Cisco Opens IoT Development Center

Cisco Systems this week launched an IoT Dev Center as part of an effort to foster development of a new generation of applications that will be deployed at the network edge. The post Cisco Opens IoT Development Center appeared first on

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IT x (OT + IT) = IoT as a Service

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As Internet of Things technology becomes increasingly accessible, companies may find that they lose control of their IoT projects – and the data. IoT cumulocity Iot

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IoT Future-Proofing for the Long Haul

Think about this: The IoT application your DevOps team is developing right now, if successful at scale, will likely be the longest-living application in your shop. Is IoT future-proofing possible over a life cycle of 10 years or more?

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How IoT Helps with Wildlife Conservation

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IoT cumulocity IotThe world’s eyes are increasingly turned towards the safe-guarding of endangered species, climate change, sustainability, plastics, air and light pollution.

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Applications and innovations in the Internet of Things (IoT)

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated devices that have unique identifiers and can autonomously transfer data over a network. IoT ecosystems consist of internet-enabled smart devices that have integrated sensors, processors, and communication hardware to capture, analyze, and send data from their immediate environments. IHS Technology predicts that there will be over 30 billion IoT devices in use by 2020 and over 75 billion by 2025. Industrial IoT.

Emerging Trends In IoT

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The Internet of Things IoT has made lives easier businesses smoother and communication better This article outlines some of the emerging trends in IoT

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5G: Is it Hype? …Or Crucial for IoT?

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telecommunications cumulocity IotG iven the media messages around 5G, it looks like it is the most important upcoming technology ever.

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IoT: Make Mine a Standard


Defining these is, therefore, a crucial element, and Cloudera is now taking part in just that for the biggest revolution we’ve seen in business and society: the Internet of Things (IoT). Standards for IoT. Architecture for IoT. Open source for IoT.

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The Consumer IoT Market at a Glance


The consumer Internet of Things (IoT) market is crowded and complex, with several market segments that organizations must consider when evaluating their needs. This wave of growth has already started, as evidenced by the wide array of vendors inhabiting the consumer IoT space today.

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New botnet Torii showcases next stage of IoT abuse, researchers say

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Security researchers have caught hackers lashing together Internet-connected devices in a botnet they’re calling Torii, which uses techniques not seen in an IoT botnet before—including intercepting and stealing data, and using the Tor Project network to hide its network traffic.

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Next up on hackers’ IoT target list: Gas stations

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5 questions to ask before buying an IOT device. News gas station hack IIOT Industrial Internet of Things Internet of Things IoT SAS Security Analyst SummitCANCÚN, Mexico—You can add gas stations to the growing list of real-world hacking targets.

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Reasons why every IoT development company is using.NET?


We have been speculating that more and more Internet of Things companies are coming on the scene and the best thing is that they are using.NET as the foundational framework of the most of the IoT mobile apps being created these days. You may wonder why IoT is becoming the necessity these days.

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A Few Ways IoT is Transforming the Financial Services Sector

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The advancements made in internet technology have paved the way for Internet of Things Here are a few ways IoT is transforming the financial services sector

6 Applications of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

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This article outlines 6 applications of IoT in the healthcare industry and explores how it will improve the lives of millions of people worldwide

Six IoT predictions for 2019


Read Fredric Paul make six Internet of Things predictions for 2019 on Network World : This time of year, it can seem like the world is swimming in predictions for the new year, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is no exception. In fact, in fast-evolving areas like IoT, multitudes of trends and opportunities and […].

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IoT Analytics: The New Frontier in Business Intelligence


The data engineering that precedes analytics was covered in our previous post, Data Engineering: The Heavy Lifting Behind IoT. Incontestably, industrial IoT’s claim to fame is the visibility it brings to previously inaccessible phenomena. […]. General IoT

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5 Ways IoT is Revolutionizing the Retail Sector

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The Internet of Things has made a significant impact on the retail industry This article outlines 5 ways IoT is revolutionizing the retail sector

The Future of IoT in the Automobile Industry

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The Internet of Things has led to a wave of connectivity that left no industry untouched This article explores the future of IoT in the automobile industry

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IoT, Not People, Now the Weakest Link in Security

The post IoT, Not People, Now the Weakest Link in Security appeared first on Do a quick search on “people weakest link” and you’ll see a raft of articles in which cybersecurity experts and computer scientists point to employees or end users as the biggest vulnerability.

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Defending Against IoT “Accidental” Insider Threats


Read Jason Soroko article about how to protect yourself against accidental Internet of Things insider threats on IoT for All : When considering insider threats faced by the Internet of Things (IoT) systems, few will be surprised to learn that protecting a network with a growing number of connected devices from a maliciously motivated insider […].

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IoT on Your Holiday Wish-List?

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

Dell Technologies IoT Connected Bundles may be just what you are looking for. Early on in my new role as Head of Global OEM and IoT Partnerships at Dell Technologies, I took it upon myself to visit our major channel partners and learn more about their business.

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IoT Future-Proofing for the Long Haul


Read Don Dingee’s article about how to future-proof Internet of Things connected devices on Dev Ops : Think about this: The IoT application your DevOps team is developing right now, if successful at scale, will likely be the longest-living application in your shop.

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How IOT may impact your Mobile App Development


IoT states to a system of articles or gadgets that involve established innovation, which empowers them to convey and cooperate with one another. IoT is ending up logically mainstream on account of its ease of utilization and the comfort it brings to the table.

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Building an Open Data Processing Pipeline for IoT


IoT is expected to generate a volume and variety of data greatly exceeding what is being experienced today, requiring modernization of information infrastructure to realize value. The IoT integration hub. Watch the on-demand webinar on An Open Source Architecture for IoT.

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An End-to-End Open & Modular Architecture for IoT


While the Internet of Things (IoT) represents a significant opportunity, IoT architectures are often rigid, complex to implement, costly, and create a multitude of challenges for organizations. An Open, Modular Architecture for IoT.

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IoT in the Age of Everything Connected


New challenges in securing industrial environments due to increased IOT device connectivity and automation

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IoT Applications in Consumer Healthcare


Read Carrie Cosgrove’s article about the Internet of Things applications in consumer healthcare on IoT for All : Have you been to a doctor at any point in your life? Congratulations, if you answered “yes,” you’re a healthcare consumer! Nearly 85 percent of US adults see a healthcare provider at least once a year and US children […]. CTO Internet of Things News

Data Engineering: The Heavy Lifting Behind IoT


In our previous posts, we discussed sensors, wireless technologies in IoT, and Connected Operations: 3 IoT Scenarios. Smart cities, self-driving cars, intelligent machines—the IoT market is exploding with “Things.”

The state of IoT security: OWASP Top Ten highlights challenges


Now, for the first time since 2014, OWASP has updated its own Top Ten list of IoT Vulnerabilities. Security, Information Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Information Security (Info Sec How has the security of the Internet of Things evolved in recent years? TechBeacon last visited the topic in 2017 and found the picture to be troubling at best.

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IoT cumulocity IotI once saw a job ad in a national newspaper which said: "If you can read this send your CV here.".

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IoT is Being Abused, Here’s How to Stop it


Read more » The post IoT is Being Abused, Here’s How to Stop it appeared first on StorageCraft Technology Corporation. Uncategorized cloud communications Internet of Things IoT privacy recordings uploads

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If Santa Replaced Magic with IoT Technologies

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

Should Santa’s magic run a bit low, he and his team could turn to IoT technologies to support many of the use cases needed to deliver millions of packages in one around-the-planet journey.

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Forensics and the Internet of Things (IoT)


Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) means that billions of devices are connected to the Internet. People and organizations are looking to connect devices more frequently for automation, simplification, and the feature advantages the IoT delivers.

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Save Costs & the Planet with IoT

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

Our recent collaboration with Vodafone and Utilitywise is a great case in point – three companies coming together to provide an IoT-based energy monitoring solution for thousands of companies in the UK. I love well-designed solutions where everyone wins.

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Reasons to hire IoT developer to transform the industrial sphere


An IoT development company is much in demand these days because Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly sprawling into the industrial sphere with each passing day. Any IoT developer that is able to create IoT apps for industries and large-scale businesses will be in much demand and will have the chance to become popular in the IT industry. It is utmost important to be very much updated about the latest trends that are ruling the IoT industry to be a developer.

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The IoT for unconnected things


It’s been the year-of-IOT for a few years now. Unfortunately for most, IoT (Internet of Things) and particularly IIoT (Industrial I0T) remains a continuously advancing horizon. To be fair, IoT […]. Have we not arrived yet? Fix-before-failure, predictive maintenance, smart metering, asset tracking, have all been touted as the killer-apps of IIoT for a long time. CTO Internet of Things News

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IIoT? IoT? What is the difference?


Big Data CTO Internet of Things News IIoT IoT Tech/InternetThe Internet of Things As the number of products on the market described as “smart” has grown, “the internet of things” has become something of a buzzword (or buzz phrase). The phrase “internet of things” suggests a network of connected or computerized devices that work together to make life more convenient and simple for the […].

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IoT and Big Data Two Sides of the Same Coin

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IoT and Big Data are the two sides of the same coin and their amalgamation can enhance the efficiency and productivity of business enterprises

Blockchain Technology can be Critical to IoT Infrastructure Security


Read why Floyd DCosta says that blockchain technology could be a crucial cog in the Internet of Things infrastructure on Entrepreneur : The era of the Internet of things (IoT) is upon us and it is impacting our lives. Today, technology has pervaded into nearly all walks of life, and constant innovation has made it […]. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency CTO News

The IoT: Still feature rich, security poor


How to prevent IoT hacks: Secure your software before you release it. So why aren’t more IoT device manufacturers doing it? The post The IoT: Still feature rich, security poor appeared first on Software Integrity Blog.

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