5 Common Misconceptions About Serverless in 2019


At Stackery, our engineers live and breathe serverless development every day. We don’t sit around theorizing that there’s a creepy Serverless Myth Machine spreading propaganda— although then our daily work would consist of plotting a supervillain overthrow, which would be epic.

The Future of Serverless is … Functionless?


I first heard about this pattern a few years ago at a ServerlessConf from a consultant who was helping a “big bank” convert to serverless. DynamoDB Tables and Aurora Serverless Databases). Serverless", "Cloud Infrastructure

Finding Serverless’ Hidden Costs

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Serverless, the concept of running software without managing infrastructure, is often coupled with pay-per-use. Companies are already seeing significant savings by going serverless. When you deploy a serverless function, usually you first have to select its parameters: memory and CPU.

Is Kubernetes Serverless?

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The term “serverless” — the ability to run code without having to choose what to run it on — shares that same overall goal, which is to eliminate the need for a developer of an application to manage infrastructure, and have that taken care of by another service or component. You could derive from this that Kubernetes is serverless, but that’s not quite right. The next step for Kubernetes is , however, serverless, and here, we’ll talk about why.

Why Serverless Matters

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Serverless continues to mean different things for different people — but many users and proponents have very solid examples of how and why it works for them. They can then build something which will fulfill this sort of serverless contract to infinite scaling,” Woods said.

Knative: The Serverless Environment for Kubernetes Fans

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Knative is the newest member of serverless environments that is gaining significant interest and generating a great deal of hype in the Kubernetes/Cloud Native community. Kubernetes Security serverless

Can’t-miss Serverless Sessions for AWS Summit Santa Clara


Since there isn’t a dedicated serverless track, we built one for you. 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM A culture of rapid innovation with DevOps, microservices, & serverless. 1:15 PM - 02:15 PM Twelve-factor serverless applications. 12:30 PM - 01:00 PM Testing serverless applications.

Why Serverless Is the Uber of Infrastructure

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Serverless, the latest evolution of computing power, allows engineering to operate think about infrastructure in the same way a ride-share user thinks about cars: in short, they do not. Engineers can build their application to execute on a serverless platform and that’s it.

Serverless Architecture

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The post Serverless Architecture appeared first on Coding Dojo Blog. All Posts Tech Talks API Gateway AWS code coding frameworks serveless serverless architectureAs a developer, there is perhaps nothing greater than seeing a project that you developed fully functioning. You fought through … Read more >>.

Spring, Functions, Serverless and You

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Serverless is so cool, but you already know that. Developers are all really excited about the possibilities — the raw potential that serverless has unleashed — and rightly so. Probably not… Serverless is just the latest in a long line of abstractions. Serverless Sponsored

Introducing serverless to your organization

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Mike Roberts explores ideas for trying serverless as well as a framework for evaluating its effectiveness within your organization. Continue reading Introducing serverless to your organization

Key Differences in Security, Management for Serverless vs. Containers

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Serverless functions and containers are two of the hottest topics in the IT world today. Much confusion exists about best practices and security management and how they differ between serverless and containers. What Is Serverless, What are Containers and What Do They Have in Common?

How Knative Can Unite Kubernetes and Serverless

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Kubernetes and serverless are two of the hottest buzzwords in tech today — and yet they’re not often part of the same conversation. Typically, Kubernetes is used to orchestrate containerized applications, while serverless computing offers a different type of deployment model.

Is Knative the next stage of serverless?


One of the by-products of serverless's rapid rise to prominence has been a lack of standardization and interoperability among cloud providers. The resulting risk of vendor lock-in has left many enterprises looking on as the serverless revolution passes them by. Enterprise IT, Cloud, Serverless, Cloud Operations (CloudOps), Cloud Migration, Cloud Computing

Serverless Needs a Bolder, Stateful Vision

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However, the programming model for serverless is still mainly limited to stateless functions — the so-called Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) model — which limits the range of use-cases supported. But While We’re Imagining This Future, How Did the Serverless Vision Get Limited to Functions?

Securing Serverless Functions with Aqua

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Serverless is generating significant interest and hype, backed up by real-world adoption, and creating a need for better security controls. serverless

What data scientists and data engineers can do with current generation serverless technologies

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The O’Reilly Data Show Podcast: Avner Braverman on what’s missing from serverless today and what users should expect in the near future. Continue reading What data scientists and data engineers can do with current generation serverless technologies

When On-Premise Serverless Beats the Cloud

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When most people talk about serverless architecture, what first comes to mind are cloud-based services such as Lambda. In the cloud, serverless lets you run virtually unlimited numbers of functions on-demand, using a cost-efficient payment model. Serverless Sponsored

Has the Serverless Era Truly Arrived?

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Serverless computing frameworks are starting to gain traction because they provide another layer of abstraction that make IT infrastructure resources dynamically available whenever needed. The most widely employed serverless computing framework is AWS Lambda. Serverless Contributed

2018 Cloud and Serverless Ecosystem Survey


Take the 2018 Cloud and Serverless Ecosystem survey now! :-). ServerlessTL;DR?

How Google Cloud Run Combines Serverless and On-Demand Kubernetes

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Google’s new Cloud Run service is a serverless platform built on Knative , the runtime environment that extends Kubernetes for serverless workloads, and the Functions Framework , which Google is also open sourcing for Node.js Cloud Run offers a combination of Docker and serverless.

Serverless is Not a Bubble; It’s a Spectrum


A little over a month ago, Jeremy Daly introduced the concept of the #serverless bubble coming out of #ServerlessNYC. In his tweet he said “if you’re in it, a serverless solution seems intuitive. FinDevOps Serverless Cloud

DevOps Chat: Serverless and Abstraction with Nimbella’s Anshu Agarwal


Nimbella is a serverless platform that is cloud-agnostic and makes developing and deploying applications easy. The post DevOps Chat: Serverless and Abstraction with Nimbella’s Anshu Agarwal appeared first on DevOps.com.

Chaos Engineering Ideas for Serverless


Traditionally chaos engineering at a high level is running experiments that often involve shutting off servers, but if you are in a serverless environment with managed servers this can pose a new challenge. Serverless environments typically have smaller units of deployment, but more of them.

The 12-Factor App #4: Serverless Is More than Functions

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This terrifying scenario isn’t limited to VMs, it affects serverless environments as well. In fact, if you’re not following the principles mentioned in my last article , changes to your serverless functions’ “config” can break your services in a way that is extremely hard to troubleshoot.

How Serverless Computing Can Take DevOps to the Next Level

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Serverless computing is a revolutionary technology that is here to say In this article we look at how serverless computing can take DevOps to the next level

Continuous Delivery in the World of Serverless


Here at CloudZero we're building the world's first Serverless Reliability Management platform, enabling our customers to forecast reliability and address weaknesses in their cloud deployments before they become incidents. Serverless

Context: 12-Factor Serverless Apps, Cloud Foundry Summit Philadelphia

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This week, we’re talking with Toby Fee , community developer at serverless software provider Stackery , about how to apply the principles of the 12-factor application model to serverless apps. Cloud Services Serverless Podcasts The New Stack Context

Our Take on The New Stack's Guide to Serverless Technologies


We have read with great interest the recently released The New Stack ebook entitled: Guide to Serverless Technologies. Serverless CloudIt is a great report with great insights! We encourage you to read it as well (it's free!).

12-Factor App #2/#3: Serverless Dependencies and Configuration

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I asked her right at the outset if she wasn’t moving some of this stuff to serverless microservices. This is what she said: “Right now, I’m worried that serverless is frustrating to develop on and hard to maintain in production.”. Serverless Sponsored

How I Got Comfortable Building with Serverless


Months later, each day is still interesting and challenging and I’m so glad to have decided to pursue serverless as my concentration. Here’s a breakdown of how I went from serverless novice to software engineer at Stackery: Gaining Confidence. Serverless

What Comes Next After Microservices, Kubernetes, and Serverless

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You could say the same about microservices architectures, Kubernetes, serverless functions, service meshes and many of the other cloud-native infrastructure technologies that have been at the forefront of innovation over the past several years. Broader Serverless Support.

Serverless: Everything You Need to Know About Google Cloud Functions

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Functions as a Service (FaaS) is one of the delivery models based on the serverless paradigm. Google Cloud Functions is a serverless compute platform from Google which became generally available in August 2018. This brings the power of a serverless mobile backend to Firebase.

12-Factor App #1: Why Serverless Version Control Is Critical

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This series, of which this is the first part, will explore each of those 12 principles and how your serverless app can best serve them. Stackery is the complete solution for building, managing and operating serverless applications. Special Problems in Serverless.

The Journey to Serverless: How Did We Get Here? [Infographic]


It’s the beginning of a new year and when it comes to computing, going serverless is the resolution of many engineering teams. At Stackery, this excites us because we know how significant the positive impacts of serverless are and will be. Cloud Infrastructure", "Serverless

How Serverless Platforms Could Power an Event-Driven AI Pipeline

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Event-driven artificial intelligence (AI) can lead to faster and smarter decisions, but will require a reorientation of organizational processes and team composition, alongside a hybrid architecture structure that takes the best of serverless and combines it with stateful database stores.

Google’s Kelsey Hightower Dissects Serverless Hype and Hope

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Serverless adoption is exploding — but what the platform is and how it might be able to help your organization depends on a lot of factors. In many ways, serverless offerings can often be reduced to the concept of offloading server-management tasks to a third party. “We’re

The Anatomy of a Serverless App


Serverless has, for the last year or so, felt like an easy term to define: code run in a highly managed environment with (almost) no configuration of the underlying computer layer done by your team. Fair enough, but what is is a serverless application? Serverless", "Tutorials & Guides

Tackle Serverless Observability Challenges with the New Stackery-Epsagon Integration


Stackery is a tool to deploy complete serverless applications via Amazon Web Services (AWS). Epsagon monitors and tracks your serverless components to increase observability. Observability is a Problem for Serverless.

How Google Cloud Run Combines Serverless with Containers

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One of the most exciting launches from Google Cloud Next 2019 is Cloud Run , a serverless environment based on containers and Kubernetes. Cloud Run comes across as a clusterless and serverless container execution environment.