APIs and DevOps


Traditional infrastructure—SAN, LAN, physical systems, etc.—were As always, there are interesting trends in DevOps, and I wanted to point out one that is starting to bother me: the “API economy,” and how it impacts DevOps decision-makers.

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How can we implement 2FA for Exchange Online


We want to make this setup: From our LAN, staffs use outlook and only username/password to access their emails. For outside of our LAN, staffs have to use 2FA to access their emails by using either any email clients/apps or via web portal. Some staffs use Exchange Online licenses, the others use Office 365 Business Premium. Would you please share me your suggestions on ways we can implement it including methods and needed licenses. Thanks very much. office 365

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Open Cloud Networking-Redefined


Networking vendors have long touted distinct routers and switches with different LAN/WAN interfaces for different customer use cases.

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Enabling 2FA O365 with trusted ip's internally doesn't prompt for more info


Looking at rolling out 2FA for use with Office 2016 and in my tests I'm not getting prompted for the additional security info required as I have enabled trusted IP's for the Lan. Any simple way around this as I need to keep the IP's as trusted for my Lan so as not to annoy users but thought it would prompt me first time around for the additional security info but it doesn't.

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Partner Spotlight: KAEMI


KAEMI provides standardized and packaged Managed Services including SD-WAN, managed WAN, LAN, security, business continuity, and unified communications. “With Megaport as our partner, we now have another important modular building block for our Full Managed Services.

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Nokia N95 - "No Gateway Reply" - Here Is How I Fixed It!

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Cisco CCNA Wireless Certification Exam Questions From PrepAway – Build Your Career of Successful Network Engineer

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Moreover, candidates need fundamental information of LAN ideas with a specific end goal to comprehend the ideas created in the Wireless educational programs. Cisco Corporation offers a scope of products and conveys coordinated solutions to create interface networks around the world.

Beginner with OneDrive & Sharepoint - some questions?


I set up several clean win 10 machines on a LAN to play with this. I hate to admit, but I am just starting to learn onedrive and sharepoint through office 365. So that's OneDrive for business and cloud sharepoint? Please feel free to correct any of my miswordings. Each user has office 365 Business. Part of setting things up, I uninstalled onedrive app that came with the fresh win 10 install. I installed the office suite. That brought onedrive back.

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My Experience With Growing A Developer Culture


It might be visiting an escape room, organizing a LAN-party, having a bbq, playing paintball or going on a boat trip. For years, I’ve fulfilled the role of Scrum Master for many different organizations and Scrum Teams. These teams were mostly focused on software development.

List of Android Secret Codes

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Wireless Lan Tests. *#*#232338#*#*. Secret codes for Android mobile operating system. If you are unsure about any codes better not to execute it. Most of the codes are meant for only advanced users. So if you would like to try it, better you keep a backup copy of your data on the handset!

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SMB Revealed


Microsoft adopted it in its LAN Manager product and has continued to drive the development of the protocol ever since. SMB Revealed. Eric Klinefelter. Tue, 02/26/2019 - 9:48am. SMB is here! So what is it really ?

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Is 200-125 CCNA Exam Worth Taking?

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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 200-125 exam is designed to test candidate’s understanding and skills in networking basics , LAN and WAN technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 technologies, services, security and management of infrastructure.

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How MSPs can use Integrated Cybersecurity Solutions to Grow Profits


Back in the early days of managed cybersecurity services, MSPs only needed to offer things like endpoint protection and firewall management to keep clients safe.

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How IT Should Rethink Their ‘Networking Game Plan’

The New Stack

Without additional insight on the LAN at each branch location, centralized IT could be completely blind to performance issues that don’t originate over the Internet. Sean Armstrong, Vice President of Products at AppNeta.

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IT/OT Cybersecurity Convergence: Start Strong with These Six Controls


As the amount of OT finding its way onto the corporate LAN steadily increases, the attack surface expands accordingly. As IT and OT teams converge, industrial businesses need to create better cybersecurity plans and strategies to confront modern threats. Where's the best place to start?

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SD-WAN Must Tackle the Multidomain Problem

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Given these applications and networks now span clouds, data centers, WANs, LANs, and edge, the automation of networks should be viewed as a Multidomain problem. Chris Wade.

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Reuse Your Old Wi-Fi Router as a Network Switch

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This means, referencing the diagram above, you’d lose the WAN port and LAN port 1, but retain LAN ports 2, 3, and 4 for use. Hook the Wi-Fi router up to the web via one of the LAN ports (later you can switch the cable to the WAN port ).

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Talking Cloud and a Dose of Magic at Fortinet Accelerate 2019


There was much more to explore, the Fortinet product portfolio covers a full spectrum of solutions, from VoIP systems, video surveillance, Next-Generation Firewalls, SIEM, email, IoT, wireless LAN, and much more.

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Free eBooks to Learn AngularJS

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Angular JS in 60 Minutes This ebook is done by Lan Smith, which contains the transcription video and regarding screenshots for each and every concept. Angular JS is really a powerful JavaScript framework , mostly help in the Single Page Application projects.

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Your Own Personal WiFi Storage

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In Wi-Fi and LAN. Our kids have reached the age – at ages 4, 4, and 7 respectively – that taking longer trips with them is now possible without everyone losing what's left of their sanity in the process.

What’s Preventing Disaggregation in Networking?

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Before Apple, Adam was a lead engineer in Cisco’s TAC on the LAN and Data Center Switching teams — giving him deep insight on silicon pipelines, hardware and software architecture, and a strong background in debugging and troubleshooting complex, multifaceted technical issues. Adam Casella.

Odd DNS issue, I can't figure this out. (?°?°)?? ???


Everything on my LAN works as expected and the DNS suffix is appended without issue for sites on my local subnet. I've got an issue that I'm just not able to comprehend why it doesn't work. Hoping someone here might have ran into this before. We have a new remote data center. I can access all assets without issue.


CI/CD for Networking: Adopting DevOps Principles for a More Robust Network

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Before Apple, Sullivan was a specialist support engineer on the LAN Switching team in Cisco TAC. Glenn Sullivan. Glenn Sullivan co-founded SnapRoute in 2015, where he is responsible for product direction by advocating for the end-user.

Lake Superior vs. Silicon Valley Hot Spots

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They proceeded to have a LAN party while riding the light rail on the way to work. Recently I had the opportunity to visit friends in Silicon Valley.

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Kentik Detect for FinServ Networks: Real-World Use Cases


One of the more obvious, yet powerful uses for Kentik Detect is a dashboard that provides a comprehensive overview of network traffic across the entire infrastructure: LAN / WAN, internal data centers and public cloud.

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Airport Technology Management: Operations, Software Solutions and Vendors


Information is distributed through the airport radio system, or displayed on a PC connected via the airport LAN or on mobile devices. Imagine an airport. What are the first things that come to mind?

Accuracy and Efficiency for Network Security


Whether a local LAN, a private WAN, or the Internet, a network functions as the circulatory system for a body of knowledge. Kentik delves deeper into your data for detection and defense.

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Closing the Network Performance Monitoring Gap and Achieving Full Network Visibility


That assumption worked in a traditional scenario when monolithic applications meant that there were relatively few points in the network where the LAN met the WAN and important communication was happening. Delivering NPM for Cloud and Digital Operations.

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Kentik True Origin Brings CDN Insights to ISPs


With True Origin, Kentik has solved the challenges above, enabling ISPs—as well as the operators of enterprise and campus LANs—to get a clear picture of how your network utilization and costs are impacted by Internet-sourced content.

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BGP Routing Tutorial Series: Part 3


So for now, let’s assume that all neighbors must be on a LAN interface (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, FDDI). Configuring Peering for Neighbor Autonomous Systems. So far in this series we’ve looked at a number of basic concepts about BGP, covering both who would want to use it and why.

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The Why and How of Interface Classification


Examples of policies might include: - a range of IP addresses may be used exclusively for transit customers; - a range of RFC1918 IP addresses may be used exclusively for interfaces on CDN servers behind a load balancer; - a range may correspond to the LAN of a particular Internet Exchange.

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Objects as Actors ?

Ruminations of a Programmer

Erlang allows you to write programs that will run without any change in a regular non-distributed Erlang session, on two different Erlang nodes running on the same computer and as well on Erlang nodes running on two physically separated computers either in the same LAN or over the internet. Tony Arcieri, creator of Reia, recently brought up an interesting topic on unifying actors and objects.

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