Sun.Feb 18, 2024

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The AI b t singularity

Successful Software

I’m sure we are all familiar with the idea of a technological singularity. Humans create an AI that is smart enough to create an even smarter successor. That successor then creates an even smarter successor. The process accelerates through a positive feedback loop, until we reach a technological singularity, where puny human intelligence is quickly left far behind.

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Representative Line: From a String Builder

The Daily WTF

Inheritance is one of those object-oriented concepts that creates a lot of conflicts. You'll hear people debating what constitutes an "is-a" versus a "has-a" relationship, you'll hear "favor composition of inheritance", you'll see languages adopt mix-in patterns which use inheritance to do composition. Used well, the feature can make your code cleaner to read and easier to maintain.

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Contextualizing Advancements in Bioengineering to your Business Operations

Ooda Loop

As noted in the first post in this series, it has become increasingly clear that the revolution in biological science will impact most every sector of the economy.