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This collection of data governance resources will get you up to speed on the basics and best practices. Whether you’re just getting started with data governance or you have previous experience, you’ll find something useful on this list of data governance resources.

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A Digital Service Canvas for Government and Enterprise


If there is to be a game-changer, it will have to come from the market, or from government, or both. For example, the UK Government’s Digital Service Standard has promoted digital services as an enabler for “Government as a Platform”.

AI for Government Programs and the Federal Marketplace


ScaleUP USA has developed a free “Artificial Intelligence for Government” program to help the government employees and contractors learn foundational skills around Artificial Intelligence and the unique challenges faced in using it in the government. Artificial Intelligence CTO Government

Data governance and the death of schema on read

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Enter data governance. Traditionally, data governance is much more akin to EDWs than data lakes—formal management and definition, controlled vocabularies, access control, standardization, regulatory compliance, expiration policies. Today’s data governance retains some of its traditional reactive roots. But increasingly in the big data arena, proactive data governance is saving the democratized data lake from itself.

Carahsoft: Trusted government solutions provider


They make it easier for government to interact with industry and make it easier for industry to understand government mission needs. We have been fans of Carahsoft since their earliest days. It is rare to see companies able to remove friction from business processes like they do. They sponsor high quality events that examine topics [.]. Services Companies Carahsoft

What Is The Difference Between Data Governance and Big Data Governance?


The video at this link and embedded below starts with a great question: What is the difference between data governance and big data governance? In this video, Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer, talks about the difference between data governance and big data governance.

Call for Papers: Data Governance – An Overdue Concern

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Several converging forces are putting pressure on our management of information – regardless of whether we view the subject as individuals, corporations, nonprofits, or government authorities. In other words, what does “data governance” mean and how do you put it in place? Article ideas might include, but are not limited to, the following: What does data governance mean and what are some effective governance models? What is the future of data governance?

Reflections on Dubai’s World Government Summit

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The World Government Summit held there this week was a bold statement to the world: Dubai is looking to the future; it is visionary and optimistic. Swallowed whole by Brexit, the UK government is largely ignoring the AI-fuelled future which is bearing down on us.

Why Interest In “Data Governance” Is Increasing


Our main focus is improving what is commonly referred to as "data governance." Interest in data governance has been increasing as suggested by this three year plot of Google searches (Plotted using GOOGLE TRENDS to search for "Data Governance" on June […]. Interest is Increasing I'm working with colleagues to improve how data resources are managed.

Carahsoft: IT Solutions for Government


We have known and worked with Carahsoft for years, they have become an institution in the federal technology ecosystem, known for being able to help government agencies find the right technology to serve their missions and also known for helping tech firms do business with government.

Considering A Departure From Government Service? Look before you leap!


Now’s a good time to remember what’s good about Government work, and quit dreaming about what’s on the other side. Government Civil Service By ChrisScott. Last month I was approached by one of my favorite DoD colleagues, inquiring about opportunities “out there” in Industry.

Twitter’s Fight for Transparency Targets the U.S. Government


American interest in online privacy and surveillance programs has jumped since Edward Snowden’s revelations about digital government surveillance in the United States. government. Big Data Cyber Security Government News Social Media Data Requests social media surveillance Twitter

SAS and Apache Hadoop for Government


New in the CTOvision Research Library: We have just posted an overview of an architectural assessment we produced laying out best practices and design patterns for the use of SAS and Apache Hadoop, with a focus on the government sector. By Bob Gourley.

Thinking About “Data Program Governance”


One phrase in regular rotation in my elevator pitch is “data program governance." Governance means the program is planned and managed in an organized and sustainable way. Creating a data program governance strategy is not unlike creating other types of enterprise business strategies. Traditional organizational structures can create barriers to implementing a coherent enterprise-wide data governance strategy. Separate governance from services? Dennis D. McDonald.

Hackers Breach Dozens of Local Government Payment Portals to Steal Credit Card Data


Hackers stole personal data including credit card information of more than 300,000 US citizens across 46 cities, using a vulnerability in government payment software Click2Gov. Security research firm Gemini Advisory published a report Tuesday that provides new details on how vulnerabilities in Click2Gov, a widely used type of government payment software, has affected towns from Oceanside, […].

Net Threats: Deteriorating Trust in Governments and Corporations


Researchers at Pew identified four major themes among responses, and this post will discuss the second theme – Trust will evaporate in the wake of revelations about government and corporate surveillance and likely greater surveillance in the future. By Shannon Perry.

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Marc Andreessen on the Future of Technology and Automation, Robotics, and AI can Impact Government Service


Previous posts discussed future tech scenarios around the year 2030 and context on government services in the future. In this post we provide Marc’s thoughts around the future of technology including automation, robotics and AI and implications for government, business and citizens.

Palo Alto Networks in the Government Sector


Palo Alto Networks has just announced a new public sector advisory council and the addition of Ryan Gillis to the Palo Alto Networks team as Vice President of Government Affairs and Policy. By Bob Gourley.

Marc Andreessen on the Future of Technology and Implications for Government Service to Citizens


If you are a professional in technology, government and/or business you have no doubt already been exposed to the very interesting Marc Andreessen. By Bob Gourley.

Federal Government Signals Interest In Several Key Leading Edge Technologies


One of the federal government’s key procurement arms, the General Services Administration (GSA), has released a survey to the tech community in the form of a request for information asking a few simple questions regarding the experience of their vendor base. As technologists we found the questions informative and insightful and even inspiring (it was great seeing the government prove they are tracking developments in the tech world). By Bob Gourley.

Cognitio Cloud Transition and Cyber Assessment Offerings Available on Major Government Wide Acquisition Contract CIO-CS


Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) are pre-competed vehicles that enable any government agency to buy cost-effective, innovative solutions to meet information technology requirements. Big Data Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security Government CIO-CS Cloud security Cybersecurity

Questions for Government Leaders To Ask About Your Cybersecurity Posture


I have worked with Bob Gourley to come up with a set of questions that government leaders should be asking to mitigate cyber security risks. Government leaders, project managers, systems engineers, and executives can accelerate enhancements to cyber security and mitigate digital risks by focusing on five key questions: - What is the cyber threat to the mission? - Big Data CTO Cyber Security Bob Gourley Computer security Cyber Threat Government agency insider threat

Have You Ever Had A Complaint/Suggestion About How The Federal Government Buys Technology


Everyone with any history in or around government has stories they can tell about federal government procurements. Perhaps the first 535 reasons are the 535 voting members of the US Congress that have the funding, oversight and legislative powers for how government works. And then there is the fact that the center of all executive power in our government, the President, is a political position. By Bob Gourley.

Marc Andreessen on the future of technology and the nature of government services


In this post we provide some of Marc’s views around the nature of government services in the near future. Andreessen: We can assume that by 2030 all government services can be online. The Internet is changing the DMV and most every other state, federal and local government office.

American Industry Benefiting From Government Cybersecurity Executive Transitions


For decades corporate America has turned to former government executives as a source of talent. Since the critical infrastructure is primarily owned and operated by the private sector, our government can’t be expected to solve all the problems in keeping America safe. government, especially those with national security experience. Will industry demand cause more in government to decide to leave earlier and will that cause impact to important agency missions?

Building a Realistic and Effective Data Program Governance Strategy


In Six Data Management Steps To Consider Before An Administration Shift William Sullivan of Cloudera lists the following steps government agency executives need to consider before the new Administration arrives: Take a close look at the data you have available. Making such distinctions is a major reason why it's important to distinguish between data management and data program governance, as I discussed in Thinking About “Data Program Governance.”. Dennis D. McDonald.

Webinar 21 May: Data Governance – Best Practices & Land Mines


Most organizations already struggle with implementing these concepts, making data governance a significant challenge. In this webcast, you will learn from industry thought leaders -- Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer , and Andrew Brust , Datameer’s Senior Director of Product Marketing and ZDNet’s Big Data blogger – some best practices and land mines in Big Data governance, including: Being regulation-compliant without locking users out of their data. Big Data Data governance

Firemon: Providing proactive security intelligence and governance over your IT


With this post we are initiating coverage of Firemon, provider of proactive security intelligence and governance capabilities. FireMon comes with very tailorable tools to support execution of oversight and governance on networks.

Agile in Government: How the most amazing LEGO City was built using Scrum?


Note: A big thank you to everyone from MISA who participated, and for the invitation to introduce Agile to the municipal government. The answer is *drum roll*. a ton of fun and the creation of the most amazing LEGO city ever! When and where did this event take place and who were these 70 City Planners? This event took place at the Spring Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA) Conference in beautiful Langley, British Columbia.

The Wisdom Of Carl Sagan On Science, Government, and Even Enterprise IT and Digital Risk


And in government the same is true. And we the people who must watch over them, as well as the government oversight processes from the executive branch, congress and the courts, are also too frequently too ignorant to really improve things.

Webinar 21 May: SAS and Apache Hadoop for Government


The post Webinar 21 May: SAS and Apache Hadoop for Government appeared first on CTOvision.com. SAS and Hadoop work together in ways supportive to enterprise missions.

Recorded Future Provides Awareness Into Issue of Government Credentials On The Open Web


In a report titled " Government Credentials on the Open Web " Recorded Future provides insights and analysis showing 47 US government agencies across 89 unique domains have credentials leaked and made available to potential adversaries.

Mitigating The Risk Of Cyber Attacks Against Government Enterprises


On 15 April 2015, Chris Dorobek hosted a GovLoop discussion between Karen Evans , former CIO of the federal government and currently national director of the US Cyber Challenge, Alan Paller , the highly respected founder and research director of the SANS Institute, and me ( Bob Gourley ), a student of cyber security and enterprise technology. I've thought of that session several times since then, especially when news broke of the massive enduring intrusions into US Government Systems.

OpenGov: On Track To Lead Market In Financial Transparency and BI for Governments


With this post we are initiating coverage of OpenGov, the award-winning, web-based platform for governments that enables governments and citizens to easily access, explore, and share finance and budget information. Analysis Analytical Tool Companies Big Data Big Data Companies Company CTO DoD and IC Government Andreessen Horowitz opengov By Bob Gourley.

Changing Government Requirement For Market Research to Continuous Market Assessment


The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) are designed to serve government missions and do so while being fair to all in industry while preventing anyone in government or the contracting world from making decisions out of self interest. But today the government needs something else. The government's acquisition system needs to be fueled by more accurate and up to date knowledge and it needs access to it on an ongoing basis. Bob Gourley.

24 July Webinar: Smarter Government with Text Analytics


The webinar below will be of high interest to enterprise technologists everywhere, especially in government: Speaker: David Murgatroyd, V.P. The Federal Government has a tremendous responsibility to protect the safety and security of Americans both at home and abroad. By Bob Gourley.

Hortonworks HDP 2.5: Improved Security and Data Governance


Some important take-aways from this announcement are the new security features of HDP 2.5, which include more robust security and data governance, and will implement dynamic classification-based insurance policies by leveraging Apache Atlas and its metadata tag features to classify data.

Cloud Computing: What do Government Executives Need to be Thinking about to Make a Successful Journey to the Cloud?


In 2011 the US Federal Government issued a Cloud First policy mandating that agencies take full advantage of cloud computing benefits to maximize capacity utilization, improve IT flexibility and responsiveness, and minimize cost. In many cases, it isn’t a question of technology, although the technology adoption of cloud is not trivial, but of security and accreditation, as both Government procurement and security haven't caught up with this huge paradigm shift.

Navy Information Dominance Corps: IT still searching for the right governance model


Industry, academia and government have approached this important task with varying solutions. Analysis CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC Government Organizations Research Chief of Naval Operations Information Dominance Naval Network Warfare Command Navy Pacific Fleet United States Cyber Command United States Fleet Forces Command It’s always interesting to see how large, complex organizations have morphed over time to absorb the increasing importance of IT and Cyber.

Tech CEOs: How can you learn government mission needs?


By Bob Gourley If you are a tech CEO building an awesome new capability there is a very high likelihood that government technologists will have an interest. Mission needs drive the actions of government technologists, so the best way to find out who will be most interested in your capability is to have a good understanding of high priority government mission needs. Review the wealth of information provided by the government at the CIO.gov website.