Timatic by IATA: Travel Requirements Database, Explained


After surviving one of the most traumatic years for air travel, the industry is finally learning to operate with new travel restrictions. Travelers struggle to keep up with constantly updated travel information. Users: airline websites, airports, online travel agencies.

10+ Attracting Features For Travel App Development To Lure Travellers


Travel Makes One Modest You Escape To Find What A Tiny Place You Occupy In The World” Are you far away from travel app development? Well, I have some pretty experiences to share when it comes to your travel business. But travelling comes with so much hassle.


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Making CX Sing: Data Enables Hospitality & Travel to Hit the High Notes with Frictionless Journeys


Industry AI featured hospitality Machine Learning travelDiscover the technologies needed to better fulfill customer needs while optimizing operations.

Digital transformation threats and opportunities in travel and transportation


In travel and transportation most companies today don’t look at customer journeys as a collaborative exercise. Analytics Digital Transformation Platform Travel, Transportation & Hospitality connected transportation connected transportation platform connected travelerThey consider their job done when passengers are delivered safely to their appointed destination for their segment.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Consumers’ Expectations & Demands for Hospitality & Travel


COVID-19 has destroyed consumer demand for hospitality and travel operators. Industry COVID-19 featured hospitality travelLearn how to adapt to changing customer needs with IDC's Dorothy Creamer Shaffer.

Travel, Tutorials, Technology: A Conversation with Sidney Diongzon

Dell EMC

As a #DellInsideCircle member, Sidney’s Dell Precision 5750 workstation is integral to his post-production efforts

3 Tips for Women to Stay Safe During Business Travel

Women on Business

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Self-Service Technologies in Travel: End-to-End Solutions for Independent Travelers


Even before the pandemic, travelers were eager to stay independent on the trip. And now, when people are finally ready to travel again, there’s another concern – safety. But how do we make travel completely self-service on all stages of the journey? Special needs travelers.

Traveling the World with New Eyes

Data Virtualization

The phrase “The true voyage of discovery does not consist in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes,” extracted with a certain freedom of synthesis from Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time is perhaps one of his best.

Travel Booking Engines: Types, Functionality, and Integrations


A booking engine is the brains behind distributing travel products online. Let’s explore what they actually can do and how their functions and tasks vary across travel businesses. How a travel booking engine works. Travel content mapping. Travel porta;s by TraveloPro.

The Surprising Truth About AI in Travel Insurance and Beyond

CEO Insider

Business Traveller CEO InsiderWhen it comes to “personalization” as part of the consumer experience, many companies are overlooking what’s important. You’ve probably received email pitches that include your name in the subject line or wish you a happy birthday around the day you were born, but did they make you want to know more? Probably not. In fact, […].

Largest Travel Technology Market Players


We’ve looked at 2017 annual reports of the key travel technology players to show you how they perform

Three Ways Technology will Help Hotels, Restaurants and Travel Adapt


Learn how the future of the Hospitality Industry is evolving with technologies like security, AI process automation and robots with IDC's Dorothy Creamer. Industry AI Automation featured hospitality robots security

Email Marketing Software in the Travel Industry: Benefits, Challenges, and Success Stories


Last year, the clear path the travel industry once had was swept away. This was largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic uprooting the status quo for both international and domestic travel. The Challenges of Marketing to Travelers. Travel Industry Wins with Email Marketing.

My New Traveling Office

Women on Business

I do most of my traveling on the plane and things like Virgin Atlantic’s seat plug ins, and various carriers Wi-Fi make traveling a lot more efficient. If you travel as a team, this can make you much more effective as people use the internet, conduct research, and type up reports as someone drives. Business Travel Uncategorized car conference call road worrier travel

How to Cope with the Crisis in the Travel Industry


The crisis is hitting the travel industry hard, there’s no doubt about it. In fact, the global revenue for the travel and tourism industry is earning around 34.7 7 actions your travel company can take in the crisis. It’s a change in how we think, interact, travel and more.

How to Keep Business Travel Costs Down

Strategy Driven

Travelling to solve and fix these issues is essential, but not every company can currently afford it or find a flight to get them where they need to be. If the cancellation policy offered by the airline isn’t good enough, then your travel insurance should offer protection.

Booking and Ticketing for Non-IATA Travel Agencies


For full-service carriers, a ticket is the only truly valid travel document. It’s the ticket, not the booking reference, that secures your traveler’s right to their seat on the plane. This is a guest article by Amadeus for Developers.

Corporate travel management companies: how to choose the best provider for business trips


One million dollars invested in airfare annually — not long ago this figure was cited as a benchmark for businesses to start seeking help from a travel management company or TMC. Modern technologies make travel administration cheaper and simpler. BCD Travel. Source: Travel Daily.

What’s your customer’s perfect travel experience? Use advanced analytics to find out


Years ago, airline travel was considered glamorous. There was only one version of the perfect travel experience and it was wrapped up in the glamour and prestige of the journey itself — and the personal service supporting it. […]. Analytics Distinguished Technologists Travel, Transportation & Hospitality customer experiencePeople wore suits and dresses. They smoked cigarettes, drank martinis and cut their steaks with metal knives.

How to Get IATA Accreditation for Travel Business: Options and Steps to Take


The air travel industry is no exception. But how are IATA and travel agencies connected? Why do travel businesses that issue airline tickets have to be IATA-accredited? IATA and Travel Agencies. Today, IATA decides who and how should distribute air travel products.

Packing List for Women Business Travelers Going to India

Women on Business

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3 Steps to Get Your Business Travel Mojo Back

Women on Business

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Travelling Turns Smarter With Mobile Ticketing Apps – Here’s How!


Although the payments through smartwatches are still in their fancy stage, they hold a lot of potential with predicted advancements to allow travellers to purchase tickets through their accessories. In the present scenario, the smart travelling market is moderately concentrated.

Best Jobs for Women Who Love to Travel

Women on Business

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Destination Management Companies: How Travel Agencies Can Tap Into DMC Potential


The travel service market operates on a large scale. Online and offline travel agencies provide a wide selection of services to a wide range of audiences, so they rarely have control over the resources at the immediate destination. The role of DMC in the travel supply chain.

Amazing Travel UIs


From chatbots to swipeable UIs to animations and time-lapse videos, the world of travel and tourism interface design is ripe with excellent examples and opportunities for visionary designers

Sentiment Analysis in Hotel Reviews: Developing a Decision-Making Assistant for Travelers


How long does it take an average traveler to pick up a hotel? Thus allowing travelers to compare different offerings at a glance and make the best choice in no time. Each time a traveler leaves a comment like “The best family hotel, yeah right!”

Host Travel Agencies: Why You Need Them and How to Choose the Best Option


In 2020, the travel industry found itself among the sectors hardest hit by COVID-19. American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) reported a 75-percent cut in revenue across travel agencies versus 2019. What is a host travel agency? Host travel agency business model.

Online Travel Agency Analytics: Data-Driven Approach to the Best-Cost Strategy


An average traveler starts researching before they even have a particular destination in mind. This also means that online travel platforms have an opportunity to affect the final decision if their proposition is very attractive. What’s the current travel market demand?

Fascinating Examples Of How Blockchain Is Used In Insurance, Banking And Travel


Blockchain technology promises to revolutionize many aspects of how we do business and, if you believe the blockchain hype (of which there is plenty), may even be as disruptive as […].

Tel Aviv Business Travel Tips

Women on Business

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6 Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Travel Business


When we talk about the travel fashion in favor, we need to take into account the expedition, present day scenario and the individuals who provide services to make the travel happen. What might be our next question is the need to invest in travel. And not to skip the travel might just be a mandate if say it’s for studies or otherwise. Having talked about all good stuff, let’s look out for ways to make it happen as traveling is not as simple as it seems.

OODA Produces A Traveling Executive’s Guide to Cybersecurity


We have written before about the importance of all of us recognizing that we are in a cyber conflict. The fact is that we are all targets. We all have to keep our wits about us. This includes tracking the cyber threat and best practices to mitigate the threat. A period of significantly enhanced vulnerability […]. CTO Cyber Security Cyber War News

Technology Trends in the Travel Industry


Technology plays an important role in travel industry organizations. It is important for travel companies, hotels and organizations to stay up with the latest developing innovation patterns. It expands the effectiveness of business tasks and improves clients experience. This will guarantee they don’t fall behind competitors. Internet of Things (IoT) Internet of Things (IoT) is […]. Posts

Women Business Travellers: How To Find A Positive Work-Life Balance

Women on Business

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An AI Lie Detector Is Going to Start Questioning Travelers in the EU


Soon traveling to Europe will depend on a lie detector test taken by an artificial intelligence tool. In Hungary, Latvia, and Greece, travelers will be given an […]. EU is planning to launch a six-month trial of iBorderCtrl, an AI lie detector that looks for “biomarkers of deceit”, at its external borders in Hungary, Latvia, and Greece. CTO Cyber Security News

Localization for Travel Tech: What You Need to Know Now


For travel tech companies, the goal should be to reach more countries at the lowest possible cost. Many travel tech websites, such as Booking.com and Skyscanner, provide controls to select both display language and desired currency units. Other travel websites presume by default that users accessing a site from one country will prefer to see the language of that country, in some cases overriding the previous selections and preferences of that user.

How Can the Travel Industry Overcome the Impact of COVID?

Strategy Driven

One of the hardest hit industries during the coronavirus pandemic has been travel and tourism. Whether it’s regularly for business or to get away on a summer holiday, we’ve all been unable to venture to where we need or want to as a result of major travel restrictions.

Travel Back To 1985 For A Guest Lecture By Commodore Grace Hopper on The Future of Computing


Thanks to the power of computing you can watch Commodore Grace Hopper delivering her landmark lecture at MIT Laboratory on 25 April 1985. The entire presentation is excellent and worth listening to.

Travel 139