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SAP to infuse IBM’s Watson AI engine into its entire portfolio


The Digital Assistant is the end-userssupport center’ for ad hoc tasks, help, FAQ, or any other off-context inquiry.

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Why SaaS Development Might Be Smart For Your Business


The software is hosted by a service provider, who performs the maintenance and upgrades, while the customer is responsible for implementation and end-user support. They offer the advantages of both software and service models.


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CRM Consulting Services to Implement the Right Solution


Here is a sample of resume for a CRM consultant: CRM Consultant Salaries. The salary of CRM consultants depends not only on their skills and experience but also on the location.

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4 Strategies for Incrementally Migrating from VMs to Kubernetes using an API Gateway

Daniel Bryant

A capability to launch migrated applications for automated verification that runs in a production-like (or ideally production) environment without exposing the applications to end users. Support for the incremental rollout of functionality on the new platform.

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What is a Microservice?


The built-in security and compliance that Progress Kinvey includes means that end-to-end security, compliance, and end-user support insights are built into the platform. Kinvey’s built-in operational intelligence handles end-user support, compliance reporting, and usage analytics.

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6 trends fueling the rise of self-service IT


Today, self-service IT solutions, both purchased and homegrown, target a wide range of activities, from traditional end-user support, to spinning up company-sanctioned cloud instances for new projects and experiments, to data access and analysis on tap.

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