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Analytics creates Extra Power for your Software Development Organization?—?Part 2: Actively…


Analytics creates Extra Power for your Software Development Organization?—?Part Part 2: Actively Managing Technical Debt Software is conquering the world. Our modern society would be unthinkable without the trillions of code lines that move machines, bank transactions, planes and smartphone messages.

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Improving Decision Making by 75% using Supply Chain Visualization

Sunflower Lab

Ultimately, these insights empower supply chain managers to make informed decisions that drive efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize overall performance. Often, data can be altered by various team members, leading to discrepancies and disruptions in information flow to stakeholders.


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Why Customer Success Is More Critical Than Ever At Cloud-Native Companies

Battery Ventures

Most technology companies selling products on a subscription basis—instead of through perpetual software licenses, which are hard to rip and replace—realize they need a robust customer-success function to keep users from churning away. Excludes ForeScout, SailPoint, Carbon Black, and Nutanix* due to lack of disclosed metrics.

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Dynamic Pricing Explained: Use in Revenue Management and Pricing Optimization


How would you price tickets not only to cover expenses for each route but also to achieve a certain level of revenue to be able to grow and develop your business? Let’s discuss how businesses can improve their performance with dynamic pricing and what are the pitfalls. Imagine you’re about to open an intercity bus service.

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The Top 30 Agile Project Management Tools For 2020 [Ultimate Guide]


Managing your team doesn’t have to be a mind-boggling task… Nor managing your projects should be an overwhelming burden. Yet, without a powerful agile project management software, you’ll have hard times getting your teammates on the same page. Features: An agile project management software with a simplistic interface.

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Turnover Ratio, Return Rate, Shrinkage, and Other Inventory KPIs to Manage Your Stock


So today, we look at the main stock-related KPIs that can show you the actual state of affairs, highlight areas for improvement, and help you choose the best course of action. What are inventory KPIs? A high DSI is usually a sign of excessive inventory, low sales volume, and poor stock management. Important to understand.

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Continuous performance testing for mobile apps


The best way to hold your users’ attention is by giving them an intuitive and highly performant user experience. Performance testing is just one of the useful strategies you can use to get this result. After all, mobile app users will not hesitate to delete your app if they are unsatisfied with its performance.

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