What are model governance and model operations?

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In previous posts, we’ve outlined the foundational technologies needed to sustain machine learning within an organization, and there are early signs that tools for model development and model governance are beginning to gain users. Model governance.

Why your data governance initiative wasn't going to work anyway


Enterprise IT, Data Management, Information management and governanceIf Europe's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data regulations started a fire, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is pouring on the petrol.

Cloud must start with governance


The most common denominator in any business is a data governance model. Data governance must be incorporated into the business strategy. Well, that is up to the data governance team to define. To build a resilient, rewarding future, start with the right data governance model.

Uncovering Even More Myths About Identity Governance


It may sound like the buzzword du jour, but the digital transformation has been and continues to be a challenge for enterprises, particularly when it comes to governing the access that employees need to the slew of new technologies hitting the workforce today.

Learn about data governance with these books, videos, and tutorials

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This collection of data governance resources will get you up to speed on the basics and best practices. Whether you’re just getting started with data governance or you have previous experience, you’ll find something useful on this list of data governance resources.

A Digital Service Canvas for Government and Enterprise


If there is to be a game-changer, it will have to come from the market, or from government, or both. For example, the UK Government’s Digital Service Standard has promoted digital services as an enabler for “Government as a Platform”.

Governing for digital transformation and growth


The root cause is firmly entrenched in legacy systems and traditional data governance challenges that not only result in data silos but also the misguided belief that data privacy is diametrically opposed to effective exploration of information. Governing digital transformation.

Cloud Governance Featured on Government Matters

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I had the opportunity to participate in a recent episode of Government Matters that was sponsored by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The broad theme of the episode was security in the cloud, and my portion of the discussion focused on how cloud governance helps to ensure cloud security. Some of the topics I covered: How federal agencies can govern their presence in the cloud at scale. Cloud Governance

Data governance and the death of schema on read

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Enter data governance. Traditionally, data governance is much more akin to EDWs than data lakes—formal management and definition, controlled vocabularies, access control, standardization, regulatory compliance, expiration policies. Today’s data governance retains some of its traditional reactive roots. But increasingly in the big data arena, proactive data governance is saving the democratized data lake from itself.

CI/CD Gets Standardization and Governance

The New Stack

Basically, when we all started looking at microservices as a possible paradigm of development, we needed to learn how to operationalize them,” Priyanka Sharma , director of alliances at GitLab and a member of the governing board at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) , said.

The ABCs of Cloud Governance: Account Management

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I previously wrote about why governance in the cloud must be approached differently than traditional IT governance and why governance matters so much today as organizations move more workloads to the cloud. to take the heavy lifting out of governing your cloud.

The Top 2019 Trends in Data Governance


For organizations that deal with large quantities of information, a systemic plan for data governance is a must. Data governance is a term for the people, processes, and technology used by an organization to ensure that its data is available, high-quality, consistent, and secure.

Navigate ’19 Customer Panel: Identity Governance Drives Business Value


When it comes to identity management and governance conversations, the focus often falls on security, risk reduction, and regulatory compliance. The post Navigate ’19 Customer Panel: Identity Governance Drives Business Value appeared first on SailPoint.

The ABCs of Cloud Governance: Budget Enforcement

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In the government, there is the concept of different funding sources or ‘colors’ of money. Governance requires that the correct projects be funded by the correct sources to ensure proper accounting. Cloud GovernanceWe built cloudtamer.io

The ABCs of Cloud Governance: Compliance Automation

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For compliance to be effective, it’s critical to have a consistent set of policies that govern usage. We believe that setting up and updating policies must be automated through a cloud governance solution to ensure consistency. Cloud Governance

10 Signs You Might Need Cloud Governance

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Overrunning your monthly cloud budget is probably the most obvious indicator that you need more governance. We highlight 10 of these signs and how a cloud governance solution helps with each one in this infographic. Cloud GovernanceHowever, less obvious signs could be hiding behind your cloud management policies and procedures. Download Full Infographic ). Marianna leads marketing at cloudtamer.io.

Data Governance in the Cloud


Data governance is something your organization has likely considered, put into action, and implemented. The question is, to what degree is the data actually being governed – or not

Predictive Identity: The Future of Identity Governance


Consider this: as organizations bring on more and more cloud systems, while also maintaining legacy on-premises systems going back to the mainframes – identity managers have a challenging time keeping up with the demands associated with good identity governance.

Specialized tools for machine learning development and model governance are becoming essential

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Model governance. We’ve become accustomed to the need for data governance and provenance, understanding and controlling the many databases that are combined in a modern data-driven application. Why companies are turning to specialized machine learning tools like MLflow.

Identity Governance and Administration in a Digital World: #GovernanceForAll


s Digital Economy and Society encompasses six main principles: good digital identities, data sharing and permissions, access and adoption, securing people and processes, sustainable digital transformation, and informed, agile governance. Agile Identity Governance.

AI for Government Programs and the Federal Marketplace


ScaleUP USA has developed a free “Artificial Intelligence for Government” program to help the government employees and contractors learn foundational skills around Artificial Intelligence and the unique challenges faced in using it in the government. Artificial Intelligence CTO Government

How Change Healthcare Reimagined Compliance with Identity Governance


Employee access was managed to select applications that cooperated with their legacy tool, but governance over the identities was missing. “We Another pillar of identity governance that Change Healthcare is addressing is managing the data in their environment.

4 Reasons Why Cloud Governance Matters

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Whether you’re dipping your toes into the cloud, or you’re fully immersed, chances are you’ve heard the term ‘cloud governance’. What do we mean when we talk about governance in the cloud and why does it matter? Cloud governance is the development and implementation of controls to manage access, budget, and compliance across your workloads in the cloud. At first glance, this definition may sound a lot like the definition of IT governance, just ‘in the cloud’.

Identity Governance and Administration for the Healthcare Gig Economy


To overcome this burden, the healthcare industry needs modern Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions to support these new business operations. Accidental unauthorized data access arising from a failure to properly govern identities still violates the HIPAA Privacy requirements.

Growing Pains, Governance and Healthy Hybrid Microsoft


It helped with efficiency, but you still had a need to provide Governance around identities and access. However, CW (conventional wisdom) says before you do so, you really need to iron out your current group data and get a governance process in place. The AD group complexity is streamlined, bringing true agility to your environment while injecting governance, approval, and auditing into the process. We all remember how it started, don’t we?

Data Governance and Security: How to Put Data at the Heart of Your Business Strategy

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In this digital age, security and governance must be front-and-center for every worker in every organization. Understanding the Data Governance and Security Challenge. As the use of PII increases, its governance becomes more important, too.

Call for Papers: Data Governance – An Overdue Concern

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Several converging forces are putting pressure on our management of information – regardless of whether we view the subject as individuals, corporations, nonprofits, or government authorities. In other words, what does “data governance” mean and how do you put it in place? Article ideas might include, but are not limited to, the following: What does data governance mean and what are some effective governance models? What is the future of data governance?

The Legislation Involved In Working With The Government

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Securing a government contract is the Holy Grail of business. Of course, working with the government isn’t a walk in the park. Lots of companies have folded after a deal gone wrong with the government. Before you can apply, the US government requires a few things from you first.

How to govern AI in your organization: 6 tips


Government, An Integral Partner For Exploring Artificial Intelligence


AI World Government will gather leaders across government, industry and academia to discuss the challenges and potential solutions of AI in automating our expanding digital world.

Reflections on Dubai’s World Government Summit

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The World Government Summit held there this week was a bold statement to the world: Dubai is looking to the future; it is visionary and optimistic. Swallowed whole by Brexit, the UK government is largely ignoring the AI-fuelled future which is bearing down on us.

Advice from AWS on Achieving Cloud Governance at Scale

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AWS just released a new white paper with recommendations to help organizations achieve governance as their cloud use scales. If you’re encountering issues as you scale – or want to plan now for anticipated growth – AWS Governance at Scale provides a detailed look at: The management, financial, and compliance challenges encountered as cloud adoption grows. Traditional approaches organizations often take to govern cloud workloads – and their limitations.

Context: New Versions of HashiCorp’s TerraForm Cloud for Teams and for Governance

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This year at its annual user conference — Seattle this year — HashiCorp introduced two new tiers to its Terraform Cloud service, a paid version that isn’t the full enterprise version, but one for smaller teams, and another one that covers governance, and cost prediction.

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Saviynt Identity 3.0 Modernization: Tidy Up Your Governance


However, instead of creating a physical clutter of objects, these new technologies create an identity governance clutter filled with digital and human users who no longer need access. For identity access management (IAM) and identity governance and administration (IGA), Kondo’s guidance highlights the importance of decluttering: “Two essential actions: discarding and deciding where to store things. Modernization: Tidy Up Your Governance appeared first on Saviynt.

Why MEDR is Key to Helping Government Combat Stealthy Threats


Managed EDR accelerates cyber response – which is especially important for government agencies under siege from increasingly savvy malicious attackers

Recognizing a Transformational Force in Government


Take into consideration the history of technology and the decades worth of sprawling infrastructure, from the mainframe to the client-server/distributed computing era and beyond, and you get a sense of the magnitude of the situation that Mr. Scott is trying to transform

Bringing the Power of Intelligence to Our Cloud Identity Governance Platforms


This is compounded by the need to govern every point of digital access at the speed of business. If these are not managed and governed properly, it results in greater risk. You can now govern by exception by focusing on the things that matter and automate things that are lower risk.