Can’t-miss sessions for AWS Summit Chicago


AWS Summit Chicago on the horizon, and while there’s no explicit serverless track, there are some amazing sessions to check out. Here are my top choices for the serverless sessions and a workshop you won’t want to miss: Workshop for Serverless Computing with AWS + Stackery + Epsagon.

Comparing Nuclio and AWS Lambda

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AWS Advances DevOps Agenda at Summit Event

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has added services to its cloud platform designed to automate the creation of virtual private clouds (VPCs) and made available additional tools to build applications and integrate external data.

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Building an Elixir runtime for AWS Lambda


At the most recent AWS Re:invent, Amazon announced support for custom runtimes on AWS Lambda. AWS has support for quite a few languages out of the box; NodeJS being the fastest, but not always most readable one. Python can be edited from the AWS Console, while for Java, C# and Go binaries have to be […]. The post Building an Elixir runtime for AWS Lambda appeared first on Xebia Blog. AWS aws AWS Lambda elixir

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Building an Elixir runtime for AWS Lambda


At the most recent AWS Re:invent, Amazon announced support for custom runtimes on AWS Lambda. AWS has support for quite a few languages out of the box; NodeJS being the fastest, but not always most readable one. Python can be edited from the AWS Console, while for Java, C# and Go binaries have to be […]. The post Building an Elixir runtime for AWS Lambda appeared first on Xebia Blog. AWS aws AWS Lambda elixir

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Pulumi Advances DevOps on AWS

Pulumi announced the availability of Pulumi Crosswalk for Amazon Web Services (AWS), an open source framework for deploying applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The post Pulumi Advances DevOps on AWS appeared first on

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Stackery Smooths AWS Serverless Integration for DevOps

Stackery today announced a plug-in capability that will allow developers to build and debug code destined to run on the Lambda serverless computing service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) from within an integrated development environment (IDE) running on a local machine.

AWS Postgres Pricing Comparison


Maybe you’re looking to use PostgreSQL in your AWS environment – if so, you need to make sure to evaluate pricing and compare your options before you decide. Let’s take a look at some of your options for running PostgreSQL databases in AWS. Option 3: Postgres-Compatible AWS Aurora.

How Big is AWS?


If you’re at all familiar with cloud computing, you know Amazon Web Services is a giant – but just how big is AWS? How big is AWS’s staff? AWS has just over 40,000 employees listed on LinkedIn, but of course, that’s not the most accurate measure. How big is AWS’s infrastructure?

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Enhance DevOps Experience with AWS Smart Tools

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become a leading provider of DevOps tools and services and has been instrumental in taking this experience to a higher […]. The post Enhance DevOps Experience with AWS Smart Tools appeared first on

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Budgeting & Forecasting for AWS


Owners of AWS budgets need to figure out how best to manage their spend. Some companies hire consultants, others develop in-house specialties or hire the right people, and others purchase products that make it easier to manage AWS spend.

Pub-Sub messaging with AWS SNS and SQS


The post Pub-Sub messaging with AWS SNS and SQS appeared first on Xebia Blog. Development amazon aws Architecture AWS SNS AWS SQSWhen setting up a new application or platform, one of the most important things that you will need is messaging. As every part of the platform has a certain need for data, either realtime or after the fact, messages from other services within the application boundary need to be processed as efficiently as possible. This […].

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AWS offers online CCP certification: Pants-optional testing 24/7

A Cloud Guru

Want to get your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP) certification but prefer to do so from the pants-free comfort of home? AWS recently announced the CCP exam can now be taken online, anytime and (almost) anywhere. Certification AWS

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Revolutionize Software Delivery with DevOps and AWS

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DevOps Chat: Global Intelligence for AWS GuardDuty, With Sumo Logic

During AWS re:Inforce 2019, Sumo […]. The post DevOps Chat: Global Intelligence for AWS GuardDuty, With Sumo Logic appeared first on Blogs DevOps Chat DevSecOps Features AWS AWS GuardDuty devops chat Global Intelligence Service sumo logic

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Licensing and Support for Oracle Applications on AWS

Apps Associates

Moving Your Legacy Applications to Cloud One of the most frequent questions that we are asked by customers is whether their Oracle license and support will remain valid when running on Amazon Web Services (“AWS”).

AWS 75

RDX Eases Oracle Database Migration to PostgreSQL on AWS

RDX this week launched a set of tools designed to make it easier to convert applications running on an Oracle database to Amazon Aurora, an instance of an open source PostgreSQL database running on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud that is compatible with Oracle databases.

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9 Ways to Get AWS Credits


AWS credits are a way to save on your Amazon Web Services (AWS) bill. Credits are applied to AWS cloud bills to help cover costs that are associated with eligible services, and are applied until they are exhausted or they expire. AWS Activate. AWS Marketplace.

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Gorilla Logic, AWS, and Maxar Share Cloud Transformation Experiences

Gorilla Logic

Gorilla Logic recently collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host an intimate workshop where attendees could learn about and share their cloud transformation experiences and the AWS products that enable the process.

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ParkMyCloud Now Supports AWS GovCloud


February 26, 2019 (Dulles, VA) – ParkMyCloud, provider of the leading enterprise platform for continuous cost control in public cloud, announced today that it now supports AWS GovCloud (US). AWS GovCloud (US) is Amazon’s cloud region for sensitive data and regulated workloads.

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Dynamic Routing with AWS Lambda@Edge


Early in 2016, TrueCar decided to move internet operations off premises from its data centers to the AWS cloud. Some operational and logistical challenges were presented when TrueCar decided to move its internet infrastructure into the AWS cloud.

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Bridging the gap between AWS Lambda and other clouds: TriggerMesh


If you want to do serverless computing today chances are you’re using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda. Which is fine if you’re wedded to AWS, but if you’d rather use another cloud or run a hybrid cloud, AWS-specific Lambda may not be ideal. Cloud AWS lambda serverless TriggerMeshEnter TriggerMesh Knative Lambda Sources (KLASS), which offers a way to bridge […].

Understanding Pillar 1 of AWS’ Well-Architected Framework

AWS’ Well-Architected Framework provides a wealth of incredibly valuable best practices and guidelines structured around five distinct pillars that more cloud-native organizations would do well to heed.

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Machine learning and AI technologies and platforms at AWS

O'Reilly Media - Data

Dan Romuald Mbanga walks through the ecosystem around the machine learning platform and API services at AWS. Continue reading Machine learning and AI technologies and platforms at AWS

AWS Careers: On the Road to All 9 AWS Certifications

Linux Academy

I had the pleasure of speaking with one of our amazing students about his experience training for AWS certifications on Linux Academy. Mike had a lot of great advice for others who are training for certifications and developing their AWS knowledge. Looking to develop your AWS skills?

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Choosing the Right AWS Certification For You

Linux Academy

There are currently 6 AWS certification exams, and 4 specialty AWS certification exams. These are the: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level (AWS CSA). AWS Certified Developer – Associate Level (AWS CDA).

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Learn AWS by Doing with New AWS Hands-On Training!

Linux Academy

AWS is one of the fastest growing cloud service platforms offered today. Whether you’re an experienced AWS user or just starting out, there’s always more to learn. Check out our newest AWS hands-on training content below! New AWS Courses. Ready to learn AWS by doing?

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How to Optimize Your AWS Cloud Costs to Maximize Results

Cabot Solutions

Cost optimization of AWS cloud services is actually quite achievable This article outlines how to optimize your AWS cloud costs to maximize results

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The AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam: Understand the Economics of AWS

The New Stack

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam asks you to demonstrate familiarity with Amazon Web Services as the first step on your way to earn other AWS certifications. AWS tells you to be ready to pick the right type of instance. AWS servers are a great deal.

AWS 103

Single Page Application on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Serverless Platform

Apps Associates

Apps Associates has been working with one of the leading financial organization in the world to move their existing on-premises applications into AWS cloud. The project includes designing and developing several frameworks to automate the deployment securely to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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AWS Lambda Versioning and Aliases

Linux Academy

As I detailed in a previous blog post, I’m continuing to update the Linux Academy AWS DevOps Pro certification course. AWS Lambda, and. AWS API Gateway. AWS Lambda and Serverless Concepts. AWS Lambda supports creating aliases for each of your Lambda function versions.

Top 5 AWS Security Mistakes: Leaky S3 Buckets

As we get ready to discuss our list of the Top 5 AWS Security Mistakes in the upcoming webinar, we wanted to provide a preview of the type and depth of information we’ll be discussing. The post Top 5 AWS Security Mistakes: Leaky S3 Buckets appeared first on

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If you use AWS RIs, you need to use the new queuing option


The AWS reserved instance (AWS RI) offerings got a recent upgrade with the release of a “queue” function. If you haven’t used AWS RIs before, it’s worth a brief primer. AWS RI purchases can be queued for regional Reserved Instances, but not zonal Reserved Instances.


AWS Lambda Pricing: Low, But Unpredictable


Today’s entry into our exploration of public cloud prices focuses on AWS Lambda pricing. How AWS Lambda Pricing Works. AWS Lambda pricing is based on what you use. Why AWS Lambda Pricing is So Confusing. AWS Lambda Costs Are Just One Factor.

Meet Linux Academy at the New York AWS Summit!

Linux Academy

The Linux Academy team will be at the New York AWS Summit! Our AWS Training Architects are excited to speak with you about how continuous learning can change your organization. Fill out this form , and we can schedule a time to meet while we are at the New York AWS Summit.

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New: RightSizing Recommendations for AWS and Google Cloud


Today, we’re happy to share the latest in cost optimization: ParkMyCloud now makes RightSizing recommendations for your resources in AWS and Google Cloud. AWS GovCloud Support. AWS Marketplace availability. Google Cloud How to Save on AWS ParkMyCloud News

Instana Automatic APM Now Available in Amazon AWS Marketplace

AWS Users Can Seamlessly Install and Purchase Automatic Application Monitoring and Tracing SAN FRANCISCO AND SOLINGEN, GERMANY – APRIL 19, 2019 Instana, the leading provider of Automatic Application Monitoring (APM) solutions for cloud-native applications, today announced that its automatic APM solution is available for purchase in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. AWS subscribers can now acquire Instana […]. Latest News Releases apm AWS instana

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Which AWS certification is right for me?

A Cloud Guru

So you’re thinking about getting AWS certified. That’s great! Cloud computing skills are in huge demand , and whether you’re looking to take your career to the next level or jump into a new field, the right certification can help you open the door to some life-changing opportunities.

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Releasing AWS Lambda Haskell Runtime v2

The Agile Monkey

We got super excited when we released the AWS Lambda Haskell runtime, described in one of our previous posts , because you could finally run Haskell in AWS Lambda natively. runtime provided by allowing us to select a handler from the AWS Lambda panel.

The Basics of AWS Billing


Transparency in pricing and consistency in its application are a big part the AWS success story. In this blog we will go over some basics of AWS billing that you should be aware of as you purchase capacity from AWS. Each AWS service is billed separately, using its own metric.

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