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AI & Business Analytics: A Smart Guide

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Diving into World of Business Analytics Data analytics is not an old concept, it is an essential practice which has driven business success in the past and the present, it will confidently drive the success in the future too. Will AI Replace Human Business Analysts? Contact Us Now.

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Business Analytics tools & use cases


More data is available to businesses than ever, which is why business analytics is a growing field. Airlines may rely on business analytics to determine ticket prices, for example, while hospitals use data to optimize the flow of patients or schedule surgeries. What is Business Analytics?


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Achieving Business Analytics Success


Datavail’s data engineers, analysts and systems management teams can help your organization find its brightest future by deploying business intelligence solutions. The post Achieving Business Analytics Success appeared first on Datavail. Contact us today. Contact an Expert ».

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Business Analytics: ML in Action


The post Business Analytics: ML in Action appeared first on Datavail. For more information regarding Machine Learning and setting it up to get the most from it, download our white paper, “ Tips for Machine Learning Model Selection.”. Contact an Expert ».

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The Future of Business Analytics: Artificial Intelligence and Data Streaming


Empower your data analysts with real-time AI and data streaming so they can make better decisions, faster.

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The Impact on Data Science and AI on Business Analytics


While the earliest known use of the term “business intelligence” (BI) dates back to 1865 , it wasn’t until nearly a century later that computer scientist Hans Peter Luhn — known today as the “Father of Business Intelligence” — released a paper “A Business Intelligence System” that began to really identify and break down technology’s role as an enabler (..)

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What is data analytics? Analyzing and managing data for decisions


More specifically: Descriptive analytics uses historical and current data from multiple sources to describe the present state, or a specified historical state, by identifying trends and patterns. In business analytics, this is the purview of business intelligence (BI). Data analytics vs. business analytics.

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