Is Manual Testing Needed?

Henrik Warne

For the past few years, I have heard many people advocating using only automatic tests. For example, if all the automatic tests pass, then the code should automatically be deployed to production. I have always performed a bit of manual testing before feeling confident about my code.

Test Driving and Unit Testing Thread Safety

Agile Alliance

If you've confronted test driving for thread-safety this session is for you. Technology tdd unit testThis session shows how to use TDD to drive the design of a multithreaded code.


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Developer Testing

Henrik Warne

I recently found out about the book Developer Testing – Building Quality Into Software by Alexander Tarlinder , and I immediately wanted to read it. Even though I am a developer at heart, I have always been interested in software testing (I even worked as a tester for two years).

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

models, and test their hypotheses. MONETIZING ANALYTICS FEATURES: Why Data Visualizations. Will Never Be Enough. Go beyond basic embedded dashboards to diferentiate your. application and maximize the value of embedded analytics.

Perfecto Applies AI to Writing Test Scripts

Artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to be applied to the writing and update test scripts. Perfecto has unfurled Perfecto Codeless, which employs machine learning algorithms to automate writing of test scripts in a way that allows them to not only run continuously, but also adjust to changes made to the application. The post Perfecto Applies AI to Writing Test Scripts appeared first on

Test automation?—?From basics to advanced


This article answers the following questions: What are the prerequisites for test automation? What do you achieve by automating tests? What steps do you take to get test automation in place? You’ve decided you need test automation. You’ve read what considerations to keep in mind when creating a successful automated testing […]. The post Test automation?—?From

The 4 Keys to Effective Continuous Testing

The post The 4 Keys to Effective Continuous Testing appeared first on Blogs Continuous Testing automation continuous testing devops speed to market testingIn the digital era, products no longer can win on capabilities alone.

CXOs Overestimating DevOps and Continuous Testing Maturity

More work is needed to achieve continuous testing, Forrester report shows Forrester recently completed an interesting new research project exploring what separates DevOps leaders from DevOps laggards.

Contract Tests Ensure Faithful Doubles

Martin Fowler

Our approach to integration testing avoids hitting real services in order to make testing easier and faster. But then a question rears up - how do we know the test doubles for our integration tests are true doubles of the collaborating service? Ham answers this question by discussing Contract Tests and showing the role they play in his example application.

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

be able to capture in a proposed price, and it’s a good test. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS. Practical Frameworks to Monetize Embedded Analytics Table of Contents Embedding Analytics to Lift Value and Revenue. 1 Customize to Monetize: The Strategic Way to Create Tiered Offerings.

All tests Passing

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Integration Tests in the Pyramid

Martin Fowler

People find the notion of integration tests confusing, since they are ill-defined even by the standards of testing terminology. So they are a great topic for Ham's example application and explanation.

Unit Tests in the Pyramid

Martin Fowler

Ham now starts looking at the pyramid in earnest, beginning with the foundation of the pyramid - unit tests.

5 Steps for Successful Continuous Testing Implementation

The post 5 Steps for Successful Continuous Testing Implementation appeared first on Blogs Continuous Testing DevOps Practice DevOps Toolbox ATDD BDD CI/CD continuous testing test automationContinuous integration (CI) calls for code to be always working. Continuous delivery (CD) and continuous deployment mean that we must be able to roll out a working configuration to production at any time.

How To Build Data-Informed Products

Speaker: Tim Herbig, Director, iridion

As a product manager, you probably know specific ways to gather data to inform your product decisions, like the ever-popular A/B test. What about the times when it doesn't make sense to A/B test, because you have too small a sample size?

TCoE as a Way to Level Up Test Automation

A testing center of excellence (TCoE) can help you leverage automated testing efforts. The “World Quality Report 2018-19” claims that test automation is almost a heal-all concept in QA and one of the most booming trends for the near future.

Introduction: Espresso Testing


And in this article, we will talk about Espresso Testing. To meet this objective there are several types of ui tests: Classic ui testing -> focuses on views and their interactions. Snapshot testing -> guarantees the perfect design, leaving interactions aside.

Better Unit Testing with ApprovalTests, an open source library

Agile Alliance

Through both demos and explanation of theory, this session shows you how using ApprovalTests makes testing many types of objects more manageable. Technology testing unit test

UI and End-to-End tests

Martin Fowler

The whole point of the test pyramid is to remind us that broad scope tests should be rare, since they are usually expensive and slow. Rareness isn't the same as absence, so now Ham takes a look at role of UI tests and end-to-end testing in general.

The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

May be a good place to beta test. at these levels, you may find Levels 1 and 2 helpful for beta testing. To some extent, you may also be able to test how people adopt and. So if you’re going to test at. FROM BASIC BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE REQUIREMENTS TO.

Testing machine learning interpretability techniques

O'Reilly Media - Data

The importance of testing your tools, using multiple tools, and seeking consistency across various interpretability techniques. Why do we need to test interpretability techniques? How do we test interpretability techniques?

Datadog Acquires App Dev Testing Platform Madumbo

Datadog announced it is extending its reach beyond IT monitoring to include application testing by acquiring Madumbo. Madumdo CEO Gabriel-James Safar said it’s become increasingly apparent that application testing needs to be more informed by the metrics gathered by IT monitoring tools.

DevOps Video Chat: DevOps Testing with Ryan Lloyd of SmartBear

The testing landscape in DevOps is a big one, with lots of established players feeding the machine. The force behind Swagger, SoapUI and others is perhaps not as well-known as its brethren in the DevOps testing space, but it cuts a wide swath.

Testing Apache Kudu Applications on the JVM

Cloudera Engineering

that allow you to write tests using a Kudu cluster without needing to build Kudu yourself, without any knowledge of C++, and without any complicated coordination around starting and stopping Kudu clusters for each test. This post describes how the new testing utilities work and how you can use them in your application tests. In order to use the new testing utilities, the following requirements must be met: OS. Test Setup. Continue the test.

DevOps Chat: Crowdsourced Continuous Testing with Rainforest’s Derek Choy

Scaling your testing is the scourge of many software teams. While test automation and continuous testing have made great strides, it still is difficult to automate every QA test. Also, engineering resources who can script these tests are difficult to find.

IBM Adds Automated Testing Tool for Mainframe to DevOps Portfolio

IBM has added an automated testing tool to the portfolio of DevOps tools it has developed for mainframes. The post IBM Adds Automated Testing Tool for Mainframe to DevOps Portfolio appeared first on

Websites for testing and debugging JavaScript code

I'm Programmer

Here we provide Top 12 websites for testing and debugging JavaScript code. If you’re trying your hands in development and need to practice coding, make sure you test and debug your code simultaneously. Here you can test and practice your work on resizable panels.

6 test automation tools developers love


Establishing a whole-team approach to testing in all phases of the software development lifecycle can be challenging. Even when testers use development-centric languages and IDEs to create automated tests, many developers still resist the notion of having to test their own code. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Test Automation, Automation Guild, Automation Guild 2019

The Rise of Test Impact Analysis

Martin Fowler

Paul Hammant shines a light on Test Impact Analysis: a modern way of speeding up the test automation phase of a build. It works by analyzing the call-graph of the source code to work out which tests should be run after a change to production code. Microsoft has done some extensive work on this approach, but it's also possible for development teams to implement something useful quite cheaply.

Why 2019 Will Be the Year for Shift-Left Mainframe Testing

While 2018 was the year for planning and implementing shift-left methodologies in testing, mainframe and server testers were, for the most part, left behind. These legacy infrastructure experts were tied down to old-school testing tools.

10 features every codeless test automation tool should offer


Dear codeless test automation tool vendors: App Dev & Testing, Testing, Test Automation, Application Testing, Quality Assurance (QA

49 great resources for performance testing teams


One major roadblock that prevents teams from successfully executing performance testing is a lack of training. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Special Coverage: Performance Guild 2019, Performance TestingSometimes, just knowing where to start can be a challenge.

Parallelizing test automation? Read this first.


App Dev & Testing, Testing, Test Automation, STAREAST Conference, STAREAST Conference 2019You've done your due diligence. You've reviewed your automation. You've responsibly removed or refactored appropriate components. But despite these efforts, your automation takes longer to execute than you can tolerate; your team just can't wait that long for feedback.

Performance Testing An Evolution in Software Testing

Cabot Solutions

Performance Testing is a test process used to determine quality factors like the scalability effectiveness reliability etc of a system This article outlines the importance of performance testing and its ongoing evolution

Continuous Integration Testing Using Selenium

Cabot Solutions

Continuous Integration testing is very important for developing good quality software Read this article to know about using Selenium for this software testing

TCP Connection Testing with Telnet

Linux Academy

Telnet is the perfect tool for testing TCP port connectivity. Let’s walk through how to use Telnet for TCP connection testing, as taught in Linux Networking and Troubleshooting. The post TCP Connection Testing with Telnet appeared first on Linux Academy Blog.

Growing Agile: A Coach’s Guide to Agile Testing

Agile Alliance

This books includes a collection of workshops to help teams grasp 5 key agile testing principles and adopt an agile testing mindset. Technology TestingIt's not just for testers.

The state of test automation: 7 key trends to watch


I also speak with many testing thought leaders on my weekly Test Talks podcast. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Automation Guild, Application Testing, Test Automation, Automation Guild 2019Prior to my Automation Guild conference each year, I survey the community about the issues they're struggling with.

software testing vs software development

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The post software testing vs software development appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes difference between software testing and development software testing vs software development tester vs developer