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For several months we have been profiling experienced security practitioners as well as those still getting started. Our reasoning is simple - there is no one surefire way to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to thrive in the world of cybersecurity.

AD Groups O365 sync


I have a couple of users that are members of groups in AD but they are not showing in O365 groups after a sync. Hello all IT ninja's.I can anyone please give me some pointers to check etc. I have perform a full import using the connector also and still not showing. office 365

Group naming conventions (AD, AAD, 365)


I'm in the process of cleaning up resource naming in the org, and would like a way to distinguish different group types as everything is a mess right now. My suggestion so far looks a bit like this: Distribution groups DL_ _ _Name Ex. DL_MS_US_Finance Security groups SG_ _ _Name Ex. SG_MS_US_Finance 365 Groups/Teams GRP_Name Ex. We are a good hybrid mix where some groups exist only onprem or cloud, or synced from onprem to Azure.

Report on empty Distribution groups


Can anyone tell me if in Office 365 there is a way of pulling off a list of distribution/office365 groups that have no members? Afternoon! I'd also like to do the same with Shared Mailboxes. I assume there is a way do this with Powershell? office 365

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

Rather than harbor innovation within a small group or department, take. 11 Proven Ways to. Turn Your Culture Into. a Culture of Innovation 2 // 19Spigit: 11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Existing Culture Into a Culture of Innovation 1 2 94% of senior executives in a research study by McKinsey said.

Setup O365 Group Calendar


I am trying to setup group calendars for PTO and Travel. I created the groups, setup the permissions, but when I test it, the users cannot see the other users appointments in the group calendar. Alright, I would pull my hair out, but it is already gone. I've tried finding a definitive answer through searching the interwebs, but it is muck soup. Has anyone here made this work correctly?? office 365

Adding Distribution group to another distribution group


Now groups in another group are no longer getting emails, and I'm assuming it's because of the hybrid environment(which was also before my time with the company). Is this possible in a hybrid exchange to 365 environment? Before my time with the company, my boss and OPs managers were claiming this was possible in an internal exchange only environment.

Google Group Default Footer


What was Google thinking when they turned on the default footer for all our Google Groups? We use them for group emails, not forum stuff. We also have over 600 groups so when I contacted Google Support about bulk removing the footer, I was told it was impossible to remove them in bulk and that I had to go into each group individually and turn it off. So I check some of the other groups and find that the default footer has been turned back on for them all!

Accordo Group Launches New Technology Platform AccordoINSIGHTS

Enabling customers worldwide the opportunity to optimize and navigate their journey to the cloud AUCKLAND, New Zealand – March, 2019 – Accordo Group, a global B2B leader in technology lifecycle management, announced today the launch of AccordoINSIGHTS, a technology enablement platform providing software publishers and their channel partners the necessary tools to support their customers cloud transformation journey. Press Releases Accordo Group

Office365 / AD distribution groups


So recently I migrated to office365 (not hybrid) and when creating the distribution groups I created the new ones in ecp. When a user resigns and a new one comes in I copy the user and usually copies all "member of" from AD (win srv 2016) access automatically and thats it however the groups created in ecp are not copied and have to remember to add user to the dist group in office 365.

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

9Packaging Decision Framework Determining Tiers Next, group each of the features from your product roadmap (represented by dots and dotted cirlces) on the framework, suggesting possibilities for structuring your analytic enhancements. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS.

Group Policy folder redirection and OST files


ADAC ADUC group policy GPO active directoryHello, We are running Office 2016 / Office 365 and enabled cache mode. I would like to enable folder redirection perhaps to allow users to keep their settings to keep their profiles consistent, Is there a method to avoid large files like OST files but still enable folder redirection? Thank you, Adam.

Three Reasons to Attend Our North American User Group

Beyond B2B

There are many reasons to visit Chicago – the architecture, the food, the huge lake - and now, Software AG’s North America User Group. Join us in Chicago, IL on July 18-19 th for a day of networking, learning, and problem solving with the local Software AG User Community.

3 Reasons to Join Facebook Groups

Women on Business

Business Development Marketing Networking facebook groups facebook marketing online networking small business social media social media marketing social networkingWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now.

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Your old router could be a hacking group’s APT pawn

The Parallax

VANCOUVER—If you’ve been looking for another reason to replace your old Wi-Fi router, here it is: A group of hackers could be using it to hide the origins of its online attacks.

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Find Inspiration at our North American User Group

Beyond B2B

Come to be inspired, get educated (with certification!) and have some hands-on fun with our products in San Francisco on June 13-14th. Integration & APIs IoT

Sivantos Group Heads to.NEXT 2017


Sivantos Group is one of the world’s top manufacturers of hearing aids. The corporation was spun off from Siemens Audiology Solutions in 2015. Sivantos now employs over 5,000 people in more than 25 countries, and its international sales departments serve customers in another 95 countries

Scalability of Kafka Messaging using Consumer Groups

Cloudera Engineering

The post Scalability of Kafka Messaging using Consumer Groups appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog. Data Ingestion Flume Kafka Use Case analytics consumer groups ingestion kafka messaging real-time analytics streaming

Waterbug: Espionage Group Rolls Out Brand-New Toolset in Attacks Against Governments


Waterbug may have hijacked a separate espionage group’s infrastructure during one attack against a Middle Eastern target

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cannot delete mail-enabled security group


from office 365 site, logged in as admin, created my first mail-enabled security group in 365, then added owners. having difficulty emailing the group, so went to delete the group, and the admin account on 365 cannot delete the group, says I do not have sufficient permissions, operation can only be performed by a manager of the group. so the main admin account on 365 cannot delete it, and from the ownermanager accounts I do not see the group to edit or delete?

Group Policy Office default save location


Is there a way via Group Policy to change the Default Local File Location to point to the user's respective OneDrive? office 365

Hashicorp User Group #24


Thanks to our hosts Mintel, the HashiCorp User Group is back on the 14th of August with speakers from applyingAgile and Grafana labs. Continue reading Hashicorp User Group #24 on

Office 365 Business Deployment via Group Policy


Hi fellow SpiceHeads, Has anyone got a working end to end solution for deploying Office 365 Business using GPO and the ODT? It seems that this is far more complicated than it should be to achieve! Manually the batch/config files work, I just can't seem to be able to get the User Logon Script to work and i'm starting to lose patience, considering just putting my walking boots on and just running around the 50 odd machines to do this manually. HELP!? office 365

Sharepoint Online team sites & Exchange Groups


The problem is that also automatically creates Exchange Groups with an associated email group. We have never let end users create Exchange distribution groups, so this essentially circumvents that restriction. We let our users create their own Sharepoint Online team sites. Is our only option to remove the ability for end users to create Sharepoint Team sites and have to go through a central team to check and create them??. office 365

Hashicorp User Group #23


Join us this month the Hashicorp User Group! Continue reading Hashicorp User Group #23 on Thanks to the lovely people at Elsevier who are hosting and providing the food and drink, the Hashicorp meetup will be back on the 17th of July. aws cloud engineering consul container hashicorp Jenkins nomad schedulers terraform

Creating an azure adms group with powershell


Hi Guys, i am trying to create an azure adms group. The aim is to set it as a security group with the membership type as dynamic device through powershell.

Managing email messages in O365 Group


I created an O365 Group in the cloud to give the purchasing people a unified group email plus a calendar. The purchasing group needs to receive and answer emails from outside people. However, I'm finding out there appears to be limited functionality for handling the group emails. Apparently, email in the group is a "conversation"? Is behavior by design? Should I have done something different in O365 to give a group of people a common mailbox + calendar??

Office 365 groups not showing in Outlook


I am trying to roll-out Office 365 groups to a client so that users can collaborate better. I've created a couple groups and added people, but I have one user that can't see groups in Outlook. The ribbon looks like this: I've confirmed in the "Customize Ribbon" option pane that the Groups panel should have "New Group" and "Browse Groups" options under it. If so, how do you get Groups working in Outlook?

Whitefly: Espionage Group has Singapore in Its Sights


Group behind the SingHealth breach is also responsible for a string of other attacks in the region

Urgent : Sorry, we couldn't connect you" on group call only


ne of our users receives ""Sorry, we couldn't connect you" on his weekly group call only - he can use the call button directly for individual calls - has anyone else seen this issue?

Create mailbox for mail-enabled security group?


In Office 365, we have a mail-enabled security group that one of our users is requesting be added to their Outlook as its own mailbox. This person wants to be able to search emails easier, as opposed to going through their own inbox and trying to figure out which emails were sent to the group or directly to them. I can't do this unless I convert the group to a shared mailbox, correct? Hi All, I think I know the answer, but I'd like to confirm it with the community.

Buckeye: Espionage Outfit Used Equation Group Tools Prior to Shadow Brokers Leak


Windows zero day was exploited by Buckeye alongside Equation Group tools during 2016 attacks. Exploit and tools continued to be used after Buckeye's apparent disappearance in 2017

Groups header not showing in Outlook 2016


Does anyone know why the Groups header for Office 365 groups would be missing in Outlook 2016? I have a Groups header in my Outlook but when I went to look at a user's PC, there is no Groups header in her Outlook. She has to use OWA to see her groups. How do I make the Groups header show up in her Outlook? All our email is on O365. No Exchange on-premises. . office 365

Error while creating dynamic group in Azure AD


I am trying to create Azure dynamic groups using powershell, but getting an error.

Office 365 cant restore deleted group


Hi, Trying to restore a deleted group in Office 365 however when I try it tells me that the primary smtp is not unique. I have searched for this smtp address in Powershell and cant find it in use. Is there a way around this or is this an O365 bug? Thanks. office 365