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Has Business Transformation Become Obsolete?

Harvard Business Review

In today’s world, business transformation has morphed from a one-time special project to a never-ending series of transformations — the majority of which will fail. With a future full of changes, challenges, and surprises, leaders need a new approach.

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Business Transformation through AI-driven Design Thinking


Design thinking for business transformation Design thinking is all about empathy, creativity, and rationality. It focuses on understanding and addressing user needs, which helps businesses create better products, services, and processes.


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IT as a catalyst for business transformation: Strategies for CIOs


My advice: As the business decides how it will allow employees to work in the future, now is the time for CIOs to proactively define each scenario and its IT implications for the business , including how and where to allow employees to work. This is an opportunity to ensure solid and compliant security plans are in place.

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Ford’s high-tech business transformation, fueled by cloud


s wholesale pivot to technology has transformed not only the automaker’s business operations but its corporate identity. “We Ford Motor Co.’s We have become much more of a software company than we were 10 to 20 years ago,” says John Musser, director of engineering for Ford’s commercial division, Ford Pro.

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Digital Business Transformation Driving More API Adoption

A global annual survey of 2,200 developers published today by RapidAPI, a provider of an application programming interface (API) hub, finds digital business transformation initiatives have led to an increase in reliance on external-facing APIs. However, nearly half (49%) […].

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How Agile Analysis Drives Business Transformation : Fireside Chat with Agile Alliance and IIBA

Agile Alliance

Through a member-led initiative that started in 2011, Agile Alliance and the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) partnered on the production of the Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) Guide in order to help improve understanding of Agile approaches to business analysis.

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Business Transformation in Healthcare and Life Sciences


The term “business transformation” in healthcare and life sciences sig nifies more than just an industry trend. What Really Lies Behind Business Transformation? Business transformation can be seen as a strategic realignment of an organization’s fundamental structures and processes.