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Continuous Delivery Advances Come at Cost of Testing

A survey of 820 application development professionals conducted by Applitools, a provider of an application testing platform, found well over a third of respondents (38%) working for organizations that now deploy daily changes to production environments.

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Harnessing AI in Continuous Delivery and Deployment

In my recent article Revolutionizing the Nine Pillars of DevOps with AI-Engineered Tools, I explained that the continuous delivery pillar is an approach where code changes are automatically built, tested and prepared for release to production; this may be followed by continuous deployment where an approved release is automatically deployed to the production (..)


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Continuous Delivery Without Exception

Continuous delivery (CD) and all the other continuous things—continuous integration (CI), continuous testing, continuous deployment—have become the new mantra of DevOps. The post Continuous Delivery Without Exception appeared first on

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Continuous Delivery Challenge Looms Large in 2022

As 2022 kicks off, it’s becoming apparent that the major DevOps challenge organizations will face is mastering best practices that enable continuous delivery. The post Continuous Delivery Challenge Looms Large in 2022 appeared first on However, less than one in […].

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Benefits of Continuous Delivery

Henrik Warne

For the past two years, we have been using continuous delivery at work. This means that as soon as a feature is ready (implemented, code-reviewed and tested), it is deployed to production. Continuous delivery is by far the best way in my opinion, and here is why: Benefits. Lower risk. DevOps culture.

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The State of Continuous Delivery in 2021

Therefore, mature DevOps systems employ continuous delivery (CD), the process of releasing bite-sized software changes on a regular basis. The post The State of Continuous Delivery in 2021 appeared first on So, what […].

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Continuous delivery in DevOps – A brief inside!


It has always been a point of concern that what is continuous delivery? Continuous delivery is a software development approach that accelerates the deployment of new code by automating the process. What is continuous delivery. What is continuous delivery in DevOps? Simplifying the flow of work.