Guest Post: Change Management Models

Change Starts Here

The following article shares one practitioner’s journey to uncover new models and expand his change management toolkit. Change management models. I am a process guy by training, but I make my living from change management. Changing systems and processes is easy, but unless you can change people’s behaviour as well then your new process is worthless. So whilst I might be a process guy it is change management that pays my mortgage.

Navigating Change Management Effectively

Strategy Driven

However, one thing that these methodologies do not account for is change. We are sure that we do not need to tell you that change happens all of the time in business. Change management is a critical component of successful project management. Irrespective of the nature of the task at hand, knowing about change management and how to handle it effectively is critical. Let’s begin by explaining what change management is for those who are unaware.


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Speak-up Culture: How to Encourage More (and Better) Ideas

Let's Grow Leaders

You’re a human-centered leader working to create a courageous, speak-up culture filled with psychological safety. A culture where employees feel invited and encouraged to speak up and share their ideas and express their concerns. Change Resistors.

Five Key Responsibilities of a Change Manager

Change Starts Here

When you find yourself responsible for managing a change project at work, you might wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into. It quickly becomes clear that the task is not as simple as letting people know what they should do and then standing back to let it happen, especially when you don’t have authority among those who need to change. So what are the activities a change manager must do to ultimately achieve the desired result for the organization?

What is change management and why is it essential for digital transformation

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

“When it comes to change management, “implementation” isn’t the end—it’s just the beginning.” What is change management? Change management may be defined as a structured process that ensures that required changes are thoroughly and smoothly carried out, and that the long-term benefits of the change are realized. The “change” may be a simple process change or a major change in company strategy or policy.

Reserve Your Seat in Enclaria’s Fundamentals of Change Management Course – September 28-30 in Atlanta

Change Starts Here

Fundamentals of Change Management. How to Design and Influence Change at Work. Fundamentals of Change Management is a foundational course for anyone who influences change at work. This three-day workshop will help you design your change initiative to go as smoothly as possible and overcome the inevitable challenges when they occur. Culture change. Implementing a change management approach. Intro to Change Management.

Five Jobs Made More Effective With Change Management

Change Starts Here

A recent study by the Association for Change Management Professionals (ACMP) shows that 73% of change management professionals surveyed also have other, non-change-related job duties. I suspect for many of the respondents, the “other” job duties are really their primary job, and those who consider themselves change agents do so because they’ve realized change management is a necessary function of their primary job. Project Management.

Code Ownership Is Key to Accelerate Debugging

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If You Want to Change Your Organization, Change Management

Change Starts Here

A phrase often touted as a key step in the change process is “getting buy-in from key stakeholders.” The concept is usually interpreted as gaining permission from managers to implement change in their areas. But most changes in organizations require more than just permission or agreement; they require a different way of managing to support the changes. Managers are the molders of culture and the guardians of the status quo.

It’s Time to Drop “New Normal” From Your Vocabulary

CEO Insider

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What Chaos Engineering Is (and Isn’t)

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APQC’s Change Management Spotlight: Battling the Status Quo

Change Starts Here

I was recently interviewed by the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) for their Change Management Spotlight feature on their blog. How do you reignite a change initiative that is fizzling? What’s the most important thing you should do when the status quo is deeply ingrained in the organization’s culture? Organizational Change

Interview: Shifting Organizational Culture Through Performance Management

Change Starts Here

This month’s guest, Marnie Green, is Principal Consultant at Management Education Group, Inc. Listen in as she shares examples of organizations who have seen shifts in culture as a result of a new performance management process and supporting technology. Listen to the show here (30 minutes): Change Managementand author of both Painless Performance Evaluations and Painless Performance Conversations.

Culture — Make it an explicit element of digital transformation

Cutter Consortium

But to be successful, every digital transformation requires hitting cultural milestones, too. Cultural transformation is a necessary component to digital transformation, argues Frank Khan Sullivan in his recent Cutter Consortium Executive Update , “ A Culture Transformed ”. If your current culture is not one of openness, learning, and adaptability, digital transformation will be difficult. Culture makes a difference.

Article: Q&A on the Book Impact: 21st Century Change Management, Behavioral Science, and the Future of Work

InfoQ Culture Methods

The book Impact by Paul Gibbons explores how to lead and manage change in the 21st century to support digital transformations while taking the needs of millennials and Gen Z into account. It describes how we can humanize change and use pull models and dialogs to support behavior change.

An Idea for Creating a Change-Welcoming Culture: Intrapreneurship

Cutter Consortium

By taking a human-centric approach — involving people and winning their loyalty — it becomes easier for organizations to identify and drive tough changes within a company. In their article Transforming Change into Trust in the Digital Era , Jagdish Bhandarkar and Namratha Rao offer an example of how one Fortune 100 company was quite successful in driving change and outperforming its competitors by embracing intrapreneurship.

If You Build It, Will They Use It? Assessing Your Client’s Change Management Readiness

Atomic Spin

You can use this information to document risks, shape relevant recommendations, and support them in building a more holistic change management plan. With a question like this, you can start to unpack the culture in which this software will be deployed and how you may want to tweak your rollout to be relevant to your audience. The answer to these questions may give you a sense of what it will be like to guide this group through this change.

Seven Effective Tips to Get the Most Out of your DevOps

Blogs DevOps Culture DevOps Practice change management continuous monitoring devops microservice architecture microservicesIt seems that every firm is trying to include DevOps in their software delivery cycle these days. This is understandable.

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Change management and sales: influencing the buying decision path

Strategy Driven

But until the stakeholders (decision makers, influencers, appropriate managers) agree that making a purchase is the only way to get where they want to end up, and all of the people that will touch the new solution buy-in to altering the status quo (their policies, relationships, rules, past decisions, job descriptions, etc), they will not make a purchase or a change: they will continue the dysfunctional behavior even when an ideal solution is right in front of them.

Change Management Essentials - 5 Things To Avoid


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer Change Management Essentials - 5 Things To Avoid Most organizational/team improvement initiatives we undertake involve change - from current state of affairs to desired state. Change is hard and painful and necessary for growth/survival. You focus solely on “enforce&# rather than “enable&# and “educate&# : Changing habits and hence culture is a long term thing.

How To Change Your Mind and Not Lose Their Trust and Support

Let's Grow Leaders

The post How To Change Your Mind and Not Lose Their Trust and Support appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. courageous cultures change management change your mind new directionDoes this sound familiar? You started the year with a clear vision and direction.

Corporate Cultures – Overcoming Cultural Resistance to Change

Strategy Driven

The firm hand of culture drives what, how, and why work gets done. Consequently, attempts to change established policies, processes, or practices will meet with a degree of cultural resistance. Therefore, the challenge for leaders becomes how to effectively implement needed change in spite of this resistance; especially if the foundational tenants of the organization’s culture must be preserved.

These Three Approaches Will Help Your Enterprise Be More Agile

Nearly every organization that tries to change its culture to be more agile and better adapt to changing environments discovers that it’s harder than it looks. Blogs DevOps Culture Enterprise DevOps agile agile enterprise agile transformation change management devops culture

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DevOps in action: when culture accelerates


While organizations are relying on their leaders to answer the call to DevOps and steer the ship through turbulent times, organizational culture ultimately ensures that ships safely reach shore. The call for DevOps culture. Culture in action. Culture change is not done overnight.

Untapping the Potential of DevOps, Part 3: Keys to Success

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Best Practices for Software Change Assessment

The post Best Practices for Software Change Assessment appeared first on Blogs DevOps Culture DevOps Practice Enterprise DevOps Leadership Suite agile software solution application discovery change management dependency mapping impact analysis software change assessmentBusiness spending on enterprise software has been on a constant rise over the past decade with 64% of businesses spending more on IT operations in 2018.

Don't Panic Series (Part 2): How does culture change?


Fundamentally, changing culture is going to require some pretty significant changes. This means interrupting the way you normally work because in order to change direction, you have to pause and put the brakes on. Continuing with the Don’t Panic series , Dave Sharrock and Melissa Boggs will explain how culture changes as well as discuss the technique of storytelling. How does culture change? How do changes in a culture happen?

When Great Company Cultures Go to the Dark Side: 7 Signs Your Organization Is Headed in the Wrong Direction

The Empowered Buisness

Is over-emphasizing positive thinking in your company’s culture, actually creating negativity without you even knowing it? These are just a few examples of how companies, even with great cultures, can go to the dark side. The REAL Truth About Your Company Culture & Its Hidden Shadow Side. Most great cultures are driven by handful of sacred values. Yet many great cultures have also gone toxic AND the leaders don’t even realize it.

Live Tech Talk and Demo: Getting Started with DevOps on Snowflake [Webinar Sign-up]

Dzone - DevOps

The benefits of building a DevOps culture in software companies are clear. tutorial devops tools devops culture database devops database change management snowflake cloud data platform devops challenges

Why Your Best Performers Hate Your Great Idea

Let's Grow Leaders

courageous cultures change management innovation problem solvingYou’re convinced you’ve got a great idea that you know will yield breakthrough results. So you call the team together to announce the new direction. But instead of being met with a spirited “game on,” your top performers are staring at you with a […]. The post Why Your Best Performers Hate Your Great Idea appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders.

Turning Cynicism Into Hope

Dzone - DevOps

Convert your skeptics to believers with the gospel of DevOps culture. Project managers refer to you as “the person everyone loves to hate” — to your face. devops devops adoption change management devops culture devops metricsIf you’ve ever led a DevOps initiative, this may sound familiar. When you walk down the hall, people avoid making eye contact with you, fearing they might become your next target.

Why Change Requires More Than Training and Communication

Change Starts Here

It’s a common belief that to get people to adopt change, all you really need is training and communication. If we tell people what to do and why, and show them how to do it, that should be enough to get them to change, right? It’s a logical conclusion, but then people aren’t logical, especially when it comes to change. The following are other crucial activities that comprise change management, and what happens when you don’t do them. Clarify the Change.

8 Critical Stages for Anyone Creating Change

Nathan Magnuson

It’s been said that the term “change management” is a misnomer because if you are trying to “managechange, you’re already too far behind! Change must be led from the front. Because of that, when I first discovered John Kotter’s eight stage process for creating major change in a university textbook (and published in his [.].

9 Ways to Be a Positive Force in a Negative Workplace

Let's Grow Leaders

Communication Energy and Engagement Change change management employee engagement negative culture positive culture transitions My German Father-in-law would call trying to fix this negative workplace, Furzen gegen den Donner, “farting against thunder.”

Article: Q&A on the Book The Science of Organizational Change

InfoQ Culture Methods

In The Science of Organizational Change, Paul Gibbons challenges existing theories and tools of change management and debunks management myths.

The Myth of NoOps

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The whole goal of the concept was to increase velocity while maintaining stability, and those who adopted the culture successfully saw great benefits in achieving this goal. cloud devops automation containers serverless devops adoption change management incident management ci cd noops

A movie about Changing in life

Agile Lucero

If you are in the company that is involved in an Digital or Agile transformation you (as manager for instance) would prefer to stay in the cave (area of expertise). However, nothing keeps in the same way forever so the best way to deal with changes is the ability to adapt. “No Last but not least, the best way to stay aways of risks is to adapt to the change using our creativity and flexibility. The post A movie about Changing in life appeared first on Agile Lucero.

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Interview: Implementing Change in Sub-Saharan Africa

Change Starts Here

In this episode, Glory Enyinnaya joins the show from Nigeria, where she is the Manager of the Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics at the Lagos Business School. Listen in as she shares her research and experience about implementing change in Sub-Saharan Africa. We’ll explore the challenges of implementing change in a developing country, and how regional culture affects leadership and change management.

Mindset Shifts For Organizational Transformation


Businesses are struggling to keep the pace with rapid rate of change and disruption around. To keep up with the change, businesses try to diversify into newer areas, build products and services to cater to new market needs and innovate. Organizations on their transformation journeys cannot afford to rely only on the technology innovations because innovation is a result of something more deeper – innovation is a result of mindset, behavioral constructs, leadership and culture.

Four Types of Change Readiness

Change Starts Here

Change readiness. If people were fully “ready” for change, then they would’ve already changed. And you can’t measure readiness before introducing change, because the mere act of measuring would in fact introduce change. Recently, a newsletter subscriber asked me for my definition of change readiness, so I finally decided figure out what it really means, and to come up with a definition that is useful, and not just another buzzword.