Why (and how) China is tying social-media behavior to credit scores

The Parallax

In 2020, Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu, China’s most popular social networks, will be required to include all users in social-credit systems unique to their platforms. Some of the social-networks have already built in and launched social-credit systems, albeit on an opt-in basis for now.

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How Social Media Can Grow Your Business

Strategy Driven

If you’re a business owner, you have likely heard about how social media has a way of spreading the word about your business, even if you no clue on why or how it achieves results. It is well within your reach to use social media if the correct strategies are implemented.

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How NOT to do Social Media Marketing (and 5 ways to get better at it!)


Don’t have the resources for social media marketing? Reply and converse on social networks to boost your brand’s visibility. Maximize and improve your social media skills to draw in more people to your product or services. The fifth way to get better at social media marketing is to invest in advertising on the dominant platforms. The post How NOT to do Social Media Marketing (and 5 ways to get better at it!)

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Social Mindset: A Key to Engaging Talent


Our workplace conversations today are dominated by topics like increasing globalization, economic uncertainties, automation, disruptive innovations, social technologies, generational shifts, mobility, people analytics, gig economy and such.

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How to Create a Social Media App?


billion social media users worldwide. This means that over a third of the world’s population is using some form of social media. Social media is a commonplace platform for communication today, have you ever considered how to create own social media app?

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Intrapreneurship in "Social" Business

Mills Scofield

I'm again privileged to have an incredible "kid" share his wisdom on the role of intrapreneurship in social business. It's becoming more accepted in 'regular' business so let's apply it to social as well. Be mission-driven Social entrepreneurship is facing a serious problem of ego.

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Social Media for CEOs

N2Growth Blog

Nary a week passes where I don’t hear from a CEO who’s grappling with this social media conundrum: should I, or shouldn’t I? In today’s post I’ll share my thoughts on why it’s time to put a fork in the social media debate… Background/Disclaimer.

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Leadership Inspirations – Socially Responsible Leader Branding

Strategy Driven

“Transforming a brand into a socially responsible leader doesn’t happen overnight by simply writing new marketing and advertising strategies. Social Media Expert and Advertising Creative Director for Mashable.

The Best Ways to Make Impressive Images for Social Media

Strategy Driven

With the modern craze of social media, several brands are competing to attract more and more customers to their products. As a vast range of social media platforms emerges online, businesses are presented with an amazing means to connect to their customers in a casual and relaxed environment.

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4 Benefits of Using Curated Content on Social Media

Women on Business

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4 companies using blockchain for social change


Many socially-aware startups and non-governmental organizations are using blockchain for social good. The following four provide a cross-section of the ways in which the technology is being used to better the world. Analytics Digital Transformation Emerging Tech

Making a Start in Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Strategy Driven

Social media marketing can seem like a quick win for many businesses, but if you don’t fully understand how to utilize these platforms, the millions of likes and followers won’t mean much if they are not converting.

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True Leadership is Social

Mills Scofield

Two of the five, Vala Afshar and Brad Martin , have just written a 2012 & 2013’s Must Read book, The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence. Brad and Vala don’t preach about why businesses must be social – they live it , everyday.

Blockchain's potential for driving social change promising


Blockchain is uniquely suited to be used for positive social impact, with more near-term potential than originally thought. Here is a look at how blockchain is being applied to transform the world for the better and its potential to solve major world problems in the future.

Social Media Business Pages vs. The Traditional Business Website

Women on Business

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Social Media Demystified

N2Growth Blog

If you find all the noise around social media to be confusing, rest assured that you’re not alone. If you adapted to desktop computers, fax machines, cell phones and the Internet, then I suggest you need to view social media as the next progression on the continuim of advancement.

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Social Innovation in Las Vegas

Hu's Place - HitachiVantara

This fits perfectly with Hitachi’s vision for social innovation. social innovation pentaho las vegas hitachi visualisation suite michael sherwood autonomous vehicles

What We Know About Making Enterprise Social Networks Successful Today

Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog

It’s a little hard to believe that it’s been over ten years now since the first early enterprise social networks (ESN) emerged on the market to make their initial forays into our organizations. How Social Technology has Emerged as an Enterprise Management Model.

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Social Networking @ Work: Are You Ready?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Do CIOs need to introduce social networking into the workplace? So there’s no question that this whole social networking thing has become very, very popular. What Social Networking Would Do For Your Workplace. Who Would Use Social Networking In The Workplace.

Yeah, You're a Social Biz - Admit It

Mills Scofield

Business Model Innovation Conscious Capitalism Culture Innovation Leadership Linkedin Social Business Social Entrepreneurship Strategy There''s been so much discussion on twitter, FB, etc. that I posted the discussion on Linkedin - please comment, share and join in!

3 C’s for Learning and Leading on Social Media


With advent of social media tools, our ways of learning, sharing and leading have undergone a sea change. Social Media is a great platform to learn, share, be a part of learning communities and build your thought leadership. Generous contribution is the currency of social media.

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Top Traits of Socially Responsible Employers

Strategy Driven

When talented workers are looking for new employment opportunities, they tend to go for the companies that have a proven track record of being socially responsible. So, here are just a few top traits of socially responsible employers which you can look to emulate.

How to Develop a Small Business Social Media Strategy

Women on Business

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Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses

Strategy Driven

For now, let’s focus on social media. Facebook is perhaps the most popular form of social media. When setting up a profile for your business on social media, make sure to establish that you are a business at the start of the page setup.

Social Engineering and Phishing


Social engineering is one of the most problematic attack techniques to combat. User education is most effective at stopping a social engineer. Phishing is a type of social engineering that’s executed through unsolicited email messages. Stu Sjouwerman.

Using Social Media Effectively: Gaining Visibility In a Crowded Marketplace


Social media is a big part of most people's lives, and has steadily increased in importance to businesses as well. There are two main uses for professional social media use: to inform others through engaging with them, and to learn from others.

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Top 10 IT Recruiters to follow on Social Media in 2019

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Here, we compile a list of top recruiters to follow on Social Media in order to stay ahead of the knowledge curve. The post Top 10 IT Recruiters to follow on Social Media in 2019 appeared first on HackerEarth Blog.

Organizational Leader as a Social Architect


Leandro Herrero , in his post, “ Five spaces that the organizational leader needs to design and nurture ”, calls leader a social architect. This is an area where what the leader says counts less than what the leader does in this social engineering.

Social Media Influence | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

I’m going to tell you the cold hard truth about social media…what you need to know that most people won’t tell you. While anyone can have a social media presence, not everyone possesses social media influence. Is social media right for business?

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Social Innovation as a Business Strategy

Hu's Place - HitachiVantara

The future is full of social challenges that will drive a need for Social Innovation. In order for these innovations to be sustainable, corporations will need to integrate Social Innovation into their business strategy so that profits are tied to social innovation.

Women Hold the Power in Social Media – Infographic

Women on Business

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How We Gave Up Control Over The Social Web

Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog

model is obsolete ” got me thinking about where we’ve ended up with social media after nearly ten years. Blogs, wikis, and other tools of easily shared self-expression from the early days have given away in recent years to a much less diverse social media monoculture.

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Every Business Is (Or Should Be) a Social Business

Mills Scofield

I believe the distinction between social and non-social business is a false dichotomy. Social entrepreneurs launching ventures may ask themselves if their business models need to be different. All businesses are social. Mali Health Clinic.

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SHRM Top 30 Indian HR Influencers on Social Media 2018


Each year, SHRM India releases a report outlining top social media influencers in HR space. Social Media HR HR Influencers Recognition SHRM India Top 20 Indian HR Influencers

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Farewell Social Media – Hello Social Business

Rapid BI

Social technology is THE productivity tool Social media has changed the way many of us communicate, engage and collaborate, yet to many organizations “social media” is a dirty word. With many employers believing social media to be Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, IT departments all over are increasingly blocking employee access to these sites. Management collaboration FaceBook IBM LinkedIn social business social media twitter

Social Media Recruiting in 2013 [Infographic]

Women on Business

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Social Media Made Worthwhile

Women on Business

Your fingers are throbbing, but you won’t shut down because you’re afraid of missing out on all the social, political, culinary, parenting, etc., ” Neither she or Brogan (or me for that matter) are knocking social media.

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Rapid BI

Make the most of social media for marketing Ok so you are one of those people (like me) that uses social marketing sites as part of your marketing strategy? The post make-the-most-of-social-media-for-marketing appeared first on RapidBI. Business Social Media blog Communication Marketing social marketing social media Social networking Strategy tools twitter

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Social media in HR Infographic

Rapid BI

The CIPD have recently published an infographic on the use of social media at work. Business collaboration Human Resources & Talent infographic Management Social Media CIPD social media The graphic is based on some research they have completed looking at our usage (or not) of these powerful collaboration tools. What is interesting to me is that 61% of employers that responded to the survey do not use any form of […].

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Social Media and Social Business – what do we mean?

Rapid BI

As we move into a world where “social” is put on every HR and marketing strategy, much like “i” has been put on technology, are we at a risk of over complicating and confusing people. Business Community Human Resources & Talent Management communications HR social business social media