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A Supportive Engineering Culture is Key for Recruiting and Productivity

Strong engineering talent allows businesses to increase productivity and meet customer demand faster, which is essential for long-term success.

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Nurturing Design in Your Software Engineering Culture

Strategic Tech

In my experience, the culture is better and the results are better in orgs where engineers and architects obsess over the design of code and architecture. In orgs where it’s all about delivering tickets as quickly as possible or obsessing over technology, the culture and results are poorer.


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What Is DevOps Culture?

Dzone - DevOps

At its essence, a DevOps culture involves closer collaboration and a shared responsibility between development and operations for the products they create and maintain. This helps companies align their people, processes, and tools toward a more unified customer focus.

DevOps 95
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How CloudZero Built an Engineering Culture of Cost Autonomy


As a cloud cost intelligence company, we often like to say “every line of code is a buying decision”. If you’re running on AWS or one of the other big cloud providers, you know that a simple decision about how to architect an application can have a significant impact on your future cost of goods sold (COGS).

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Micro-promotions and mentorship: the big impact of small actions in an engineering culture


For the last decade, I have worked in male-dominated environments. While during this time I’ve encountered many nitwits and detractors, I’ve also been fortunate to encounter many proponents and advocates. Although no company is perfect, at CircleCI I’ve had opportunities to grow my career in an environment I enjoy.

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Article: The Top Three Priorities for Engineering Leaders in 2022 and Beyond

InfoQ Culture Methods

For engineering leaders, the Great Resignation has made it clear that maintaining employee satisfaction should be a top priority in the coming year. By Lilac Mohr.

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Surviving SVB's Collapse and Outsmarting Uber with Kyte's Head of Product and Engineering, Nick Cobb

Dzone - DevOps

Of course, it hasn't been easy going for engineering leaders either. That's why Nick, the VP of Engineering and Head of Product at Kyte, sat down with us to discuss how to build an engineering culture with a bias toward action, why he deleted his team's staging environment, and what it takes to outmaneuver his former employer, Uber.