Sun.Sep 18, 2022

CodeSOD: Bitmaps and Streams

The Daily WTF

Robert has inherited a.NET application. It's a big-ball-of-mud, full of monstrous classes of thousands of lines and no coherent purpose, complete with twenty constructors. It's ugly and messy, but it's mostly just generically bad.

Liderar personas y equipos hacia los objetivos acordados

Esta semana anunció un nuevo curso basado en habilidades que se enfoca en la facilitación. .


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Starting A Business At Home Made Simple

Strategy Driven

Anyone can start a business of their own in their own home. It is something that people do all the time, and it’s actually a lot easier and simpler than you might think.


The Programmer's Paradox

Programmers are sometimes confused between reinventing a wheel and just simply rewriting it. Let me explain… Underneath all code is a model of operation that is often based on the interaction of sophisticated data structures. That is the core of the abstractions that drive the behavior. That is what makes the code work. The more sophisticated the model, the more likely it works better (not always true, but more often true than not).

The Executive's Guide to Empathy-Driven ROI

In this guide from UserTesting, learn why empathy is at the heart of your organization's success, and how to promote a more customer-centric culture that's constantly testing its products, services, and messaging to ensure a strong connection with customers.

5 Things You Should Do Today to Prepare for Retirement

Strategy Driven

It is easy to take for granted that you have a roof over your head and enough money to pay your bills. It is imperative to start planning for retirement, so you can make sure that you are prepared. In many cases, people do not start saving for retirement until they must.