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Linux as the new developer default at 37signals

David Heinemeier Hansson

But it certainly also had its disadvantages, like dealing with Apple's awful reliability years , and being cut off from seeing how half our Basecamp customer base saw by default (since they're on Windows!). The end result will be a company that has people running Mac, Windows, and Linux. The year of Linux on the desktop.

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Linux 6.3: What’s New ¦ AWS Layoffs are a Worry

In this week’s #TheLongView: A new Linux kernel drops and layoffs at Amazon Web Services point to trouble. The post Linux 6.3: What’s New ¦ AWS Layoffs are a Worry appeared first on

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What happens when you leak AWS credentials and how AWS minimizes the damage


I heard multiple times that AWS scans public GitHub repositories for AWS credentials and informs its users of the leaked credentials. So I am curious to see this for myself, so I decided to intentionally leak AWS credentials to a Public GitHub repository. Below you will find detailed information about every event.

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AWS Outage Outrage | Rusty Linux | ARM Latest

In this week’s The Long View: Amazon Web Services falls on its face, Linux’s move to Rust takes the next step, and the FTC stabs another fatal wound in the horrible Arm/Nvidia deal. The post AWS Outage Outrage | Rusty Linux | ARM Latest appeared first on

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High-performance computing on AWS


How does High-Performance Computing on AWS differ from regular computing? HPC services on AWS Compute Technically you could design and build your own HPC cluster on AWS, it will work but you will spend time on plumbing and undifferentiated heavy lifting. AWS has two services to support your HPC workload.

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Daily Crunch: Major tech firms partner with Linux Foundation to support open map data development


A gaggle of companies, including Meta, Microsoft, AWS and TomTom, have partnered with the Linux Foundation to form the Overture Maps Foundation to do a few things: develop interoperable open map data and knock Google’s map dominance down a few pegs. In non-book news, there’s a bushel of stories from TechCrunch for ya!

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Meet Linux Academy at the New York AWS Summit!

Linux Academy

The Linux Academy team will be at the New York AWS Summit! Our AWS Training Architects are excited to speak with you about how continuous learning can change your organization. Stop by the Linux Academy booth to see why our platform is the best way to reach your cloud and Linux goals. Ready for a demo? Move faster.

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