavior for various purposes, such as learning where and when people drive and determining accurate insurance premiums. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated devices that have unique identifiers and can autonomously transfer data over a network.

She Powers Tech


The impressive line-up of speakers included women in a wide variety of technological fields spanning automotive engineering to technology in fashion November 28th at the Venetian in Las Vegas, AWS re:INVENT held an important session that could shape the future of technology.

Enigma Interviews 2 preview: Connected cars with Deirdre Mulligan and Stefan Savage

The Parallax

To develop them, experts in computer security, privacy, law, government, design, robotics and, of course, automotive engineering are collaborating in brand-new ways.

7 data trends on our radar

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

For example, financial service companies are investing ML in risk analysis, telecom companies are applying AI to service operations, and automotive companies are focusing their initial ML implementations in manufacturing.

Trends 107

Hackable software in the driver’s seat

The Parallax

Today’s challenges include “ bringing the automotive industry up to snuff with where normal desktop PC software was, and applying those lessons back into the automotive space,” he says. “It’s SAN FRANCISCO—Cars and computers have an increasingly close yet complicated friendship.

Karamba’s bold quest to secure connected cars

The Parallax

But as the automotive industry continues to embrace cars that are increasingly computer-controlled and even autonomous, the chances for hacking cars only grows greater, security experts worry. TEL AVIV—You never have to wait long before hearing the angry blare of a car horn here.

Milligan Workshops, Inc. - A Six Disciplines Client Case Study

Six Disciplines

They have focused on providing these services to the manufacturing sector, primarily automotive manufacturers. Milligan Workshops, Inc. is located in Bowling Green, Ohio. For the past 25 years, they have provided high-quality, low-cost outsourced services such as assembly, inspection, and packaging. Sales were growing very quickly, but without direction, the company was faltering in quality, cash flow, and profit margin. Milligan Workshops has been a Six Disciplines client for over a year.

You Need To Know How Disruptive Artificial Intelligence Is?

OTS Solutions

In the last decade, AI has improved and extended the automotive capacities, but much of the AI automation has been going on in the individual tasks and not on roles. You Need To Know How Disruptive Artificial Intelligence Is?

How Much Disruption Will AI Cause?

Cutter Consortium

Many, including Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Curt Hall , think AI has the potential to disrupt lots of industries, including banking/financial services, healthcare, automotive, retail, Internet of Things (IoT), IT security, government, and the military. They’re obviously having a big impact on the automotive and transportation industry. A huge amount of innovation is taking place around AI right now.

Electric Cloud Accelerates Embedded Linux, Android Builds

The New Stack

We’re seeing growing success with automotive, IoT, healthcare and financial,” he said. Consider that the typical new car has about 100 million lines of code , more than the 6.5 million lines in the avionics and online support systems of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Linux 78

Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Automotive industry. Businesses that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technology to reveal new insights “will steal $1.2 trillion per annum from their less informed peers by 2020.” predicts Forrester Research.

Does AI Make Self-Driving Cars Less Safe?


The automotive sector is one of the industries that are defined by the normal technological development. Various automotive companies have been working to release self-driving vehicles. Jeremy Sutter.

How Impactful Is Machine Learning In Today’s Business World?

Strategy Driven

With applications ranging from the mobile world to the automotive industry, let’s break down Machine Learning in its complexity. Since 2012, with the proliferation of Python in general software development, Machine Learning has become the biggest trend in the technology world.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 20th, 2018

High Scalability

MRAM works in consumer applications, but it’s still unclear if it will ever meet the temperature requirements for automotive. Some say MRAM will never work in automotive. Hey, it's HighScalability time: World History Timeline from 3000BC to 2000AD. Yet we still program with text—in files. Do you like this sort of Stuff? Please lend me your support on Patreon. It would mean a great deal to me.

How Countries Are Adapting Their Laws to Accommodate Machine Learning


In relation to this, US automotive giant Ford is reportedly already working with Chinese Internet company Baidu in developing machine learning AI for autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars. This is a guest article by Pace Hadder, a tech writer. The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) is forcing the world’s governments to try and keep up with the inherent changes.

Salesforce Announces new Industries Strategy: With Vivek Kundra Leading The Way


Led by Vivek Kundra, EVP of Industries,’s new Industries Business Unit is delivering social, mobile and connected cloud solutions for six global industries—financial services/insurance, health care/life sciences, retail/consumer products, communications/media, public sector and automotive/manufacturing. Patrick Pelata, Head of Automotive: As the former COO of Renault, previously Board Member and EVP of Nissan, Pelata brings 28 years of automotive leadership.

Education and technology – Innovating our future generations


Current government has to realize that technologies will have an impact on our personal and professional life and change the landscape of education, making it more automotive and different than it was before with the use of books. Education and technology are the main factor for the success of the future generations. And the current education has to face the situation where most of the young kids are growing up with the use of internet and cutting-edge technologies.

The Age of Software Needs Value Stream Architects

The New Stack

Innovating in the Age of Software without these roles defined would be akin to attempting to become a leader in automotive production without having the plant operations leadership roles clearly defined. Mik Kersten.

Effective DoD Acquisition Needs Less Noise … Part 2

Marv's Smart Future

Using his automotive executive background he brought modern economic analysis, operations research, game theory, computing, and modern management systems to the Department.

Uber, self-driving cars, and the high cost of connectivity

The Parallax

And if we consider the bigger picture, widely releasing these cars onto the road before they’re proven to reliably be at least as safe and secure as human-driven cars could prove ominous for technologies far beyond the automotive realm.

5 Phenomenal Use-cases of Elastic Search Encompassing Different Industry Verticals


So, to begin with, I will give you a glimpse of why this platform stands out from the crowd and subsequently highlight some of its prominent use-cases in different industry verticals like – retail, healthcare, automotive and manufacturing, financial services and government sectors.

10 December Industrial IoT Webinar


Today, we are amidst the third industrial revolution that is driven by IoT and Big Data analytics. The result of this revolution is disruptive new business models.

IoT 52

CapitalWorks - A Six Disciplines Client Case Study Part 2

Six Disciplines

KKSP Precision Machining in Glendale Heights, Illinois, is a manufacturer of high-volume, precision made-to-print automatic screw machine products for automotive, medical/veterinary, appliance, HVAC and aerospace markets. Magna-Tech in Muncie, Indiana, is a premier provider of vacuum impregnation of castings for automotive, marine and electronics markets. Bluffton Motor Works in Bluffton, Indiana, is a global leader in custom-engineered fractional electric motors.