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Topsort, an auction-based advertising startup, now valued at $110M after seed round


Exploring Ostrovsky’s work on auctions, together they started Topsort in 2021 to provide auction-based advertising technology, through APIs, so that smaller retailers and vendors could more easily promote without the reliance on cookies, which are poised to go away. Where will our data go when cookies disappear?

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With Aerospike Trade Desk Achieves Hyperscale for Real-time Bidding


The Trade Desk is an advertising technology company that provides a self-service platform through which media buyers can purchase digital advertising. Aerospike runs at the edge as a cache for real-time […].


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Kargo unveils its new Fabrik publishing system


Digital advertising company Kargo is launching a new product and new business unit called Fabrik. Founder and CEO Harry Kargman explained that Fabrik is a content management system designed for publishers’ modern needs and integrated with Kargo’s advertising technology.

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Radar trends to watch: September 2020

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Facebook is not happy about this; targeted advertising depends critically on user tracking. Google (which has been gradually implementing other limitations on advertising technology) has been quiet about it. In iOS 14, Apple will be requiring opt-in for tracking users’ web activity.

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Exploring AI solutions enhancing productivity and cost savings

Agile Engine

The same functionality has a powerful impact on AdTech where advertiser trust is a key driver of growth for advertising technology platforms. By leveraging real-time analysis of transaction and financial account data, these systems identify suspicious activities, bolstering customer trust and safeguarding assets.

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The Ad-Tech Industry Must Finally Admit That Their Product (Ads) is Dangerous

Jeremiah Grossman

Until the advertising technology industry admits that their product - the ads themselves - are simply dangerous, there can be no real resolution. They only want to talk about the money their side is losing, or how to make ads more visually tolerable. Hack Yourself First: Jeremiah Grossman.

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Tech at Work: How the End of Cookies Will Transform Digital Marketing

Harvard Business Review

What will the end of third-party cookies mean for digital advertising, online publishing, and the open Internet?