Can’t-miss sessions for AWS Summit Chicago


You’ll walk away with a more solid grasp on how to broaden your serverless knowledge to include cloud-side development, CloudFormation, the management of dev/test/prod processes, and monitoring of your professional serverless apps.

Making Your Cloud Work For You

Does your cloud work for you, or do you work for your cloud? Given the enormous dependency and costs associated with cloud computing, that is a question more and more DevOps teams are asking these days. The post Making Your Cloud Work For You appeared first on

Cloud 99

Distinguishing Between Cloud Washed and Cloud Native

Don’t fall for the marketing jargon: Running legacy infrastructure on a cloud instance is not actually cloud computing. Unfortunately, “cloudwashing” is common among enterprises as they attempt to jump on the cloud trend.

Cloud 110

Effective Cloud Security Requires a Cloud-Native Mindset

Thousands of developers and cloud security professionals will fill the Moscone Center in San Francisco next week for the sold-out Google Cloud Next ’19 conference. It’s all designed to help organizations embrace the cloud.

Cloud 107

Using Connected Device Data to Improve Sales

Speaker: Charlie Isaacs, CTO for Customer Connection at Salesforce

But even if you are one of the companies that has figured out how to connect your products and devices to the cloud, how do you prove that your investment will pay off? You likely have many connected devices all around you.



cloud network communicate with the current physical network. cloud IT Services SaaS

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How Not to Sabotage Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

This, in turn, has led IT leaders to embrace a multi-cloud strategy—whether that’s deploying a combination of cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google, or extending private data centers to […].

Top 3 cloud security trends for 2019


A new report covers the top cloud security trends for 2019, including cloud security concerns, cloud compliance challenges, and barriers to cloud adoption. The post Top 3 cloud security trends for 2019 appeared first on Software Integrity Blog. Cloud Security

Identifying Cloud Migraines Before Cloud Migration: 6 Tips

Migrating to the cloud isn’t as simple as signing up for a SaaS application or deploying applications on a cloud infrastructure or platform; there are other factors at play. The post Identifying Cloud Migraines Before Cloud Migration: 6 Tips appeared first on

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Guide to Cloud Computing


This is the CTOvision guide on the megatrend of Cloud Computing. This report gives a high level overview of the most important factors of the trend, gives updated insights into the activities of the major Cloud Computing companies, and succinct descriptions of Cloud tech.

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New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

While I was at this company, new cloud services were developed in weeks and upgraded daily. barriers to experiment with on-demand cloud technologies combined with lower switching pains forced us. 2018 STATE OF. EMBEDDED. ANALYTICS. REPORT The Sixth Annual Review of Embedded.

The Key to Multi-Cloud Success

In the era of cloud-based architectures, companies have implemented multiple cloud platforms but have yet to reap the full benefits. The post The Key to Multi-Cloud Success appeared first on

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HPE Extends Hybrid Cloud Computing Strategy

The post HPE Extends Hybrid Cloud Computing Strategy appeared first on Blogs DevOps in the Cloud DevOps Toolbox News cloud infrastructure Google Anthos HPE hybrid cloud kubernetes on-premises infrastructure

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Mainframes: The Cloud Before the Cloud

The post Mainframes: The Cloud Before the Cloud appeared first on Blogs DevOps at IBM DevOps in the Cloud DevOps Practice Enterprise DevOps Cloud Computing ibm mainframe computers mainframe technology mainframes virtualization

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Applying DevSecOps to Address Cloud Security Challenges

Driven by the encouragement from 2018 progress, cloud technology is poised to be even bigger in 2019. However, one major hurdle continues to haunt the cloud trend: security. The post Applying DevSecOps to Address Cloud Security Challenges appeared first on

Cloud 112

Google Revamps Hybrid Cloud Strategy

At the Google Cloud Next 2019 conference, Google announced it will make available cloud services based on Kubernetes under the brand name Anthos on its own cloud and on-premises platforms, as well as on third-party cloud services.

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Kentik: Cloud Native Applications Need Network Analytics

Moving everything into the cloud seems to have taken the spotlight from the network. Kentik has a notion that in the age of cloud native, network analytics are as important as ever. The post Kentik: Cloud Native Applications Need Network Analytics appeared first on

Google Rolls Out Additional Cloud Certifications

Google is moving to address a chronic shortage of cloud skills necessary to advance DevOps. The post Google Rolls Out Additional Cloud Certifications appeared first on Blogs DevOps in the Cloud News Certifications cloud cloud architect devops skills google SRE

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VMware Adds Cloud Automation for DevOps

Those who follow my blog will recall that I covered (and did some work for) CloudCoreo, a cloud security and compliance start-up. The post VMware Adds Cloud Automation for DevOps appeared first on

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6 Considerations for Secure Cloud Migration

Planning a secure cloud migration? Three out of every four organizations on the planet have some sort of cloud presence. The post 6 Considerations for Secure Cloud Migration appeared first on Here are some tips to help make the process smooth.

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Innovation in the Cloud

The post Innovation in the Cloud appeared first on Blogs ROELBOB

Cloud PAM: Revolutionizing Cloud Security with IGA


The 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report highlighted the new challenges facing organizations as they migrate to the cloud. In short, cloud Privileged Access Management (PAM) is more than a cloud security requirement, it is a cybersecurity imperative. . The cloud never stops.

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Auto-Scaling on Alibaba Cloud


When you deploy your application on compute instances on-premise or in the cloud, you have to make an educated guess about the utilisation of the resources you provision. The post Auto-Scaling on Alibaba Cloud appeared first on Xebia Blog. Development Alibaba Cloud Auto Scaling cloudIf you have an older version of the same application running with proper monitoring, you can base your guesstimate on the current usage of compute nodes. But […].

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Why You Need DevOps and the Cloud

DevOps and the cloud are not only two of today’s biggest tech trends, but are inextricably linked. The post Why You Need DevOps and the Cloud appeared first on Blogs DevOps in the Cloud DevOps Practice cloud adoption DevOps and the cloud software operations

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DevOps: Embracing the Telco Cloud

Ongoing developments in technology have led businesses to look to the cloud for greater flexibility, scalability and processing power. The post DevOps: Embracing the Telco Cloud appeared first on

VMware Advances Hybrid Cloud Ambitions

VMware today advanced its hybrid cloud strategy by making a series of updates to existing offerings, including the CloudHealth by VMware software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for managing and optimizing cloud applications, which VMware acquired last summer.

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Demystifying the cloud

I'm Programmer

The post Demystifying the cloud appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images computer Demystifying Cloud funny programming code software joke THERE IS NO CLOUD What is Cloud

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Google Cloud Platform: The Basics for Absolute Beginners

Google Cloud Platform provides powerful tools and services. Why should you pay attention to one of the leading cloud service providers? The post Google Cloud Platform: The Basics for Absolute Beginners appeared first on

IBM Extends Cloud Reach to Include Integration

At the IBM Think 2019 conference this week, IBM unfurled an IBM Cloud Integration Platform that pulls together a range of tools in a single development platform that the company promises will reduce the amount of time it takes to deploy applications by making it easier to reuse integration code.

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The Cloud Is Just Someone Else's Computer

Coding Horror

The cloud got cheaper, and faster. But it's still the cloud, and that means it isn't exactly cheap , because it is, after all, someone else's computer that you pay for the privilege of renting. But wait … what if you could put your own computer "in the cloud"?

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Cloud Computing – Overview, Types, Benifits and Future Scope

The Crazy Programmer

Cloud Computing is a type of online on-demand service that includes resources like computer system software, databases, storage, applications, and other computing resources over the internet without any use of physical components. Why Cloud Computing is more efficient?

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Welcome to a Better Cloud – Introducing Dell Technologies Cloud

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

Cloud usage in the enterprise continues to grow rapidly, and with good reason—cloud operating models increase agility, accelerate innovation and help create a competitive edge in today’s world. In fact, 93% of organizations are deploying workloads across two or more clouds.[1]

20 Cloud Programming languages

I'm Programmer

Lets in brief with 20 Cloud Programming languages. Which programming language is used in cloud computing? The cloud is just as adequate of SQL as all other areas of IT. A carrier-grade useful language sounds like a fitting fit for cloud gauge.

Tips for Migrating and Managing Data Workloads in the Cloud

Unless you are an alien life form who just beamed down from space, you’ve heard all about the why of moving data workloads to the cloud. The cloud is a more scalable, more flexible, more available and possibly less expensive solution for storing and processing data.

Cloud Assessment Framework for Successful Cloud Migration


Cloud computing has quickly paved its way from being branded as an emerging technology a decade ago to being an indispensable part of any next-gen IT infrastructure today. But, what truly sheds light on the prowess of cloud computing is that more than 55% of large enterprises would have successfully migrated to the cloud by 2025. What is Cloud Assessment Framework? Facilitate smooth migration to the cloud infrastructure. Zensar’s Cloud Assessment Framework.