TDD and System Architecture

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In truth, some of these problems actually indicate faults in the system architecture. For example, developers will struggle to write unit tests of behavior that is embedded in a user interface, or in stored procedures … Continue reading "TDD and System Architecture". When first adopting TDD, developers can run into some roadblocks that seem to indicate that TDD is a difficult process.

Primer: Understanding Software and System Architecture

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Some key concepts this article refers to are explained in her previous Distributed Systems Primer article. This treatment would be of particular interest to system architects that need to understand and deploy and manage distributed cloud native systems. Software Architecture.

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When technology is something to sing about


Writing about music is like dancing about systems architecture. Careers & Culture

Computer-Based Training: April 2020 Release in Review

Security Innovation

As IT systems expand in their complexity, ensuring security diligence becomes increasingly challenging.

Operational Excellence and the Success of Software Deployments

The driving idea is reliability must be baked into system architectures and infrastructure from the beginning. When we talk about best practices for software reliability, the conversation tends to focus on optimizing the applications themselves and the infrastructure that hosts them.

What Quality Metrics Matter Most for DevOps?

Despite seismic shifts in business expectations, development methodologies, system architectures and team structures, most organizations still rely on quality metrics that were designed for a much different era.

The Wonderful World of Distributed Systems and the Art of Metadata Management


While other Hyperconverged solutions have since come out, what differentiates Nutanix from the other solutions is the focus on implementing a highly scalable, reliable and performant distributed systems architecture Nutanix introduced the first Hyperconverged platform to the market in 2011.

The Wonderful World of Distributed Systems and the Art of Metadata Management


While other Hyperconverged solutions have since come out, what differentiates Nutanix from the other solutions is the focus on implementing a highly scalable, reliable and performant distributed systems architecture Nutanix introduced the first Hyperconverged platform to the market in 2011.

Top Disadvantages to Adopting Microservices (And Why You Should Do It Anyway)


New system architectures introduce brand new skills, tools and processes that need to be learned. The flow of data across new distributed systems is much more complex, especially within systems working at mass scale.

Modus Create Announces Modus Kickstart to Streamline Product Development Process

Modus Create

Starting with team alignment and preparedness, customers participate in a series of workshops that will focus on goal alignment, user story mapping, system architecture and more.

Where to Get Help with Programming Assignments?

The Crazy Programmer

Once you learn how to build a system architecture, you can integrate multiple machine codes for various programming processes.

RecordService: For Fine-Grained Security Enforcement Across the Hadoop Ecosystem

Cloudera Engineering

In this post, we’ll explain the motivation, system architecture, Read more. This new core security layer provides a unified data access path for all Hadoop ecosystem components, while improving performance.

An Architecture for Secure COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Cloudera Engineering

This post describes an architecture, and associated controls for privacy, to build a data platform for a nationwide proactive contact tracing solution. By using such a system it would be possible to significantly improve the speed at which social distancing restrictions can be lifted.

Fed Tech Roundup November 5th


Northrop Grumman Demonstrates 5th-to-4th Generation Gateway Radio Using Open Mission Systems Architecture. Federal prison system wants anti-drone technology - Network World. The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from and ): Fed Tech Ticker. Northrop Grumman Highlights Global Defence and Security Capabilities at 2015 Dubai Airshow. What Technology Should Be Un-Invented? Nextgov.

Primer: Understanding the Cloud Native Impact on Architecture

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This is Part 2 of our previous article “ Primer: Understanding Software and System Architecture.” ” In today’s race towards digital transformation, architectural best practices are often sacrificed for speed. Catherine Paganini.

Why You Must Reinvent Testing for Agile and DevOps

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Decentralization of Architectures and Teams. System architectures have oscillated from a centralized to a much more decentralized set of integrated systems. The Development team structure has traditionally followed the system architecture trends.

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TARS Microservices Extended to the ARM Architecture

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Tencent, an internet-based platform company, has developed TARS microservices for ARM CPU architectures. TARS, a mature open source remote procedure call (RPC) framework is widely used by developers as a toolbox for quickly building systems and automatically generating code.

The Early Release Books Keep Coming: This Time, Hadoop Security

Cloudera Engineering

The early release contains two chapters on System Architecture and Securing Data Ingest and is available in O’Reilly’s catalog and in Safari Books. Hadoop Security is the latest book from Cloudera engineers in the Hadoop ecosystem books canon.

How Ably Efficiently Implemented Consistent Hashing

High Scalability

In this article, we’ll understand what consistent hashing is all about and why it is an essential tool in scalable distributed system architectures. This is a guest post by Srushtika Neelakantam , Developer Advovate for Ably Realtime, a realtime data delivery platform.

Software Architect Role, Skills, and Impact on Product Success


There are dozens of definitions for a software or technical architect, but in most general terms a person holding this position drives all critical decisions about the organization of the software system. An example of a high-level architectural diagram for an Internet banking system.

What’s Wrong With Training Wheels?


First of all, our balance bike operates best without dependencies, and we must acknowledge that dependencies are an architectural problem. The boy looked to be four or five years old. He was laboriously pushing the pedals of his bike, hands gripping the high handlebars.

Cable’s 10G Platform to Provide Synchronization for 5G


This is achieved in practice by means of the radios and “their controllers” connecting to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). A high-level architecture of the solution framework is illustrated in the figure below (technical details can be obtained in this SCTE white paper ).

Agile Misconception #2: We Don’t Need Documentation

Atomic Spin

From requirements to systems architecture to design, you’re creating documentation at every step of the process. Architecture diagrams. Architecture diagrams specifically don’t change often, and they are a good way to identify integration points.

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Reactive architecture benefits & use cases


While the term reactive architecture has been around for a long time, only relatively recently has it been recognized by the industry and hit mainstream adoption. Reactive Architecture is nothing more than the combination of reactive programming and software architectures.

How You Can Reimagine the Future of Testing

The New Stack

Today’s software testing professionals have already witnessed seismic shifts in business expectations, development methodologies, system architectures and more. Tricentis sponsored this post. Sandeep Johri.

Code Documentation: How To Create Effective Handover Documentation


This could be code linking two applications or systems, or code used for a proprietary software application. System Architecture. High-Level View: Provide an architecture overview document with a high-level view of the application.

Dawn of Kafka DevOps: Managing Multi-Cluster Kafka Connect and KSQL with Confluent Control Center


Kafka Connect is used for building event streaming data pipelines between upstream and downstream systems with Kafka, and KSQL is used for building stream processing applications declared in a SQL-like language.

Guiding parameters for an effective analytics architecture


We live in an age where systems and applications are evolving at a rapid pace where technologies transition from vogue to commonplace to obsolete in less than a decade. Hence, it is important to ensure that the overall data systems architecture is well defined, nuanced for specific needs and follows best practices and guidelines for data management. From my experience of designing and implementing architectures, the most important consideration is business objective.

Deep Learning AI Generates Convincing Deepfake Videos of Mona Lisa

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By designing it in such a way, the team’s system was able to achieve what is called “few-shot learning” capability, where it is able to “learn” and train itself on only a few images before going on to synthesize completely new, artificially generated images.

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Four short links: 11 September 2019

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Waltz: A Distributed Write-Ahead Log — Waltz is similar to existing log systems like Kafka in that it accepts/persists/propagates transaction data produced/consumed by many services. Distributed Consistency, Face Anonymization, Game Mechanic Discovery, and Images of Images.

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How to Deploy IT Innovation During a Crisis

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Taylor brings nearly 20 years of experience in enterprise IT systems, distributed systems architecture, and software engineering, with nearly a decade focusing exclusively on public cloud technology. Delays only add to the losses; other systems downstream could break as well.

Cell-Based Architecture: A New Decentralized Approach for Cloud Native Patterns

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This is the first article of a three-part series outlining the new cell-based architecture , which was published as an open specification on GitHub last summer. Our approach creates a pragmatic and technology-neutral reference architecture that addresses the requirement for agility.

15 Books by leading software architects


As you may already know, Apiumhub team is software architecture-oriented and reads books for software architects on a weekly basis. This year Apiumhub organizes Global Software Architecture Summit 10th of october, which will take place in Barcelona. It democratizes architecture.

APIDays Paris: Building Lambdas and Agility in the Land of Sartre

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When people tell you about microservices architecture or API design, they need to talk to you about the people who are behind it, because as it turns out, the people will make the changes.

Neurosynaptic Microchip Uses Light and Algorithms to Mimic Human Brain

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That’s because of the way they are built, as the architecture of conventional, silicon-based computer hardware has data being sent between separate memory and processor units. “This integrated photonic system is an experimental milestone,” said Pernice.

An Interview


From there I moved to an engineering department in 3M where we developed control systems for the big machines that make tape. Similarly, at SpaceX, every component has a ‘responsible engineer’ who figures out how to make that component do its proper job as part of the launch system.

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The alternative for IT talent sourcing – Distributed Agile Delivery


On site at our clients, we provide the Solution Delivery Office, where our design team members collaborate with our client’s staff in their native language, to establish the system specifications, the solution’s system architecture, and the customer journey and experience.

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