Simple Uses of Laravel 8 Routes Group

Php,Mysql,Jquery Tutorial And Interview Question

This tutorial help to understand Laravel 8 group with example. We will create a route group in Laravel 8, bind the similar type of routes into a group. Routes Groups are helpful in the situation when you want to apply one attribute to all the routes. […].

Group Think Treachery

CEO Insider

If you have a good memory, you might remember participating in group projects in high school. There was always one kid smarter than the rest of the group and would take charge.


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Self-Organizing Groups in Zoom

As many of you probably already know, those breakout rooms aim to allow smaller groups to work independently. How can a virtual event facilitator get out of the way and let a group self-organize?

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The Open Group OSDU™ Forum Launches the OSDU Data Platform Mercury Release

The post The Open Group OSDU™ Forum Launches the OSDU Data Platform Mercury Release appeared first on Latest News Releases The Open Group The Open Group OSDU Forum

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

9Packaging Decision Framework Determining Tiers Next, group each of the features from your product roadmap (represented by dots and dotted cirlces) on the framework, suggesting possibilities for structuring your analytic enhancements. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS.

How to Approach Change-Resistant Groups

Change Starts Here

In my classes, I am occasionally asked what to do about change-resistant groups or organizations. When asked for more detail about these groups or organizations, there are common themes that come up: The first theme … Change Management

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User groups shine in exceptional times

Beyond B2B

There’s no denying the relevance of user groups – but they take on a whole new meaning during times like this. Digital Transformation Integration & APIs Alfabet IoT aris adanat

Eclipse Foundation Creates Adoptium Working Group for OpenJDK Binaries

The Eclipse Foundation announced today a working group that will establish a governance framework for an Eclipse Adoptium project that enables developers to download compatible runtimes based on OpenJDK source code.

Find Out What’s New with Ivanti’s Extended Product Group


Check out the video below to hear from Andy Byrne, Vice President and General Manager of the Extended Product Group at Ivanti. Extended Products GroupAndy will share how Ivanti is adding engineering resources to make advancements to our products and enabling organizations through the launch of Ivanti Neurons. Connect with us to find out how Ivanti can add value to your organization today.

Prometheus Group Launches Master Data as a Service

Transforming master data governance in the enterprise asset management sector Raleigh, NC, MARCH 31, 2020 – Prometheus Group, a leading global provider of asset management operations and optimization software, today announced the introduction of Prometheus Master Data as a Service (MDaaS).

Availability Groups Supporting Distributed Transactions


By default, SQL Server Availability Groups (AG) do not fully support Distributed Transactions – even if the AG’s underlying Windows Servers are configured for Distributed Transaction support. In SQL Server 2016 SP2, this option must be set during the CREATE AVAILABILITY GROUP sequence.

SUPERNOVA Web Shell Deployment Linked to SPIRAL Threat Group


SUPERNOVA Web Shell Deployment Linked to SPIRAL Threat Group Similarities between the SUPERNOVA activity and a previous compromise of the network suggest that SPIRAL was responsible for both intrusions and reveal information about the threat group. Similarities between the SUPERNOVA activity and a previous compromise of the network suggest that SPIRAL was responsible for both intrusions and reveal information about the threat group.

INSPIRE 20 Podcast: Rod Flavell, FDM Group


Rod Flavell, founder and CEO of the London-based FDM Group, believes that diversity is the key to innovation, with new ideas and perspectives driving success.

Lloyds Banking Group


Lloyds Banking Group executes analytic projects that benefit the customer journey for multiple brands within Lloyds Banking Group

Accordo Group Launches New Technology Platform AccordoINSIGHTS

Enabling customers worldwide the opportunity to optimize and navigate their journey to the cloud AUCKLAND, New Zealand – March, 2019 – Accordo Group, a global B2B leader in technology lifecycle management, announced today the launch of AccordoINSIGHTS, a technology enablement platform providing software publishers and their channel partners the necessary tools to support their customers cloud transformation journey. Press Releases Accordo Group

CASE STUDY: Insurance Group Benefits From AWS Savings Plans

Blue Sentry

Blue Sentry worked with a large residential property insurance group to help them save substantially on their AWS footprint. The post CASE STUDY: Insurance Group Benefits From AWS Savings Plans appeared first on Blue Sentry.

New Grelos skimmer variant reveals overlap in Magecart group activities, malware infrastructure


A new variant of a skimmer has revealed the increasingly muddy waters associated with tracking groups involved in Magecart-style attacks. On Wednesday, researchers from RiskIQ described how a new Grelos […]. News RiskIQ

Using Mad Tea to Engage the Neural Network of Groups

If you are an experienced Scrum practitioner, chances are that you’ve worked with groups of sixteen or more. This group was about to experience… Mad Tea !” With larger groups, having the group form two concentric circles can be challenging.

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How to Use Azure Resource Groups for Better VM Management


When you create a virtual machine in Microsoft Azure, you are required to assign it to an Azure Resource Group. What are Azure Resources Groups? Management groups: These groups are containers that help you manage access, policy, and compliance for multiple subscriptions.

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Coronavirus Outbreak Causes IT Industry to Identify New Threat Preparation Strategies, Accelerated Strategies Group, MediaOps, JumpCloud, and DevOps Institute Commission New Study BOCA RATON, Fla.

3 Reasons to Join Facebook Groups

Women on Business

Business Development Marketing Networking facebook groups facebook marketing online networking small business social media social media marketing social networkingWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] If you haven't already done so, update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. link].

CEO Spotlight: Nina Vaca, CEO at Pinnacle Group

CEO Insider

Nina Vaca is the Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, a Dallas-based workforce solutions provider. Through her leadership, Pinnacle Group now offers a suite of business lines that address a range of workforce challenges […].

Hashicorp User Group #24


Thanks to our hosts Mintel, the HashiCorp User Group is back on the 14th of August with speakers from applyingAgile and Grafana labs. Continue reading Hashicorp User Group #24 on

Your old router could be a hacking group’s APT pawn

The Parallax

VANCOUVER—If you’ve been looking for another reason to replace your old Wi-Fi router, here it is: A group of hackers could be using it to hide the origins of its online attacks. In a newly released Symantec study he led, Grange says the hacker group is now using hijacked Wi-Fi routers, Internet of Things devices, and cloud services to cover its tracks. Once the group has profiled the device and tricked the target into installing the hidden malware, it can begin stealing data.

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Delphi Group Economic Outlook 2020


During August of 2020 Delphi conducted a survey of 750 responds in its community. These are early results to the survey one week after it was opened to respondents. Blogs

Hashicorp User Group #23


Join us this month the Hashicorp User Group! Continue reading Hashicorp User Group #23 on Thanks to the lovely people at Elsevier who are hosting and providing the food and drink, the Hashicorp meetup will be back on the 17th of July. aws cloud engineering consul container hashicorp Jenkins nomad schedulers terraform

CEO Spotlight: Bhanu Choudhrie, Founder & Director of Alpha Aviation Group

CEO Insider

Bhanu Choudhrie is the Founder and Director of Alpha Aviation Group Ltd., a rapidly growing subsidiary of his private equity firm C & C Alpha Group.

Autoscaling Groups With Terraform on AWS Part 2: Instance Security Group and Boot Script

Dzone - DevOps

Previously , we followed the minimum steps required in order to spin up an autoscaling group in Terraform. In this post, we shall add a security group to the autoscaling group and an http server to serve the requests. Using our base configuration we shall create the security group for the instances. tutorial devops aws terraform autoscaling

FireEye unmasks a new North Korean threat group


FireEye researchers have identified a distinct North Korean hacking group called APT38, which focuses almost exclusively on financial crimes. The researchers claimed that the group has already tried to steal $1.1 billion so far. The researcher said that APT38, is distinct from other Pyongyang-linked hackers because of its overriding financial motivation — as opposed to […]. CTO Cyber Security News

Statement from Nayaki Nayyar, Ivanti Chief Product Officer and President Service Management Solutions Group


Regarding the issue with our Ivanti PulseSecure VPN solution. A Sincere Apology: We apologize to all customers impacted by the disruption this has caused. We began working diligently on a solution as soon as we were aware of the issue to resolve.

Logistics giant Toll Group hit by ransomware for the second time in three months


For the second time in three months, Toll Group has become the victim of a ransomware attack that has led to the suspension of IT systems. Melbourne, Australia-based Toll Group is […].

Interview With Robert Strzelecki CEO Of TenderHut Group

CEO Insider

Robert Strzelecki is the CEO of the TenderHut Group from Poland. He graduated from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years. He leads innovative projects, prepares companies for sale or restructuring, and also introduces complex IT systems within businesses. TenderHut is a technological capital […]. CEO Insider

Counter Threat Unit Researchers Publish Threat Group Definitions


Counter Threat Unit Researchers Publish Threat Group Definitions The goals of sharing these profiles are to provide insight into CTU characterizations, encourage feedback, and promote discussions within the security community. The goals of sharing these profiles are to provide insight into CTU characterizations, encourage feedback, and promote discussions within the security community. Fundamentals

AlwaysOn Availability Groups: Non-container Objects Synchronization Scripts


Ever been in a situation where an AlwaysOn Availability Groups failed over to secondary? The AlwaysOn Availability Groups feature keeps the databases in sync for high availability, but the non-container objects needs to be copied over manually.

Jenkins Pipeline Groovy Script - Part 1: Creating Gitlab Group

Dzone - DevOps

In this article, I am discussing a simple groovy functionality along with Jenkinsfile pipeline script on how to automatically create a new GitLab group or subgroup under the parent group.

Graceful shutdown using AWS Auto Scaling groups and Terraform


Amazon’s Auto Scaling groups (ASG) are, in theory, a great way to scale. Auto Scaling groups. In the case of AWS, that meant Auto Scaling groups. Auto scaling groups have long been a great choice for managing scaling, because they offer such flexibility in how you scale.

Understanding Azure Databricks and resource groups


Azure Databricks, an Apache Spark-based analytics platform optimized for the Microsoft Azure cloud, is a highly effective open-source tool, but it automatically creates resource groups and workspaces and protects them with a system-level lock, all of which can be confusing and frustrating unless you understand how and why.

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Whitefly: Espionage Group has Singapore in Its Sights


Group behind the SingHealth breach is also responsible for a string of other attacks in the region

How to Measure Happiness Across a Large Group


How to Measure Happiness Across a Large Group. An aerospace parts client recently emailed me asking how to measure happiness across a group of hundreds of employees. The post How to Measure Happiness Across a Large Group appeared first on Scrum Inc. by Joe Justice | July 19, 2018 | Blog. Since this is a question we get frequently, I thought it would be a great idea to share the answer with all of you.

How to Get Security Groups to Join Your DevSecOps Journey

Dzone - DevOps

How can you call it DevSecOps if your security group doesn't have a seat at the table? Often the move to adopt DevSecOps is driven directly from the application development group, to help bring security earlier in the lifecycle and prevent them from being a late-stage roadblock to getting features and fixes to production. However, convincing a security group to get on board with your DevSecOps journey may not be an easy task.