Sat.May 20, 2023

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The Pain of Honest Evaluations


People are funny. We reason with ourselves that we want the truth, but we prove time and again that we prefer being lied to. If your gut reaction to that statement is defiance, there is a strong chance that you’re lying to yourself about your own emotions. This article isn’t about the psychology of our rational versus emotional processing, but I mention it because we must be aware of this as we set out to provide and receive honest evaluations between ourselves, our team members, and business pa

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Top 13 Examples of Offshoring: Companies that Were Successful and the Reasons Behind the Ones That Failed

TurnKey Labs

As technology continues to advance, so does the way we work. In the past, companies were limited to hiring within their local market, making it difficult to expand and scale their development team.

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How to Hire Women in Tech: The Ultimate Guide


In today’s fast-developing digital age, the technology industry has emerged as a key factor in national and international economies. Despite all the tech innovations, one thing hasn’t altered: the persistent gender gap and inequity regarding women in software engineering. Although the lack of women in tech is not a new problem, it must be addressed.