cloud network communicate with the current physical network. cloud IT Services SaaS

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Distinguishing Between Cloud Washed and Cloud Native

Don’t fall for the marketing jargon: Running legacy infrastructure on a cloud instance is not actually cloud computing. Unfortunately, “cloudwashing” is common among enterprises as they attempt to jump on the cloud trend.

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Identifying Cloud Migraines Before Cloud Migration: 6 Tips

Migrating to the cloud isn’t as simple as signing up for a SaaS application or deploying applications on a cloud infrastructure or platform; there are other factors at play. The post Identifying Cloud Migraines Before Cloud Migration: 6 Tips appeared first on

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VMware Advances Hybrid Cloud Ambitions

VMware today advanced its hybrid cloud strategy by making a series of updates to existing offerings, including the CloudHealth by VMware software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for managing and optimizing cloud applications, which VMware acquired last summer.

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Using Connected Device Data to Improve Sales

Speaker: Charlie Isaacs, CTO for Customer Connection at Salesforce

But even if you are one of the companies that has figured out how to connect your products and devices to the cloud, how do you prove that your investment will pay off? You likely have many connected devices all around you.

Why You Need DevOps and the Cloud

DevOps and the cloud are not only two of today’s biggest tech trends, but are inextricably linked. The post Why You Need DevOps and the Cloud appeared first on Blogs DevOps in the Cloud DevOps Practice cloud adoption DevOps and the cloud software operations

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Google Rolls Out Additional Cloud Certifications

Google is moving to address a chronic shortage of cloud skills necessary to advance DevOps. The post Google Rolls Out Additional Cloud Certifications appeared first on Blogs DevOps in the Cloud News Certifications cloud cloud architect devops skills google SRE

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The Cloud Is Just Someone Else's Computer

Coding Horror

The cloud got cheaper, and faster. But it's still the cloud, and that means it isn't exactly cheap , because it is, after all, someone else's computer that you pay for the privilege of renting. But wait … what if you could put your own computer "in the cloud"?

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IBM Extends Cloud Reach to Include Integration

At the IBM Think 2019 conference this week, IBM unfurled an IBM Cloud Integration Platform that pulls together a range of tools in a single development platform that the company promises will reduce the amount of time it takes to deploy applications by making it easier to reuse integration code.

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Financial services are embracing multi-cloud


Multi-clouds — environments made up of multiple public and private clouds typically used for different purposes — may well be the cloud of choice for banks. That’s according to an independent report by 451 Research, ‘Multi-Cloud Fundamental to Financial Services Transformation.’ Banking & Capital Markets Cloud Insurance financial services hybrid cloud

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New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

While I was at this company, new cloud services were developed in weeks and upgraded daily. barriers to experiment with on-demand cloud technologies combined with lower switching pains forced us. 2018 STATE OF. EMBEDDED. ANALYTICS. REPORT The Sixth Annual Review of Embedded.

Google Cloud Platform: The Basics for Absolute Beginners

Google Cloud Platform provides powerful tools and services. Why should you pay attention to one of the leading cloud service providers? The post Google Cloud Platform: The Basics for Absolute Beginners appeared first on

Cloud Waste To Hit Over $14 Billion in 2019

The good news to start 2019 is that cloud adoption is growing rapidly. Wasted cloud spend is also up—often dramatically. Chances are, if you’re spending money on cloud, some of that money is being wasted.

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DevOps Chat: Cloud Migration with nClouds’ JT Giri

Moving to the cloud is becoming a must for many companies if they want to grow beyond their current footprint and be more innovative. The post DevOps Chat: Cloud Migration with nClouds’ JT Giri appeared first on

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Challenges and Tips for Taking Legacy Systems to the Cloud

Normalization of infrastructure through open source technologies is one way to make the move to the cloud an easier process for organizations. The post Challenges and Tips for Taking Legacy Systems to the Cloud appeared first on

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The Hierarchy of Cloud Orchestration Technology

The post The Hierarchy of Cloud Orchestration Technology appeared first on Blogs ROELBOB

20 Cloud Programming languages

I'm Programmer

Lets in brief with 20 Cloud Programming languages. Which programming language is used in cloud computing? The cloud is just as adequate of SQL as all other areas of IT. A carrier-grade useful language sounds like a fitting fit for cloud gauge.

Cloud Storage Services for Cloud Native Applications

The New Stack

This article is part of a multipart series on cloud native storage. Cloud storage is vital to the work of cloud native applications, so choosing from a large portfolio of cloud services can be difficult. Cloud Storage Services for Cloud Native Workloads.

FinOps Foundation to Help Rein in Cloud Costs

A new consortium has been formed to promote best practices for controlling cloud computing costs. Announced at the Cloud Economic Summit, the non-profit FinOps Foundation counts among its founding members Atlassian, Autodesk, Cloudability, HERE Technologies, Just Eat and Nationwide.

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Let the cloud lift your tech career


Career Cloud Workplace cloud architect cloud computing cloud jobs cloud salaries LinkedInWhen you write about the workplace of the future, it’s easy to focus on the jobs of the future — that is, jobs involving technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, that have yet to become common across most enterprises. Still, make no mistake: There are and will be plenty of jobs opportunities and […].

Simplifying Your Multi-Cloud Security Strategy

Palo Alto Networks

However, when it comes to simplifying your multi-cloud security strategy there are three things to keep in mind: Visibility. Reducing cloud vendor lock-in. Each of the cloud vendors are rapidly maturing their native security services within their platforms. However, when it comes to anything outside their ecosystem, they have little incentive to provide the visibility your organization requires with a multi-cloud strategy. Reducing Cloud Vendor Lock-in.

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Bridging the gap between AWS Lambda and other clouds: TriggerMesh


Which is fine if you’re wedded to AWS, but if you’d rather use another cloud or run a hybrid cloud, AWS-specific Lambda may not be ideal. Cloud AWS lambda serverless TriggerMeshIf you want to do serverless computing today chances are you’re using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda. Enter TriggerMesh Knative Lambda Sources (KLASS), which offers a way to bridge […].

Disaster Recovery to VMware Cloud™ on AWS using Cloud DR

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

The cloud seems to be the optimal solution for that. Dell EMC’s Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery is a solution that allows users to extend their on-premises data protection to the cloud, and orchestrate the disaster recovery of a protected machine on the cloud.

The Cloud Center of Excellence: Cloud City

Blue Sentry

The post The Cloud Center of Excellence: Cloud City appeared first on Blue Sentry. Amazon Web Services Cloud Center of Excellence Cloud Technology Cloud Transformation DevOps

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Business Continuity in the Azure Cloud: Understanding the Options

There are numerous ways to assure business continuity for applications running within the Azure cloud via various high availability and disaster recovery provisions. The post Business Continuity in the Azure Cloud: Understanding the Options appeared first on

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Important Practices for DevOps in the Cloud

OTS Solutions

Cloud computing and DevOps are two aspects of the technological shift which are completely inseparable. The biggest challenge in dealing with the two is that IT professionals practicing DevOps in the cloud make too many mistakes which are easily avoidable.

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In AI Initiatives and Hybrid Clouds We Trust

The post In AI Initiatives and Hybrid Clouds We Trust appeared first on Blogs DevOps in the Cloud Features American AI Initiative application development artificial intelligence AWS hybrid cloud ibm machine learning open source workflow optimization

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What separates the clouds?

O'Reilly Media - Data

Continue reading What separates the clouds William Vambenepe walks through an interesting use case of machine learning in action and discusses the central role AI will play in big data analysis moving forward.

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Top Cloud Finance Questions from CFOs


Taking control of your cloud finance is now more important than ever and there is no room for wasted spend. More organizations are shifting to cloud-based infrastructures – according to forecasting done by Gartner last year, the worldwide public cloud revenue is expected to grow 17.3

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Open Cloud Networking-Redefined


Arista, together with an ecosystem of partners including Broadcom and Cloud Titan customers, has a history of collaborating in many industry forums to define these new networking capabilities, including OCP, 25/50G and COBO, while driving next generation optics such as OSFP and QSFP-DD.

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Edge Computing: Saving the Cloud from Ephemeral Data

The post Edge Computing: Saving the Cloud from Ephemeral Data appeared first on Blogs DevOps in the Cloud Features cloud edge computing fog computing Internet of Things network bandwidth open sourceEdge computing is rapidly gaining momentum.

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6-Step Framework for Your Cloud Strategy


Cloud adoption just keeps on growing and its time to take control. Gartner predicts “By 2021, more than half of global enterprises already using cloud today will adopt an all-in cloud strategy.”

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The New Features I Love About Oracle HCM Cloud 19A

Apps Associates

In this latest HCM blog, I am pleased to highlight a few of the new and improved features and functionality for Oracle HCM Cloud 19A. Here is a quick excerpt of the new features along … Continue reading "The New Features I Love About Oracle HCM Cloud 19A".

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CloudBank’s Journey from Mainframe to Streaming with Confluent Cloud


Cloud is one of the key drivers for innovation. But to perform all this experimentation; companies cannot wait weeks or even months for IT to get them the appropriate infrastructure so they can start innovating, hence why cloud computing is becoming a standard for new developments.

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Building a Cloud-First Future for NGOs Around the World


As the world migrates its IT operations to the cloud, the nonprofit sector stands to benefit significantly from this foundational shift in the way we use technology. Allowing nonprofits to do more with the resources available to them is just one benefit of the cloud.

Establish an Effective Cloud Center of Excellence

The New Stack

Ennio Carboni leads the AWS Product Line for CloudHealth by VMware where he and his team develop solutions to challenges for companies using AWS as their backbone to cloud computing. It takes a village” and cloud is no exception to that rule. Cloud KPIs for reporting.

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DevTest Scales Out in the Cloud for 2019

One topic that is near and dear to my “cloud” heart is the acceleration and maturation of development and test (DevTest) scenarios and solutions in the public and hybrid cloud space. The post DevTest Scales Out in the Cloud for 2019 appeared first on

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Evaluating and Understanding your Cloud Connectivity Options


What are the options available for connecting to the cloud and what’s the best choice for your business? So, you’ve decided you want to connect to a new service in the cloud. The first and simplest cloud connectivity option is a standard public internet connection.

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Go, the Programming Language of the Cloud

The New Stack

With major cloud vendors like AWS Lambda supporting Go, the Google-born Golang is rapidly becoming the language of choice for many cloud native operations. In fact, you know, I think it’d be reasonable to say that the modern cloud is written in Go.

Microsoft Orleans Brings Distributed Transactions to Cloud

The New Stack

Distributed applications used to be the domain of specialists building data warehouses; now any large company dealing with lots of customers online needs to have a cloud-scale distributed application. Cloud Native Data

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