Operational Database Administration

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This blog post is part of a series on Cloudera’s Operational Database (OpDB) in CDP. Start from the beginning of the series with, Operational Database in CDP. . Database creation and control. Tools for the operational database release upgrade. Introduction.

5 Ways the Role of the Database Administrator Has Changed

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Instead of bells and whistles, the hallmarks of IT infrastructure today are more associated with robustness, scalability and reliability, while becoming a utility that serves as an electrical outlet for applications and databases to plug into as needed. Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS).

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BrandPost: How Database Administrators Can Keep (or Improve) Their Jobs in the Cloud Era

Kristin Burnham - CIO

Database administrators (DBAs) have been the gatekeepers to a business’s most valuable asset: its data. They design, implement, and maintain the business’s database systems; establish policies and procedures for managing, securing, and maintaining them; and train employees in their management and use. Ask Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, who in May announced a new cloud-based autonomous database. If all of that moved to the autonomous database, that number would change to zero.”

BrandPost: How Database Administrators Can Keep (or Improve) Their Jobs in the Cloud Era

Kristin Burnham - CIO

Database administrators (DBAs) have been the gatekeepers to a business’s most valuable asset: its data. They design, implement, and maintain the business’s database systems; establish policies and procedures for managing, securing, and maintaining them; and train employees in their management and use. Ask Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, who in May announced a new cloud-based autonomous database. If all of that moved to the autonomous database, that number would change to zero.”

It’s About Location: 4 Keys Every Database Administrator Needs For Smart Data Discovery

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John is responsible for developing and evangelizing solutions-based stories for Quest’s extensive portfolio of database products worldwide. He has been with Quest Software since 2000, working in database design, development and deployment.

The Impact of DevOps on Database Monitoring and Management


The rise of DevOps has broken down silos and brought database administrators (DBAs) and application developers closer together to deliver software faster and in a more agile manner. The post The Impact of DevOps on Database Monitoring and Management appeared first on DevOps.com.

Database Administration: Oracle’s Exceptional Journey


To Larry Ellison , one of the founders of the ‘Oracle’ company, the label was an apt one for the relational database product it had developed in 1977. From that original Oracle database administration product to today’s powerful Oracle 19c, the software giant has continued to lead the way in harnessing and managing data so it can solve almost any sized problem for virtually any entity. Retirement Coming Soon: Oracle Database 11.2

Tech Careers of the Future

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Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Database Administrator machine learning engineer Network administratorThe post Tech Careers of the Future appeared first on I'm Programmer.

Top 5 New Features of Oracle 18c Database


With the release of Oracle 18c in January of 2019, database administrators can draw on a range of new features and functional improvements throughout the product. Active Directory account policies are enforced by the Oracle database when users are authenticated in this manner.

New DBAs Are Shifting to Cloud – Who Will Manage Your On-prem Oracle Apps?


Yet as database administrators retrain and prepare for this new world of cloud, there will be fewer DBAs left to manage their on-premise software. Daily activities such as provisioning database access are also becoming easier.

What Happens When Your Oracle EBS DBA Retires?


As a legacy technology with a 30-year history, Oracle E-Business Suite is especially vulnerable, with many database administrators already retired or on their way out. 31 percent of organizations say that they face a skills shortage in database administration.

Optimizing Oracle Databases at a Global Airline


Oracle Database is one of Oracle’s flagship products, helping organizations of all sizes and industries efficiently store and organize vast quantities of information. It’s no surprise that according to one survey, 51 percent of Fortune 100 companies use Oracle as their primary database.

Removing Advanced Compression from Large Tables with DBMS_REDEFINITION


Created separate undo tablespace for process, to prevent impacting other database transaction undo usage. Blog advanced compression compression tables database administration DBA Oracle database Oracle DB

The TCO of DBaaS with Nutanix Era (or Why to Evolve from Traditional Database Operations)


Nutanix Era brings a new approach to database administration that is similarly changing the nature of the DBA role

Do I Still Need a DBA When I Move to MongoDB Atlas?


Many people read about Databases as a service (DBaaS) and think “My prayers are answered!” ” or “I will have no need for additional database help” But is this true? You neither “own” the infrastructure, nor the database engine.

SOC Audit Results

Apps Associates

Apps Associates, LLC is proud to announce the successful completion of its annual Type 2, SOC 1 and Type 2 , SOC 2 examinations, for its Remote Database Administration and Hosted Managed Services. The resulting reports, issued by Schellman & Company, LLC, cover the period of January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018. The SOC … Continue reading "SOC Audit Results". The post SOC Audit Results appeared first on Apps Associates. Corporate soc audit reports

Cloudera Navigator Optimizer Graduates from Beta, is Now Generally Available

Cloudera Engineering

Cloudera Navigator Optimizer enables database architects and database administrators (DBAs) to gain in-depth understanding of their SQL workloads running in data warehouse environments or on Apache Hadoop.

4 Ways to Optimize Database Operations


Much of this information is structured data that must be contained in highly complex databases, perhaps reaching hundreds of tables and dozens of attributes for each one. In this article, we’ll explore four ways to optimize your database operations. Improving Database Visibility.

2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report: Private vs. Public Cloud, Migrations, Database Combinations & Top Reasons Used

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PostgreSQL is an open source object-relational database system that has soared in popularity over the past 30 years from its active, loyal, and growing community. For the 2nd year in a row, PostgreSQL has kept the title of #1 fastest growing database in the world according to the DBMS of the Year report by the experts at DB-Engines.

Boost Your Career by Getting Oracle Associate Certified – 1Z0-052 Exam Review from PrepAway

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In order to achieve a very reputable Oracle Certified Associate, or OCA credential, an aspiring database administrator has to pass the Oracle 1Z0-052 certification exam. The Oracle Database professionals can get more salary hikes simply by becoming certified by the company.

DBAs, the Cloud, & the Future


Over time, the DBA role expanded to include managing multiple databases, overseeing installation, patching, and achieving integration. At one time, most data fit neatly into relational databases. There’s no doubt that cloud automation and the cloud services market will continue to grow.

Reasons to Upgrade to MongoDB 3.6


Database upgrades are a concerning thought for many database administrators. Security is almost always going to act as the primary motivator for upgrading your databases. If you stick with an older MongoDB database, then you could end up on their list.

Why the Self-Adapting Data Warehouse Is the Future

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The amount of data businesses process today would seem unfathomable to a database administrator only a decade ago. Kent Graziano. Kent Graziano is the Chief Technical Evangelist for Snowflake Inc.

Hottest tech skills to hire for in 2020

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Database administrators. The benefits of honing technical skills go far beyond the Information Technology industry.

PHP 170

Understanding User Story


User Story Format: As a <role/persona>, I should be able to <requirement> so that <benefit> User Story Example: As a Database Administrator, I should be able to revert a selected number of database updates so that the desired version of the database is restored.

What Types of Support Can You Get for MongoDB


Your in-house database specialists may not have experience with NoSQL solutions. These service providers are also useful in getting your IT team used to working with a NoSQL database, which can difficult if they’re only experienced with relational databases.

How Oracle Apex Can Transform Your Enterprise App Development Cycle


This platform natively supports web services integration and has deep integration with Oracle database technologies. Oracle APEX is also included with your Oracle database license for free. Some of the most obvious ones include your full-stack developers and database administrators.

Database-as-a-Service: a Win for App Developers, but Not DBAs

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Well the same thing is happening to databases, via Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solutions like Amazon Aurora, MongoDB Atlas, Azure SQL Database and Redis Cloud Essentials. For one thing, there are a lot of different types of databases to choose from now.

Postgres and superuser access

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If you run on a managed service provider you are not going to be affected by this, and if you’re managing your own Postgres database all chances are you are equally as safe. A few days ago a CVE was announced for Postgres. To say this CVE is a bit overblown is an understatement.

SQL Database Performance Tuning for Developers


Database tuning can be an incredibly difficult task, particularly when working with large-scale data where even the most minor change can have a dramatic (positive or negative) impact on performance. In mid-sized and large companies, most database tuning will be handled by a Database Administrator (DBA).

Just How Challenging Is State in Kubernetes? 

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For 48 of those years, we have not run databases on Kubernetes.”. In a legacy world, database administrators would spend years — decades — becoming experts in one specific database. A senior database administrator would likely have 15 years of experience or more.

Re-Imagining the Network for the Cloud Native Era

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The application architectures didn’t change — a database administrator remained a database administrator. A database administration operational function now explodes into operational teams for sets of microservices and functions that create the database.

Free Courses at Linux Academy – November 2019

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Database Administration and SQL Language Basics . We also provide an overview of the most popular Big Data technologies including core Hadoop, the Hadoop ecosystem (Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, Kafka, Storm, Ambari, Oozie, Zookeeper), NoSQL databases, and Apache Spark.

Course 122

Building a SQL Server Virtual Lab in Windows: Virtualization Concepts


Just like pilots have flight simulators, SQL Server Database Administrators (SQL DBAs) can build their test network environments to simulate the production environment for SQL Server High Availability and Disaster (HADR) testing purposes.

Couchbase’s Ravi Mayuram on the Future of Databases

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The Couchbase data platform is a unique NoSQL Engagement database, designed for using data to connect customers, employees, and machines. Kubernetes orchestration allows the platform to automate administrative processes and speeds up data management.

Oracle 19c Solves Emerging Trends Tests


That means they have also mastered control of their data, often using the most advanced database administration technology possible, the newly released database Oracle 19c. Fully effective automation demands access to a fully functional database.

How Changes to Global Data Privacy Affect Your Database

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Mat is currently a senior director of product marketing for MongoDB, the world's leading modern, general-purpose database. Mapping Privacy Controls to Required Database Capabilities. Within the database, it should be possible to enforce authentication controls so that only clients (e.g.,