Group Think Treachery

Nicholas Stenger

If you have a good memory, you might remember participating in group projects in high school. There was always one kid smarter than the rest of the group and would take charge.

How to Approach Change-Resistant Groups

Change Starts Here

In my classes, I am occasionally asked what to do about change-resistant groups or organizations. When asked for more detail about these groups or organizations, there are common themes that come up: The first theme … Change Management

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Lloyds Banking Group


Lloyds Banking Group executes analytic projects that benefit the customer journey for multiple brands within Lloyds Banking Group

Using Mad Tea to Engage the Neural Network of Groups

If you are an experienced Scrum practitioner, chances are that you’ve worked with groups of sixteen or more. This group was about to experience… Mad Tea !” With larger groups, having the group form two concentric circles can be challenging.

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How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

9Packaging Decision Framework Determining Tiers Next, group each of the features from your product roadmap (represented by dots and dotted cirlces) on the framework, suggesting possibilities for structuring your analytic enhancements. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS.

Prometheus Group Launches Master Data as a Service

Transforming master data governance in the enterprise asset management sector Raleigh, NC, MARCH 31, 2020 – Prometheus Group, a leading global provider of asset management operations and optimization software, today announced the introduction of Prometheus Master Data as a Service (MDaaS).

User groups shine in exceptional times

Beyond B2B

There’s no denying the relevance of user groups – but they take on a whole new meaning during times like this. Digital Transformation Integration & APIs Alfabet IoT aris adanat

How to Use Azure Resource Groups for Better VM Management


When you create a virtual machine in Microsoft Azure, you are required to assign it to an Azure Resource Group. What are Azure Resources Groups? Management groups: These groups are containers that help you manage access, policy, and compliance for multiple subscriptions.

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Accordo Group Launches New Technology Platform AccordoINSIGHTS

Enabling customers worldwide the opportunity to optimize and navigate their journey to the cloud AUCKLAND, New Zealand – March, 2019 – Accordo Group, a global B2B leader in technology lifecycle management, announced today the launch of AccordoINSIGHTS, a technology enablement platform providing software publishers and their channel partners the necessary tools to support their customers cloud transformation journey. Press Releases Accordo Group

Your old router could be a hacking group’s APT pawn

The Parallax

VANCOUVER—If you’ve been looking for another reason to replace your old Wi-Fi router, here it is: A group of hackers could be using it to hide the origins of its online attacks.

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3 Reasons to Join Facebook Groups

Women on Business

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Coronavirus Outbreak Causes IT Industry to Identify New Threat Preparation Strategies, Accelerated Strategies Group, MediaOps, JumpCloud, and DevOps Institute Commission New Study BOCA RATON, Fla.

Logistics giant Toll Group hit by ransomware for the second time in three months


For the second time in three months, Toll Group has become the victim of a ransomware attack that has led to the suspension of IT systems. Melbourne, Australia-based Toll Group is […].

Counter Threat Unit Researchers Publish Threat Group Definitions


Counter Threat Unit Researchers Publish Threat Group Definitions The goals of sharing these profiles are to provide insight into CTU characterizations, encourage feedback, and promote discussions within the security community. The goals of sharing these profiles are to provide insight into CTU characterizations, encourage feedback, and promote discussions within the security community. Fundamentals

Interview With Robert Strzelecki CEO Of TenderHut Group

CEO Insider

Robert Strzelecki is the CEO of the TenderHut Group from Poland. He graduated from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years.

CEO Spotlight: Nina Vaca, CEO at Pinnacle Group

CEO Insider

Nina Vaca is the Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, a Dallas-based workforce solutions provider. Through her leadership, Pinnacle Group now offers a suite of business lines that address a range of workforce challenges […].

CEO Spotlight: Bhanu Choudhrie, Founder & Director of Alpha Aviation Group

CEO Insider

Bhanu Choudhrie is the Founder and Director of Alpha Aviation Group Ltd., a rapidly growing subsidiary of his private equity firm C & C Alpha Group.

Hashicorp User Group #24


Thanks to our hosts Mintel, the HashiCorp User Group is back on the 14th of August with speakers from applyingAgile and Grafana labs. Continue reading Hashicorp User Group #24 on

AlwaysOn Availability Groups: Non-container Objects Synchronization Scripts


Ever been in a situation where an AlwaysOn Availability Groups failed over to secondary? The AlwaysOn Availability Groups feature keeps the databases in sync for high availability, but the non-container objects needs to be copied over manually.

Hashicorp User Group #23


Join us this month the Hashicorp User Group! Continue reading Hashicorp User Group #23 on Thanks to the lovely people at Elsevier who are hosting and providing the food and drink, the Hashicorp meetup will be back on the 17th of July. aws cloud engineering consul container hashicorp Jenkins nomad schedulers terraform

FireEye unmasks a new North Korean threat group


FireEye researchers have identified a distinct North Korean hacking group called APT38, which focuses almost exclusively on financial crimes. The researchers claimed that the group has already tried to steal $1.1 billion so far. The researcher said that APT38, is distinct from other Pyongyang-linked hackers because of its overriding financial motivation — as opposed to […]. CTO Cyber Security News

How to Get Security Groups to Join Your DevSecOps Journey

Dzone - DevOps

How can you call it DevSecOps if your security group doesn't have a seat at the table? However, convincing a security group to get on board with your DevSecOps journey may not be an easy task. security devops devsecops governance security groups

Understanding Azure Databricks and resource groups


Azure Databricks, an Apache Spark-based analytics platform optimized for the Microsoft Azure cloud, is a highly effective open-source tool, but it automatically creates resource groups and workspaces and protects them with a system-level lock, all of which can be confusing and frustrating unless you understand how and why.

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How to Measure Happiness Across a Large Group


How to Measure Happiness Across a Large Group. An aerospace parts client recently emailed me asking how to measure happiness across a group of hundreds of employees. The post How to Measure Happiness Across a Large Group appeared first on Scrum Inc.

Whitefly: Espionage Group has Singapore in Its Sights


Group behind the SingHealth breach is also responsible for a string of other attacks in the region

Waterbug: Espionage Group Rolls Out Brand-New Toolset in Attacks Against Governments


Waterbug may have hijacked a separate espionage group’s infrastructure during one attack against a Middle Eastern target

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The advanced email spoofing attacks of hackers-for-hire group Dark Basin


Dan Fein analyzes the techniques used by hackers-for-hire group Dark Basin, and explains how AI is well-placed to defend against advanced soliticiation email attacks that other tools miss

CEO Spotlight: Tara Chand, Founder, and CEO of Internet Promise Group Inc., Innovations for Human Health

CEO Insider

Tara Chand is the Founder and CEO of Internet Promise Group Inc., License and Republishing: The views expressed in this article CEO Spotlight: Tara Chand, Founder, and CEO of Internet Promise Group Inc.,

Buckeye: Espionage Outfit Used Equation Group Tools Prior to Shadow Brokers Leak


Windows zero day was exploited by Buckeye alongside Equation Group tools during 2016 attacks. Exploit and tools continued to be used after Buckeye's apparent disappearance in 2017

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Nutanix User Groups 101


If you’ve thought about joining a NUG but weren’t sure exactly what you’d be getting into, or don’t know much about NUGs but are eager to learn more, keep reading

Getting Started with Local Security Groups

Security Innovation

For several months we have been profiling experienced security practitioners as well as those still getting started. Our reasoning is simple - there is no one surefire way to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to thrive in the world of cybersecurity.

Techtonic Group’s Heather Terenzio: ‘Genius Can Be Found Anywhere’

The New Stack

It turns out, she said, that once you remove barriers to employment, the top candidates for their apprenticeship program are people who come from groups currently underrepresented in the tech industry. “We In this Edition: 0:40: Can you tell me what the Techtonic Group does?

Use LinkedIn Groups to Advance Your Expertise When Targeting a Board Seat

Women on Business

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Groupe PSA Delivers Superior Online Customer Experience with Real-Time Response Time, Supporting 15X its Mainframe Capacity with GigaSpaces InsightEdge

The post Groupe PSA Delivers Superior Online Customer Experience with Real-Time Response Time, Supporting 15X its Mainframe Capacity with GigaSpaces InsightEdge appeared first on

CEO Spotlight: Sahel Majali, Chairman and CEO of the MID Group

CEO Insider

Sahel Al Majali is Chairman of the Mid Group, a London-based construction company that he founded in 2014. The Mid Group implements the […].

4 conseils pour stimuler la créativité dans un groupe


De même que le groupe peut booster la créativité, il peut aussi avoir un effet négatif sur les résultats d’un [… Stephen Bayley et Roger Mavity dévoilent la vérité cachée derrière la créativité dans leur ouvrage « How to steal fire », où la créativité n’est pas impulsée par l’équipe entière, mais par chacun des membres de l’équipe.

Find Inspiration at our North American User Group

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Come to be inspired, get educated (with certification!) and have some hands-on fun with our products in San Francisco on June 13-14th. Integration & APIs IoT