Cheryl Ingstad to present at AI in Government this Thursday


AI in Government is where those working in and with the government get together to network, discuss, and interact on topics relating to AI, machine learning, and cognitive technologies.

Dr. Tim Persons at U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) to present at September’s AI in Government


AI in Government is where those working in and with the government get together to network, discuss, and interact on topics relating to AI, machine learning, and cognitive technologies.

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Cloud governance' is not a new topic, but it's one that's often misunderstood. People tend to use it interchangeably with 'cloud management' or, based on just the mere sound of governance, they think it must be pure drudgery. The Cloud Governance Principles course is short (and free!)

Is your state or local government’s data safe from ransomware?


The recent ransomware attack on Garmin should be seen as a signal flare for state and local governments. Read more » The post Is your state or local government’s data safe from ransomware? Uncategorized data security government IT hacked government local government phishing ransomware attack social engineering state governmentIt wasn’t that the attack stood out for its size or its impacts—even though those were substantial.

Business Agile: A Roadmap for Transforming Your Management & Adapting to the VUCA Environment

Speaker: Peter Taylor, Speaker/Author, The Lazy Project Manager

Businesses everywhere are trying to “get business agile”—but it’s not easy to adapt to becoming this adaptive. How can conventional organizations succeed in this transformation? In this webinar, Peter Taylor will walk through the change process step by step, and look at a tried and tested transformation roadmap: benefits are outlined, solutions to common challenges offered, and tried and tested methods and tools provided. It will be a guide towards a decentralized and management style that offers more successful decision making through collaboration.

Beijing unveils plan for blockchain-based government


The local government of Beijing released on Thursday a blueprint of its plan to implement a blockchain-based programmable government. Why it matters: This is the first time China’s capital city has […].

Software Acquisition and Practices in Government: Build or Buy?


This post is the next in our series focusing on building vs buying software for government uses. Also see our CTOvision Study on Build Vs Buy in Government and How Do Leaders In Government Decide GOTS or COTS? The issue of building or buying software for government uses is one of the oldest discussion topics […]. CTO Government News COTS DIB GOTS SWAP

Governance and Discovery

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Data Governance sounds like a candidate for the most boring topic in technology: something dreamed up by middle-managers to add friction to data scientists’ lives. The funny thing about governance, though, is that it’s closely related to data discovery. The idea of data governance originated in regulation and compliance. The need for data governance is simple. And that’s what makes data governance interesting. Data governance starts with metadata.

Lord Tim Clement-Jones to present at July’s AI in Government Event


AI in Government is where those working in and with the government get together to network, discuss, and interact on topics relating to AI, machine learning, and cognitive technologies. Artificial Intelligence Events Government News Training and Education AI AIingov event governmentThis […].

How to tell when your government shuts down your Internet access

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But one oft-used government tactic in some countries to limit the ability of their citizens to communicate and organize has been absent so far: There have been virtually no reports of state-mandated Internet shutdowns in response to the protest. But in many cases, consumers can tell whether there has been government interference with Internet access because it will “affect people on different parts of the Internet in different ways,” he added.

Oki Mek to present at June?s AI in Government Event


AI in Government is where those working in and with the government get together to network, discuss, and interact on topics relating to AI, machine learning, and cognitive technologies. Artificial Intelligence Events Government NewsThis […].

Cloud Governance Choices: Build, Broker, or Enable?

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As organizations move more to the cloud and look to automate and reduce risk as they scale, many are weighing their cloud governance choices. If you're procuring, you have two different types of cloud governance solutions; I think of these as cloud brokers vs cloud enablers. Home-built solutions to governance are the epitome of what AWS CTO Werner Vogels considers "undifferentiated heavy lifting". The post Cloud Governance Choices: Build, Broker, or Enable?

How Veritone Uses AI To Help The Government Extract Value From Data


Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Companies Big Data and Analytics News AI artificial intelligence Data facial recognition government machine learning ML NLP transcription VeritoneTired of boring presentations and powerpoint slides? So were we!

Getting Started with Cloud Governance

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As you begin to grow and scale your cloud footprint, you quickly discover why governance is so important. Without governance, it becomes a challenge to: Understand who is accessing your cloud environments. All of these challenges make cloud governance a necessity. So, how do you get started with cloud governance? In this post, I'll share how we help organizations set course and navigate the cloud governance journey. Cloud Governance

Government: Keeping communities safe

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Integration technology that can make data flow between government department silos lends a helping hand in keeping your community safe. Integration & APIs

Government: Preventing taxpayers’ pain

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In 2019, the UK Government was responsible for approximately £840 billion of public spending, which UK taxpayers would prefer was spent as effectively and efficiently as possible. Integration & APIs Alfabet IoT aris

A Business Outcome Driven Approach for Governance of Digital Initiatives

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2020 experience reports

Government Has a DevOps Lesson for Private Sector

The missions of government organizations and DevOps are well-aligned, according to F5 system engineer Scott Van Kalken, who works with many organizations at various levels of government around Australia. That’s because government organizations provide services to the community, and DevOps is about providing services to a community of users. The post Government Has a DevOps Lesson for Private Sector appeared first on

AI for Government Programs and the Federal Marketplace


ScaleUP USA has developed a free “Artificial Intelligence for Government” program to help the government employees and contractors learn foundational skills around Artificial Intelligence and the unique challenges faced in using it in the government. Artificial Intelligence CTO Government

Cloud must start with governance


The most common denominator in any business is a data governance model. Data governance must be incorporated into the business strategy. While data strategy defines how an organization achieves specific business goals through the strategic use of its intangible assets (data), data governance focuses on a management approach which establishes decision rights regarding that data, and often designed to minimize risk exposure within an enterprise.

The Future of Work in Government Drives Innovation


Government leaders recognize that modernizing the workforce and implementing strategies that empower workers are critical components in transforming the government. Industry Leadership Strategies cognitive/artificial intelligence future of work IDC Government InsightsStrategic workforce management includes strengthening leadership of human capital systems, developing better human resources processes and capabilities, and enhancing the workforce culture.

Governing for digital transformation and growth


The root cause is firmly entrenched in legacy systems and traditional data governance challenges that not only result in data silos but also the misguided belief that data privacy is diametrically opposed to effective exploration of information. In the next sections, we’ll reveal what else is needed as well as how to right-size governance of more than just data helps organizations achieve their objectives. Governing digital transformation. Governing for compliance.

AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud Governance Models


The deliverability of cloud governance models has improved as public cloud usage continues to grow and mature. Why Cloud Governance Models are Important. How AWS, Azure, and Google Apply Cloud Governance Models.

A Digital Service Canvas for Government and Enterprise

If there is to be a game-changer, it will have to come from the market, or from government, or both. For example, the UK Government’s Digital Service Standard has promoted digital services as an enabler for “Government as a Platform”.

To harness the AI age, governments must keep these 7 factors in mind


Read Vilas Dhar and Kay Firth-Butterfield explain the seven factors that could be holding countries back and limiting AI advancement on the World Economic Forum blog: Economic performance, cooperation and […].

451 Research: Additions for Better Governance

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While you're over there - sign up for our monthly email newsletter to get cloud governance news and insights delivered to your inbox! ). Additions for Better Governance appeared first on Cloud Governance

Datameer Introduces Big Data Governance


Datameer has just announced their introduction of new data governance capabilities in a Hadoop environment. Datameer’s new governance module is designed to give businesses transparency into their data pipelines while providing IT with tools to audit diligently for compliance with internal and external regulations. Read more about Datameer 's addition of Governance tools for Hadoop here. Read about why Datameer 's Big Data Governance Matters here.

Meeting Exposes Shortcomings In Government’s AI Plans


Governments around the world are getting increasingly more […]. Read Ronald Schmelzer’s article in Forbes about the White House’s plans to support and grow the AI industry in the United States. Artificial Intelligence AI forbes machine learning ML news ronald schmelzer

Cloud Governance Featured on Government Matters

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I had the opportunity to participate in a recent episode of Government Matters that was sponsored by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The broad theme of the episode was security in the cloud, and my portion of the discussion focused on how cloud governance helps to ensure cloud security. Some of the topics I covered: How federal agencies can govern their presence in the cloud at scale. Cloud Governance

Carahsoft: Trusted government solutions provider


They make it easier for government to interact with industry and make it easier for industry to understand government mission needs. We have been fans of Carahsoft since their earliest days. It is rare to see companies able to remove friction from business processes like they do. They sponsor high quality events that examine topics [.]. Services Companies Carahsoft

Data governance and the death of schema on read

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Enter data governance. Traditionally, data governance is much more akin to EDWs than data lakes—formal management and definition, controlled vocabularies, access control, standardization, regulatory compliance, expiration policies. Today’s data governance retains some of its traditional reactive roots. But increasingly in the big data arena, proactive data governance is saving the democratized data lake from itself.

DevOps: What Do Governments Need to Know?

How the government can successfully implement and enforce DevOps practices The speed at which technology is being produced it outstripping the pace at which better development tools are being introduced, which makes secure development even more challenging. The post DevOps: What Do Governments Need to Know?

The Governance/Compliance Relationship: Strategy and Tactics


We hear a lot about governance in relation to developing regulatory compliance processes and procedures, but do you really know what it is and the role it plays in achieving compliance with governmental and industry mandated IT security and privacy requirements?

The Challenges Of Developing Software For The Government

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When it is a software project for the government, a unique set of challenges and costs can sometimes arise to add another layer to the overall development process. Technology has always been a major concern for the government and is only […].

ServiceNow Governance Should Enable Users, It Usually Constrains Them


When most enterprise users hear that their organization will start heavily using ServiceNow governance, they assume that their job is about to get much harder, not easier. So how can you use ServiceNow governance to increase efficiency rather than prohibit it? What Drives Governance?