Accelerating IoT by Switching Gears to 5G

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Time to Think IoT Data, Not Endpoints


Read why Gary Audin says that it is time to realign focus from thinking about the endpoint devices to the Internet of Things data that is produced on IoT Evolution […].

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The CSA IoT Security Controls Framework


Read Anastasios Arampatzis make a case for IoT Security Framework on Tripwire : The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing in technical, social, and economic significance.

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IoT Security Concerns

The Internet of Things (IoT) is being hailed as the next step in our technological development. The post IoT Security Concerns appeared first on Blogs DevOps Practice DevSecOps Enterprise DevOps devops devsecops Internet of Things IoTIt’s hard to argue with that. The abilities it provides are as captivating as they are numerous: smart cars and homes, automatized agriculture, advancements in medicine that help with after-stroke recovery and the list goes on.

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IoT, AIOps and OMG!

The post IoT, AIOps and OMG! Blogs DevOps Practice Enterprise DevOps AIOps Application Tooling devops IoT NetOps Object Management Group OMGThe task of keeping networking straight while expanding the definition of network to include both physical and virtual networking has fallen heavily upon the op-centric side of DevOps–or what I like to call devOPS. What is defined as networking has grown, sometimes at a ridiculous rate.

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Balancing UX and Privacy With IoT

As more IoT devices track data to improve customer UX, privacy concerns are becoming more prevalent. The internet of things, or IoT, is a system that has changed the way we perceive technology. The post Balancing UX and Privacy With IoT appeared first on Blogs DevOps Practice DevSecOps data protection developers IoT privacyHow can developers strike a balance? While it has made the usage of technology easier than ever, it does come with its […].

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How are IoT and Machine Learning Changing Everyone’s Lives?


Impact of IoT and ML: IoT and Machine Learning were mere technologies that people heard emerging to simplify people’s life. In the recent rise of the popularity of these technologies, IoT or ML has an easy way out for every possible task. . Impact of IoT and ML).

Can the IoT Benefit from Blockchain Technology?


Read Marc Kavinsky take a look at whether the Internet of Things connected devices can use Blockchain technology on IoT News : There are two technologies we’ve heard discussed a […].

Optimizing IoT Security by Implementing Artificial Intelligence


Read Liqaa Nawaf explain how artificial intelligence can help in optimizing Internet of Things security on Infosec Magazine : The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly in the markets […].

Cisco Opens IoT Development Center

Cisco Systems this week launched an IoT Dev Center as part of an effort to foster development of a new generation of applications that will be deployed at the network edge. Announced at the Cisco Live EMEA event, the IoT Dev Center provides access to sandboxes and tutorials for building highly distributed IoT applications that […]. The post Cisco Opens IoT Development Center appeared first on

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IoT: Connect more, connect faster

Beyond B2B

Integration & APIs IoTThere are plenty of good ideas out there for using the Internet of Things but, without integration, many will fail.

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Compressed air and the IoT

Beyond B2B

Integration & APIs IoTThe paint job on your car is beautiful; it turns heads and reflects your personality.

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Primer: What DDoS attacks could mean for IoT

The Parallax

IoT-initiated attacks like this one, he says, are smaller in scale and less potent than traditional DDoS attacks. Even without a boost from IoT devices, application layer attacks are becoming more common. When a headline screams something like “worst DDoS ever,” it’s often accurate.

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How are Big Data and IoT Interrelated?


There has been rapid growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data technologies amongst organizations and individuals. According to Forbes, it’s predicted that the amount of data generated […].

5G, IoT and Security: Protecting Emerging Technology

Dell EMC

That’s because cybercriminals, hacktivists and industrial spies have set their sights on IoT devices as a massive attack surface for denial-of-service (DoS) strikes, data theft and even global disruption. With the rise of emerging technology, unforeseen security challenges can appear.

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4 Things to Do When Running the Iot Zoo

The post 4 Things to Do When Running the Iot Zoo appeared first on Blogs IT as Code IT Security Internet of Things IoT IoT devices network-connected devices operational technology OT devicesZoos are fascinating places. In just a few acres you can encounter all kinds of interesting, rare and exotic animals from different parts of the world and from different ends of the food chain. But, what keeps the tigers from eating the zebras or even the visitors?

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How IoT Security Risks Derailing Robotics

But for robotics to progress, security for the internet of things (IoT) needs to be addressed fast, before the reputation […]. The post How IoT Security Risks Derailing Robotics appeared first on AI Blogs DevOps Practice Enterprise DevOps ai artificial intelligence Internet of Things IoT IoT security robotics robots

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Creating A Successful Pricing Strategy As An IoT Business


Read Nathan Shinn explain how you can implement a successful pricing strategy for the Internet of Things business on Forbes : The appeal of the internet of things (IoT) remains strong for businesses.

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5G Security in an IoT Architecture


Read Roland Atoui take a look at the security of 5G in an Internet of Things architecture on IoT for All : 5G is in its early stages (available in […].

What’s the Future of IoT Security for Businesses?


Read Ben Canner take a look at the best practices in the Internet of Things security on Solutions Review : What is the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) […].

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Why IoT is like rugby

Beyond B2B

Why is the Internet of Things like rugby? Because, in both, it is important to train, learn and evolve.

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Australia Introduces Code of Practice for the Manufacture of IoT Devices


The Australian government has published voluntary best practice guidelines to help device manufacturers, IoT service providers and app developers improve the security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Nutanix Eases Development of IoT Apps

Nutanix, a vendor of hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, has released a new developer environment that allows developers to try and test IoT and AI apps in the cloud. The developer environment is built under Nutanix’s Xi IoT Platform and gives developers […]. The post Nutanix Eases Development of IoT Apps appeared first on AI Blogs DevOps in the Cloud DevOps Toolbox News ai devops IoT Platform

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A Pragmatic Look At IoT With 5G Technology

Daffodil Software

Now imagine compiling this futuristic cellular technology with the astute capabilities of IoT. Internet of Things (IoT Envisioning 5G leads me to catchphrases such as speed, low latency, ubiquitous coverage and massive capacity of the Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband network.

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Next up on hackers’ IoT target list: Gas stations

The Parallax

5 questions to ask before buying an IOT device. News gas station hack IIOT Industrial Internet of Things Internet of Things IoT SAS Security Analyst SummitCANCÚN, Mexico—You can add gas stations to the growing list of real-world hacking targets.

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Microsoft, Cisco Integrate Their Cloud and IoT Services


Microsoft and Cisco this week announced the “seamless integration” of the two companies’ Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud products, enabling more edge computing scenarios.

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Will Weak Passwords Doom the Internet of Things (IoT)?


Read Sue Poremba explain how weak passwords can wreck the Internet of Things on Security Intelligence : Weak passwords can hurt any organization’s security efforts and make any device easily hackable, but could they also be the greatest point of failure for the internet of things (IoT) security?

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The Internet of Things (IoT) Market at a Glance


The Internet of Things (IoT) market is a tricky thing; customers aren’t necessarily looking to buy “IoT technology” but are instead searching for solutions that can help them achieve a specific business goal, such as supply chain efficiency or cost savings. That’s why IoT vendors need to not only have a good handle on the other players in their space, but on the ways they and their competition are framing their individual IoT solutions.

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The evolution of IoT asset tracking devices


Here is a look at how the Internet of Things asset tracking has emerged as one of the high growth applications on Helpnet Security : Asset tracking is one of […].

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New botnet Torii showcases next stage of IoT abuse, researchers say

The Parallax

Security researchers have caught hackers lashing together Internet-connected devices in a botnet they’re calling Torii, which uses techniques not seen in an IoT botnet before—including intercepting and stealing data, and using the Tor Project network to hide its network traffic.

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IoT Future-Proofing for the Long Haul

Think about this: The IoT application your DevOps team is developing right now, if successful at scale, will likely be the longest-living application in your shop. Is IoT future-proofing possible over a life cycle of 10 years or more? The post IoT Future-Proofing for the Long Haul appeared first on Blogs DevOps Practice Features application development extended lifecycle Internet of Things IoT operational technology

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How 5G Mobile Networks Will Change IoT Security

The post How 5G Mobile Networks Will Change IoT Security appeared first on Blogs Infrastructure/Networking IT as Code IT Security 5G 5G mobile 5G network IoT security security zero-trustDepending on your location, you might have noticed a new 5G icon on your cell phone recently. The roll-out of the new 5G mobile network is largely a positive change for consumers and businesses.

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4 Best Practices for Zero Trust for IoT

Palo Alto Networks

The Challenge Behind Implementing Zero Trust for IoT Devices. Now let’s talk about IoT devices in a similar yet somewhat divergent context. This is because, unlike users and their standard IT devices, IoT devices create a massive visibility challenge.

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When Gateways Go Away with Cellular IoT

Gateways have been an essential piece of three-tier IoT architecture for years. Their traditional spot between the edge and the cloud is in flux as cellular IoT technology rolls out. How will gateways go away with cellular IoT? Here’s the trade-off between traditional three-tier and cellular IoT architecture […]. The post When Gateways Go Away with Cellular IoT appeared first on

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Raise your IoT IQ Level at IoT World

Beyond B2B

Come and see what Cumulocity IoT can do for you at. IoT World , in Santa Clara, California from May 13-16.

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