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Technical Advisors: Every Web/Mobile Startup Must Have One


But what was interesting to me was that I found myself recommending that each of them should have a technical adviser. This is exactly the kind of thing I'm doing as a Part-Time CTO or Technical Advisor for startups. There are two kinds of advisors that are commonly needed. Strategic Technical Advisor.

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Technical Feasibility in Software Engineering: Things to Consider Before Development Starts


The authorities admitted that the previous 2024 deadline for human landing “ was not grounded on technical feasibility.”. Technical feasibility inspects whether software can be built at all with available tools and experts. In this article, we’ll concentrate on the technical side of feasibility that is our immediate area of expertise.


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5 Lessons Learned as a Technical Lead at Gorilla Logic

Gorilla Logic

During my time at Gorilla Logic, I have had the opportunity to work as a Senior Consultant and as a Technical Lead on a very demanding set of services/products for companies that want to skyrocket their efficiency and revenue while maintaining quality, performance, and low technical debt. Be a Servant Technical Lead .

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Why Technical SEO is Necessary, and Not an Option


As the times continue to evolve, it is important to remain involved and educated in the manner in which technical SEO is beneficial and can be utilized. What is technical SEO?” Put simply, technical SEO encompasses all the great search engine techniques and leaves absolutely no room for manipulation of results.

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The Rise Of Code Assessment Platforms And Software Developer Recruitment

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Code assessment platforms: The new virtual hiring process of assessing technical skills. Several code assessment platforms have emerged as the cornerstone of virtual hiring processes for the assessment of the technical skills of a candidate and offer an advanced coding environment allowing employers to find their perfect match, efficiently.

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9 Reasons Why HackerEarth Is A Good Alternative To Codility

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

With unbeatable technical skills, impressive communication skills, and a good team player. HackerEarth HackerEarth is a top platform offering technical recruiting solutions for businesses of all sizes. Recruiters can create customized tests that meet their unique criteria with minimal technical know-how.

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Four Practical Tips on how to Categorize Contact Reasons


This could be because they want to order a product, ask a question, file a complaint, get technical support, or receive information. According to research , people cannot remember over 7 items that they have read in a drop-down menu, that’s why we advise to never have more than 7 options. Eventually, this led to a lack of accuracy.