How Rackspace Takes the Cloud Global with VSAN Ready Nodes

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Today, organizational leaders in the pharmaceutical, consulting and financial industries look to Rackspace for guidance. Customers around the world count on Rackspace to help them reap the benefits of cloud technologies.

2017 in cybersecurity and privacy news

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And NotPetya cost pharmaceutical giant Merck more than $310 million , FedEx more than $300 million , and shipping company Maersk more than $200 million.

InfluxData’s Times Series Query Language, Exoscale’s Container Stack 2019

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For the event, end-users from the pharmaceutical, banking, media and research industries, along with cloud native experts, will share their experiences and best practices.

Biohacker’s latest answer to health care hurdles: Homebrew meds

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He then attempted to call Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical company millionaire CEO who bought the patent of the trade name of pyrimethamine, Daraprim, for $55 million and raised the price by 5,500 percent. NEW YORK CITY—File sharing saves lives, Michael Laufer argues.

Triaging modern medicine’s cybersecurity issues

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Pharmaceutical manufacturers like Merck, part of the chemical sector of critical infrastructure, for example, are also part of the public-health sector.

Private Clouds eBook


Bright Computing's customer base includes global academic, governmental, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, and pharmaceutical organizations such as Boeing, NASA, Stanford University , Roche, and St. Katie Kennedy. Cloud computing has achieved mainstream acceptance as an IT service delivery platform. Within the cloud paradigm, private cloud is gaining momentum for reasons ranging from performance optimization and cost containment to privacy and security.

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Data's day of reckoning

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We can build a future we want to live in, or we can build a nightmare. The choice is up to us. Our lives are bathed in data: from recommendations about whom to “follow” or “friend” to data-driven autonomous vehicles.

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Context Conversations preview: Medsec with Jacki Monson and Josh Corman

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Before joining Sutter Health , Monson served in privacy and security management roles at health care and pharmaceutical providers, including Mayo Clinic.

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Cognitive enhancement pharmaceuticals are available in some countries under highly regulated circumstances, but are proving less effective than expected. Satisfying stories feature a hero or heroine facing jeopardy and triumphing over adversity.

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Machine Learning Helps to Control Diabetes

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There is a good probability that you or someone you know has diabetes. The World Health organization believes that an estimated 8.8 percent of the adult population worldwide had diabetes. This figure is projected to rise to 9.9 percent by the year 2045.

IoT, AI, Blockchain: what does the future hold for mobile Healthcare


There are many benefits of using IoT in healthcare, such as easy access to remote monitoring, accurate diagnoses, reduced errors, improved pharmaceutical management and decreased costs. As technological advancements continue to impact every sector of life, new tech advancements such as IoT , AI , and Blockchain have become a significant part of mobile healthcare too.

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How Big Data is Becoming Smaller Than Small Data


An example of an e-commerce website that makes good decisions based on small data is SNI’s pharmaceutical sales training , which has been carefully designed after looking at "heat maps" that show how visitors behave when they browse each page and where they are more likely to click. Carol M.

Transforming to an Agile Mindset, Part 1


I had an executive for a large pharmaceutical company’s medical device unit in my last UofC course say at the course-end retrospective, “At first I didn’t understand why you spent almost the entire day-one reinforcing things like a focus on the customer. “Martin’s Problem”.

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Layoffs Hot Keyword for Second Half of January 2009


When I drill down on that term, you can see why with posts like: Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals Lops A Third Of Company THQ Lays Off 100 Employees, Closes San Diego Office Citrix Cuts 10 Percent; Santa Barbara Hit And it's also interesting to see what geographies are being associated with "Layoffs" more often than others: Layoffs Woodland Hills Layoffs San Diego Layoffs Santa Monica Layoffs Los Angeles I guess this is a sign of the times.

How IT and the Role of the CIO is Changing in the Era of Networked Organizations

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Every single drug a pharmaceutical company develops has to be tested for safety in liver and kidney settings,” says Keith Murphy, the company’s co-founder and CEO. Continue with GREATEST INNOVATIONS… If you miss Part I then Click here. . HTC Vive: Walk in a Virtual World. htcvive.

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New VA CIO Gets to Work - Nextgov NextGov (Yesterday) - New VA CIO Gets to WorkNextgovLaVerne Council, a former IT executive at Dell and pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, took the oath of office Monday to serve as VA's assistant.

So You’re A European, B2B Startup Hoping To ‘Hop The Pond’ And Grow? Here’s How

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In addition, big tech buyers like banks and pharmaceutical companies are based on the Eastern seaboard. Some of the most prominent—and valuable—European technology companies right now are consumer-tech names: Think of Skype, Spotify, Supercell, Yandex and iZettle. China’s Tencent bought a majority stake in Finnish mobile-game outfit Supercell two years ago for more than $8 billion, according to published reports, while music-streaming service Spotify is now valued at more than $33 billion.

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The Engineering of Software

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I remember reading decades ago in Scientific American about how the pharmaceutical industry moved from art, to science and then on to engineering. The last thing I ever wanted to be -- twenty-six years ago -- was an engineer. When I started university I had heard that 70% of all engineers hate their jobs and that they were often bored at work. Boredom sounded horrible. What I wanted, was to master the black art of coding.