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You’ll walk away with a more solid grasp on how to broaden your serverless knowledge to include cloud-side development, CloudFormation, the management of dev/test/prod processes, and monitoring of your professional serverless apps.



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Is Manual Testing Needed?

Henrik Warne

For the past few years, I have heard many people advocating using only automatic tests. For example, if all the automatic tests pass, then the code should automatically be deployed to production. I have always performed a bit of manual testing before feeling confident about my code.

Developer Testing

Henrik Warne

I recently found out about the book Developer Testing – Building Quality Into Software by Alexander Tarlinder , and I immediately wanted to read it. Even though I am a developer at heart, I have always been interested in software testing (I even worked as a tester for two years).

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

models, and test their hypotheses. MONETIZING ANALYTICS FEATURES: Why Data Visualizations. Will Never Be Enough. Go beyond basic embedded dashboards to diferentiate your. application and maximize the value of embedded analytics.

Test Driving and Unit Testing Thread Safety

Agile Alliance

If you've confronted test driving for thread-safety this session is for you. Technology tdd unit testThis session shows how to use TDD to drive the design of a multithreaded code.


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Autonomous Testing’s Role in Agile DevOps

DevOps testing, as an Agile methodology, is key to delivering testing and integration on a continuous basis, including continuous feedback, to enable better collaboration and quality. The post Autonomous Testing’s Role in Agile DevOps appeared first on

Reducing UI Bugs with Automated Visual Testing

Gorilla Logic

One of these levels comes in the form of visual testing, or how the look and feel of the application is, taking into consideration factors such as multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems. For many years, manual testing has been the approach to discover such differences or errors.

A simple, effective test automation strategy


In my whitepaper I wrote about different types of testing and what to consider when choosing a test automation strategy. When you’re getting started with test automation, it’s […]. The post A simple, effective test automation strategy appeared first on Xebia Blog. BDD Behaviour Driven Development TDD Test automation Testing

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

be able to capture in a proposed price, and it’s a good test. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS. Practical Frameworks to Monetize Embedded Analytics Table of Contents Embedding Analytics to Lift Value and Revenue. 1 Customize to Monetize: The Strategic Way to Create Tiered Offerings.

Testing Event-Driven Systems


Each distinct service has a nice, pure data model with extensive unit tests, but now with new clients (and consequently new requirements) coming thick and fast, the number of these services is rapidly increasing. You set off looking for ideas to make really solid end-to-end tests.

Test automation?—?From basics to advanced


This article answers the following questions: What are the prerequisites for test automation? What do you achieve by automating tests? What steps do you take to get test automation in place? You’ve decided you need test automation. You’ve read what considerations to keep in mind when creating a successful automated testing […]. The post Test automation?—?From

Contract Tests Ensure Faithful Doubles

Martin Fowler

Our approach to integration testing avoids hitting real services in order to make testing easier and faster. But then a question rears up - how do we know the test doubles for our integration tests are true doubles of the collaborating service? Ham answers this question by discussing Contract Tests and showing the role they play in his example application.

Get Testing Bottlenecks Out of Your Pipelines

I first learned the term “deployment pipeline” when I read “Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test and Deployment Automation,” by Jez Humble and David Farley back in 2009.

How To Build Data-Informed Products

Speaker: Tim Herbig, Director, iridion

As a product manager, you probably know specific ways to gather data to inform your product decisions, like the ever-popular A/B test. What about the times when it doesn't make sense to A/B test, because you have too small a sample size?

Unit testing irl

I'm Programmer

The post Unit testing irl appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Jokes types of unit testing Unit Testing - Software Testing Unit testing irl unit testing tools

Integration Tests in the Pyramid

Martin Fowler

People find the notion of integration tests confusing, since they are ill-defined even by the standards of testing terminology. So they are a great topic for Ham's example application and explanation.

Testing machine learning interpretability techniques

O'Reilly Media - Data

The importance of testing your tools, using multiple tools, and seeking consistency across various interpretability techniques. Why do we need to test interpretability techniques? How do we test interpretability techniques?

Unit Tests in the Pyramid

Martin Fowler

Ham now starts looking at the pyramid in earnest, beginning with the foundation of the pyramid - unit tests.

Build Delightful Products with Customer Validation

Speaker: John Little, Head of Product Marketing, Centercode

Sauce Labs Acquires Screener Visual Testing Tool

At the SauceCon 2019 conference, Sauce Labs today revealed it has acquired Screener to add a visual testing tool to its portfolio of automated testing tools. The post Sauce Labs Acquires Screener Visual Testing Tool appeared first on

Testing in Production

I'm Programmer

The post Testing in Production appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Agile Testing Production Testing Testing in ProductionHumor of JAVA. 1 of 3.

Why MSPs Should Test Their Backup Solutions


Read more » The post Why MSPs Should Test Their Backup Solutions appeared first on StorageCraft Technology Corporation. Uncategorized backup testing MSPsImagine finding out the hard way that your home alarm system wasn’t working.

Introduction: Espresso Testing


And in this article, we will talk about Espresso Testing. To meet this objective there are several types of ui tests: Classic ui testing -> focuses on views and their interactions. Snapshot testing -> guarantees the perfect design, leaving interactions aside.

The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

May be a good place to beta test. at these levels, you may find Levels 1 and 2 helpful for beta testing. To some extent, you may also be able to test how people adopt and. So if you’re going to test at. FROM BASIC BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE REQUIREMENTS TO.

All tests Passing

I'm Programmer

The post All tests Passing appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes All tests Passing Setting Test Status to Pass or Fail TDD environment Test driven development

How to scale your Web app security testing with Selenium


There are some powerful methods for finding more security bugs with fewer false positives while using the test framework you already have for your web apps.

UI and End-to-End tests

Martin Fowler

The whole point of the test pyramid is to remind us that broad scope tests should be rare, since they are usually expensive and slow. Rareness isn't the same as absence, so now Ham takes a look at role of UI tests and end-to-end testing in general.

The true way to fix broken tests

I'm Programmer

Technically the truth Technically the truth The post The true way to fix broken tests appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Debugging and Fixing a Failing Test Testing is BrokenPHP Fun 1 of 3 PHP is just that painful.

PHP 52

How to automate testing for Google Assistant Apps?


The best way to avoid regressions and get fast feedback during development is automated testing. Especially if you’re testing manually by speaking to your voice app. Since fulfillments are regular JSON APIs they are tested using existing technology.

How to stamp out intermittent testing issues with periodic automation


App Dev & Testing, Testing, Application Testing, Test Management, Special Coverage: Agile + DevOps West 2019In the pop culture of the United States, Sasquatch (a.k.a. Bigfoot) is a legendary and elusive ape-like creature infrequently seen in the Pacific Northwest. In the software realm, we have our own version of Sasquatch: those irritating, sometimes catastrophic, issues that are hard to reproduce.

Gremlin Brings Chaos Monkey Testing to Spinnaker CD Platform

Chaos engineering traces its roots to a resiliency testing philosophy that posits applications should be able to keep functioning regardless of any service or infrastructure failure. The post Gremlin Brings Chaos Monkey Testing to Spinnaker CD Platform appeared first on

The 4 Keys to Effective Continuous Testing

The post The 4 Keys to Effective Continuous Testing appeared first on Blogs Continuous Testing automation continuous testing devops speed to market testingIn the digital era, products no longer can win on capabilities alone.

Better Unit Testing with ApprovalTests, an open source library

Agile Alliance

Through both demos and explanation of theory, this session shows you how using ApprovalTests makes testing many types of objects more manageable. Technology testing unit test

Keeping Tests Fast

Net Objectives

TDD tests need to be run frequently. Part of this is the ability to keep very short the feedback loop between tests and production. To run tests frequently without excessive cost requires that they must be executed quickly. Here are some things that help … Continue reading "Keeping Tests Fast". As an agile process, TDD needs to be responsive and flexible. Audio Available TDD