Change Management for Reopening Offices

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, change happened overnight. The question is: Will people easily go back to their old normal (with safety precautions, of course), or will they prefer to … Change Management

Considering Change Management? Consider FireMon


Centralizing your change management across all of your resources is key to preventing misconfigurations that can lead to costly breaches and outages. When changes are made to your policy environment you should immediately ask, “Did I expect this change? Change Auditing.


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The Intersection of Change Management and Design Thinking

Heather Stagl

I’ve recently partnered with DesignThinkers Group, USA to explore how the disciplines of Design Thinking and Change Management can expand the impact of both. This Venn diagram highlights some of the similarities and differences between Design Thinking and Change Management.

How to Select a Change Management Solution


Manual rule and policy management of complex ground-to-cloud networks introduces countless opportunities for error, and most breaches are attackers taking advantage of this low-hanging fruit. Problem 1: Time-consuming Manual Changes. Search ad hoc for problematic changes.

What Organizations Look For in a Change Management Professional: 2020

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Two years ago, I did a small research project to answer the question: What do organizations look for in a change management professional? To learn the answer, I searched LinkedIn for jobs with the keywords “change management,” within a worldwide search area.

Low Code and Change Management with Max Rudman

Many organizations trying to accelerate their digital transformation are turning to low-code technologies to respond quickly to the constant market changes. The post Low Code and Change Management with Max Rudman appeared first on

Change Management in a Fast-Paced DevOps World

While DevOps speeds up software release cycles, change management often slows them down. So, how do you do change management in a fast-paced DevOps environment? The post Change Management in a Fast-Paced DevOps World appeared first on

Seven Go-To Change Management Tools

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Whenever I check in with people several weeks after they’ve taken my Fundamentals of Influencing Change at Work course, I ask which elements of the class have been most helpful now that they’ve had time to start implementing them. Change Management

How to Plant the Seeds of Change Management

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In a recent conversation, a project manager said she struggled to get others in her organization, especially leaders and other project managers, to use change management tools to analyze the people side of their projects. “How do I plant the seeds of change management?” I decided to go with the metaphor of planting … Change Management

The Four Stages of Change Management

Heather Stagl

Then she had the braces off for most of 2020, and … Change ManagementI took my daughter to an orthodontist appointment yesterday to see when she should get her second round of braces. Yes, she has to get braces again!

Adding Change Management to an Existing Project

Heather Stagl

In my latest Fundamentals of Influencing Change at Work course, one of the participants asked a question: How do I integrate change management into the structure of a project that’s already happening?

Guest Post: Change Management Models

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The following article shares one practitioner’s journey to uncover new models and expand his change management toolkit. Change management models. I am a process guy by training, but I make my living from change management. Changing systems and processes is easy, but unless you can change people’s behaviour as well then your new process is worthless. So whilst I might be a process guy it is change management that pays my mortgage.

Change Management: How Scrum is different from Traditional Project Management


Change is inevitable in all projects. In today’s hypercompetitive world where technology, market conditions, and business patterns are continuously shifting, change is the only constant. Change management in traditionally managed projects is closely related to Configuration Management.

The Integrator, A Change Management Framework For Achieving Agile IT Project Success

Agile Alliance

DevOps Versus ITIL: How to Win the Battle Over Change Management

ITIL lays out a number of IT service management (ITSM) best practices, including release management, change management, incident management, problem management and many other aspects of running an IT shop so that its priorities align with the business’s.

Preventing Security Misconfigurations: Change Management and Compliance


It’s an enormous and unending daily challenge to make sure that changes to firewall policies are not just executed quickly and efficiently, but changes don’t decrease the security of your network. There’s just too much to try to manage in your team’s head.

Interview: Beware of Bad Change Management

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There are a lot of change management experts and approaches to choose from. Beth Banks Cohn, President and Founder of ADRA Change Architects , joins the show to warn us of the red flags to watch out for, and share the hallmarks of good change management practice. of change management methodologies and services. And don’t miss Beth’s 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Change Management Consultant.

Navigating Change Management Effectively

Strategy Driven

However, one thing that these methodologies do not account for is change. We are sure that we do not need to tell you that change happens all of the time in business. Change management is a critical component of successful project management. Irrespective of the nature of the task at hand, knowing about change management and how to handle it effectively is critical. Let’s begin by explaining what change management is for those who are unaware.

Establishing Resiliency through a Modern Regulatory Change Management Strategy


Industry Compliance featured Financial Services RCM Regulatory Change ManagementDiscover how banks can transform RCM processes and technologies to become more efficient and responsive.

Change Management: Objectives, Components and Models


What is change management? . Change management is a collective term used to describe the different approaches that are adopted in order to prepare, help and support individual employees, teams, departments and organizations to make an organizational change.

Communicating the Value of Change Management

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Over the last several years, there’s been a surge of new internal change management positions and departments within organizations. Someone in each organization must have seen the value in dedicating resources to doing change well, but what about everyone else who needs to apply it? Stuck trying to convince everyone else of their purpose, change practitioners often ask, “How do I communicate the value of change management?” Change Management

The Fourth Dimension of Change Management

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Earlier this week, James Lawther shared his story of researching change management models in order to expand his toolkit beyond the initial training he had received. As a result of his search, he discovered that change management models typically cover one of three different dimensions: Process (how change happens), People (what people experience during change), and Environment (designing context to support change). The change practitioner.

Change Management Process: Turn Detractors Into Advocates


Change Management Process: Turn Detractors Into Advocates. Change happens. Yet change is often difficult, even something to dread. In fact, effective change management can and will improve the likelihood of success of any transformation. .

Four Ways to Customize a Change Management Approach to Fit Your Organization

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At last month’s Organization Change Alliance meeting in Atlanta, five panelists shared their experience with building change capability within their organizations. When answering a question about methodology, every panelist said that they customized their approach to suit the organization and the change initiatives they were implementing. Change Management

How Change Management Principles Can Transform an Entire Industry

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Videa changed all that by developing a technology platform to automate the buying and selling of TV […]. Change ManagementSponsored Do you ever think about how specific TV commercials appear on your favorite shows? Until recently, the process for getting ads to your TV was a manual, time-consuming process between TV station sales reps and advertising/media agencies.

Interview: Combine Research and Practice with Evidence-Based Change Management

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In this episode, industrial-organizational psychology consultant Paul Thoresen shares how to combine research with practice when it comes to organizational change. Listen in to hear why you’d want to take an evidence-based approach to change, and what barriers stand in the way. Change ManagementYou’ll also hear examples and where you can find research to help inform […].

What Organizations Look For in a Change Management Professional

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In my quest to equip people to influence change at work, I strive to stay up to date on what organizations expect from their change managers. I recently searched LinkedIn for jobs with the keywords “change management,” within a worldwide search area. Change AgentsWhile there are a ton of consulting positions open, I pulled the descriptions […].

Why Change Management is Still Needed for a “No-Brainer” Project

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A change manager was struggling to gain support for change management activities because the project was deemed a “no-brainer.” Change Management” In other words, the project owners felt that the new system was such an improvement over the current way of doing things that no one could possibly have a problem with it. It was assumed that […].

Change Management and Change Management Models

Rapid BI

Change management - For organizational development to be effective it is important to manage change and change interventions effectively. The change management models on this page are used by the RapidBI team in all of its interventions. Managing change is always more complex than expected. The change maodels shown are based on a range of accademic theory and theories.

Understanding Change Management: The 4 Keys to Transformation Acceleration

Apps Associates

A Change Management Strategy should be a part of every digital transformation. In this multi-part series, we dive deep into the Apps Methodology for Change Management and this service should be a part of any digital transformation initiative.

Interview: The Integration of Change Management and Knowledge Management

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After a brief hiatus, the Influence Change at Work show is back! In this episode, Katy Saulpaugh, Practice Lead at Enterprise Knowledge LLC, shares her experience with applying change management to knowledge management projects. Change ManagementAnd now, in addition to the audio podcast on BlogTalkRadio, the show is available on YouTube.

Five Key Responsibilities of a Change Manager

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When you find yourself responsible for managing a change project at work, you might wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into. It quickly becomes clear that the task is not as simple as letting people know what they should do and then standing back to let it happen, especially when you don’t have authority among those who need to change. So what are the activities a change manager must do to ultimately achieve the desired result for the organization?

Get Your 12 Free Change Management Templates!

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Next month, I’m relaunching the Irresistible Change Guide change management toolkit in a new format with several new templates and even more e-templates. As part of that launch, I’m changing the bonus people get when they subscribe to my newsletter: 12 free change management templates! Change Impact Assessment. These are the fundamental tools you’ll need to implement any change management initiative.

Change Management Is Broken: Here’s How to fix It

Dzone - DevOps

Why do people hate change management? Probably because most of the time it feels like the management portion of change management is implemented with arcane approval processes and bureaucratic red tape that have historically gotten in the way of teams making change. Needing to seek approvals up and down a long chain of command results in stalls from folks with the least familiarity with why the change is being made, the impact of it, or the cost of delay.

The Importance of Change Management in Global ERP Implementations

IT Convergence

Training Change Management global ERP implementation erp rollout

The Reason for Change Management – Signed, Sealed and Delivered

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His demeanor changed. ” Him, exasperated: “Well, Management moved one of these buttons, just for the sake of change, so they can say they accomplished something and collect their $200,000.” ” My first thought while I was standing there was, “Managers at the post office make $200,000?” Somewhere between the idea to implement a change and this guy changing the way he does his job, he became a victim. Change Management

What is change management and why is it essential for digital transformation

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

“When it comes to change management, “implementation” isn’t the end—it’s just the beginning.” What is change management? Change management may be defined as a structured process that ensures that required changes are thoroughly and smoothly carried out, and that the long-term benefits of the change are realized. The “change” may be a simple process change or a major change in company strategy or policy.

Why CHANGE Management is a Disaster to Business – Be Chanformational™ & WIN Every Time!

CEO Insider

It’s a billion-dollar industry and at the top of everyone’s mind and the tip of everyone’s tongue… CHANGE. From change management, change initiatives, change innovation, managing change, implementing change, leading in change, and change discipline, we have all been through CHANGE!

Datical Announces Issuance of Patent for Database Change Management Simulator

Database Release Automation Leader’s New Patent Proactively Prevents Application Downtime and Security Vulnerabilities Related to Bad Database Changes AUSTIN, Texas – May 30, 2019 – Datical, the leading provider of database release automation solutions, today announced the issuance of United States Patent number 10,268,709 for its Database Change Management Simulator.

Reserve Your Seat in Enclaria’s Fundamentals of Change Management Course – September 28-30 in Atlanta

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Fundamentals of Change Management. How to Design and Influence Change at Work. Fundamentals of Change Management is a foundational course for anyone who influences change at work. This three-day workshop will help you design your change initiative to go as smoothly as possible and overcome the inevitable challenges when they occur. Culture change. Implementing a change management approach. Intro to Change Management.