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28 Product Backlog Anti-Patterns

TL; DR: 28 Product Backlog Anti-Patterns. Scrum is a simple, yet sufficient framework to build emerging products, provided you identify in advance what is worth building.


27-Factor Assessments Lead to Success With DevOps

October 2019 will mark the 10th anniversary of the first DevOpsDays, where the term “DevOps” began to catch on. In the world of information technology, 10 years is a long time and it is quite evident based on the amount of change that has transpired since then.

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Ideas on How to Improve Your Product Backlog Management Techniques

TL; DR: Ideas on How to Improve Your Product Backlog Management Techniques. Scrum is a simple, yet sufficient framework to build emerging products, provided you identify in advance what is worth building.


Want to Wow Your Customers? Keep Your Promises

N2Growth Blog

If you want to wow your customers simply keep your promises. Craft a culture that is dependable and trustworthy and your customers will help your business to thrive. We have all had them – inexplicably bad customer service experiences. They happen all day long across this great country of ours.

Your Post-Launch Toolkit for Understanding Your Users

Speaker: Brittney Gwynn, former Director of Product, Simple Health

If you've launched an MVP, you know that the journey has just begun. But what do you do after the launch? How do you figure out what to do next? After you launch, it's important to be able to look at how different segments of your users react and quickly uncover signal vs. noise so you can iterate and improve. Join Brittney Gwynn, former Director of Product at Simple Health, as she explains how you can use early customer feedback, usage data, and continuous experimentation to optimize your way to product-market fit. Whether you're at a brand-new company, or looking to innovate within a more mature organization, or anywhere in between, you'll come away with a skill set to make the most of your launches.

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3 Best Ways to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy in Singapore

Strategy Driven

Anytime you think about making a website, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to get to the top of search engines. Similarly, you would like to engage elements that are capable of promoting your enterprise and reverberate well with potential clients.

Crafting a Strong Product Business Case


More than half of IT projects and products fail. The biggest causes of these failures are resource misallocation and misalignment with business goals. Expertly crafted product business cases can help to mitigate both of these problems

Are We Ready for AI-Powered Security Cameras?

The New Stack

What happens when powerful cloud-based analytics tools can be applied to footage from security cameras?

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What does Freedom as a Service Mean for Financial Services?

Beyond B2B

At Software AG, we define freedom in terms of our customers. So, what does “Freedom as a Service”’ mean for banking customers? banking insurance

Build Product Progress with a Strong Data Culture

Speaker: Nima Gardideh, CTO, Pearmill

Have you ever thought your product's progress was headed in one direction, and been shocked to see a different story reflected in big picture KPIs like revenue? It can be confusing when customer feedback or metrics like registration or retention are painting a different picture. No matter how sophisticated your analytics are, if you're asking the wrong questions - or looking at the wrong metrics - you're going to have trouble getting answers that can help you. Join Nima Gardideh, CTO of Pearmill, as he demonstrates how to build a strong data culture within your team, so everyone understands which metrics they should actually focus on - and why. Then, he'll explain how you can use your analytics to regularly review progress and successes. Finally, he'll discuss what you should keep in mind when instrumenting your analytics.

7 Free Blogging Software Platforms

I'm Programmer

If you are looking for a great way to let the world know your expertise and passion, the best way to do this is to create a blog and showcase everything you know about a particular niche. In fact, in this way, you can motivate yourself to discover a whole new world of your interests.

CARE to Lead – Interview with Alec McGalliard

Let's Grow Leaders

Leadership can feel complicated, but at its core, leading well requires a straightforward focus on a few key behaviors. Join me for an interview with former nuclear submariner Alec McGalliard and invest in the fundamentals of relationships, expectations, and accountability that […]. The post CARE to Lead – Interview with Alec McGalliard appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders.

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Web Developer funny jokes 1 of 3 code reuse code reuse Web Developer Web Developer Git Git The post html humor appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes html funny humor html humor html jokes

Five Quick Phone Tests

Atomic Spin

When I started testing websites, I had a list of quick “attacks” that could surface common issues quickly. Now that I’ve been doing more and more testing on mobile devices, I’ve come up with a similar list for them. Run on Your Oldest Phone First. I’ve found that issues tend to occur more on Android than iOS, mainly due to the large fragmentation of the Android market.

What Is (and Isn’t) Product Management?

Speaker: Steve Johnson, VP of Products, Pragmatic Institute

Product Management is one of the most exciting - and most misunderstood - functions in technical organizations. Is it strategic or tactical? Is it a planning role or a support role? Many product professionals are unclear about what is (and isn't) product management. After all, product management spans many activities from business planning to market readiness. In this session, we’ll examine many product activities and artifacts for product strategy, planning, and growth, and introduce a simple tool that you can use in your organization to clarify the roles of product management and others. Steve Johnson explores the many roles of Product Management in this fun talk focused on why product managers should obsess on problems instead of solutions.

CodeSOD: Classic WTF: Logical Tiers? That Makes No Sense!

The Daily WTF

It's that time of year when we take a short summer break, and that means we reach back into the archives for some classic WTFs that remind us of when things were better. Or worse. So much worse. Today, we find out where checkboxes come from. Original -- Remy. Some developers just don't believe in "standards." " I should know, I used to work with some of them. They had their own way of doing things, from reinventing the database to changing the web paradigm.

Some Users Can Logon Workstations Connected to Azure AD


I'm currently working to build a Azure Cloud Server -- I have 1 Desktop and 2 Laptops connected to Azure Join (Active Directory) I'm experiencing where users can logon to any machine but some users that logon same machine can click anything (ex. start menu or search) Example: If I log onto my Accountants Laptop I can operate like normal but she tries to log onto same Laptop it won't allow her to Access Start Menu or click on anything to the matter.

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How Moving to the Cloud Helped Craft the Ideal Fan Experience for Ticketmaster


Learn how moving to the cloud in 10 weeks enabled Ticketmaster to gain greater visibility into their data and respond to business needs quicker

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ExpressRoute + Microsoft


Wondering if anyone has ExpressRoute with Microsoft Peering enabled. My understanding is that I need to whitelist my NAT IP's from my on-premise side, into any security group that is placed around a resource. Is there any 'gotchas' that people could let me know about

Embedded BI and Analytics: Best Practices to Monetize Your Data

Speaker: Azmat Tanauli, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Birst

By creating innovative analytics products and expanding into new markets, more and more companies are discovering new potential revenue streams. Join Azmat Tanauli, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Birst, as he walks you through how data that you're likely already collecting can be transformed into revenue!

Deadlier Skies: Risks and Benefits of Drone Technology

The Cipher Brief

Last week, the U.S. nearly launched retaliatory attacks against Iran for the shooting down of a U.S. military drone that was operating in the region. While the Trump Administration has been casting some doubt in recent days as to whether the downing of the aircraft was authorized at the highest levels in Iran, the incident highlights the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in conflict zones and just how quickly incidents involving drones can lead to escalation.

Changed Azure password, cannot access Azure AD


I recently changed my Azure password (forced, since it was expired). After that I can log in without a hitch, but cannot access Active Active Directory, specifically. "An An error occurred" and the status is " Looks like the sign-in data is unavailable. Try again later." All that while being logged in successfully. Some sort of single sign-on that is out of sync? It is a personal, free account, without an on prem AD. And now I really need a bitlocker key from it. Any ideas

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Why is Office365 PST Import from Outlook SO SLOW?


Bit by bit, I'm moving smaller clients to Office 365 Hosted Exchange, getting them off old Exchange servers. Whether using migration software to perform the move (old Exchange to O365 directly) or the old school method of exporting to PST via Outlook and then create new O365 profile in Outlook and import PST to O365 mailbox, it is so damn slow!



Hi Experts i have two scenarios where i seek your help I have a user( ) who is part of Distribution Group1 and Distribution Group2. An external user has sent an email putting Distribution Group1 and Distribution Group2 in To field. will user1 will receive one email or two emails. I have a user( ) who is part of Distribution Group3,An external user has sent an email putting & Distribution Group3 in To field.


A Simple Framework for Complex User Goals

Speaker: Hannah Stegen

How can you measure and affect your users' behavior if they're not doing something that's easily measurable? You can monitor usage, activation, retention, and more, but those metrics don't always align with every one of your goals for your users. Hope is not lost, however: with the right framework, you can still make sure your users are on track. Join Hannah Stegen (she/her), Customer Success Manager at Crescendo as she explains how you can monitor even the most complex user journeys by breaking them up into Attitude, Intention, and Behavior.

Automated email checking


Hello, I am having real problems even finding the correct wording to Google this so I thought I would try a forum. We get about 200-300 emails in over night and we need to check them. A success can be ticked off the list, but a failure or even not getting the email needs to be logged. All of these emails come into a separate 365 mailbox but I would like to automate the checks to save an hour and a half a day.