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Agile Book Club: System Architecture

James Shore

But what about the components that make up a deployed system? Those components and interactions form your system architecture. Evolutionary System Architecture. ?? Discussion prompts: How have you seen teams approach designing system architecture? Doc Norton joins us to explore this question further.

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Diagramming System Architecture in 5 Simple Steps


As part of our final project handoff to Tandem clients, we provide a diagram of the product’s architecture — a visual depiction of the various systems, platforms, and tools that work together to support a software product. Here’s how we create system architecture diagrams. Software products are often complex.


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TDD and System Architecture

Net Objectives

In truth, some of these problems actually indicate faults in the system architecture. For example, developers will struggle to write unit tests of behavior that is embedded in a user interface, or in stored procedures … Continue reading "TDD and System Architecture".

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Aurora and Continental pass first major hurdle in commercial self-driving trucks deal


The two companies said Friday that the design and system architecture of an autonomous vehicle hardware kit is now complete. Aurora and automotive supplier Continental have wrapped up the first phase of a more than $300 million project to mass produce autonomous vehicle hardware for commercial self-driving trucks. All rights reserved.

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Teeny EV startup Arcimoto hooks up with defense contractor


In addition to all that, Arcimoto said in a statement that it will sell “electrical systems architecture and energy storage systems” to Matbock, which makes “hybrid-electric tactical vehicles.”

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10 highest-paying IT jobs


Solutions architect Solutions architects are responsible for building, developing, and implementing systems architecture within an organization, ensuring that they meet business or customer needs. They’re also charged with assessing a business’ current system architecture, and identifying solutions to improve, change, and modernize it.

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Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams - Part 2

Dzone - DevOps

In episode 2 we discuss strategies for reducing the cognitive load on a team, how to build organizational trust to allow for fast change, and the theory behind reversing Conway's Law to produce sustainable system architecture.