Turning petabytes of pharmaceutical data into actionable insights


That’s the equivalent of 1 petabyte ( ComputerWeekly ) – the amount of unstructured data available within our large pharmaceutical client’s business. Ensure content can be reused within the data hub to support pharmaceutical use cases. Authors: Mai N.

Big Data: Prescription for the Pharmaceutical R&D Plight


Pharma R&D is a notoriously long and arduous process, and it can take more than 10 years and $2.6 billion to bring a single drug to market. Among the biggest players, the return on investment for R&D fell to 3.7% in 2016.

Reimagining patient centricity and healthcare practitioner engagement for 2020


Life Sciences analytics healthcare pharmaceuticalby Satish Pandelenghat and Manjunath Shanabag The relationship between the life sciences industry and healthcare practitioners has changed dramatically in recent years.

Transforming pharma’s customer value chain with digital technologies


by Satish Nair and Manjunath Shanabag Pharmaceutical companies struggle with a complex and, often, poorly managed partner, customer and distribution network. It’s not surprising, given the makeup of most large pharma companies. Large, often disconnected product portfolios are built through discovery — both internally and externally with academia and biotech partners — and global clinical […]. Analytics Business Processes Life Sciences

China gets ready to launch eCTD, as companies face a challenging learning curve


by Winnie Yang and Leslie Wan China is gearing up for the implementation of electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) submissions to accelerate the review and approval of new pharmaceuticals. A year after officially introducing the subject, the life sciences industry in this country is starting to see greater momentum toward implementation. Publication of official specifications […]. Life Sciences eCTD regulatory compliance regulatory content management

Industries That Are Shaping The World We Live In

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StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective Automotive Industry business management Hi-Tech Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry strategydrivenTo some degree, every single industry is shaping the world we live in.

Healthcare Security Pros Prioritize Sharing and Caring in the Wild, Wild West of Healthcare


Security professionals from healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs), medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona for the NH-ISAC Cyber Rodeo Summit last month. The big topics were how to share more threat intelligence, while at the same time ensuring the highest level of patient care and safety

10 Ways Machine Learning and AI Revolutionizes Medicine and Pharma


David Talby, CTO Pacific AI and an Experfy Expert says, “With machine learning, hospitals and even pharmaceutical companies can draw up medical patterns of a patient based on specific criteria – like symptoms, medications, data from wearable devices, labs, etc. Pharmaceutical recommendations. AI can also help medical organizations and pharmaceutical companies map physician trends. This is a guest article by Vanhishikha Bhargava from Experfy.

Four short links: 1 May 2019

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How Pharmaceutical Industry Financial Modelers Think About Your Rare Disease -- Today in "how to see with the eyes of a specialist." Intermediate Vim, Newsletter Numbers, Automating Assessment, and Financial Modeling. Intermediate Vim -- a few tips to level up your editing skills from beginner to intermediate. Newsletters Can Be Profitable (Buzzfeed) -- Substack’s 12 top-earning writers make an average of more than $160,000 each, the company told BuzzFeed News.

Why real-world evidence is a game changer for life sciences in the age of value-based care


What that demands for pharmaceutical companies is better insight into the fair market value their products bring, or potentially will bring, to maximize all the benefits of those products. by Jared Kimble Value-based care is quickly becoming integral to the life sciences industry as the entire healthcare sector undergoes increased convergence.

Machine Learning for Drug Discovery Using the Google Kubernetes Engine

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Traditional pharmaceutical development is a slow, costly process. Recursion Pharmaceuticals sees opportunities to accelerate this process by using machine learning, especially neural networks and representational learning.

5 Important AI Predictions (For 2019) Everyone Need to Know

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AI Partners in Business and Industry For many in business and industry, acquiring an assistant like AI with cognitive reasoning features, portends a revolution in healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, auto and transportation industries and related businesses.

2017 in cybersecurity and privacy news

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And NotPetya cost pharmaceutical giant Merck more than $310 million , FedEx more than $300 million , and shipping company Maersk more than $200 million.

Cloud’s Growing Role in Consumer-Pharma Health Engagement


2018 will be a year of change for the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry is facing a multitude of political, regulatory and financial uncertainties in and beyond 2018. Consumers also lack trust with pharmaceutical companies when it comes to being a trusted source of health information. In this guest post, read about some of the challenges we can expect and one way to solve them.

KitelyTech’s Scintillating Software Development Services Featured at GoodFirms


KitelyTech has been delivering innovative software along with a host of other IT services — including web design, web development, SEO, mobile apps, branding, AI, and AR — since 2009. Third-party review firm GoodFirms has taken notice. GoodFirms’ Research Process.

And the winners are…. Congratulations to the Sixth Annual Data Impact Awards winners


AbbVie, one of the world’s largest global research and development pharmaceutical companies, established a big data platform to provide end-to-end operations visibility, agility, and responsiveness. It’s a big week for us, as many Clouderans descend on New York for the Strata Data Conference.

Detecting corporate fraud using Benford’s law

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Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Idenix Pharmaceuticals. Note: This is a silly application. Don’t take anything seriously. Benford’s law describes a phenomenon where numbers in any data series will exhibit patterns in their first digit.

Biohacker’s latest answer to health care hurdles: Homebrew meds

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He then attempted to call Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical company millionaire CEO who bought the patent of the trade name of pyrimethamine, Daraprim, for $55 million and raised the price by 5,500 percent. NEW YORK CITY—File sharing saves lives, Michael Laufer argues.

Announcing the 2019 Data Impact Awards


And the use cases truly are endless: from using predictive analytics to prevent millions of dollars in fraudulent transactions, to using data science to close the pay equity gap; from improving the customer experience to refining pharmaceutical R&D to develop life-saving drugs faster.

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InfluxData’s Times Series Query Language, Exoscale’s Container Stack 2019

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For the event, end-users from the pharmaceutical, banking, media and research industries, along with cloud native experts, will share their experiences and best practices.

Detecting corporate fraud using Benford’s law

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Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Idenix Pharmaceuticals. Note: This is a silly application. Don’t take anything seriously. Benford’s law describes a phenomenon where numbers in any data series will exhibit patterns in their first digit.

5 Business Opportunities To Consider In The Healthcare Industry

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. And that direction could be towards pharmaceutical manufacturing. Photo courtesy of Pexels. When you’re trying to come up with the right idea for your future business, you’re likely to find yourself faced with a range of different options.

Triaging modern medicine’s cybersecurity issues

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Pharmaceutical manufacturers like Merck, part of the chemical sector of critical infrastructure, for example, are also part of the public-health sector.

Modern Medicine: New Ways To Tackle Old Problems in Healthcare


Deeply rooted in the traditional pharmaceutical world, they have access to decades worth of healthcare data that can be harnessed to bring technology into the fold and healthcare into the modern era.

Meet the newest Data Superheros: The Sixth Annual Data Impact Awards Finalists Are…


Top 10 global pharmaceutical company (nominated by Tata Consultancy Services ). Drum roll… Starting from well over 100 nominations, we are excited to announce the finalists for this year’s Data Impact Awards ! Each year, nominees have raised the bar, and this year is no exception.

Exploring Digital Health? Here’s What FDA Compliance Means to You


While a thumbs up from the FDA is indeed the gold standard for pharmaceutical development or some cases of medical software development, product owners may be surprised to learn that their digital health solutions do not always fall under the purview of the FDA.

Private Clouds eBook


Bright Computing's customer base includes global academic, governmental, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, and pharmaceutical organizations such as Boeing, NASA, Stanford University , Roche, and St. Katie Kennedy. Cloud computing has achieved mainstream acceptance as an IT service delivery platform. Within the cloud paradigm, private cloud is gaining momentum for reasons ranging from performance optimization and cost containment to privacy and security.

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NNIT Displaces Legacy Identity System with SailPoint


With its beginnings in the pharmaceutical industry, NNIT is experienced working in environments that demand the highest levels of regulatory compliance and cybersecurity. NNIT is one of Denmark’s leading IT consultancies in IT development, implementation and operations.

Cybersecurity Pros Face Significant Challenges with OT Security: Ponemon Report


The report Operational Technology Cybersecurity Insights is based on a survey of 710 IT and IT security decision-makers in the following industries: energy and utilities; health and pharmaceutical; industrial and manufacturing; and transportation industries.

The One Important Thing They Never Tell You About Before You Start Leading

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Before too long we’re popping aspirin, antacids and other pharmaceuticals to dampen the symptoms so we can just press on and keep working.

How to Take Your Manufacturing Business from Zero to Hero

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Ideal for a variety of manufacturing businesses which use bottles, such as pharmaceuticals and beverages, this machine maximizes the efficiency of your staff and your packaging line, allowing you to create more products and reduce human error or damages.

The Mylan EpiPen Debacle: How Tremendous Greed Can Lead to the Demise of a Leader

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As you have likely heard, the pharmaceutical company Mylan and its CEO, Heather Bresch, have come under immense scrutiny for the firm’s EpiPen pricing policy. ” “The reality is and the brand pharmaceutical market, this isn’t an EpiPen issue.

Follow These 4 Tips to Increase Your Business Visibility

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For instance, if you are a fashion company that promotes clothes and jump into the pharmaceutical industry out of the blue, you will confuse everyone. How widespread is your business’s brand awareness? Is the general public familiar with your products and services?

Context Conversations preview: Medsec with Jacki Monson and Josh Corman

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Before joining Sutter Health , Monson served in privacy and security management roles at health care and pharmaceutical providers, including Mayo Clinic.

The Power of Graph Technology for Marketing Medicine

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For more complex products such as new pharmaceutical drugs, medical equipment or healthcare treatments, identifying hubs of influencers among physicians and other healthcare providers requires deep analysis of patient claims data to uncover the referral relationships. Yu Xu.

Data's day of reckoning

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We can build a future we want to live in, or we can build a nightmare. The choice is up to us. Our lives are bathed in data: from recommendations about whom to “follow” or “friend” to data-driven autonomous vehicles.

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Researchers Use AI to Create Super-Compressible Meta-Material

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We are slowly but surely getting used to the idea of having some form of artificial intelligence in our everyday lives, from smart personal assistants to the algorithms that drive online recommendation engines.

Sunny side up

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Cognitive enhancement pharmaceuticals are available in some countries under highly regulated circumstances, but are proving less effective than expected. Satisfying stories feature a hero or heroine facing jeopardy and triumphing over adversity.

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IoT, AI, Blockchain: what does the future hold for mobile Healthcare


There are many benefits of using IoT in healthcare, such as easy access to remote monitoring, accurate diagnoses, reduced errors, improved pharmaceutical management and decreased costs. As technological advancements continue to impact every sector of life, new tech advancements such as IoT , AI , and Blockchain have become a significant part of mobile healthcare too.

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Machine Learning Helps to Control Diabetes

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There is a good probability that you or someone you know has diabetes. The World Health organization believes that an estimated 8.8 percent of the adult population worldwide had diabetes. This figure is projected to rise to 9.9 percent by the year 2045.