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SD-WAN Helping Financial Services Achieve Greater Digital Agility, Cybersecurity


SD-WAN can help financial services organizations achieve network agility and security. An SD-WAN overlays traditional or hybrid WAN infrastructures and locates the software or hardware nodes at each location and in the cloud. Organizations must also ensure their data is protected and compliant.

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Signals from space: SD-WAN marks the next stage in commercialized space-based comms


Low-orbit earth satellites and SD-WAN combine The pros of satellite services are clear: with blanket coverage across our planet, it’s conceivable that one day every square inch will be covered. As a WAN access technology though, satellite communication does experience its fair share of obstacles. SD-WAN, Telecommunications

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IDC MarketScape Evaluates Worldwide SD-WAN Infrastructure Vendors and Market Trends  


The 2023 IDC MarketScape on Worldwide SD-WAN Infrastructure evaluated 12 vendors in the SD-WAN market and recognized five leaders.

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Modernizing the WAN from Client to Cloud


The evolution of WAN architectures has historically paralleled that of application architectures. When we primarily connected terminals to mainframes, the WAN architecture was largely point-to-point links connecting back to data center facilities.

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TNS Taps Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN Solution


Transaction Network Services (TNS), a leader in fintech payment services, recently announced the launch of TNS Secure SD-WAN which leverages Fortinet’s leading Secure SD-WAN solution. In partnership with Fortinet, TNS Secure […].

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Juniper Networks acquires Boston-area AI SD-WAN startup 128 Technology for $450M


With 128 Technology, the company gets more AI SD-WAN technology. SD-WAN is short for software-defined wide area networks, which means networks that cover a wide geographical area such as satellite offices, rather than a network in a defined space.

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Ensuring Network Connectivity With SD-WAN and AIOps

The post Ensuring Network Connectivity With SD-WAN and AIOps appeared first on They’d dive deep into the rabbit hole, analyzing issues on a case-by-case basis, asking countless questions, including: Could there be a problem with the enterprise network? […].

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